Friday, February 28, 2014

Military full of gangs

....appropriately enough reflecting the multicultural stateside crime plague.
The FBI Announces Gangs Have Infiltrated Every Branch Of The Military

I just love us. We amaze me! Every day, there's new proof that ameriKa is morally qualified to force "democracy" on Afghanistan, purge Iraq of terr'ists, rig regime change in Ukraine, repeatedly body-slam Swiss and Panamanian banks, mow down ancient cultures and communities, and shred our own Constitution anew every hour on the hour.

WE ARE WONDERFUL. We are exemplary. We are the exceptional nation. Our relationship with Israel is "SPECIAL"! If we bring Latin American and Somali Bantu gangs wherever we go, people just have to understand that some cultures are different than others -- it doesn't mean that one's better than another. Life is cheap among ethnic crime cults, but the same goes for wherever Our Boys appear to fight for our National Interests, right? Nobody'll notice -- it'll blend right in.

Oh -- wait -- we're just supposed to consider the above headline a footnote to domestic problems. Scratch this whole colyum from the record.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

The ripest fedgov hypocrisy of all?

Considering that the USG has done everything it could to gain enemies abroad over matters of banking, money laundering, "terror" et al.?
Presenting The #1 Financial Haven For Dictators & Criminals

We keep getting riper info and bigger shocks. Every day the sheer, gargantuan absurdity of it seems to double. Why doesn't it ever get funner?


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nader steps out against Oh Bummer

One of the refreshing earmarks of our age -- perhaps the most refreshing -- is how some categories and factions of people are becoming less distinct. Ralph Nader sure doesn't march to anybody else's drummer. His latest headline:
Obama the ’executioner’

When he was new during my teen years, all one knew was he wanted to help consumers and oldsters defend themselves from trouble specifically involving those contingents. Since then his political orientation has enjoyably evaded pegging. I'd thought of him as in essence conservative and enjoyed hearing him as guest on Chuck Harder's much lamented For The People radio show -- but others spat at these impressions, even my fiscal- and labor-conservative father.

Whatever respect I had for Nader wasn't helped by his appearance in the One Percent documentary that fascinates me. Made by a young New Yorker trying to pierce the filthy-rich matrix in which he's spent his entire life, the only solutions it envisions are leftish (surprise surprise). But here's Nader in a perfectly sensible mode, daring to do as a leftish independent what almost nobody of any orientation is willing to -- condemn Obama outright as a usurping tyrant:

Nader writes in “Unstoppable” that Obama “has extended the Bush doctrine by declaring his unilateral right, as secret prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner, to destroy anybody, anywhere in the world, including American citizens, suspected to be engaged in alleged terrorist activities, all this vaguely and loosely defined as anti-U.S. security.”

But wait -- get this! I've been insisting to people that Obama is merely another Bush, as Bush was just another Clinton.... and Ralph just comes out with it, fingering Slick Willy as the real impetus of it all:

He continues, “Inspired by the military actions of the Clinton administration, the Obama and Bush teams made a seamless transition into a militarized foreign policy, extending even further the illegal reach of wars of choice, invasions, incursions, and drone attacks, carried out irrespective of national sovereignties.”
The consumer crusader’s new book also makes the case for a bipartisan effort to “dismantle the corporate state.”

"Dismantle the corporate state" -- that sounds remarkably close to the "inflammatory anti-government rhetoric" that Washington takes as extreme fighting words these days, even if it is a simple updating of the "alter or abolish" clause of the Declaration of Independence!

Let's hope he keeps it up and doesn't apologize. And that none of his supporters in any camp abandon him for his stark honesty about today's reigning demigod.


Friday, February 21, 2014

The "elites" are acting like they've just taken a goofy pill

Which they probably have, knowing how many enthusiastic cokeheads there are among them. But to their "normal" behavior, i.e. drunk, drugged and delusional, other strange traits are accruing:
5 Signs America’s Super-Rich Are Going Off the Deep End: 
Inequality seems to have made the wealthy very upset...for themselves.

We hear all the time from prophecy-maniacs about signs of end times. If this isn't the sign of an impending overturn of some kind, I'll eat my hat.

Maybe this cataclysm will be a good one -- we can dream, in spite of all the evidence the goons are permanently in power. A great prophet who can't be named here (too semitically incorrect) has been through everything -- jailed repeatedly for his First Amendment work, his home and offices burned to the ground in an act of terror stonewalled by the authorities, thrown out of this country for not resembling Al Sharpton enough.... but he's always been fond of saying that evil always contains the seeds of its own destruction. With today's level of evil, those seeds must be avocado size by now!

Where were you this evening, by the way? A small but hardy representation of greater Greenville had a fine meeting at Ryan's. Don't forget our sister organization's Burning of Columbia festival today (Saturday Feb. 22). See for more.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

So much for the drug war

 ...and all others Washington's bringing us.

BrasscheckTV sends anyone interested a major video link each day free of charge, ranging in length from a few minutes to a few hours. Its summary of this link is, like most of theirs, unbeatable:

Yes, the US government is a major participant in the global heroin trade that originates in Afghanistan.
This is not a conspiracy theory.
You can see it with your own eyes.

But be warned. You've seen many other videos and documents nailing the U.S. government as evil incarnate, but this one gets the job done more searingly and sordidly than most!

Uncle Sam's heroin business

Washington tells us they're engaged in a drug war. They've been telling us so for most of my 64 years on earth. This is true in a sense, but it takes the form of killing, maiming, jailing, disenfranchising, and otherwise tyrannizing anybody that gets in the way of our illustrious politicians' drug profits -- and cocaine habits. It takes the form of, for instance, ordering Afghanistan to quit growing opium poppies and then bludgeoning that country and its economy such that it has to return to that dirty business..... which is what Washington appears to have wanted it to do the whole time anyway.

Washington is the new Roman Empire, the new Dracula's Transylvania, and the new USSR rolled into one. Don't laugh -- it's true. Vlad Țepeș, the original ruler on which Count Dracula is based, impaled numerous hapless citizens, leaving them to die a slow, crucifixion-like death. But we in modern ameriKa outdo him: "Dracul's" victims died within hours or days. We literally torture whole countries and regions for decades. The Gulf War, vulgarly euphemized "Operation Desert Storm", was 23 years ago, plus change -- and we're again/still brutalizing Iraq! What for, please?

And where is Iraq on a map of Asia?

Why did we get involved in World War I? Maybe we shouldn't bomb anybody else until at least 10% of the population can answer these questions and sum up whatever good we've done in these engagements.

When was the last time Washington won a war? Careful -- WW2 merely made the world safe for communism, as supposed "isolationists" tried to warn for many months beforehand.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Pop group ABBA makes bizarre (or Bizarro) tax news

Tax laws make people jump through crazy, exhausting, extremely annoying hoops in this country and probably all worldwide. Sweden is pointed to as a country where socialism actually works, but now one's not so sure:
ABBA: Crazy Costumes Were a Tax Dodge

Thus where for some wealthy people the dodge may be raising crops on a particular piece of ground to lower the taxes on it, giving away a ton of money to charities in order to save a fraction of it on April 15 or whatever, here tax madness impacted popular culture, making it more decadent. ABBA was one of the groups whose music was the most lovely, musical and wholesome out there, but they felt compelled to save money by making sartorial fools of themselves when performing!

I say wholesome, but being part of the satanic pop music industry there are questions. What's this song The Piper all about?

Obviously it could in fact be an accusing allegory on depraved politicians like Obama, but who knows. Like much of the subtle meaning in pop, it doesn't want to commit itself.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Europeans betrayed by both EU and their own "good" politicians

Today's news link is remarkable, sort of like when a doctor tests a patient and finds he's got cancer running all through is body.

Both are remarkable, but neither in any positive or exciting sense of the word.

It would be remarkable for doctors to tell a patient she has cancer without daring to mention the name of the disease. And what politicians do today is give people economic and social cancer, while viciously stamping out among them the freedom to complain, or even call the situation what it is!

They do this in tandem with the news and entertainment media. In all countries the media determine policy and and rigidly enforce it by making some people persons, others nonpersons, and some public enemy number one. The politicians are beholden to them in this fashion and follow right along with it -- some willingly and knowingly, most stupidly and gutlessly.

They treat issues in a similar fashion. News readers spout the subjects and spin which will become fashionable according to their bosses' freakish politically-correct agenda. Entertainment and music stars parrot and model this bullcrap, and the dumb sheeple just accept it whole hog, even when it;'s obvious, insane bullcrap.

Notice in the article below that a top-ranking supra-national bureaucrat and a dissenting local politician are discussing a crucial, life-or-death issue affecting every American and European -- but without naming the real problems that are the problem!
Migration IS harmful but we will never halt it, pledges Euro chief

You know what the real issues are. Do you dare to admit them to yourself, your friends, family or co-workers?

Do you, hmmm?


Friday, February 14, 2014

Threats! Intimidation! Punishment! Terrorism!

Those are the tools by which the USG operates on its enemies (real and imagined), its friends and its citizens.
School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook

"Please come down to the station for just a little questioning...." Words that should give you mortal dread once the SHTF in earnest. "Expert Threatened for Questioning" -- words that should make you positively crap your pants now! Forgive my vulgarity, that's what it's coming down to anymore.

Still continent? Consider:
10 Prison Security Techniques Being Implemented on the American People


And the master geeks?

I've been holding of this one since it's so grim and fatalistic. But it too is a sign of the times, i.e. a good case of how political correctness totally ruins everything:
Jobs Armageddon – Several Thousand More Brilliant Software Engineers Kill Themselves

We've heard so much about a handful of bankers reputedly committing suicide, one of which is already a suspect story. Where are the headlines and commiseration for these unfortunates? Oh -- it's unofficially a racial story of a politically-incorrect nature, so it mostly doesn't get mentioned despite its much greater magnitude (well, if this story's true). If it is true it's a genuine holocaust, not a fake like some others through history.

It also affects YOU and ME directly. We love having smoothly running computers and ever-new programs, don't we?

What a tragic waste. Not a capitalism-voodoo or Beltway politics waste, but one involving free enterprise and what was till not too long ago a phenomenally successful economic plan.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Good question re ameriKa's glamorous political fools

I go for years wondering when somebody's going to call the "emperor's new clothes" on the Obamistas in some actually irreverent, scathing way. Here's a masterly job of it:
Why Does America Send So Many Stupid, Unqualified Hacks Overseas? 

.......The resumé imbalance, of course, owes to a simple fact: The United States is the only industrialized country to award diplomatic posts as political spoils, often to wealthy campaign contributors in an outmoded system that rivals the patronage practices of banana republics, dictatorships and two-bit monarchies. A similar system once allowed political allies to become military officers, but Congress outlawed the practice after the Civil War, during which the public recoiled at the needless slaughter brought on by incompetent cronies who had been appointed generals (men like Daniel Sickles, whose insubordination at Gettysburg caused more than 4,000 Union casualties). Representing the United States in a foreign capital, however, is a privilege still available to any moneyed dolt with party connections.

And President Obama—who entered office promising to limit the practice and instead appoint more Foreign Service professionals to ambassadorial positions—has arguably done more to exacerbate the problem than his recent predecessors.........

There it is. You and I are smart and with-it enough to take on one of these jobs. Heck, We could randomly pick a K-Mart shopper and they'd likely be less embarrassing at it! WE ARE BEING RULED AND REPRESENTED BY PERFECT ASSES. That's the strongest I'll put it in a family discussion forum.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Bitcoin high drama

There is clearly supposed to be a comma after the word "exchanges" in the first sentence here:

Scrabble fans know the word "gox" well as one of the points-rich three-letter words. Hmmmm, Mt. Gox "was, for a time, the largest-volume Bitcoin exchange" (Wikipedia).

Don't you love it? "Central banks across the globe have begun to crackdown [sic] on the cryptocurrency, instructing financial institutions not to accept bitcoins because they have no legal status or monetary-backing, like state-backed currencies." HAH, like the fiat currency of any country today is lawful or monetary-backed, whatever that means? But wait, it gets better:

"The Russian Central Bank issued a ban on the virtual currency as they see it as a tool for criminals and terrorists to launder money without leaving a trace, as transactions are anonymous. On February 7, the Prosecutor’s General ruled bitcoin cannot be used by Russian citizens or companies." So much for the new Russia under Putin, where there is supposedly a great thaw going on in terms of people's basic liberties!

Russians can't even touch Bitcoin, is that it? And because of "terr'ists", just like here? The fedgov there needs to study up on underground economics. In these days of fiat (i.e. thin-air) everything, black markets are sometimes the cornerstone of an economy, as pot sales were in (and probably still are) California before the very recent pseudo-semi-de-criminalization of the weed.

Governments are, they say, ordained by God. They could show it forth a great deal better by going after real malefactors instead of playing endless Alice-in-Wonderland games on citizens over things like pot use. Today's politicians make Marie Antoinette look like the second Great Lawgiver after Moses.

Food for thought from an actual U.S. Congressman -- remarkable:

Legalization is, IMHO, the second worst solution to the drug mess, the first being keeping the status quo. That is to say unless the ameriKan people are going to go back to Godly living and thinking overall, it's pick your poison on a variety of major issues like this, with no actual progress in sight. Wish the news were better!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Mencken's Ghost zings sports mania JUST right!

H.L. Mencken would be proud of this commentator, whoever he may really be:
Would a true conservative watch the Super Bowl?

I thought I was the only one who would ever refuse to spectate on some spectacle on principle, i.e. the grounds that the trend it represents is extremely unhealthy for us all. Athlete and team worship are bad enough, but he's 100% on the mark about the crucial need for sober citizen vigilance over every aspect of everything, how it's being done, by whom, why, how financed, etc...... sports not least!

Doing things the Mencken way would mean such things as (1) people spending infinitely more time doing things than watching them; (2) virtually no mass crass commercialism; citizens rooting for and abetting the most moral side of any great moral conflict, not grooving and betting on and romanticizing sports gangs based on having lived in such and such city themselves or attended this or that school.

In short, if we're going to do this "life" thing right, we'd focus on what really matters every day, and our pleasures would be constructive and ennobling, not brutal and vicarious. As far as I'm concerned that cancels the Olympics, and I suspect the first Mencken was no great fan of them either.

He was of course a major societal skeptic and watchdog for the first half of the twentieth century.

People today love his ironic wit but not its profound meaning or implications for our whole mad, lost society.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

So much IRS news, all of it horrible

There's an old saying -- "when the people fear the government, there's tyranny. When the government fears the people, there's freedom." What to call it when the government has thoroughly terrorized its own populace and many others, and shows mortal dread of its constituency at the same time?
IRS Needs AR-15′s For “Standoff Capabilities”?

I'd love to point out a few basics to the "Service":

1. The taxing of wages is unlawful. You are doing it because the country is in hock to its creditors since 1933, but that doesn't give you legitimacy. It simply signalizes a totally ruined, perverted country -- yes, yours! Your country is coming to an end, strictly because of the policies of your agency and the Dr. Frankenstein government that gave you illegitimate birth.

2. No taxation of citizens was ever supposed to be coercive and violent. When it is, it's a sign there's something drastically wrong -- a plague on us all, including yourselves. Government and its creations are supposed to treat the people with unvarying respect and deference unless one of us has committed active, real harm on someone.

3. The notion that you don't have to answer a Congressman's questions because he's not on the IRS oversight committee is shocking. You are not an entity unto yourselves -- Congress created you and is supposed to be your master.

4. Your behavior is vicious, hateful, lawless, arrogant, heartless, satanic, communistic, and SICK. It is emblematic of the vile, rude, insolent, selfish spirit pervading society today. You are not only the mirror of a denatured citizenry but also one of its causes. 


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A fun right-to-travel side issue

Judges and lawmakers are always whistling past the dark in relation to our rights. Travel rights go through many phases with them. They put up red-light cameras to keep people honest and responsible, but then found ticket revenues tanked in response! Some communities therefore took away the cameras. Courts will ban radar detectors, and then in some areas find the machines were similarly actually an overall good and change their minds back again.

Here a fed judge who's liberated another travel right -- excitingly!
Federal judge rules drivers allowed to flash headlights to warn of speed traps

Prone as I am to cynicism, I think this ruling is just great and entirely right in intent, as is the help the ACLU gave. The judge supports our rights -- that's the bottom line as far as one can tell. First Amendment meets Privileges and Immunities Clause!

The defendant's last name is Elli, the case hinged in Ellisville. Wonder if there's a connection, Southern-style.

Travel rights are avidly aired at PN meetings and in PN egroups. Come on in, the water's fine!


Rockwell calls for a second Beatles revolution

The Beatles were such a mixed bag. Four disparate personalities and musical worlds in one, true, but their impact on the world was a two-edged sword. On the one hand they brought us some truly beautiful, fun music and ideas -- on the other, the whole thing was so diabolically subversive it will be a miracle if humanity ever recovers from it. That goes for all the popular music of the period -- the Stones, the Dead, the Beach Boys the Mamas and the Papas, I could develop severe typist's cramp expounding on any along these lines. 

It is notable in any case that one of the world's topmost freedom warriors finds them notable. Mr. Whitehead was an early associate of Dr. Clarkson's and is one of the very few professionals out there carrying forth his mission of using the legal system for the good of the people. Perhaps you've heard his outstanding Freedom Under Fire radio mini-show? It's been freely aired in both regions where I've lived, though I don't happen to know if it's still in production.
50 Years After the Beatles: Isn’t It Time for Another Political & Cultural Revolution?


Monday, February 3, 2014

Nancy Pelosi experiences "liberal" "PROGRESSIVE" rage

And it's yummy!
Nancy Pelosi Gets Heckled - "You Have Made Your Point" 

Now, enjoy this "liberal" "progressive" TV personality giving her the third degree -- well, maybe the second:
Highlights from The Blithering Idiot

How about that? This narcissistic bloodsucking politician doesn't seem to know the bill of rights at all! Wikipedia calls her the highest-ranking female politician in American history -- God help us. Note that with socialists like her, the truth is no object -- you just plow on through whatever dialog you don't like with more feelgood BS. And there's no such thing as a bad or undesirable tax increase.

The foolproof old refrain for both gliberal RepubliCONs and gliberal Dummacrats: "I don't remember"!
Nancy Pelosi: 'I Don't Remember Saying that Everybody in the Country Would Have a Lower Premium' 

How do you like her logic? Obamacare was never alleged to bring everybody a lower premium -- because lots of people are uninsured, and zero is the lowest number in the alphabet. Ta-daaaaaa -- they get a higher premium now, too!!!

Isb't it CUTE and SCHOOLGIRLISH how she in her passion for sensitivity leaves the last consonant off of the end of a sentence of clause -- have you noticed this charming aspect of the Gabber?

Don't you love callow, knock-kneed schoolgirls with eyebrows that WHOOP innocently up like Betty Boop? Her eyebrows are so meaningful, because they proclaim her innocence and charming naivety.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Certain people do nothing but look for ways to torture us

And you'll always know when you're up against an actual communist by what they want from the IRS.
Chuck Schumer: Defeat Tea Party By Using IRS And Other Means To Disenfranchise ThemRead more at

This goon is also a leading gun grabber. We talked about various secession movements at the PN meeting on Saturday -- I move that Zoo York start the procession!