Saturday, June 28, 2014

The "war" on "terror" is the total disaster we Constitutionalists shouted that it would be

I rarely share something here already aired in a PN egroup, but this one's extra-special. You may know that with me that generally means a lot of doom and gloom on the principle that nothing's going to improve unless people face -- and start saying out loud -- how bad things really are. This is no exception.

With kudos to for his numerous excellent contributions to the groups, the PN now brings you my take on Tea Party Economist's presentation of Gary North's highlighting of Matt Drudge's and Ron Paul's distillation of the basic, horrifying facts of the situation we've forced on Iraq.
Matt Drudge Reports on Iraq: A Total Rout of Neoconservatism- Ron Paul warned us way back in 2002 [video]

We are wonderful, friendly, talented, loving people, we Americans, as individuals. But collectively we're sometimes known to be monsters beyond all description. We knew while W was campaigning he was merely going to prove another sickening, soul-gutting warmonger from hell once in office. We knew when he started braying about weapons of mass destruction it was a gigantic fraud, because we're the most weapon- designing, -building, -stockpiling, and -selling entity on earth -- that Iraq was a former ally of ours -- that politicians lie virtually all the time, in proportion to their level of federal deity.

We knew when W's fellow neocon scumbucket told us this war could last 100 years that this was all planned way before 9/11, even people not familiar with Project for a New American Century (PNAC). We have known this entire time that our country was not the global cop as so often proclaimed but the global gang, and that our self-initiating right of membership is to run around blowing the heads off of X number of innocent civilians.

We have known, and we have no reason to pretend otherwise.... or act surprised.

Alas, this blog site underlines Constitutionalists once you write it, meaning Blogger feels sure you meant something else.... What do you think the chances are that the person who set up its inner dictionary syntax doesn't know what Independence Day is about?

The holiday, not the horribly vulgar movie......


PS Now for a perfect picture of both the form and substance of things resulting from a brutal, brutalizing, Bizarro communist ameriKa.

1. The greatest country in the world becomes the most evil.
2. Most of its eggheads praise and approve this.
3. The younger generation has never known anything but this insane situation.
4. The hideous vulgarity of it means not only that a young interviewer shows no respect for common sense and senior wisdom, but that the person posting it in youtube (with a right attitude toward the content) says so in the most offensive language..... which is, no doubt, simply the way he talks to friends and family without giving it a thought.
Interviewer gets f***** by Noam Chomsky

I remember America -- do you? The F-word was absolutely never heard among mature adults. Sort of like the word abortion?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Emails re meetings: The great Corbett and his targets!

I'm suggesting numerous videos for showing in our live monthly meetings. Free sample -- read from the bottom up. Come and see it on the big screen soon!

Oh -- if you care to show from 29:26 to 30:43 of that vid, it's WeAreChange confronting an obviously embarrassed and LYING Bastard Brzezinski as few people are willing to! Awwww, he's such a NICE old GENTLEMAN, he can't be a country killer -- right? 

Wow, Corbett's followup to 32:00 is kind of a no-miss too, because it's a call to ACTION.   

The first 6:36 of this will be a great further comment on the "conspiracy theory" meme -- 

A little longer than some of mine, but very fast-moving. Cutting it at the above exact point will leave them hankering for more of the video itself and the magnificent Corbett Report generally. 


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cheney gets it in the kisser from a blonde news-reading bimbette

He's smugly deflective, but she persists -- a bit:
Megyn Kelly To Dick Cheney: 'History Has Proven' You Were Wrong on Iraq Dick Cheney Kelly File

The media and politicians will do their best to confuse you on all this. What Megyn has started (5%), these gentlemen will finish with great yet humble flourish:
Iraq's Break UP is the Real "Mission Accomplished"

These facts may make you want to cry, but you are still way ahead of the people these demons (the Bush/Clinton/Obama global crime syndicate) are killing and traumatizing in every way their twisted imaginations can concoct.

Yes, ameriKa, the real plan is to kill, kill, kill, destroy, destroy, destroy, and then repeat the process no more than 5000 times per presidency.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

We are the champions! USA! USA! USA!!!
No Kumbayah here: US Now the 101st Most Peaceful Nation

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The voodoo economics of "income" taxation... in a depression

This is a deathly serious situation if state (and other) governments expect to keep their doors open for another decade. (Of course the same could be said of welfare spending from 1935 on, but nobody wants to think about that.)
Size of income tax drop surprises U.S. states: study,0,895673.story

One more time, why is the taxing of wages an absolute abomination? Because any government that will cannibalize its own citizens like that will murder foreign peoples and perpetrate any monstrous whim that comes to its diseased mind -- exactly what the USG does.

Wages are an even exchange of value for value. Calling them income is a lie, taxing them is a return to feudalism. For states or this country to rely on them is financial crack addiction. Of Ohio's transfusions dropped 31% for just one quarter, where will they be 24 months from now?

Maybe laying off their state troopers?
Road Pirates with Badges Plunder Motorists to Fund Police: Don’t cops have better things to do?!


Monday, June 16, 2014

How many different degrees and types of legal transgression

.....are our public servants going to rack up, especially in their own areas of activity?


The U.S. Treasury Department's inspector general for tax administration, in his latest report on agency employee bonuses in April (covering late 2010 through 2012), disclosed that $2.8 million of the high-performance prizes went to employees with discipline problems -- including about 1,150 workers who owe about $1 million in back federal taxes. The inspector general acknowledged that the bonuses "appear to create a conflict" regarding the "integrity" of the program. (The Treasury Department pointed out somewhat proudly that the Department's rate of tax delinquencies is only about one-eighth the delinquency rate of the United States as a whole.) [Associated Press via WTOP Radio (Washington, D.C.), 4-23-2014]

Our glorious battles

.......and why every "liberal" should oppose them.
Contaminated battle fields
Contaminated battle fields

"Depleted" uranium -- isn't that a good one!


Why not let an actual uniformed veteran tell it

...........for once?
Iraq War I veteran Charlie McGrath

Of course, the royal treatment will be when they finally let us hear what our liberatees think of us.


Friday, June 13, 2014

The accomodations tax racket, NC style

We've covered this little monster before, but not, I think, in too many other states than the PN's home base of South Carolina. Extra -- extra -- they're actually calling it what it is for once, a FIFTY-PERCENT hike in this case!
JLF Report Critiques Possible 50 Percent Occupancy Tax Hike for Haywood
Proposal calls for county rate of 6 percent, highest in the region

Normally the vermin proposing raising an accommodations gouge refer to it in a cutesy little tone as a "penny" tax increase, which in this case would be a "two penny" gouge. The shock is when conservatives and libertarians ape their oppressors by using the fake "penny" term, around here even pronouncing it "pinny" because it's just so much more cutesy, folksy and homey I suppose. This they do with stunning consistency over decades, famously so here in Anderson, SC where I live.

Every little teensy hike in the cost of anything by our supposed public servants should be fought tooth and nail on principle. There is no such thing as a good, lawful, justifiable tax increase of ANY kind or degree unless a properly informed citizenry has debated it and agreed to it at the ballot box. If there's any chicanery, sneaking, lying, or play-acting by the ones mandating it, that should be a huge red flag.

Can you tell I for one am every bit as concerned about the public's behavior as about tax gouging itself? Calling things by their proper name is the beginning of intelligence. Without it language is ruined, and it takes thought down the sewer hole with it. A people who can't think any better than this are simply doomed. Take it from here, North Carolina!


Clintons, if you can call them that, top rich list

Considering how central the Bush crime family is to the Eastern establishment and the "new" world order, I think this is saying something:

But can you call them the Clintons if they're only together for PR purposes? After leaving the White House at long last, Hillary sought election to Congress using only her first name. Numerous pundits considered this her final declaration of liberation from him after many, many years in the hell and purgatory of life with Slick.


Monday, June 9, 2014

What DO you know..... "anti-terror" work is target practice

.....for the System's war on innocent civilians.

Cell tower spoofer.... what's next? Please don't tell me.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

I like the way they put this

You know, like stepping into something you shouldn't.
Obama steps in to Scottish independence debate

Scotland has a pulse. Pass it on.


" More American hypocrisy on Bergdahl"

.... and a whole lot more:

The word is JINGOISM. Jingoism, a frenzy of clich├ęs and junior-schoolish "horray for our side" team spirit, is what drives popular support for every evil a government wants to commit. Sure, it's just another adjective that can be applied to what goes on in a sort of wry fashion. But it's also the exact stuff that's fueling politics. Since politics is virtually solid evil, people need to contemplate jingoism and each should ask himself whether he's guilty of indulging it.

Oh, I believe in the rule of law, military or otherwise. But only if the law is lawful. If it's not, including our throwing of one illegal war after another, should the politicians be surprised when troops rebel or leave?

If you think I'm extreme, let's try this one more time . . . . tell me why whoever stumps the hardest for war shouldn't be the first ordered to report for a physical. Hey, I just learned that a a law requiring exactly that was drafted like a century or something ago. Who could argue with it? But isn't this the most basic level of common sense that is totally left in the dust today?


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mind your tone of voice!

Big Mother is listening, and she wants everybody to speak sweetly and mildly.
Secret Service Requests Software To Track Social Media Trends, Detect Sarcasm

Don't anybody walk too fast (or too slow). Don't slouch or sit up too straight. Be nice, be typical. Don't be or appear or sound any more alive than your next-door neighbors, and you may squeak by. 


Monday, June 2, 2014

Vampire allergy update
Obama is so out of touch with reality he’s blaming the Framers of the Constitution for the rejection of his unpopular agenda