Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The people vs. the People's Republic of Florida

Claiming what's rightfully ours can be so simple.... even easy. If we go about it properly!

Silent treatment: Florida drivers at DUI checkpoints refuse to talk to cops (VIDEO)

The video is the second big image from the top. Note that the how-to videos have been seen two million times! There are interesting comments added, such as "It has been proven without a doubt that checkpoints are the LEAST effecient means to find drunk drivers. All those officers out on patrol keeping their eyes open for erratic driving is more effective in catching drunks. That's a fact. So these checkpoints are bogus, and really a way to condition us to allow their intrusion into our lives."

It's all still there right in front  of us, like a pile of gold and silver coins, beckoning us to live bigger and fuller -- our birthright of freedom. Only one thing stands between us and total victory -- the number of people daring to reach out and take it!


Nice horrible invasion headlines from Drudge

And remember as you read them, "diversity" is an absolute good with no serious drawbacks, ever. It's just wonderful for white countries to import scores of millions of black, brown and tan third-worlders -- a bold new form of normalcy. Regardless of what diseases they're bringing, regardless what they think of us or what agenda they're bringing -- regardless of their criminal records, it's wonderful to have them here.

Supreme Court rejects free speech appeal over Cinco de Mayo school dispute... 30% of kids in Boston schools require English instruction... Half of students in some CO schools from non-English speaking homes... One third of residents in N VA now foreign-born... Feds sign agreement with Mexico to teach immigrants to unionize in USA... Half of older workers who were unemployed in last 5 years -- still jobless...

Don't fight me on this -- they just want a better life for their children! You stinking reactionaries and nativists need to be more compassionate.


Monday, March 30, 2015

An incident emblematic of the new post-racist ameriKa

In today's Untied States, you're guilty of racism if refusing to give a stranger your phone on a subway. (Certain strangers -- for full list, write Racism Department, Washington, D.C.) The person may then give you a verbal litmus test, and if you fail, you could be assessed a penalty forthwith.

VIDEO: Black Men Beat White Man Who Refused to Talk About Michael Brown

If questioned in such a manner, you are expected to answer courteously and forthrightly. Do not attempt to jimmy the system. It's there for your benefit.

All you need is love!



Friday, March 27, 2015

The ultimate System hypocrisy: banks and borders

So much noise.... so much real trouble over offshoring of assets!

First you've got non-stupid Americans seeing the impending fate of the dollar, our freedom and rights, and stashing their assets in non-suicidal countries. This normal healthy pursuit has always been done but now Washington is virtually criminalizing it -- search FATCA.

Then came the mega-corporations (many of whom spend big bucks influencing Congress to do what it does) realizing in the Obozo age that taxes are really, really high in this country -- that they're being punished for prospering and helping our national economy to survive. (Alas for those that aren't in munitions -- they're less often on the politicians' A-list for cocktail parties and huge contracts!)

Now a special, oh-so-special case!

Banks Say “Thanks for the Bailout,” Now We’ll Park our Profits in Overseas Tax Havens

Special because banks are among the biggest caller of shots in politics. Special because banks have helped Washington destroy financial privacy and are now doing what the government despises most in citizen behavior (besides "racism"). Special for any number of reasons.... and most glaringly, of course, because banks have been given every advantage imaginable in these times of financial turbulence and ruin for others less favored.

Oh, wow, get the article linked immediately below it

Legalized Tax Fraud: How Top U.S. Corporations Continue to Profit Through Offshore Tax Havens



Thursday, March 26, 2015

IRS swallows hard and refunds 1/3 million

But it won't be missed what with their communist thefts of a quarter billion. Short video:

IRS Drops Civil Forfeiture Case, Will Return $344,000 It Seized From Iowa Doctor

Anybody want to chase down the doctor part for us? It's not the white-haired lady, Carol Hinders, owner of Mrs. Lady's Mexican Food.

Feds Seize Family Restaurant’s Entire Bank Account Innocent Owners Fight Back

If more people will fight back when gouged, it be the beginning of the end of this hellish, satanic curse on working people.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hacking the tax strangulation scheme

There's a sharp division between income and real estate taxes. They have a lot in common: they're both a damnable nuisance, most people suffer their direct effects, and neither genre is in accord with the common law. Both are used to compromise and even steal our most basic natural rights.

In another sense, they're worlds apart. We income tax liberators are often asked how people can quit paying property taxes too as if that's the next logical thing. Dr. Clarkson had creative resources for both, but focused on income taxes because it's what's most directly eating the guts out of working people every payday.

The following article is a great assessment about how these and numerous other taxes are weaponized against us. It's exactly like a game, and the "playing" of "cards" is duly mentioned. But the winners are always the bureaucrats farming us for their own selfish advantage -- unless, that is, the masses would like to stand up on their own hind legs someday and demand government get back within its lawful limits.

That would cancel out the IRS and "public education" and zap most of your property tax right off the bat. People would have so much more money to work with they'd be delirious. As it is, they prefer to focus their attentions on royals, Kardashians and gladiator matches.

I found the article in a site your mother and Pretendent Obama wouldn't want you to see.

The Tried-And-True Blueprint For Raising Taxes


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tax jinks with Feds and today's other gods

There's that sound again. Tax news embarrassing to Feds is in the air.

Federal workers owe more than $3.5 billion in unpaid taxes

This 'un's for anybody who hasn't taken a "cruise to nowhere":

Stephen King not backing down on demand for LePage apology

Wasn't that fun? You just read an articlette about a GREAT HERO OF MODERN CULTURE...... and wow, he's taking a stand and defying the system, huh! Hey, it reminds me about that song expressing ultimate moral mettle:

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - I Won't Back Down (lyrics)

Wasn't that exciting? Oh, it's so good to know that an actual rock and roll singer is taking a stand too! But could somebody fill me in on something?

Mr. King isn't taking a stand for tax freedom, the Bill of Rights, the rule of law or whatever. It appears he's just grabbing headlines to sell more books, and he's clearly so pleased with the stunt he's actually smiling.

What is it Mr. Petty is refusing to back down from? I haven't heard of him taking a stand for clean song lyrics, druglessness, lower volume or any other pressing need in his field of endeavor. Supposedly he's kind of conservative? "Petty is known as a staunch guardian of his artistic control and artistic freedom" -- ain't that good to know. Meanwhile, his whole country is being ripped to shreds and I don't hear him uttering a peep about it.

You don't suppose he's just a wuss spinning tough-sounding clich├ęs to hide it, do you? He looks kind of girlish and mugs for publicity pics like some kind of thespian.

Pardon my jaundice......


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kerry briefly regains sanity

Or has it escaped him yet again by this writing?

A Classic Kerry U-Turn: Assad Must Go—–Until We Need Him To Stay


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Riches of horror and progress at the Phoenix

What -- you're still not checking freedomsphoenix.com every day? You're missing a lot despite the site's Liberalian bias.

What on earth is this all about?
Mississippi AG’s investigation of Google halted by federal judge : Google sued to stop an MPAA-flavored investigation and won an early round

Look at this -- the authorities are just passionate about protecting us!
15 Ridiculous Ways to get on the FBI Terrorist Watchlist

"By using its knowledge to attack others rather than to build up the internet's defenses, the NSA has worked to ensure that anyone can use packet injection to hack into computers."
The Democratization of Cyberattack

Its name is Sharpstown. I'd just love to know what its diversity quotient is.
Texas Town Sees 61% Drop in Crime After Kicking Out Cops

Isn't this wild! FP covers a spectrum of interesting topics:
No one could see the color blue until modern times
.........but don't take FP's blue pill of semitical correctness