Thursday, June 30, 2011

La Bachmann again: the endless banality of political "stars"

The candidate is a poseuse. The interviewer is a vain peacock. The subjects they toss back and forth like hot potato are dreary as all get out. The "issue" in the page linked below would only have any weight if either he or she had some semblance of dignity. The only question is who's the bigger flake -- Bachwoman or this Howdy Doodyish talking head, who is so minor I wasn't familiar with him and have now all but chased him off my mind.

Bachmann is a GIRL, just like Sarah Palin is a BOBBY SOXER. Please, I beg you, do NOT let yourself be duped by either, or drawn into any kind of "discussion" about them. They're airheads -- just say they're airheads!

They're airheads. Airheads!


Bachmann Rejects Chris Wallace‘s Apology for Asking if She’s a ‘Flake’

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The lowdown on the very low-down Michelle Bachmann

Move over, Creature From the Black Lagoon -- here comes the Creature From Minnesota's 6th Congressional District! I knew it was too good to be true when Michelle Bachmann made news a few years ago in relation to some hot-button issues, coming down firmly on the correct side of them. It was so exciting -- finally, a genuine conservative with a pretty face and an authentically German name in the highest halls of visible power?

It was, of course, too good to be true. The lady was soon revealed to be a flaming Zionist Israel-firster, and since then she seems to have grown ever more fanatical in that un-Constitutional, ungodly stance.

Now, via the Ron Paul campaign, bizarre crimes of hers have come to light. Here's the tax-related dirt, and it's so dirty, I can only say that if ameriKa doesn't quit voting for CONservative frauds like her, we are doomed:

Tea Party's Pick: Michele Bachmann or Ron Paul?

Tuesday, 28 Jun 2011 02:20 PM

By Doug Wead

.............As a tax attorney Bachmann allegedly went after a taxpayer earning less than $10,000 a year — and at a time when Timothy Geithner, Obama’s Treasury Secretary, wasn’t paying HIS taxes. And in 2008 she voted for Nancy Pelosi's stimulus bill...........


Monday, June 27, 2011

"We are taking this step so the reimbursement rate will be fair to taxpayers".... yeah, RIGHT

I remember keeping a notebook in the car and slavishly noting each professional mile driven. I remember the futile, mundane, degraded feeling it brought. But that was like 27 years ago!

I remember totaling up my 1040 and being so outraged by the bottom line that I knew, without even vowing or deciding anything, that this was not going to last indefinitely -- long time before I stumbled into the real world!

They play games on people. You can declare this and detract that, but only if you exceed this by no more than .5% of line 18 on your Schedule X, part H.

Enjoy your big-whoop "raise" to 55.5 "cents", all ye who are still paying.
You don't have to. We don't owe the money.


IRS Increases Mileage Rate to 55.5 Cents per Mile

IR-2011-69, June 23, 2011
WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today announced an increase in the optional standard mileage rates for the final six months of 2011. Taxpayers may use the optional standard rates to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business and other purposes.

The rate will increase to 55.5 cents a mile for all business miles driven from July 1, 2011, through Dec. 31, 2011. This is an increase of 4.5 cents from the 51 cent rate in effect for the first six months of 2011, as set forth in Revenue Procedure 2010-51.........

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tax chaos in Ireland -- worsened by pop anti-culture mania

My brother has just come back from a trip to Ireland. He and his lady found the Irish most welcoming and ameriKan-friendly, we're not sure why. Of course, the subject of Ireland's economic devastation didn't come up, since we're a very socially-proper family.

Just now another Irish oxymoron emerges: tax protest!
ut not the kind you think.

Too many layers of irony and pain in the story below. Glastonbury is one of the most hallowed, storied Christian locales of the earth -- the idea of blasting its precincts with the utter garbage in question is unbearable. (By an odd coincidence, I just spotted my sister reading Capt's The Traditions of Glastonbury, and I was just turning a fellow Christian Identist on to the book last week.) A blithering idiot like Sting should never have fronted a decadent, deafening outfit like U2. Ireland should never have had an income tax. Young Irish folks should have been taught the Bible, not the PC fads of the day -- if they properly had, maybe they'd be disrupting the day's business at Revenue Commissioners, the Irish equivalent of the IRS, instead of this overrated culture-mulching U2 mob.

Nevertheless, it's good, good, GOOD that they've gone after Sting this way! The rich and famous are sorely overdue for a comeuppance re their gross hypocrisy where anything political, economic, moral or cultural is concerned. THEY ARE THE CANNIBALS -- they are the vampires. The millions who make them rich and famous know not that they're being eaten alive by their gods or that this addiction means a less sane mental life for each new generation.

Actually, this concert "intervention" is a major headline of sorts. The fact that it was attempted by a group calling itself Art Uncut appears to bode a long-overdue rift aong arts people, a social stratum in which an ironclad policy of unity in leftism has forever prevailed.


Violence erupts as U2 rocks Glastonbury

U2 and its frontman Bono, known for their global poverty-fighting efforts, were accused of dodging taxes in Ireland by activists who crashed their performance at England's Glastonbury festival.

The anti-capitalist group Art Uncut inflated a 6-metre balloon emblazoned with the message "U Pay Your Tax 2." Security guards wrestled them to the ground before deflating the balloon and taking it away. About 30 people were involved in the angry clash.

Bono fan Gary Noble, 45, said he found the security response "all a bit shocking"............

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ameriKan decadence: is it the drug lingo or the vulgarity?

I've been meaning to start a new unit at PN meetings on the sheer decadence that saturates every department of modern "enlightened" society. My trawling of a friend's supermarket tabloids brings up stuff that is just shocking beyond belief on the part of the Beautiful People -- the super-rich dominating politics, business, the arts, higher education, religion and virtually everything else. The question becomes whether to drag PN meetings down to that level or to leave that major aspect of conspiracy reality unmentioned!

Decadence is, I believe, the word that sums up the whole problem at large. Moral decadence means politicians (especially presidents) that "model" the worst possible sins before the whole world, robbing youth of its innocence and wrecking what's left of ameriKa's reputation. Political decadence means the same as the word does anywhere else -- stomping on the eternal standards of right and wrong and rewriting the rules capriciously as you go, in this case the Constitution and more importantly the divine law code.

God knows manufacturing is part of it: how many products are specifically aimed at trashing the old morality without even getting into pornography per se? Clothing seems to lead the way many times. A few years back Abercrombie and Fitch shocked even liberaldom with its lurid catalog and advertising. Clothing for small children is turning "sexier" and real makeup is manufactured for little pre-teen girls. Anybody remember the "fcuk" follies?

Toying with taboo words is, in fact central to the deeply puerile, maladjusted, hebephrenic nature of promotions and entertainment today. The latest scandal there brings in yet another distinctive of decay -- snickering use of drug lingo:

Menino To Niketown: Take Down Controversial T-Shirt Display

BOSTON (CBS) – Mayor Tom Menino doesn’t like Niketown’s new window display at its Newbury Street store and he wants it taken down.

Menino said he was walking in the Back Bay with his wife recently and noticed T-shirts in the window with the expressions “Dope,” “Get High,” and “F**k Gravity” on them.

He believes the shirts promote drug use.

“Why would a national organization do that? Except to try stoop to the lowest common denominator to get people to buy their t-shirts,” the mayor told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Tuesday.....

The real stunner here may be the setting of the drama: Boston was once a byword for propriety, even prudishness, but has since come to embody sheer uncut liberalism. One would like to think Mayor Menino is responding out of genuine outrage and not merely playing politics.

It recalls the time 30-odd years ago in New Jersey that I wrote public broadcasting honcho Bill Baker to protest a recent ETV series that sentimentally revisited the hippie era. It had simply glorified the drug abuse of the period, making it seem as "cute" and "naughty" yet "visionary" as much of the dominant culture had done back then.

The alien-looking, sepulchral Baker sent a personal reply, and then another one to my response -- but nothing. No slightest indication of the evil of it, merely a suave "I'm sorry you got offended" type thing.

"If God doesn't destroy ameriKa, he'll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah".......


Monday, June 20, 2011

Accidental admissions by the military-kleptocratic complex?

Holy moley, I'd thought the only reason ameriKan troops were ever deployed in other countries was to protect ameriKa's "national interests". That itself was a pitiful fig leaf for Washington's endless "new world order" aggressions, but one corner of my being (just southwest of my left kidney) was finally beginning to accept the notion that we only bomb total strangers if it will help us save 1/10 of a cent at the gas pump, or because "if we don't fight them there, we'll have to fight them here", etc.

Now along comes outgoing U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Elkenberry. On being rebuked by Afghan "president" Hamid Karzai for our decade of destruction there, Karl spilled the beans in a whiny "ugly American" speech:

Without mentioning Karzai by name, Eikenberry took aim Sunday at the increasingly harsh anti-coalition rhetoric emanating from the president, calling it “hurtful and inappropriate.” The ambassador, who will leave his post over the summer, made the remarks at the end of a speech on the future of U.S.-Afghan relations, delivered to several hundred students at Herat University.

“When Americans, who are serving in your country at great cost in terms of lives and treasure, when they hear themselves compared with occupiers, told that they’re only here to advance their own interest, and likened to the brutal enemies of the Afghan people, my people in turn are filled with confusion and they grow weary of our effort here,” Eikenberry said.

“Mothers and fathers of fallen soldiers, spouses of soldiers who have lost arms and legs, children of those who’ve lost their lives in this country – they ask themselves about the meaning of their loved one’s sacrifice,” he continued. “I have to tell you, when I hear some of your leaders call us occupiers, I cannot look at these mourning parents, these mourning spouses, these mourning children, and give them any kind of comforting reply.”

Eikenberry conceded that that the “learning curve has been steep” in what is a “complex” situation. “But – in spite of our mistakes – we are a good people whose aim is to help improve our mutual security by strengthening your government, army and police, and economy.”

He went on to list some of the accomplishments, including the building of schools, clinics, roads, power stations, investment in educational training and in the agricultural field, promoting trade and reviving culture, music and sport.

“Yet, when we hear ourselves being called occupiers and worse, our pride is offended and we begin to lose our inspiration to carry on,” he told the Herat University students.

“At the point your leaders believe that we are doing more harm than good, when we reach a point that we feel our soldiers and civilians are being asked to sacrifice without a just cause, and our generous aid programs dismissed as totally ineffective and the source of all corruption … especially at a time our economy is suffering and our needs are not being met, the American people will ask for our forces to come home.”

Emphasis added.'s hyperlinked summary of this article reads US to Karzai: Don't Call Us Occupiers When We're Dying for Your Country, and I think those last five words put in plain English everything Elkenberry tried so hard to dance around. (That would be a lie, too, if he'd said it, but let's at least try to play along -- saves brain cells.) Clearly, the fool is berating Karzai for not being a happier mistress or a more ecstatic rape victim. What could possibly be more embarrassing than this poorly-scripted two-man show for a supposedly free, noble country? The USA, I mean.

Karzai is apparently a justly hated Zionist stooge; Wikipedia has it that "The United States helped put him in office in late 2001 to lead his nation". (Wasn't that NICE of us. We are a very NICE country.) How much longer do you suppose it will take for Washington to re-read its entirely domestic job description and "fix America first"?

* Another Karl? Where did all the Carls go?


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sites to remember: Blacklisted News

Happy Fathers' Day, all. I've had a good one -- it started in a politically incorrect church where I litpakked a promising new couple for the first time. Actually it started as I was driving there: the truck in front of me at a traffic light bore the "I don't believe the liberal media" sticker, so I leafleted the driver! Oddly enough, I quickly realized I'd done the same guy at the same light before.

From there I joined about 13 wonderful, politically-incorrect Christian homeschool types for a most enjoyable indoor cookout. Great food, conversation and music yet again, with not only the paterfamilias of the place honored but three birthdays celebrated as well. Later I called all my immediate family for the occasion and re an upcoming reunion in our historic summer home.

But getting back to the "political cesspool" as a famous radio program calls it........ I consider part of my job to be reminding others where the buried treasure is. These days that can often be a matter of which uncensored news sites are the richest. The other day I was looking for basic sites that would be just shocking enough to laymen but not too strong a dose, and to my surprise, the array of normally taboo-smashing news links at weren't that interesting.

But oh, boy, are they today! A small sampling:

The NATO excursion into Libya started with disingenuous humanitarian concerns translated into a no-fly zone, which incrementally transitioned into attacks on Qaddafi's ground forces, targeted assassinations against Qaddafi himself, then talk of destroying civilian infrastructure and a full-out ground invasion. NATO declared mid-May that it would be "increasing the range of targets" it could hit, including "government infrastructure." With a residential area hit and NATO playing dumb over its role in murdering the very civilians it is supposedly protecting, it appears they made good on their promise.

A Florida judge allowed a lawsuit to proceed that claims Whole Foods Market Inc. (WFMI) violated the state’s deceptive trade-practices law by selling frozen vegetables from China grown in a polluted region by prisoners and certified as organic.

The last Grand Master of the warrior monks who fought in the Crusades, Jacques de Molay, was executed in Paris in 1314 on charges of heresy, black magic and idolatry.

Scientists working at the University of Southern California, home of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events, have created an artificial memory system that allows thoughts, memories and learned behavior to be transferred from one brain to another.

This just in: another great, doom-laden update from

Notable: a section headed "Aspartame may trigger, mimic, or cause the following illnesses." I've heard on good authority that eating scavenger meats (pork, shellfish etc.) similarly leads to conditions that "mainstream" medicine would ever dream of tracing to such a source. I've repeated this to people so many times that I've started to wonder how true it is, but this contention of Manny's indicates massive, multifarious mimicking (or worse) by wrong foodstuffs is possible.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

This the life -- "fair" tax exposed; other tax truth

Via email from a fellow Constitutional activist (thanks, V!). Ron Paul's heroic work was the inspiration for the tea party movement, but he can't be blamed for what it's become. Dr. Paul would never in a million years support a monstrosity like the FairTax scheme. He is, of course, the only known federal politician whose perfect stance is "abolish the income tax and replace it with nothing!"

Say..... is there any other incumbent at any level of politics who's demanding the same return to Constitutional taxation? I'm supposed to be a guru on all this, and I can't think of one!


There seems to be some confusion these days about
taxation plans. Some of the names of bills make it
all the more difficult to come out in opposition of
them. Still, the devil is in the details.

I am taking the liberty of sending to you a list of
the writings by Dr. Laurence M. Vance on the
subject of taxes -- primarily the so-called "Fair
Tax" or "FairTax" bill. The last two articles have
been written recently. He puts things concisely.

Please take the time to understand what politicians
mean when they use the words "fair" and "flat."

Can a Tax Be 'Fair'?

The Fair Tax Fraud

There is No Such Thing as a Fair Tax

FairTax New Math

The Fraudulent Tax

There Is Still No Such Thing As a Fair Tax

The Flat Tax Is Not Flat and the FairTax Is Not Fair

Fair Tax? Flat Tax? The Case for No Tax

The Flat Tax is Not Flat and the FairTax is Not Fair

Incidentally, someone recently told me something
that I have never been able to verify. He said
that Ron Paul is in favor of the "Fair Tax." Well,
here is the list of all of the "Fair Tax" bills
that have been introduced in the U.S. House since
1999. If Ron Paul favored it, he would have
sponsored or co-sponsored the legislation. However,
you will find that he never has since the bill was
first introduced in 1999:

* 106th Congress:
* 107th Congress:
* 108th Congress:
* 109th Congress:
* 110th Congress:
* 111th Congress:
* 112th Congress:

Furthermore, you will find no mention of the "Fair
Tax" on his Congressional campaign website under
the "Debt and Taxes" page: .

The "Fair Tax" does not lower federal spending by
so much as a penny while Ron Paul wants to lower
it dramatically, bringing it in line with the

Beware of so-called Tea Party groups that endorse,
support or otherwise favor the "Fair Tax" bill.
Ron Paul founded the Tea Party movement in 2007
during his 2008 Presidential run
and since he has not sponsored the "Fair Tax" bill,
it is a departure from his views on taxation for
Tea Party groups (or their members) to support it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

There's no war like the one against Ron Paul

None on the part of so-called conservatives, that is. Oh, there are trainloads of so-called liberals -- oceans of so-called liberals -- who will bash the good Doctor as if he was, golly, the Hitler of the month, but there's a special place in hell for supposed conservatives who condemn or hinder him.

As soon as the so-called debate was over the other day it was a reprise of 2008: the chattering classes were spitting up that some neocon demoniac (Romney, I believe) had won the match, while every poll shows that our hero was the true popular favorite. Surely you recall? Four years ago during live coverage, Sean Hannity (for instance) first reported that Dr. Paul was racking up great poll results, then quickly remembered who his true masters were and said that that was a mistake, and it was just a mass of Paul fans artificially pumping up the numbers. So much for "democracy"!

This time, that hate campaign is just disgusting. Will the real Ann Coulter please stand up? Shill O' Reilly is just a communist. You don't need me to point out why.

Ron isn't perfect, but he deserves infinitely better treatment.


via email:

Bill O’Reilly/Ann Coulter Bash Ron Paul And Copy CNN Poll Disinfo

Posted: 15 Jun 2011 12:00 PM PDT

The poll FOX news cites to claim Ron Paul lost the debate was a National Journal poll take from 54 unknown “political insiders”. Meanwhile CNN’s debate poll shows Ron Paul ahead in the 80% range. The voice of the people has zero value to FOX news. Stossel falls into O’Reilly’s misinformation trap and should know better [...]

via which typically has multiple news links on the greatness of Paul:

Ron Paul Leading in Every Post-Debate Poll

This CNN poll has Ron Paul at 79%. Here are several more 'who won the debate' polls. Guess who is DOMINATING in every poll. And his name is not warmonger Romney.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Provisionally great news from Aaron in Pennsylvania

Disciple Aaron Bolinger is the best friend South Carolina has within or without its own borders. He has done more and slaved more sacrificially to help our state toward decent legislation than anybody else in sight. Aaron lives in the Keystone State where he applies his political acumen full-time -- and farms full-time too.

Here is an exciting progress report from him. Yes, one state can (actually must) support meaningful action in others! As we do, let's remember that three SC counties -- York, Chester, and Lancaster -- are named for those in Pennsy because a great many settlers came here from there.


PA Allies: WE WIN (for now)!

Today the Senate Communications & Technology Committee UNANIMOUSLY passed Senator Folmer’s Anti-Real ID bill! (Thanks all for your calls and activism!) Reading the PR about it, there are some possible “changes” possible to the bill (which could water it down to worthlessness).

The focus now switches to the FULL SENATE to pass the bill AS IS—NO WATERING IT DOWN!

Keep the calls coming folks. To YOUR Senator, and any other you feel moved to contact. Also be on the lookout for media coverage, and fire back LTE’s immediately to explain nuances not likely to be covered. We KNOW PENN-DOT is going to work against us. We need to counter the negativity, and “because the feds say so” nonsense. Please forward this to any of your PA contacts, and let me know if there is any interest in PR assistance.


From: B
Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 4:06 PM
To: Disciple Aaron
Subject: RE: Vote?

Finger crossed that it goes the distance!

Short version—it passed unanimously

Long version:

Capitolwire: Bill to block PA’s participation in federal REAL ID advances, but future changes to measure possible.

By Chris Comisac
Deputy Bureau Chief

HARRISBURG (June 15) - A Senate committee on Wednesday unanimously reported out a bill to block Pennsylvania’s participation in the federal REAL ID program.

But that bill could be altered before getting a final Senate vote, based on concerns voiced by lawmakers before the final committee vote.

Senate Bill 354, sponsored by Sen. Mike Folmer, R-Lebanon, would exempt Pennsylvania from having to comply with the provisions of the 2005 federal REAL ID law, which established new mandates on states regarding the distribution of drivers' licenses.

According to the federal Department of Homeland Security, regulations created pursuant to the REAL ID Act set minimum standards for state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards. The law sets standards for information and security features that must be incorporated into each card; for application information to establish the identity and immigration status of a person before a card can be issued; and for physical security at facilities where driver's licenses and applicable identification cards are produced.

While the department and the law’s supporters maintain this effort seeks to reduce identity theft and to help fight terrorism, others argue it makes things worse.

Opponents of the federal effort have called the REAL ID provisions an invasion of privacy and a possible method to abridge additional freedoms currently enjoyed by Americans.

Sen. Bob Mensch, R-Montgomery, said during Wednesday’s meeting that two consecutive presidential administrations have failed to appropriately address the nation’s immigration issues, “and yet the federal government turns around and says ‘we want to document those of you who are here legally.’”

“I just don’t like the notion that they want to document us, and control – and perhaps even limit – our ability to move through the country,” added Mensch.

Folmer said the federal government is overstepping its authority.

“We need to say ‘we have 10th amendment rights in this state, you [the federal government] shouldn’t be doing this, you have no business doing this and we’re saying no in PA,’” said Folmer, majority chairman of the committee, referring to U.S. Constitution's principle of federalism.

That part of the Bill of Rights provides that powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to the states by the Constitution are reserved to the states or the people.

Folmer also called the federal act an unfunded mandate on the commonwealth at a time when Pennsylvania already faces a huge deficit.

But it is a federal law, and one, unless it is repealed or invalidated, with which states have to comply, said a few senators.

“I wish the federal government would not have done this, I think it’s wrong,” said Sen. Pat Vance, R-Cumberland, “I wish they wouldn’t [have done it], but they did – that’s the point.”

Vance initially said she couldn’t support Folmer’s bill as long as the REAL ID act is a federal law.

Both Folmer and Mensch said when the federal government does something it shouldn’t, states should object to the federal actions.

“When federal laws are passed that aren’t right, and we just continue to comply to them, when is it going to end?” asked Folmer. “We have a duty, I think, to do this.”

“When the federal government is wrong, I think it is the duty of each state to say to the federal government ‘Hey, you’re wrong, let’s stop doing this foolishness,’” said Folmer.

He said if enough states push back against the federal law, the effort could convince the federal government to rescind it.

Vance and others, noting their objection to the federal law, explained their primary concern is what would happen to Pennsylvanians if the state refuses to comply and federal officials don’t abandon the REAL ID effort.

“If we do pass this [bill] in Pennsylvania, what happens to the [federal] requirement that we would need to have these identification cards to board commercial flights, to go into federal courthouses, etc.?” asked Vance.

Committee staff said it was their belief that other alternative identification options would be allowable under the federal law.

“But if that doesn’t happen, how do we board planes and go into [federal] public buildings?” Vance again asked.

“I want to make sure we’re not penalizing the citizens in the commonwealth, right now, who won’t be able to board a plane or go into a [federal] building” if the federal requirements aren’t waived or invalidated, she said.

“I think it [the Folmer bill] bears further discussion once it comes out of committee because I think there are serious concerns, and I think Sen. Vance has voiced some of those,” said Sen. Edwin “Ted” Erickson, R-Delaware.

Sen. Lisa Baker, R-Luzerne, asked if it would be appropriate to insert language into the bill that would address Vance’s concern.

Hearing the senators’ concerns, Folmer assured Vance he would work with her to develop something to address her concerns.

“I understand your concern,” said Folmer. “I would not want to hurt anyone down the road.”

Vance said given Folmer’s commitment to her, she would support reporting the bill from committee.

Before the final vote, the committee unanimously amended the bill in response to a request by the state Department of Transportation.

According to Folmer, the department expressed concerns that without changes, Senate Bill 354 is written so broadly that it would prohibit the department “from complying with any provisions of the Real ID law, including the department’s existing fraud deterrent measures and ongoing procedures to reduce fraud and identity theft.”

Similar legislation was approved by the Senate last session, but the session ended before the bill received a vote in the state house of Representatives. In 2008, the House approved a similar bill, but it didn’t get a vote in the Senate.

If the bill becomes law, Pennsylvania would join 16 other states that have enacted such laws.


From: Disciple Aaron []
Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 2:56 PM
To: B
Subject: Vote?

What’s the good word on the committee vote?

Disciple Aaron

Bible translator-theologian

Legislative Director, NVCCA & Restore the Republic

National/Regional Conference Call Every Tue. eve., 7:30 pm Eastern time: 724-444-7444 (14259#)

Order American Leadership & Federalist Economics by calling: 800-231-0521

Aaron's theological videos:

(Videos about the connection between the SSN & the mark of the beast & MORE!)

Learn how to work your state legislature, or watch videos geared for state legislators on a variety of topics:

Download state legislative research reports & model legislation assembled by the NVCCA:

"It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error." (United States Supreme Court - American Communications Association v. Douds)

"The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and politics of the Right and Left, is a foolish idea ... the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. It should be possible, to replace one party with the other party which will pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policy."
--Dr. Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope

Quotes from Gordon Chesterton:

  • "The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried."
  • "Religious liberty might be supposed to mean that everybody is free to discuss religion. In practice it means that hardly anybody is allowed to mention it."
  • 'My country, right or wrong' is a thing that no patriot would think of saying, except in a desperate case. It is like saying, 'My mother, drunk or sober'.
  • “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.”
"it is a very difficult thing where a subject-matter of dispute, strictly and purely ecclesiastical in its character,--a matter over which the civil courts exercise no jurisdiction,--a matter which concerns theological controversy, church discipline, ecclesiastical government, or the conformity of the members of the church to the standard of morals required of them,--becomes the subject of its action. It may be said there, also, that no jurisdiction has been conferred on the tribunal to try the particular case before it ... " (Watson v. Jones, 13 Wall. 678 (1872)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Will Russia use a HAARP-like system to get what it wants?

The flamboyant and supposedly "anti-Semitic" 1990s Russian political celebrity Vladimir Zhirinovsky has risen from the dead – and he’s scaring some people witless:

……….Southern Heritage News and Views is an email digest like none other on earth. Needless to say I’m often heard from in it. One subject that really gets me going over and over is the slave thing. Here are a message that appeared in yesterday’s edition, followed by my reply:

To be or not to be Confederate
To anyone interested,

About a year ago, some of you may recall an e-mail to another Southerner that was posted in the SHNV that expressed my disappointment in discovering that so many of the Southern states included slavery language in their secession documents. I was so disappointed that I no longer considered myself a Confederate. The language still leaves me shaking my head, but lately I've been thinking about Robert E. Lee, who in my opinion is on par with the wisdom of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. I asked myself, "Wouldn't Robert E. Lee have chosen the side that was most right?" In spite of the mention of slavery in official documents, he chose to fight for his state, a part of the Confederacy, and he opposed slavery. That has to mean something. I also think very highly of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and ask myself the same question about him. And, of course, I can't believe that the vast majority of Southerners who fought for the Confederacy were doing so for slavery. They weren't.

I know all of you oppose slavery as well. You are also very high on states' rights, as I am, and oppose a bloated, arrogant federal government that apparently wants to destroy our liberty. You want to honor your Confederate ancestors and display Confederate symbols wherever and whenever you please. I agree with all that. Maybe I'm Confederate, too, after all.

Rodney Combs
Noble, Oklahoma

Be Confederate


Re: <<

To anyone interested,

About a year ago, some of you may recall an e-mail to another Southerner that was posted in the SHNV that expressed my disappointment in discovering that so many of the Southern states included slavery language in their secession documents. I was so disappointed that I no longer considered myself a.......>>>

NW COMMENTS: I've got some good news for you, friends! Southern slavery is completely irrelevant to anything. The North had slaves, the North had sold the South its slaves, the North has shown the greater hypocrisy and moral corruption by waging a monstrous war on their fellow Americans (i.e. Southerners) over a tricked-up slave issue and pinning the whole slave thing on the South ever since.

Or should one say it’s the yankees that have done all that? It's not only Northerners by any means. Either word will do since it's largely Zoo York yankees that have run the defamation machine from Hollywood for most of the past century, it being the other pincer to the news industry which they also ultimately control.

In any conflict or trial (which is what this really is) if the accuser is found to be as guilty as the accused, it's over. If the accusation turns out to apply to most of humanity, it should properly get laughed out of court and off the stage of history. That's Southern slavery! Which countries in the world were *not* known to have been involved in slavery up through the mid-19th century?

See? The Southern slave thing is a completely contrived, artificial, FAKE non-issue. Slavery was a fact of life for the USA at large back then but for lots of other countries too. In accusing the South of slave-guilt, the yankees of the time were libeling the best Americans then alive and throwing a whammy on this country’s politics for the next 150 years – maybe forever if we don’t get our heads together immediately.

We are discussing this thing over and over for generation after generation of time, arguing about it, trying to work through it et al., but all that is happening for ONE dirty, stinking reason ONLY: the victors write the history books. It is no cliché, it's what's really at work here. They're still calling the tune, we're still dancing to it – it’s no more noble or glamorous than that.

Now, maybe that dance is a perfect metaphor for our people's situation -- ALL our problems are due to the fact that we'd rather wallow than fight and demand what's ours, including control of the historical record.

To worry over the fact that Lee and Stonewall had slaves and may have partly fought for the right to keep them is unthinkable. In my opinion, it's indisputable that they fought partly for the right to keep their slaves, but no sane, impartial person would have expected them to capitulate to the tongue-swallowing, rabid yankee-maniacs.

More precisely, our kinsmen fought for the right not to be molested, dictated to, robbed and killed by people who were merely suffering from a fit of socio-political apoplexy. The bottom line is not that slavery is such a terrible evil (quite frankly, it wasn't that in Dixie) and that we've supposedly all got to find some way to hate ourselves over it; the bottom line is that all context has been DELIBERATELY and TACTICALLY removed from the subject.

That is because the people (if that's what they are) running everything today decreed long ago that America must be smashed to pieces, and using the scientific method they determined that the quickest route to that goal was by hammering the our consciences over the race thing.

If you'll notice, everything about ameriKa is correspondingly being slain on the altar of "diversity". Slick Willy decreed that the world was no longer to have any monoracial countries, thus his Constitution-crushing Monica War against ex-Yugoslavia and his own part in bombing countries guilty of living in or near the Mideast while goyish (an age-long project mendaciously rebranded the "war" on "terror").

"Civil rights" have replaced the Bill of Rights because, after all, some whites owned once some blacks and that must be made to define everything about everybody for the rest of time.

Somali Bantus are being imported to replace white Americans because, after all, whites are uniquely guilty of slavery, racism etc. and need to show the world that "he ain't heavy, he's my brother".

Those who feel bad about Southern slavery might as well take all their money out of the bank and hand it directly over to the Mexican gangs in their neighborhoods -- that is what the TV producers that gave Southerners the slavery complex would love most.

The fact is that yankee slave crimes are much vaster than even the above. How many of the basics need one rehash? Should we start each SHNV installment with links to articles on the Manhattan Slave Burial Ground (where actual slave remains discovered a few years ago proved heartbreaking institutionalized neglect and abuse), the New Jersey slave farms, the huge former slave plantations of New England (where slaves were REALLY the most friendless people on earth), the laws forbidding former slaves from entering certain yankee states after the war, the North as hotbed of KKK activity?

Well, maybe that would be a good SHNV idea! It would put those key resources in the hands of anybody writing an offending editor, politician or teacher, and liberate each new subscriber at the starting gate.

I mention the KKK strictly to show yet further what flaming hypocrites and anti-humans yankee ideologues really are. They are the real racists, haters, bigots, discriminators, segregators, and slavemongers; yankeeland is in fact an intellectual toxic dump spreading from Maine to California and polluting the world without letup. Talk about an "odious blight on the universe"!

yankees want to enslave everybody. That's why they pound the supposed slave guilt of others -- to hypnotize them into vulnerability, just as a mugger whacks his mark over the head before attempting to rob him.Yankees are nothing but glorious, legendary, august, highly respected muggers!

Some will chuckle if I mention the IRS at this juncture, but the IRS is one of the most enslaving entities in human history. It is a blight on the soul and body of this country -- and it was another gift of the Lincoln administration. Its first commissioner was George Boutwell, 20th governor of Taxachusetts. The present commish is Douglas Shulman, a good Irish boy with a B.A. from Williams College, an M.P.A. from Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government and a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center. Wikipedia's article on the IRS is typically warped and government-adoring but the income tax's yankee origins and impetus does come through (Presidents Roosevelt and Taft etc.).

Surely we've noted here the statistics proving that Southerners are disproportionately targeted for audits and other forms of tax harassment? And where do you think most tax-liberation and other freedom-oriented organizations are headquartered? In Dixie, of course -- most notably the Patriot Network, founded by the late, great Dr. Robert Clarkson here in Anderson, S.C. over 30 years ago and still going strong.

Southern slavery is completely irrelevant. We don't have to put up with the subject any longer than we wish. Southern slavery is irrelevant -- a firewall against the exposure of yankee crimes of all types. Southern slavery is irrelevant.

Southern slavery is irrelevant – except as a point of comparison against the real, brutal kind of thralldom that Yankees perpetrate worldwide, going back a third of a millennium. And in that one role, Southern slave truth deserves a long, illustrious career.

I'm not mocking rodbren at all, merely trying to set the record straight and free the real slaves from their imaginary chains. rodbren says in the end “Maybe I'm Confederate, too, after all” – that’s good, because for us to lose even ONE family member over a bunch of 150-year-old war crapaganda would be an outrage.

.............There is now conclusive evidence that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

This week he registered to vote in Chicago !


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good intentions and faulty information lead patriots into trouble

.......and extremely bad diction. One of the government/media complex's cutest creations is the term "paper terrorist". What an oxymoron! Goes right along with the equally stupid, hateful and libelous claim that anybody who would oppose (much less expose) our wonderful, caring government officials must be a sick, dangerous person.

Sure, fedgov -- you who are capriciously and recreationally bombing one smallish country in and around the Mideast are not terrorists despite the horrific terror you commit -- aggrieved citizens who resort to suing you are. Sure! Real logical!

Of the following story, the PN Executive Director wrote (with no idea she would be quoted here):

So were the documents “liens” or “affidavits”?

Do you know how ridiculous this sounds; “all pages, front and back, were marked with a 3-cent stamp with her name signed over it in gold ink”?

“paper terrorism?” Oh PUHLEEASE!!

Maybe if she had taken Clarkson’s law course, she would have researched “how to place liens against govt officials” at the law library and followed correct procedure.

It’s people like this that give the patriot movement a bad name!!

'Sovereign' citizen charged with filing false documents


Friday, June 10, 2011

Absolutely classic! 'Tax Office Loses Funding Due To "Inefficiency"'

Dr. Steven Yates, longtime friend of the PN, will be heard on the subject of his new book at the second-Saturday monthly meeting in Atlanta TODAY, JUNE 11. For details on meeting time/place please see the link for regularly scheduled meetings in the left menu at I'll be traveling down with Doc and saying a few words myself.

We had a bangup First Tuesday meeting in Charlotte this week. Much good information and one outstanding video were presented. I brought my life's accumulation of picket signs and introduced the topic of street action.

Issue #4 of the Real News, a print newspaper from our sister organization the S.C. Conservative Action Council, is hot off the presses. For a free copy, send me $3 for postage and handling at the main PN mailing address. My editorial in it is an exposé of the "liberal" media, focusing on the Columbia SC-based State, one of the absolute worst daily hate sheets out there.

Interest in DMSO -- the cheap but great miracle healer in a bottle -- is catching on fast. Does anybody know of a source in Greenville County?

..........This from Rebekah Sutherland. Will somebody tell us what our new governor is really made of:

FORWARDED for Education, Edification, and Information only
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On the June 9, 2011, FoxNews show by Greta van Susteren, the South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley informed the audience that her agenda includes plans to consolidate ALL of the email/website/internet sites used by each of the state bureaucracies into on agency, which will be called the Office of Administration. Oversight for that office would be provided by the Governor. The Senate did not approve of her plan and that is why she tried to man-handle them back into session . . . without pay . . . to vote on it.

LINK to the website - look for Haley's photo:

Hello? Did y'all know about her plan?

Is this what you want . . total control by the state's Governor over all of the data that is housed in the state computers?

R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences
Freelance Investigative Reporter

This news was also covered by The Nerve, as are other items of interest:

Legislator Pushes for Hearings on Gasoline Price Cap

S.C. Sen. Dick Elliott – who is sponsoring legislation to cap wholesale gas prices in South Carolina – wants to bring in executives from large oil companies for questioning regarding the sharp uptick in fuel prices over the past year. Read the rest of Investigative Reporter Kevin Dietrich’s story here.

BCB Hard to Kill in Department of Administration Bill

Even if the General Assembly does approve a bill creating a Department of Administration in the next couple of weeks, proponents of doing away with the Budget and Control Board – the impetus behind the proposal – are likely going to be less than satisfied. Read the rest of Investigative Reporter Eric Ward’s story here.

..............That high-and-mighty curse on planet Earth known as the Bilderburg group has gone from total secrecy to healthy public awareness in recent years. This is partly due to the left catching on to this subject of supposed right-wing-fanatic imagining. There was a 99.999% blackout on the group's existence and workings when I first got political, but now it's one of the top headlines at (Thursday, at least) and even CNBC news is exposing it -- well, insofar as CNBC news is capable!

Rich, Famous and Powerful Converge at Bilderberg

Almost incredibly, the other Western nations are waking up to what criminally insane monsters ameriKa's supposed leaders are and even trying to do something about it!

Bombshell: Swiss Parliamentarians to Force Way Into Bilderberg

Kurt Nimmo
June 10, 2011

Other headlines formerly unthinkable are becoming more common:

Israeli Espionage in America

“Over 125 investigations into Israeli Espionage in America… stopped due to political pressure.”
-- FBI Counter Intel Officer John Cole

...............Taxes are a dismal subject, but there are headlines which make it all worth it for their sheer tragicomic irony!

Published: June 09, 2011
Updated: June 09, 2011 - 8:19 PM
Home / news / local /

Delinquent Tax Office Loses Funding Due To "Inefficiency"

By Chris Cato

A county office responsible for collecting money may be losing a lot of it.
At a budget workshop on Wednesday, Spartanburg County Council voted unanimously to strip $300,000 from the Delinquent Tax Office.
Council member David Britt says the move is a result of what council considers "inefficiency" with the way the office is operated.
"There's some concerns that things haven't been done exactly like we want them to be done, and that's why we took the scapel out here and cut $300,000 out," says Britt.
The DTO is responsible for collecting late property tax payments and selling property for which taxes have not been paid.
Britt says most of the problems center around issues with how the office goes about posting delinquent tax notices. He says the office is not always following state law, which has resulted in numerous property sales being overturned by courts.
"When that property is sitting there in delinquency, the county is not collecting tax revenue on it, so all taxpayers are being hurt," says Britt.
He says he and other council members learned of these issues last year when a group of real estate paralegals came to them, complaining about obstacles they encountered regularly when working with the office. He says the county has also been threatened with lawsuits by mortgage companies.
"There was a paralegal from Greenville in here not long ago and they were suing Spartanburg County on behalf of their lender because they had sold the property and the lender never knew it was going up for sale," says Becky Shield, one of the paralegals who complained to council.
Steve Ford, interim director of the DTO, defends his office, saying it has "made a lot of progress in the last two to three years" since he took over.
"There have been a few bumps here and there. It's a work in progress, but we've made a lot of improvements just within the last year," says Ford.
But he says he will also support council's decision to take away $300,000 -- even though it represents over 60% of the office's requested operating expenses for the upcoming fiscal year.
"I agree with council, we need to be looking for areas where we can cut back waste and save money," says Ford. "We can still deliver a high level of service."
He says the $300,000 is not critical to operations anymore because of changes he has made. He says when he took the reins, the office was contracting with an outside agency to perform services like post delinquent notices and conduct property record searches. He did away with the practice.
"That's not necessary when you have people in-house who can perform those tasks," says Ford.
A source within county government leadership says the county is considering putting the DTO under the authority of another department, such as the Treasurer's Office. Ford says if that's what county administration decides to do, he is all for it.
Britt says the $300,000 taken from the DTO will be used to fund outside agencies that provide valuable social services to county residents, such as SAFE Homes Rape Crisis Coalition and Children's Advocacy Center.
County council has not taken a final vote on the budget.

WSPA © Copyright 2011 Media General Communications Holdings, LLC. A Media General company.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An animated ron Paul commercial

Better Off? Ron Paul for President 2012, the Revolution Continues!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Expat message from out fo the middle of nowhere

One of the red-hot stories the past week has been the E.coli crisis in Europe. BrasscheckTV's daily mailer today includes an absorbing 45-minute film on the dangers of genetic manipulation.

Its subject line was "Who poisoned Europe's produce?" My instant, visceral reaction was "Oh no, and thank God, they've found the European governments were 'planting' E. coli around the 'back to nature'-style farm where the bad cucumbers came from. That would certainly be how the authorities trigger useful crises here in the Untied States! But genetic engineering is indeed the main focus (at least of the first 20 minutes or so that I saw) and it's a timely subject too.

There is a current hysteria in Europe over the
contamination of fresh produce by a particularly
virulent - and never before seen - variety of
e coli.

There's reason to believe this organism is from
a man-made source.

Here's the science in preparation for a more
detailed report to come tomorrow.


- Brasscheck

P.S. Please share Brasscheck TV e-mails and
videos with friends and colleagues.

That's how we grow. Thanks.

Brasscheck TV
2380 California St.
San Francisco, CA 94115

To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:

...........As I said, it's been a lively month so far in the de facto e-group centered on John Cobin's Chile missives. Today a message came in from an expat advisory service, Q Bytes, that I sent the gang in an attempt to lighten things up -- repeated below.

The serious side behind any humor about it is the changing dynamics of world economic and political power. Let me know what you think.

Obviously we're not endorsing any aspect of this organization's advice, but thought we'd throw it in.


In this newsletter:




One of the questions we often receive from readers is “What country does not have a tax treaty with Country X?”

In other words, many people have been rather freaked out by recent developments such as Swiss and Panamanian information exchange agreements with the US and the UK. They are naturally looking to more low-profile banking centres that have still not signed any information exchange treaties with major countries.

My standard response is that, while there are some of these countries (Andorra, for example, has not signed up to any information exchange with the US or the UK and doesn't show any sign of doing so in the short term), jumping from bank to bank, jurisdiction to jurisdiction as rules change is becoming an ever more hopeless task. Yes, you can move once or twice - but the trend is definitely away from secrecy. Each time you change bank, you also put your privacy at risk. It's much better to adapt your strategy and live within the system, while choosing a bank that has its wits about it and values its international clientele.

The news is not all bad. There are still lots of ways to keep your affairs under the radar within the system. Most people I talk to these days, while they are committed to the idea of privacy as a fundamental principle, are much more concerned about asset protection and diversifying their investments. These are the themes we cover in The Q Wealth Report members' area. Tax evasion, as I've often stated, is not a good reason to go offshore today.

There's one country I know of, however, that is really off the radar when it comes to offshore banking. You can open multi-currency accounts here, and get full internet banking. US citizens are very welcome. And everything can be set up by mail, with no need to travel.

This country, I should warn you, is in Africa. Some people lose interest right there, but I think that is a mistake. This is actually an important gold producing nation, so not surprisingly, it's doing well at the moment. If you think gold will keep going up in dollar terms (I do) then this country will continue to prosper. The bank I recommend there, to consulting clients, is actually based in Europe and owns a gold refinery.

The country I'm talking about is Tanzania. Here are some of the reasons I like it as a private banking haven:

  • The Chinese and Indians certainly have no hesitations about Africa and have been pouring billions in here. It's a matter of following the smart money.
  • Since 2000, production of gold on an industrial scale has increased, especially from the Geita (AngloGold/Ashanti) and Bulyanhulu (Barrick) mines. The future of Tanzania looks bright.
  • The Tanzanian government recently abolished a number of taxes, including Capital Gains Tax. And passed a new mining act. There is absolutely no tax on bank accounts held by non-resident individuals or companies.
  • Double taxation treaties have been signed with Canada, Denmark, Finland, India, Italy, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, and Zambia. Tanzania is also in the process of negotiating treaties with other countries including Belgium, Burundi, Iran, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mauritius, Pakistan, Rwanda.
  • The Tanzanian Central Bank was heavily criticized for excessively restrictive precautionary banking regulations during the last decade. The result is that the Tanzanian banking sector is strong and healthy today.

A typical structure I might recommend to consulting clients, depending on their circumstances of course, would be a Nevis LLC with a bank account in Tanzania. As I said, that can easily be set up within a few weeks, with no need to leave home. The bank account can also be used as a platform for buying and selling stocks and investments internationally, though it should not be compared to an online brokerage account. Members who would like to find out more are welcome to contact the Q Wealth office for a referral to my firm.


We accidentally omitted a link that should have appeared in last week's Q Bytes when we talked about Watchers, the new PT-oriented blockbuster by Essi Tolling. It can be ordered from Amazon in both the US and the UK, so go on the Amazon site that is closest to you in order to place your order.

For UK Amazon orders: Watchers by Essi Tolling
For US Amazon orders: Secrets of the Ancient Keys

Apologies for any confusion. If you're one of our community, you'll enjoy this book. If you haven't already read it, I recommend you order a copy immediately!

Peter Macfarlane