Friday, June 29, 2012

Jerry Doyle program is on -- and destroying GOPers over Obamacare!

The Jerry Doyle radio show is one of the most incredibly fearless and uncensored anywhere -- when it wants to be. And tonight is a great example. Jerry and his guests (presently one Nick Gillespie) are back to 100% concentrated reality -- yes, slamming Obamacare for the abomination that it is, but also rightly ripping top Republicans and the GOP herd in Congress for delivering absolutely nothing on the promise of their "Revolution" #3 a couple of years ago. OBAMACARE IS ROMNEYCARE -- and now Romneyites are chortling how they'll win in November and repeal it? How many times will Charlie Brown believe Lucy as she holds the football for him to kick? Tune in the show right now -- I'm hearing it on WAIM-AM in Anderson Saturday morning at 12:46. You should be able to hear it live via that station's site or maybe Jerry's. .........How about this for whole-hog truth-telling? Carter was a disastrous president, and has been a disastrous ex-prez -- until recently taking on some big issues most people won't touch: Ex-US President Indicts Obama as Assassin US Presidents ARE assassins -- in fact, they're what most people would construe as "Hitlers". To see Jimmy indicting a fellow Dem-Prez like this -- especially a "black" one -- is little short of miraculous. I don't see any direct murder in Jimmy's record, something that begs re-evaluation of his reign. He did commit great crimes such as founding the Depts. of Energy and Education, but compared to presidents since him those atrocities seem mild, for what it's (not) worth. All we, the people, ask is politicians who will do what we actually want and need, with proper respect for other societies and how we impact them. Is that so simple? What part of the word "Constitution" don't the Demo-publicans understand? /\/.\/\/.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Great speakers and event

This from Edgar Steele, serving an endless prison term for daring to expose the wicked heart of political correctness. His wife will give the background of his persecution, news of his case if any, and -- who knows -- maybe some kind of good news. Doubtful, but conceivable: From: Edgar J. Steele [] Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 8:51 AM To: J Langville Subject: Cyndi Steele to speak at "Freedompalooza" July 1 & 2 Dear List Subscribers: We've got a few quick FYI's for you. Thank you in advance for your on-going support and well-wishes. Rapidly approaching this weekend, Mrs. Cyndi Steele will attend and speak at "Freedompalooza" in east-central Pennsylvania on July 1 and 2 (Sun, Mon). The event begins Jun 30 (Sat) and will include many speakers of note (James Traficant, for one), live music (band "Poker Face", for one), vendors, camping, food. After the event, we have good word that videos will be available for those who could not attend. Check back at over the weeks following Jul 2nd. For more details, directions, please visit: Video excerpt #3 of 4 is now released on YouTube: "Government Blackmail of Edgar Steele". Emails sent to and received from Mr. Steele at the Victorville, CA prison are sometimes lost, frequently delayed. Arrangements were being made for Mr. Steele to begin posting short comments via Twitter, but the "screws" at the prison apparently take great delight in email intervention. Please stay tuned and we will report ASAP when we will be able to pipeline his brief comments to the public. Best to you and yours! It's great news that former Ohio Congressman James Traficant will also speak. He was also sentenced to the gulag for many years for daring to say the unsayable and stand up against runaway PC. Hear his story here, and don't miss his work as crusader against tax persecution: PROJECT CAMELOT : JIM TRAFICANT - FRAMED Above all, please don't miss the fact that Traficant risked and lost his Congressional seat by taking on the most vicious forces in the world -- Zionist power. Contrast this with most Congresscritters: they get themselves elected and then spend their whole term doing everything they can to get re-elected the next time. The assumption is that they're just so wonderful at their job and the competition out there so stiff that we, the people, have to accept the premise that they can only give half their time to doing our political will (which they don't) and the rest looking after #1, also supposedly for our ultimate benefit. The right way to do it would be to run for office, do the truth, and expect the System to cancel you out at the next election and another true patriot to take up the relay race from there. I've always said this. America needs real political progress, not ego games and System poodles. TRAFICANT INSISTED on hearing the Demjanjuk family out even though his staff warned him it would be the end of his political career. It was -- but he'll go down in history as a hero -- the others as villains and parasites. And he has the people's respect while they are being more reviled every day, and rightly so. PLEASE watch at least the first 10 or 15 minutes of the Traficant video! But be warned -- he's going to tell you all about how Israel really gets 20 or 25 billion a year from working ameriKans, not the 3 that meet the naked eye. /\/.\/\/.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yanking the facade of respectability off NATO hardly a back-breaking job when the organization is so patently phony to begin with. But it's a worthy cause when the Establishment has such evil, genocidal plans for it. The Absurdity Of NATO It also shows the merit of my thesis that the Establishment knows the merits of always having a spare of everything. Now that the UN's concentrated evil is s widely known -- or shall we say it has lost its psy-ops value by overuse -- why, all the Insiders have to do is dust off good old NATO, lying in the corner over there, and they're off and running to save the world from itself anew, with the whole world's help. /\/.\/\/.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

United Banana Republics of ameriKa parades its military muscle before the peons

That would be the Waller translation of the following headline. St. Louis Police Warn Public of Military on the Streets When the Permanent Regime in Washington was originally menacing Afghanistan, the government there processed its heaviest artillery through the streets. DC laughed but is still paying for its folly. When dictators want to impress their own people with their defensive power they do the same -- march the big weapons and big warriors through the big cities. Now that the US fedgov has in effect declared us, the people, to be the main threat in the land, one of their thousands of psychological tricks is thinly-veiled threats of the above variety. Of course, it's a combination of the first and second ploys described above, too. They love multiple layers of trance, of intrigue, of total bullfeathers. Remember, it's not cynicism or negativity if it's true. No pain, no gain -- that's where we radical centrist muckrakers come in! /\/.\/\/.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Even the Daily News is concerned about drone proliferation

I keep looking at it to make sure I'm not imagining things: Look up in the sky and see a drone Monitoring Americans from above Ok, this Alex Jones-type article is at a site called And when you check its homepage, it's got the same logo as the dusty, disgustingly mundane tabloid I used to find used on NYC subways. Yep, one of the most establishment-oriented conspiracy-run rags out there is hawking real-world truth. Further evidence our topics are going mainstream! I don't mean to be controversial, but it just so happens this story is just in this minute, as if Someone wants you to see it next: Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed /\/.\/\/.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Raimondo switches to higher magnification on Rand's rebellion

We heard the other day from Justin Raimondo of, one of the most erudite yet persuasive voices anywhere near the true right. He's got more biting sarcasm and piercing insights into this insane, hateful, unbearable behavior by Rand Paul today -- and in an age when almost nobody of any persuasion is willing to call a vehement "foul" on anyone, I think he (and we) should continue the exposés for as long as the problem exists. You know, like forever maybe. Rand Paul’s Oedipal Drama Ron vs. Rand: a study in betrayal Wow, I see Raimondo's recommending another great-sounding Thomas Woods book in the piece, We Who Dared to Say No to War: American Antiwar Writing from 1812 to Now. The riches never stop coming in the real world "politically incorrect" commentary. As for Rand, may I be blunt? He's never struck me as anything more than a political flyspeck. He looks like a lamb with that hair and all, and I think that's exactly what he is, except for the 9/10 of him that's starting to look very wolfish. What's the strongest statement or act we've had from him so far? I can't think of anything whatsoever. Even that testimony against government overregulation of homes and people (are going to replace my toilets" etc.) was rather sophomoric. He looks, talks and acts dopey, but it's probably a wolf talking through its hat. Or a useful idiot being idiotic. I have a burning desire to destroy whatever use or respect the sheeple may have for this chimera. Raimondo has exposed the pablum that Rand puked after having his orals before the great Mittster. I'd like to add that Rand's remarks (“I came away from it feeling he would be a very responsible commander-in-chief", ad naus.) are 100% the vague feelgood notions of criminal politics and PR phoney baloney -- and 0% the plain, forthright airing of the tough, specific life-and-death issues in which you, Ron Paul and I deal all day every day. We know politics has to get back to issues and stick to them like white or rice; it's only leftists, communists, fellow travelers, useful idiots etc. that work from "I think," "I just feel" etc. Please, Rand, don't feel -- deal. Or get lost, schlemiel. I DON"T GIVE A HOOT whether Rand every makes veep, or prexy, or even White House shoeshine captain. To HELL with him, OK? The above story came my way via one of the very few pages that -- in my personal opinion -- everybody should check daily, i.e. Other shocks lurking there just now with summaries, images and links: SWAT Cop’s Sucker Punch Puts Man in Intensive Care / In His Own Words: Obama Says He is a Constitution Violating Dictator / Does Your Doctor Have a Fake Degree? The Billion-Dollar Industry That Has Sold Over a Million Fake Diplomas / How Many Weddings Does the U.S. Government Have to Bomb Before Realizing Its Destructive Ways? / How the British Government Has Declared War on the White English People / Rand Paul's Baffling Support for Mitt Romney's Cowboy Foreign Policy / /\/.\/\/.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Presidential blips of the day

The com news feed is getting less and less useless. Not sure how much coverage this story got elsewhere: Protesters shout throughout Romney campaign speech Don't worry, the fiend came out of the encounter even smugger than he went in. His ego is unbruised, his self-o'steam inviolate! For any of you that haven't already flushed Rand Paul down, now's your chance to do it with great feelings of impunity and self-assurance: Rand Paul's baffling support for Mitt Romney's cowboy foreign policy: The Kentucky senator is supposed to inherit his father's libertarian mantle. Instead, he seems to be endorsing a return to Bush-era recklessness Forgive me, but I've never succeeded in thinking there were any brains or spine there. Never! /\/.\/\/.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A sad email about SC -- no surprises

I hate to dish so much negativity, but the patient must take his medicine if he's ever to recover. We had a happy PN meeting in Greenville tonight -- really helps! /\/.\/\/. The Blessing of Abraham Gen.3:12 is Salvation in Christ. Galatians Chapter Three -------- Begin forwarded message -------- Subject: The Fraudulent Primary in South Carolina Date: 6/14/12 7:58:13 AM From: To: "Facebook" Copied from the Times Examiner with permission of Bob Dill, Editor, 6/13/12. THE ENEMY IS RULING SOUTH CAROLINA A preacher once informed me that: "We don't want to anger Satan, it will cause dissension in the church." The same advice would apply to the members of the South Carolina legislature, election commission, ethics commission and Supreme Court. When conservative Republicans began insisting that elected officials with an "R" following their name conform to the Republican Party Platform or be replaced, the pretenders panicked and disrupted the entire legislative and electoral system in order to protect their positions of power. The South Carolina General Assembly, theoretically controlled and dominated by a majority of Republicans and the Supreme Court Judges they appointed and re-appoint every ten years, have disenfranchised thousands of South Carolina voters by removing their candidates from party primary ballots. The legislature had an opportunity to correct the problem they created and restore candidates to the ballots after the Supreme Court rulings, but failed to do so. The behavior of some South Carolina Lawmakers is deplorable. The leadership must be replaced. This may be the most corrupt legislature since Reconstruction when it was composed of illiterates, Carpetbaggers and Scalawags. Historically, the South Carolina Legislature in those days was "the most corrupt in the nations's history. "We must not allow the current situation to continue. By their actions, they have proven without a shadow of a doubt that South Carolina Government is corrupt and only drastic measures will restore credibility and representative government. Some of the measures that must be implemented if representative government is to be restored include the following: WE MUST HAVE VOTER REGISTRATION BY PARTY. POLITICAL PARTIES MUST BE ALLOWED TO SELECT THEIR OWN CANDIDATES. POLITICAL PARTIES MUST RUN AND FUND THEIR OWN PRIMARIES WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE. REGISTERED VOTERS MUST SHOW A PHOTO ID IN ORDER TO REDUCE VOTER FRAUD. THE PUNITIVE, UNCONSTITUTIONAL 'CIVIL RIGHTS' LAW IMPOSED BY PRESIDENT LYNDON JOHNSON ON SOUTHERN STATES THAT VOTED FOR BARRY GOLDWATER IN 1964 AND ALLOWS THE US ATTORNEY GENERAL TO OVERRIDE LAWS PASSED AND SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR OF THOSE STATES MUST BE REPEALED. UNTIL REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT IS RESTORED IN THE STATE CAPITOL, IT MAY BE NECESSARY FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TO SELECT CANDIDATES BY CONVENTION, ALTHOUGH STATE ELECTION LAWS MAKE THAT PROCESS DIFFICULT. THE METHOD OF APPOINTING JUDGES IN SOUTH CAROLINA MUST BE IMPROVED. LAWYERS IN THE LEGISLATURE APPOINT JUDGES AND REPRESENT CLIENTS BEFORE THE JUDGES THEY APPOINT. WE DO NOT HAVE A SYSTEM OF JUSTICE IN SOUTH CAROLINA. WE HAVE A 'LEGAL SYSTEM. THREE EQUAL BRANCHES OF STATE GOVERNMENT MUST BE RESTORED TO PROVIDE CHECKS AND BALANCES. THERE IS CURRENTLY ONLY ONE BRANCH, THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH. THE GOVERNOR IS GOVERNED BY THE LEGISLATURE AND THE JUDGES IN THE COURTS ARE APPOINTED BY THE LEGISLATURE. Tragically, we do not just have an enemy in the camp. The enemy is running the camp. Now that they, like Satan in the church, have been angered and have exposed themselves, they must be replaced with competent candidates with integrity. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their state. END OF BOB DILLS EDITORIAL THE MISNOMER THAT YOU SHOULD NOT MIX POLITICS AND RELIGION SHOULD BE REPUDIATED BECAUSE THE WORD OF GOD UPHOLDS THE LAWS OF OUR LAND, THE CONSTITUTION, AS IT WAS WRITTEN BY THE FOUNDING FATHERS. READ THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. DON'T GIVE PLACE TO THE 501C3 THREAT AGAINST THE PASTORS. THEY NEED FREEDOM TO PREACH THE WORD OF GOD.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Political gods on parade -- the media their biggest fans. Anti-NWO breakthrough in Bama!

Isn't it remarkable how the press treats the stars? They give them every advantage and alibi. UK Prime Minister Cameron leaves 8-year-old daughter in pub The LA Times somehow chose to take this opportunity to give this Obamoid's whole resume: Commerce Secretary John Bryson accused in hit-and-run crashes I'm sorry if he's come down with some condition and is not merely another heavily doping federale, but this worship by supposedly impartial newsmedia is as stunning as the headlines themselves.... Now for some good populist stories: Alabama Adopts First Official State Ban on UN Agenda 21 What happens when schools care The above is such a simple solution to a common problem. Reality: in most communities, school personnel are mercenaries, and parents as uncaring about what goes on in them as anybody. Pardon my negativity, please -- and remember, it's not cynicism if it's true. /\/.\/\/.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another great Jewish-American hails the real Ron Paul

Justin Raimondo is one of the finest bloggers out there -- and the most courageous. His news and views site,, is a wonderland of blessedly jaundiced commentary on the people and subjects who need skewering the most. The literacy of writers you'll read there is incredible, not least Mr. Raimondo himself. On finding a link to this piece of his I was apprehensive what it entailed .......because it would normally represent an insult in the blogosphere, but in this case it's another of the dangerously few vindications of the Dr. Paul in the crazy political juncture of the moment. This column is actually a beautiful survey of the monstrous matter of ameriKan warmongering through history, with documenting links. It also makes mincemeat of a communist pundit's attempts to create a self-fulfilling pack of lies about our hero, making him out to be another big compromiser and hoping the fantasies published will set the sheeple's minds to gullibly thinking them into reality! An especially choice paragraph takes the words right out of my mouth: Ron himself is incorruptible: indeed, he is far more radical on foreign policy than I ever expected him to be. When the subject is economics, he always brings it back to foreign policy, pointing out the indissoluble link between a free and growing economy and a peaceful foreign policy. He is constantly saying that if only we would get rid of the Empire, we could begin to reform our domestic entitlement programs and deal with all the problems we have right here at home. My God, I've only read about 2/3 of it but there's other major, MAJOR stuff in it I'll have to process. ...............Here's a casual yet useful little resource we could use more of: Southern Partisan conservative candidate election information in the old Confederate States /\/.\/\/.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tom Woods weighs in on the Paul situation

Thomas Woods has the distinction of having written The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History and done much else to keep Americans from drifting too far into leftwing la-la land. As I understand it, the above volume made such a public splash that the left felt it from head to toe. The book is so wholesome and down-to-earth that it became a phenomenon which is undoubtedly still bringing common-sense influence to politics. His message in the video below is also welcome in that it basically rejects all angles of "compromise" with the Republican sector of enemy forces. My other org, the SC Conservative Action Council, is made up of people whose cry has always been NO COMPROMISE from its very beginnings in the Confederate flag fight. NO COMPROMISE is such a blessed gravity-defying way of life I'm still wondering why all humanity doesn't simply embrace it and the good, wholesome worldview it implies! COMPROMISE is the bread and butter of political hacks, frauds, and tapeworms. Isn't it? My only regret is that Woods didn't go farther and condemn Rand's sellout and spit in Romney's figurative face -- not to mention Hannity's unbearably pudgy, treasonous, obstreperous, smug mug. (Does Hannity continue to spew neocon jabber all night long in his sleep?) Henry Makow went the distance re the Paul crisis. Are Christian goyim too nice for their own good? /\/.\/\/. Tom Woods: My Appeal To Ron Paul

Monday, June 11, 2012

Finally, common conspiracy sense on the Paul tergiversation

Henry Makow is one of the great Jewish intellectuals who dares to expose his own tribe's evil machinations. In this and other areas he goes so far afield of even conservative orthodoxy you sometimes wonder what planet you're on, but I've learned from some PN personages not to dismiss wild-sounding claims out-of-hand. Here comes one of his site's featured writers asserting that Ron Paul never fought to win a presidential election, and.... much worse. Let's just leave it at that. Except to say that in a world where even the right seems to have gone left, it's great to read somebody's honest and very sensible take on some bizarre Paul family behavior. There are two different pictures of Ron making the "cornuto" sign. There could be any number of reasons for that other than the obvious, right? Right??? I'll believe Ron's been sincere in his work all these years until I absolutely can't any longer. I don't want to believe things are as evil as Mr. Migchels says. Help me not to! Read this short article, but don't look at this picture: The Ron & Rand Paul Betrayal Let me emphasize once again that it is totally impossible to justify Rand Paul's sellout. If this is how politics operates, something bizarre and scary is going on -- you don't try to win office by shouting truth from the housetops anymore or condemning the clearly demoniac opposition. You win it by showing what a great team player you are by JOINING said satanists! Come to think of it, Hegel actions don't get any more barefaced than this, do they? Hey, if conservative ameriKa falls for it, they deserve everything that's going to happen to them. /\/.\/\/.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rand Paul sellout is defended from all sides.... except one

Perhaps you've noticed..... I have no patience for political correctness. It costs me friends and allies, because it's only a rare person who can take the whole monstrous truth about what the Demo-Publican leviathan is doing to us. Another good example freshly plopped on the horse pasture of life is Rand Paul's sudden endorsement of the unbearably horrible and evil Mitt Romney. This is an insane act of treason -- not only against Rand's father, Ron Paul, but against conservatism, truth, decency and representative government. Mitt is a political Frankenstein and Sean is the perfect embodiment of the rottenly corrupt industry that props zombies like Mitt up and gets the sheeple dashing madly to kiss his neocon ring and vote for him. For a supposed maverick like Rand Paul to give either the time of day is unthinkable; for Rand to go on Sean's show to praise Mitt is just fatally sickening. In a discussion form I've sounded off about it as one can't in polite company, listing the cases where those who absolutely do know better are just prostrating themselves to the Romney god and hailing his new prophet, Rand, as the next logical, beneficial thing! One thing I forgot to say there is that this phenomenon seems directly parallel to the time four years ago when all the conservatives who know better -- much, much better -- started prefacing their criticisms of Obama with moronic tripe like "Now I'll grant that Obama is good looking and charismatic", "Obama is undeniably a gifted speaker," etc. When Obama starts speaking coherently without a teleprompter, I'll agree with all these milktoasts or the right that it's fine for Rand to "endorse the nominee"! All the above was triggered but the latest case of the latter -- jst un by email: So, tonight Rand Paul endorsed Romney for president. I think it was a good move on Rand's part seeing as party loyalty runs deep for the sheeple of our country. Deep down, however, I'm sure he knows it will garner exactly zero votes for Romney from the Liberty movement... in fact, with that in mind, I see no danger in the move at all. After Romney loses in a landslide to Obama, Rand can run in 2016 without being blamed for contributing to the margin that caused Republicans to lose in 2012. I'm sure the faint of heart will abandon Rand, will cry foul play, will call him names, but that's ok. So far, he's given me no real reason to mistrust him. Besides, it's not like he says he agrees with his philosophy (as if he Romney has one) - just that they have similar family values and agree on like 4 policies (none of which Romney will actually do anything about). The intentions there are beautiful, the reasoning pitiful. If this is what it takes to get a true conservative elected president, all is truly lost. The mere fact that people are offering one hypothesis or rationale for Rand's revolt against common sense signifies that it's crazy and incomprehensible apart from my above assessment. If something's valid, it doesn't leave a nation of 330,000,000 scratching its head about it, scrambling to add it it up to something. Face it, world -- we've been gypped again. That's all there is to it. /\/.\/\/.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Red Rosanne Barr runs for Green president; Faux News to opt her?

TV goddess Roseanne Barr has been smashing the social setup since first hitting the "entertainment" big time with her smash hit show in 1988. Lately she's been making socio-political noises that significantly diverge from her industry's religion -- political correctness -- but she always manages to come across true to that cult and her own ethnic liberal genes. At the end of this interview the terminally sarcastic one claims Fox News has in effect invited her to do a series on its stations. If true, that should wake up a lot of sheeple -- but will it? Her statements on pot and war are excellent -- but only socialists call for a public "safety net". I must disagree with her about school loans: it is a massive social problem, but they shouldn't merely be repudiated. The politicians and economists who've promoted and defended them should be made to pay every penny of what's underwater out of their own pockets. /\/.\/\/. Roseanne In The Rose Garden?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wild headlines: Congressman sounds off, Paulites persecuted; Romney in trouble

On receiving a jam-packed email containing the following link I had hoped that the headline would either mean that either some CONservative Congressman had decided he couldn't take the charade anymore, or that some liberal was getting so afraid of the people's wrath that she lost control of herself and showed the true violent, berserk colors of leftism: Illinois Rep Screams in Outrage on House floor! (The tyranny is coming unglued) As it is, I'm not sure which side the speaker is on. His wikipedia page indicates he's right of center: .............Speaking of leftist violence, police show way to much of it and too much willingness to serve as the henchmen of worldwide communism: Police Break Bones of Ron Paul Delegates .............Now for a ray of sunshine. Kathy Wright is a regular in PN egroups, and has been assailed by some readers who wrongly/dumbly think that because she forwards a news item she approves of what it imports. In the PN-NE egroup she writes: Some people do like the articles I send out.... ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: autumn To: Subject: Re: [PN-NE] Romney Nomination May Be Contested "All in all, it's looking increasingly likely that some in the Romney camp will face jail time, and as news of election fraud spreads, the thought of general public acceptance of Romney's nomination grows increasingly absurd." Thanks Kathy! This is good news that we are starting to wake up en mass and take our liberty and Constitutional Republic back! I have so much to say about all the great stuff that you have been sending lately, which I have been forwarding far and wide, but must hold off until I have the time to respond. (Back problems have kept me from working so now I must work double time to make up for the $ loss as I refuse to take nanny state help!) I also receive a great amount of info from another patriot I met at a showing of Freedom to Fascism. Some of it is very disturbing and difficult to believe. I want you to get on his email list so you can see for yourself. He is a writer and independent publisher. He is a very astute, conscious and intelligent man (Christian I believe. One of his main topics seems to be bringing awareness of Sharia Law/ Islam as well as exposing (?) the Vatican.) I thought I had heard everything, however, the last piece he sent me had me sobbing my eyes out. Often I have regretted deeply my selfishness at bringing children into this terrible material world. The claims in the piece were highly disturbing to say the least!!! I am forwarding his last email alert to you after this email. Please verify any of it if you can, including any proof/facts to support the allegations made in the piece he sent me- THANKS!!! Yes, I have heard about Satanism, Bohemian Grove etc., but not even that could prepare me for what was in my inbox today from Ericke! This is STILL so difficult to believe. If you know of any supporting evidence please forward it to me and I will do my best to alert and wake up those on my lists too. I don't want to sound crazy, or lose those who are beginning to awaken and realize something must be done soon! That change needs to come now - before it's too late! So please give me anything to support this or discredit it as more fear-mongering etc. If I get supporting evidence from credible Patriots such as you and others I respect then I will spring into action big time! I hope to have the time and money to come to one of your events in the near future. I regret being so broke I didn't make it to hear Robert one more time before he passed away. (I was fortunate enough to hear him speak several times to North Florida Patriot Group as well as other Patriot groups in Gainsville and Tampa!) Big THANKS Kathy, and may God continue to bless you and your family for all the sacrifices you have made, and continue to make on behalf of those of us who long to join you but must struggle just to keep a roof over our heads and food in our families bellies! In liberty and service to the good Lord, Autumn --- On Tue, 6/5/12, Kathy Wright wrote: From: Kathy Wright Subject: [PN-NE] Romney Nomination May Be Contested To: Date: Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 6:35 AM Romney Nomination May Be Contested By Roger F. Gay Mitt Romney has not secured the Republican nomination yet, and there's no guarantee that he ever will, but if it is handed to “the presumptive nominee” at the National Convention a lot of people will call “BS on that!” The nomination process is still underway and growing increasingly violent. Ron Paul supporters are enduring false arrests, detainment, broken bones and slander as they simply exercise their constitutional rights of voting and participating in party politics, and winning delegates. For months now, the establishment GOP has tried every corrupt trick in their handbook to remain in power. It isn't just a matter of vote and rule rigging to give Mitt Romney the nomination. Local party officials are losing their plush positions, and they're going to greater and greater lengths not to let that happen. The “shenanigans” as they've been so politely called, really started with misreporting election and caucus results, and throwing out the official rules to implement a railroading process for delegate selection. Eventually, when it came to the process of electing delegates, Ron Paul supporters began documenting the dirty tricks. In both Maine and Nevada, for example, Romney supporters were caught distributing counterfeit delegate slates. In Arizona, there were complaints of ballot stuffing and the convention was eventually shut down when it appeared likely that a Ron Paul supporter would be elected as the national committeewoman. In Massachusetts, after Ron Paul supporters won 16 of 27 district delegate slots, state party leaders quickly moved to try to invalidate the results. In March, the “establishment” in Missouri tried to railroad adoption of a Romney delegate slate, telling participants they were not allowed to use camera equipment. By the official rules, cameras are allowed in fact, and Paul supporters posted videos of people being arrested for attempting, peacefully, to follow well-understood procedural rules in a counter move against the obvious corruption. This was the first recorded incident of the use of force to rig the election results. It didn't stop there. In state after state, problems were reported in county gatherings, while “establishment” officials in some cases refused to record results from large pro-Ron Paul counties. In May, Oklahoma officials cheated throughout the entire process and then tried to shut down the convention when they realized they were still in a losing position. Convention delegates, evicted from the building, held the convention in the parking lot. Facing an obvious loss in Nevada, “establishment” officials walked out of the convention to eventually set up a “shadow party” at Romney headquarters. Across the country, under the watchful eyes of video cameras, they're simply refusing to participate in any sort of honest process. The pattern of corruption is quite consistent and the evidence is rapidedly becoming overwhelming. Over the weekend, the violence escalated. Faced with a stunning loss at the state convention in Louisiana, where Romney had received a minority of popular votes, “establishment” thugs attacked Henry Herford Jr. after he had been elected State Central Committeeman in an effort physically stop the transition of power. In yet another instance, Ron Paul supporter Alex Helwig, the properly elected Chairman of the Rules Committee, was arrested by Shreveport police as he made a motion to remove the previous chair. During his brief detainment, some of his fingers were broken and when he returned to the event he was walking with aid of a cane. This is apparently what Charles Krauthammer meant, several months ago, when he predicted that Ron Paul couldn't win, because the establishment won't allow it. Although a clean sweep to rid us of all these criminal bums along with the defeat of their candidate Mitt Romney is not likely, Dr. Krauthammer may have underestimated the tenacity with which some Americans are willing to fight for free and fair elections. It ain't over yet. Ron Paul supporters understand full well that they're not part of some fringe group fighting for an undeserved win over a more popular candidate. The main obstacle is not his desire to rein in the military-industrial complex or his consistent record of voting against increased federal spending and intrusion. It's corruption. When the Paul camp recently refocused its campaign efforts, it was in a way that will more effectively counter the problem. The new effort will also attempt to gather evidence, not just in delegate selection, but in misreporting results of popular votes. All in all, it's looking increasingly likely that some in the Romney camp will face jail time, and as news of election fraud spreads, the thought of general public acceptance of Romney's nomination grows increasingly absurd. Kathy Wright "It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." -Thomas Paine "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." -Benjamin Franklin End of multi-story email. Your Patriot Network works day and night to bring you useful knowledge and resources. As I write it's 2 AM after a busy day of topical and musical truth propagation. Please spread the word about us! /\/.\/\/.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How the mighty are falling -- and with Facebook, it's beautiful

Facebook is a blight on the universe. Sure, it's "FUN", but so is getting drunk -- it doesn't mean it's beneficial. The often brilliant Onion News Network satirists have said it all on that subject in these powerful three minutes: Facebook CIA Project: The Onion News Network There's good "real" news on the Facebook front. Enjoy! Facebook stock down for 3rd consecutive day, down 32 percent since highly anticipated IPO (DrudgeReport title: "FREEFALL CONTINUES...") Facebook Is a Buy at $20 ( take this to mean that some are touting it but most are rightly steering clear. Drudgereport name: "FACEBOOK 'worth a look' -- at $20!") This sounds lame. Somebody tell me what it means please: Morgan Stanley Now Lending Out Facebook Shares To Short Sellers /\/.\/\/.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tom Cryer gone; IRS helping ameriKa to become most hated nation on earth

You read it right. Not only is the IRS a plague on life within this country, but it's causing serious hassle for ameriKans' foreign assets, ameriKans abroad, and as a result, foreign countries and their economies. In concert with the fedgov, the so-called Service is totally destroying financial freedom and privacy for ameriKans. The two thug entities are on a mad dash to take whatever wealth the people have left before the great crash leaves the bureaucrats with nothing to eat and no clean water. They're are putting so many restrictions and penalties on foreign investment that other countries are shutting out new ameriKan customers and depositors. Originally this news was only reported in expat circles but it seems to be going mainstream as it affects many more people including not only struggling patriots but the very rich! The latest links: The Mass Migration of the Super-Rich and Not So Rich Foreign banks shun U.S. millionaires thanks to tough tax evasion rule To clarify one important point, the Patriot Network has NEVER endorsed tax evasion, but we do support the numerous court rulings affirming reasonable, lawful tax avoidance. Here's the most freakishly blatant development in the scene yet: U.S. Citizens’ Bank Accounts in Lebanon Laid Bare ..............It is sad -- and stunning -- to receive word that tax freedom hero Tommy Cryer in Louisiana has died. It is a loss to the patriot community. He was among the various IRS fighters who've rebuffed The Great One's attempts at solidarity and rashly denounced him. In contrast to many in the field, Dr. Clarkson not only had citizen legal self defense down to a science, shared it freely with all comers, and was the most humble and collegial of all movement leaders. /\/.\/\/.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

US still treats second/third world as its own plaything.... or padded cell

It's a great joke about how Washington and Big Business have cannibalized the more enduringly agricultural countries of Latin America, isn't it? Why, the very phrase "banana republic" has been bringing guffaws on numerous different contexts for something between 30 and 100 years. Woody Allen spoofed the situation in the 1971 comedy movie Bananas. 7 years later the Banana Republic clothing chain was formed. Get it -- hyuk -- Banana Republic? Mow that independent mass media are exposing everything the System is up to, and it's over 20 years since DC gave up on trying to "save" Panama, El Salvador and Nicaragua, things are better for Latin America. Certainly we who dream of life in a freer society are stunned to discover that there basically isn't any war per se going on in all that region anymore. Things are radically better in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay -- former battlegrounds. There's still drug warfare in Colombia, but it causes a tiny fraction of the trouble it used to. However, does anybody remember a tropical wonderland called Honduras? It's still in hell -- largely, it seems, because DC (I can't bring myself to call it Washington, or the United States) wants it for a footstool, or more precisely a drug den. Don't worry, we're still exploiting the daylights out of those countries. But DC's long years of truancy down there have temporarily helped it see the futility of openly trying to play USSR on them. Drugs are the new bananas. Below are a heartbreaking article about it, and the page it came from. Been way too long since we toured the Freedom's Phoenix smorgasbord of news excellence -- please do! /\/.\/\/. Police state Violence-Wracked Honduras by Stephen Lendman On June 28, 2009, a coordinated State Department-Pentagon project allied with Honduran military commanders and top opposition figures ousted President Manuel Zelaya. Industrialists, financial interests, large landowners, and transnational corporations supported the coup. A Porfirio Lobo fascist dictatorship replaced him. Washington backs, arms and funds it. All Honduran officers from captains on up train at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC). Formerly it was called the School of the Americas (SOA). It's popularly known as the "School of Assassins." It teaches how to torture, repress, exterminate poor and indigenous people, overthrow democratically elected governments, assassinate targeted leaders, and suppress popular resistance when it erupts. Its graduates specialize in state terror. They brutalize, disappear, and massacre elements perceived as threats to their authority. No one lives safe under these conditions. Honduras' reputation as the world's murder capital is well deserved. Political and human rights activists, unionists and independent journalists are especially at risk. Conditions are exacerbated by Washington's complicity. On May 11, a US helicopter attack killed four Hondurans, including two pregnant women. Another four were wounded during an anti-drug raid. American Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) militants were involved. They then stormed homes while occupants slept. Witnesses said masked men spoke English. Hilaria Zavala said six men kicked in her door at 3AM, threw her husband to the floor, and threatened him at gunpoint. Earlier, the DEA acknowledged its involvement in Honduras. Nonetheless, spokeswoman Dawn Dearden said agency personnel weren't in the village on May 11. Honduran security ministry spokesman Hector Ivan Mejia said he knew nothing about the raid. Police claimed cocaine was aboard the targeted vessel. They said those onboard fired first. They shot back in "self-defense." Conflicting Honduran military reports said agents fired on civilians by mistake. Another claimed those killed were drugs traffickers. Villagers are enraged. Nearby Ahuas Mayor Lucio Vaquedano said they have nothing to do with drugs. Victims were fishing. Helicopter fire machine-gunned them to death. It was cold-blooded murder............ (This was supposed to be Saturday's entry but apparently it didn't take)

Friday, June 1, 2012

It's out in the open: we the public are public enemy #1

I've spent years trying to convince My Fellow Americans that the politicians they worship and bow down to actually hate and despise us. Never mind that we're their constituents -- to them we're subjects on a good day, and germs on ants the other 99% of the time. Every war they ostensibly throw against foreigners is a desperate grab for more power over us; every plan and agency they come up with is aimed at taking our stuff away from us and killing us, regardless of the hifalutin' and altruistic name they slap on it. "Department of Homeland Security"? MY FOOT. It's the department of citizen liquidation, that's all it is. The name is the biggest lies since "Department of Defense", and that's saying something. Don't, please DON'T miss this article or it's accompanying illustration of the magazine cover in question. /\/.\/\/. National Guard Magazine Cover Story Specifies Americans as Greatest Terror Threat The latest edition of The Guard Experience, the National Guard’s official magazine, features a cover story titled, “The Threat at Home.” While the title itself is quite shocking, the ideas presented are definitely meant to desensitize guard member readers to the idea of pursuing and capturing Americans on American soil, thus finalizing the end of posse comitatus. In the article, author Susan Katz Keating stakes the claim that the American people, and their military, can never let their guard(s) down due to advancing internal terrorist threats that constantly plague us. Right from the git-go we know exactly what type of propaganda we’re in for.........