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Vicious and sadistic -- that's what ObamaScare is. Bank excitement...

Obamacare’s Tax Hike Train Wreck:
The most destructive Obamacare tax increases are just around the bend 

How can anybody read something like the above and end up with any respect for the Obamistas at all -- does anybody still doubt that they're struggling to grind us to a pulp and throw us away?

Obamacare Medical Device Tax: Medical device manufacturers employ 409,000 people in 12,000 plants across the country. Obamacare imposes a new 2.3 percent excise tax on gross sales – even if the company does not earn a profit in a given year. In addition to killing small business jobs and impacting research and development budgets, this will make everything from pacemakers to artificial hips more expensive. (Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,980-1,986) Read more: http://atr.org/obamacares-tax-hike-train-wreck-a7587#ixzz2S1JqoJab Follow us: @taxreformer on Twitter

Poll: Obamacare Support Nosedives To Tie Record Low

Hahahaaa! "Glitches and bumps" -- is that sort of like the Cypriot government gouging people's bank accounts to pay for its own spending folly, and the ameriKan media describing it as a "haircut"?

They are so cute -- they are so CUTE the way they describe and package things. Ooh -- ooh -- some politicians are getting concerned about the merits of Obamacare, and not a minute too soon. After all, it might keep them from getting re-elected:

ObamaCare turning out to be a disaster

The Obamacare Revolt: Physicians Fight Back Against the Bureaucratization of Health Care

Feingold gets town-hall fury over ObamaCare
Many in the crowd lashed out at the senator over his vote on the health care reform bill. 
The crowd got loud; people shouted and even made calls for Feingold to step down from the Senate....

..........Now for some really good news. Think tanks are at work on the question of what banking and financial system would actually work for ameriKa and maybe other countries too. I still fail to see why any political jurisdiction needs a bank, much less a so-called federal so-called reserve, but anything that gets people thinking beyond such banalities is positive.

Remaking the Federal Reserve, Building Public Banks and Opting Out of Wall Street

Public Banking: A Public Bank in Every State
Ellen Brown, the president of the Public Banking Institute, argues that we need a public bank in every state and major city. The United States has one model for public banking: the bank of North Dakota. When North Dakota farmers were losing farms to Wall Street, they organized a populist movement, and in 1919, set up the bank of North Dakota. The publicly owned bank recycles state revenues into credit for the state. Thus, North Dakotans keep their money in their community.
The result has been an ongoing success. Even during the current economic collapse, North Dakota escaped the credit crisis and has maintained a budget surplus since 2008, low unemployment and no public debt.
Imagine how different California could be if it had public banks. Brown summarizes:"At the end of 2010, it had general obligation and revenue bond debt of $158 billion. Of this, $70 billion, or 44 percent, was owed for interest. If the state had incurred that debt to its own bank - which then returned the profits to the state - California could be $70 billion richer today. Instead of slashing services, selling off public assets, and laying off employees, it could be adding services and repairing its decaying infrastructure."
How does public banking work? All of the revenues of the state go into the state's public bank, which, like other banks, leverages those deposits into credit. The state bank partners with local banks to fund local projects. For example, when there is a flood or other disaster, the bank quickly helps provide funds to rebuild homes and infrastructure. It is a bank focused on serving the public interest and which returns the profits to the public.
According to Brown, there have been two recent studies that show public banks are less corrupt than private banks and that they are more efficient and more profitable. The North Dakota public bank has complete transparency and accountability - including routine audits by several agencies. It does not pay executives exorbitant salaries and bonuses. It does not reward people for churning out risky loans. And it does not engage in casino investing in risky derivatives. It has lower costs because no advertising is necessary; instead, the government guarantees the bank easy access to liquidity.
The most obvious reason for a public bank is to allow a state to use its resources to build the economy of the state by keeping resources in-state and not sending them to Wall Street, but there are other reasons. The events in Cyprus, where depositors were forced to bail out the banks through seizure of their savings, show there needs to be a banking system that protects people. Cyprus-like seizures of accounts can happen in the United States.........


More tax and government follies

This guy's among the best truth sharpeners in a while now:

Why are DHS and ICE stockpiling ammo?

He gets an A on taking things as far as you can before getting yourself thrown off the air. The real mega-story the Boston Terrier was designed to camouflage was, of course, CISPA


......the bill designed to take away my freedom* to write this posting, and your freedom to read it. Naturally the System enjoys killing as many birds (and normal healthy people) as it can with one stone -- why let a good crisis go to waste, especially when it was you that set it in motion?

......Are you regularly enjoying the politically rich "weird news" category yet? No? What do you want, a personal invitation? Via newsoftheweird.com:

-- Among the lingering costs of U.S. wars are disability payments and compensation to veterans' families, which can continue decades after hostilities end. An Associated Press analysis of federal payment records, released in March, even found two current recipients of Civil War benefits. Vietnam war payments are still about $22 billion a year, World War II, $5 billion, World War I, $20 million, and the 1898 Spanish-American war, about $1,700. [Associated Press via MassLive.com, 3-19-2013]

-- Each year, Oklahoma is among the states to receive $150,000 federal grants to operate small, isolated airfields (for Oklahoma, one in the southern part of the state is so seldom used that it is primarily a restroom stop for passing pilots). The payments are from a 13-year- old congressional fund for about 80 similar airfields (no traffic, no planes kept on site), described by a February Washington Post investigation as "ATM(s) shaped like (airports)." Congress no longer even requires that the annual grants be spent on the actual airports drawing the grants. [Washington Post, 2-25-2013]

Transportation Security Administration rules protect passengers against previously employed terrorist strategies, such as shoe bombs, but as Congressional testimony has noted over the past several years, the perimeter security at airports is shockingly weak.
"For all the money and attention that in-airport screening gets," wrote Slate.com in February, "the back doors to airports are, comparatively, wide open -- and people go through them all the time." Perimeter breaches in recent years astonished officials at major airports in Charlotte, N.C.; Philadelphia; Atlanta; and New York City (mentioned in News of the Weird last year, recounting how a dripping-wet jetskiier who broke down next to JFK airport climbed the perimeter fence and made his way past its brand-new "detection" system, and was inside the Delta terminal before he was finally noticed). [Slate.com, 2-20-2013] Most Gullible Pervert In March, Stephen Thresh, 47, voluntarily handed in his computer at a police station and confessed to possessing hundreds of (illegal) images of women having sex with animals, including a snake, a tiger and an elephant. Thresh said he had earlier downloaded a message of unknown origin notifying him that "law enforcement authorities have been informed," and he thought they would go easier on him if he turned himself in. (Police denied knowledge of the message.) Thresh insisted that possessing such images was not a problem that needed addressing. [Daily Mirror (London), 3-11-2013] Update The Associated Press reported in March that a Philippines man was crucified for the 27th time during the annual Good Friday festivities in San Pedro Cutud. Sign painter Ruben Enaje, 52, once again endured several minutes pierced by the sterilized, 6-inch nails driven into his palms and feet to atone for yet another year's passing in which he had so seriously sinned. Enaje was joined by several other sufferers (as News of the Weird mentioned, by as many as 16 one year and, in 2005, by wayward police officers from a local force who used the crucifixion as proof that they could be safely reinstated). The country's Catholic Bishops Conference, of course, said the crucifixions are "not the desire of Jesus Christ." [Associated Press via Las Vegas Sun, 3-29-2013]

In March, Washington state Rep. Ed Orcutt, apparently upset that bicyclists use the state's roads without paying the state gasoline tax for highway maintenance, proposed a 5 percent tax on bicycles that cost more than $500, pointing out that bicyclists impose environmental costs as well. Since carbon dioxide is a major greenhouse gas, he wrote one constituent (and reported in the Huffington Post in March), bike riders' "increased heart rate and respiration" over car drivers creates additional pollution. (Days later, he apologized for the suggestion that bicyclists actually were worse for the environment than cars.) [Huffington Post, 3-4-2013]

Is there no end to the tax games politicians play -- or their stupidity?

U.S. companies large and small legally deduct the expenses of doing business from their gross profits before paying income tax, but purveyors of marijuana (in states where possession is legal and where prescription marijuana is dispensed) cannot deduct those expenses and thus wind up paying a much higher federal income tax than other businesses. As NPR reported in April, "Section 280E" of the tax code (enacted in 1982 to trap illegal drug traffickers into tax violations) has not been changed to reflect state legalizations. The effect, experts told NPR, is that legal dispensaries in essence wind up paying tax on their gross receipts while all other legal businesses are taxed only on their net receipts. (The federal government, of course, continues to regard marijuana as illegal.) [NPR, 4-2-2013]

-- "Even to Icelanders accustomed to harsh weather and isolation," reported The New York Times in March, the city of Grimsstadir "is a particularly desolate spot." Nonetheless, Chinese billionaire land developer Huang Nubo has announced he intends to build a luxury hotel and golf course in the area for his countrymen seeking "clean air and solitude." Since snowfalls often run from September until May, locals are skeptical of Huang's motives, but he continues to press for a long-term lease covering about 100 square miles for a project estimated to eventually cost about $100 million. [New York Times, 3-22-2013]

The above item is no laughing matter. See the latest issue the South Carolina Conservative Action Report for a piercing account of how China is now going to massively colonize the USA with the full blessing of "our" government! Copies will be available at PN meetings for awhile.


*or as others would benightedly say, "my right"

Monday, April 29, 2013

An IRS victory anybody can love.... with "Far-reaching Implications"!

God bless this lady for going the distance as she has five figures' worth! Anybody in that part of California, look her up and give her the liberating full truth about tax freedom, OK?


Cat Lady Convinces IRS that Rescue Expenses Are Deductible

Saturday, April 27, 2013

How about those politicians! When they finally feel some need to cut spending, they go (surprise!) right for the items the sheeple can most easily be prodded to disagree with. 

US military-industrial complex devours peace dividend

"It's what in Washington we call an iron triangle, you have an alliance between the private sector, the defence contractors, the executive branch, in this case the Pentagon, and the legislative branch."

But of course there's no real drawdown, no dividend, no peace. I seriously doubt there are any actual spending cuts.They've just brought home 20,000 troops from Afghanistan, oh joy. Anybody but me remember that it was hundreds of thousands that were sent there within seconds of 9/11 to save us from those Ayrab terr'ists? I mean find the WMDs. I mean win hearts and minds by bringing democracy and McDonald's.

Oh by -- about 6:00 in the film linked above, news of the F-35 fighter plane. Just before 7:00, it says it's going to cost a trillion dollars to operate and maintain the thing -- over time one hopes! How long have we even had trillion-dollar federal budgets? Doesn't appear more than 25 years:



SINator McBANE in trouble

The Son of Cain is one of the busiest communists that ever wrapped himself in the Republican flag. If anybody's more liberal than him, it must be.... something as disgustingly unthinkable as.... Lindsey Graham!


This is the most welcome kind of news. Whatever finally helped Arizonans see the light, we must pray that in happens in 49 other states as well.

Wait a minute -- they probably haven't actually re-elected the super-jerk all these times. Communists freely steal elections in this country! The first time I ever heard of McCain was something like his 2000 run for the Pezidential nomination. His 15 minutes of fame has lasted way too long.

Do you think the commies in power will give him his own Pezidential library even though he's never won the job? Little details aren't supposed to matter when there's a need to boost a System politician's self o'steam. Besides, if they'll give Boy George Bush such an honor, they'd build one for Fred Flintstone.

Pardon my jaundice....../\/.\/\/.

Friday, April 26, 2013

It was only a matter of time: Obama bingo

Steve Scroggins emerged as a great commentator and graphicist during the war for the Georgia state flag 15 years ago. How great to see him among the extremely select regular contributors at VT!

Play the Barack BS Bingo game

I've often thought of doing up a video of an Obama speech or "Michael Savage" radio show, ringing a bell every time they activate another of their tired old expressions. Ultimately "Savage" is all about certain types of political correctness, and he's never more than 30 seconds from hammering one or another of them. Yeah, right -- he's a great conservative, uh huh. Just like Barry Obummer cares about The Children.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Scoops galore in the Boston Terrier TV movie... and more on our misery index

Russia contacted US government ‘multiple’ times

The radicalization of Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Older 'bomber' studied Koran for days at a time and witnessed 'bombings and shootings' in Islamic Dagestan capital

Boston Terror Narrative Starts Falling Apart

Police State Measures at Kentucky Derby

Update: Most Terrorist Incidents in the Past Five Years Committed by Foreign-Born Individuals

America: #1 In Fear, Stress, Anger, Divorce, Obesity, Anti-Depressants, Etc.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mental health report on ameriKans: shocks but no real surprise

Mind you, this is the country whose citizens unanimously consider themselves authorized to run the rest of the world. We, the ameriKans, are perfect in every way and in an impeccable position to lop off foreign heads of state, occupy third-world hellholes and kill hundreds of thousands of civilians in 'em, kill absolutely anybody we don't like, and all that based on what we see on the 6 o'clock news.

We're right and everybody else is wrong. We're sane, everybody else is a dangerous TERR'IST until proven otherwise!


Americans 'snapping' by the millions
Exclusive: David Kupelian reveals record fear, stress, suicide – and inspired way out

Monday, April 22, 2013

Creativity in the struggle

This group shows a great sense of street theater as applied with great purpose to large issues. Somebody needs to inform them that we don't owe the money to really liven things up!

National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

Desperately needed: not only affective maestros like the above, but armies of commentators who will draw the savagely amusing parallels like this:

Boston Massacre Media Diversion

I need to hear it from somebody: "I know this Boston stuff is a put-up job from start to finish." Will somebody please say it besides me!?!


Two great books on the radio. The NoDak story (warning: frank discussion of feticide)

The other night I returned home from some happy activities with great patriotic people and heard an interview in progress on Anderson's neocon AM radio station. An author was a guest and he'd written a book about Our Veterans. Oh, great, I thought -- more glory, more perks, more sympathy for those too young to see the folly of enforcing the new world order around the world. But no -- the book is The Things They Cannot Say: Stories Soldiers Won't Tell You About What They've Seen, Done or Failed to Do in War.


It sounded pretty sound -- the trauma of a ruined conscience, ruined foreign countries, and an ameriKa whose soul is totally gone thanks to this notion of saving the world by raping one foreign country after another. I suspect one of these veterans' main problems is the eventual realization that they're never sent to "defend" ameriKa from any country big or powerful enough to defend itself. We must commend this author and hope his message goes out far and wide, if I've got it correctly.

Any veteran that does admit, even to himself, what ameriKa's warmaking is really all about, does deserve our moral support and a free guitar. Any such individual that writes a book like this deserves three Purple Hearts. Hey, Led Zeppelin received top federal honors -- and this guy Kevin Sites formally gets nothing from The American People?

Looking for that book online just now, this interesting search result turned up:

The Things We Cannot Say: Witnessing the Trauma-tization of Abortion in the United States

Dr. Clarkson used to say people seeking help or topical truth via the Patriot Network didn't want to hear anything about "abortion", but of course a massive, window on this industry is of course being provided by the news of the day just now. Millions are seeing (whether they recognize it or not) that full-birth abortion has been a regular feature of this trade for a long, long time..... maybe forever. They euthanize unwanted cats and dogs in animal shelters, but the bloodlust of "liberalism" is such that no palliation is given unwanted newborns on their way to oblivion. In fact, they're killed with vicious sadism.

Oh my God -- just now radio news is updating the rotten Philadelphia baby killer news story. The announcer actually called him an "abortionist" and referred to his "abortion mill" -- terms long banned from the mass media as they evoke the "evil dark ages" before Roe v. Wade! The news is what many of you already knew -- his crimes are partly owed to PA governor Tom Ridge having canceled regulation of these "clinics" before this illustrious Republican demoniac was hired by satanic drunk George W. Bush to head the then-new, totally toxic "Department of Homeland Security". 

OK, it's 5 AM -- that's why the announcer is allowed to be so frank and so real. Reality in the wee hours, fantasy during daylight seems to be a consistent policy in that business.
 On the fantastic Coast to Coast AM show in progress as I write is an outstanding interview with this brilliant writer: 

How to Make a Million Dollars an Hour: Why Hedge Funds Get Away with Siphoning Off America's Wealth

It's on weekends that you'll find the best material on this show. That's because the regular Saturday host is the program's best -- John B. Wells by name, and he seems to appear many Sunday nights as well these days. (Believe he just announced he's on next Friday, possibly all Fridays.) His guest tonight, author Les Leopold, is one of the smartest people to attempt to educate the public in a long time. He's got me persuaded that hedge funds are a huge, central part of our national predicament. Because of Slick Willy's ceremonious 1998 abandonment of the Glass-Stegall Act,  these banks are economies as big as big countries, Leopold says -- not small countries, big ones. And this gigantically bloated sector of the economy produces nothing, only vampirizing those who do. 

Leopold highlighted the great situation in North Dakota: it has its own state bank presiding over other ND banks, but only to everyone's benefit. Its policy is that for every $100,000 lent out, one job must be created -- and not in the totally phony, artificial way smarmy federal politicians talk about. He says that around 20 states are looking into starting banks independent of the federal reserve, and that organizations like Public Banking Institute in California are being formed to guide them.

Twenty states -- that sounds like a critical mass the feds will be powerless to stop!

Good God, it's raining truth! Show host Wells is reading this article now:

Anatomy of a False Flag

When a national radio program can call for a re-examination of ameriKa's glorious history of conquest, there must be hope -- somewhere. If you're not already tuned in to the Coast to Coast AM phenomenon, you're missing one of the greatest examples of why broadcasting was invented. But you don't have to work the night shift to hear it -- for a few nickles a day you can have full access to its archive, possibly the greatest cache of politically incorrect truth in history if you know how to use it.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

A brilliant essay on tyranny disguised as security

The author below has written on the Waco* catastrophe every April. I don't have time to check out the reset of the series, but suspect this year's (on its 20th anniversary) is his masterpiece.

David Koresh’s Revenge: Waco and 20 Years of State Terror

Living through the Waco assault, even from 1000 miles away via the corporate-cartel media, was a sickening nightmare. From the minute Slick Willy had hit the national media as early presidential candidate, the mere sight of him was degrading and dirtying. I'm no more fond of groups like the Davidians than anybody, but for Slick and his regime so full of communist freaks to even criticize them was truly a low point in ameriKan history.

We didn't wonder why it was going on. The only question in one's mind was how bad fedgov behavior was going to get from there. Then as now, the atmosphere you breathed was fear that the Beast was going to breathe fire in your face next, or that of somebody you loved.

Waco is the open black box on all federal atrocities since then, for anybody really interested in what's happening. But of course "Ruby Ridge" (as it's vulgarly known) was the open the black box for Waco -- and it had bizarre, fearful precedents too, going back to President Washington's day.

In seeking out a definitive article just now on the recent street theater in Boston there were many obstacles. Even in the write wing (as I fondly call our movement) it's surprisingly hard to find a piece that really presents the truth without flinging mudpies of ignorance and knavery. Another writer in one of our favorite sites couldn't bring himself to decry US fedgov terror without playing the "Muslim terror" card!


Now for some good news:

Portia De Rossi Reveals She Will Never Have Kids With Ellen Degeneres


*or WACO as it's been put way too often in print since then.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Oh, the horror -- the corruption!

24 IRS workers in TN accused of theft

Timothy Geithner's Tax Problems

Taxation is theft -- so why do Americans put up with it?
By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano  Published April 18, 2013  FoxNews.com

With a tax code that exceeds 72,000 pages in length and consumes more than six billion person hours per year to determine taxpayers’ taxable income, with an IRS that has become a feared law unto itself, and with a government that continues to extract more wealth from every taxpaying American every year, is it any wonder that April 15th is a day of dread in America?

Social Security taxes and income taxes have dogged us all since their institution during the last century, and few politicians have been willing to address these ploys for what they are: theft.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry caused a firestorm among big-government types during the Republican presidential primaries last year when he called Social Security a Ponzi scheme. He was right. It’s been a scam from its inception, and it’s still a scam today.

The Constitution doesn’t permit the feds to steal your money. But steal, the feds do.

When Social Security was established in 1935, it was intended to provide minimal financial assistance to those too old to work. It was also intended to cause voters to become dependent on Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Democrats. FDR copied the idea from a system established in Italy by Mussolini. The plan was to have certain workers and their employers make small contributions to a fund that would be held in trust for the workers by the government. At the time, the average life expectancy of Americans was 61 years of age, but Social Security didn’t kick in until age 65. Thus, the system was geared to take money from the average American worker that he would never see returned.

Over time, life expectancy grew and surpassed 65, the so-called "trust fund" was raided and spent, and the system was paying out more money than it was taking in -- just like a Ponzi scheme. FDR called Social Security an insurance policy. In reality, it has become forced savings. However, the custodian of the funds -- Congress -- has stolen the savings and spent it. And the value of the savings has been diminished by inflation.

Today, the best one can hope to receive from Social Security is dollars with the buying power of 75 cents for every dollar contributed. That makes Social Security worse than a Ponzi scheme.You can get out of a Ponzi investment. You can’t get out of Social Security. Who would stay with a bank that returned only 75 percent of one’s savings?

The Constitution doesn’t permit the feds to steal your money. But steal, the feds do.

At one of last year’s Republican presidential debates, a young man asked the moderator to pose the following question to the candidates: “If I earn a dollar, how much of it am I entitled to keep?” The question was passed to one of the candidates, who punted, and then the moderator changed the topic. Only Congressman Ron Paul gave a serious post-debate answer to the young man’s question: "All of it.”

Every official foundational government document -- from the Declaration of Independence to the U.S. Constitution to the oaths that everyone who works for the government takes -- indicates that the government exists to work for us. The Declaration even proclaims that the government receives all of its powers from the consent of the governed. If you believe all this, as I do, then just as we don’t have the power to take our neighbor’s property and distribute it against his will, we lack the ability to give that power to the government. Stated differently, just as you lack the moral and legal ability to take my property, you cannot authorize the government to do so.

Here’s an example you’ve heard before. You’re sitting at home at night, and there’s a knock at the door. You open the door, and a guy with a gun pointed at you says: “Give me your money. I want to give it away to the less fortunate.” You think he’s dangerous and crazy, so you call the police. Then you find out he is the police, there to collect your taxes.

The framers of the Constitution understood this. For 150 years, the federal government was run by user fees and sales of government land and assessments to the states for services rendered. It rejected the Hamiltonian view that the feds could take whatever they wanted, and it followed the Jeffersonian first principle that the only moral commercial exchanges are those that are fully voluntary.

This worked well until the progressives took over the government in the first decade of the 20th century. They persuaded enough Americans to cause their state legislatures to ratify the Sixteenth Amendment, which was designed to tax the rich and redistribute wealth. They promised the American public that the income tax would never exceed 3 percent of income and would only apply to the top 3 percent of earners. How wrong -- or deceptive -- they were.

Yet, the imposition of a federal income tax is more than just taking from those who work and earn and giving to those who don’t. And it is more than just a spigot to fill the federal trough. At its base, it is a terrifying presumption. It presumes that we don’t really own our property. It accepts the Marxist notion that the state owns all the property and the state permits us to keep and use whatever it needs us to have so we won’t riot in the streets. And then it steals and uses whatever it can politically get away with. Do you believe this?

There are only three ways to acquire wealth in a free society. The inheritance model occurs when someone gives you wealth. The economic model occurs when you trade a skill, a talent, an asset, knowledge, sweat, energy or creativity to a willing buyer. And the mafia model occurs when a guy with a gun says: “Give me your money or else.”

Which model does the government use? Why do we put up with this?

Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, is the senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channel. Judge Napolitano has written seven books on the U.S. Constitution. His latest is “Theodore and Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom.”

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The age of irony

Don't cry, but central banks just lost over half a tril. Appears to be from the same market forces they love to play with, and do so so hatefully.

Gold Wipes $560 Billion From Central Banks as Equities Rally

Wonder what kind of noise this made -- or will.



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Great new buzzphrase summarizes today's Hegelian dialectics

The Strategy of Tension: Government sponsored bombing in Europe

A common feature of dialectics is one side canceling out the other's hopes, dreams and dirty tricks, or turning the tables on it it in some fashion, usually heartless and detrimental to freedom. This is what leftism does to reality all day every day. Thus the priceless, deadpan irony of the following is delectable. They're always telling us we don't qualify for this that or the other thing regardless of its impact on our lives and livelihood, so why not throw on a law showing them what it's like?

House bill would fire tax-delinquent federal workers

How many functions are citizens banned from if they owe back taxes? Just think how many fewer politicians and bureaucrats there would be if such a law as the above came to pass! The sheer reduction in numbers would be breathtaking -- but the joy of seeing so many government leeches and bloodsuckers out on the street with tin cups would be uproarious.

The gold and silver charts are breaking hearts..... but to merely find this bill gets considered in Congress means a slight uptick in ameriKa's own health chart, however short-lived a hope or narrow a spike. I don't know where it came from, whether Jason Chaffetz is up for re-election or whether his intention was quite other than perceived -- to further impoverish the self-made man, the private company already half-crushed under present burdens of regulation and vampirism.

Nothing in politics is quite what it seems.... so they say!


Monday, April 15, 2013

Explosions abound

Another day, another nail-biting violent tragedy on ameriKa's streets. Absolutely heartbreaking random murder, yes -- but eqully disturbing is the hit the media-government complex is attempting on truth and reality in its wake.

The bad news is they're programming the public to scream for a police state, universal curfews, total gun bans, communication crackdowns, and in short a "new" world order. The good news is the celerity with which links fill a patriot's inbox nailing the System's hypocrisy in regard to the crisis of the day -- how the chattering classes jump within milliseconds to blame "right wing extremists" for everything that goes wrong. If they'd look in the mirror, the shriekers would realize their own "liberal" element is really the most murderous and anarchic of all.

Often, our truth warriors chronicle the suspicious factors at hand. Just one at random:

Boston marathon bombing happened on same day as 'controlled explosion' drill by Boston bomb squad

Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief -- Most Terror Attacks Are Committed By Our CIA and FBI

.........The screams were nationwide or global the past four days as gold and silver lost big chunks of official value.

Gold: Fear vs. Greed – and Taxes

It's (almost) always great to get Doug Casey's view on things. As a famously jaundiced commentator on post-sanity ameriKa, Casey is a true populist above and beyond matters purely fiscal. He's voted with his feet, too, but moving to South America and setting up a colony for wealthy freedom-lovers. Casey offers hope here, but from a deeply informed, real-world stance -- no whistling in the dark for him. Check his videos soon -- uncensored realities from a mature perspective.

Yes, he's a native Southerner too. (I'm prejudiced.)


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Civil War.... a fluid term

The "Civil War" concept is already a tricky one in ameriKan life. Many Southerners prefer to call it the War Between the States, which has subtleties lost on the masses for sure. (The states? Yes -- the CSA and the USA, not the individual states that existed at the time.)

This is a crucial, explosive distinction. If it was a fight between two countries, that's an entirely different kettle of fish than a civil war per se. That generally means a power struggle between factions within a country or maybe two halves of a country vying for dominance, that type of thing.)

And of course there are uncountable uses of civil war lingo amidst the great clask of cultures: are we a conservative or "liberal" nation? The two worldviews have never gotten along well at all. There is in fact a never-ending culture war going on in the Western world -- since the 1960s the battle lines have been pretty consistent, even at their most bizarrely volatile.

It has been speculated over and over through recent decades as to what would (if you'll pardon the expression) trigger an actual armed conflict between the two poles of people in the USA -- those who favor freedom, privacy, "traditional family values" versus those mandating slavery, a goldfish existence for you and me, and an "anything goes" attitude among the sheeple with corresponding government policy.

It came as tragically exciting news that Colt's Manufacturing is leaving Connecticut on principle
and will be enriching Texas' economy, prestige and overal intelligence instead from now on. What do you want to bet that most of the states being thus ditched will be of northerly location?

Will all this lead to serious calls for secession, even among the sheeple? Hey, what if the institutional-mad yankees drove all the gun people out of the blue states, not just the makers.

Civil war battle lines being drawn as Magpul, Colt, Beretta and other gun manufacturers relocate to pro-Constitution states


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sex with an IRS agent and other hot links of the day

Tax Freedom Day 2013 is April 18 -- Five Days Later than Last Year

Idaho Bans Government Spy Drones

Oregon Man Claims IRS Agent Seduced Him, Then Didn't Help With Audit

Now He's After Your 401(k): The White House pulls a switcheroo on retirement savings accounts

One of the main daily comic strips has been doing priceless work on the IRS for the past week. Stuff found while looking for it (hiss the flat tax factor with me):




Friday, April 12, 2013

Another major-major foreign official spills the beans

.....about the Bilderberg group, which babbitts tell us is only a figment of our wild, crazy conspiracy-nut imagination.

Italian Supreme Court President Blames Bilderberg For Terrorist Attacks

Surely he must know it was Mossad? A man has to be careful in his position.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

That was no Lady, that was Margaret Thatcher.... cont.

Another fine article debunks the sickeningly pompous, artificial, stilted, grossly British politician:

Margaret Thatcher’s Criminal Legacy

Someday, if we're lucky, people will learn to go by the realities behind glittering surfaces. It would spoil all their fun, 'tis true. Spitting Image video for the day -- the crew's absolute best. Note the whole immediate royal family as out-of-tune rock stars, and please listen carefully to those lyrics!

Spitting Images : Queen. We are the Royal Family spoof

..........Has somebody been reading this blog? Just recently I was nailing institutions as the medium by which communists have used to take over everything. We writers, we obsess over sharpening our tools this way, but only in order to communicate more persuasively. Anyway, I don't remember a single article or talk every homing in on the real center of the problem before my piece, and now this hot stuff:

The Long March Away from the Institutions

Haha, great name -- John Maelstrom! The common noun meaning (for instance) "a restless, disordered, or tumultuous state of affairs: the maelstrom of early morning traffic" looks like a regularly-formed Scandinavian surname, doesn't it?


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weapons of mass distraction afoot . . . right here in ameriKa

The Bushites and their friends in media and politics screeched for seemingly a year that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Dstruction aimed at us or somebody. They moved heaven and earth to get this "war on terror" started against them, paying a courtesy call in Afghanistan on the way -- and of course we're permanently mired in the hell of chaotic, nonsensical warfare in both places more than ten years later. Never mind that the weapons were found to be be nonexistent. Bushy even joked about their absence on the dais at a black-tie affair!

Now it's North Korea we're going to fix. But is the beltway crowd ready for what happens when the dollar goes bust, and all its supposed enemies seize their advantage to show what they think of bully-boy Washington? Where did the solons in Obama's and Bush's cabinets learn foreign policy -- by watching Garfield the Cat antagonize dogs?

Every time you turn on the radio or TV there's some further crying about veterans' needs and what we owe them for risking their lives "for our freedoms". Apparently bad things happen to people who go off to war. I have a suggestion: why not simply bring "our" troops home (they're actually the UN's) for good and FIX AMERICA FIRST. Break the cycle, end the madness.

How many more times?

Shift in War Hawks

"Wide asleep in America" -- great web address! Alas, far fewer ameriKans pay it any anywhere near the attention they give "DWTS".


Hot stuff -- they have one of the few articles anywhere nailing the real, almost worthless Margaret Thatcher.

The Ironic Lady: Margaret Thatcher, Supposed Champion of Freedom and Democracy, and Her Dictator Friends

.......while The Economist hails Thatcher for her "willingness to stand up to tyranny" and Barack Obama calls her "one of the great champions of freedom and liberty," it should be remembered that, throughout her career, Thatcher was a staunch supporter of many of the world's most brutal regimes, propping up and arming war criminals and dictators in service to Western imperialism, anti-Communism and neoliberal hegemony.

Now, if that doesn't hit the spot, I can't help you! "Neoliberal" -- that seems to be sysnonymous with "people of every stripe getting on the neocommunist bandwagon and calling it 'progressive'".

Wow, this title is a one-line textbook in smart dialectics! Hahaaaaa, it's great!

Rust in Peace: Death of the Iron Lady

The old Spitting Image show flourished on British TV during the Thatcher era, regularly making mincemeat of her:

Margaret Thatcher Dead: Watch Her Singing 'My Way'

Mind you, those are actual latex puppets -- not computer animation. They show's crew were extreme leftists but even then, 20-odd years ago, it's amazing how much of their worldview any thinking person can agree with today -- the non-leftist parts, of course. They repeatedly devastated the royals with satiric power!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Unintentionally ironic article from communist Bloomberg on libertarian Bitcoin

Michael Bloomberg may be one of the most evil people alive. He's mayor of New York City -- an extreme stain on anyone's character, as no decent, moral person is ever allowed near the job. (That is not a joke.) On assuming office one of his first official acts was to lay down a policy forcing "abortion training as an 'additional required component to OB/GYN residency programs in all New York City city-owned hospitals'" (consciencelaws.org), even religious ones. This unbelievable shock to the system caused an uproar at the time but isn't even mentioned in Wikipedia's glowing tribute to him. Bloomberg's daughter exposed her family's corner of the leftist plutocracy in the documentary Born Rich. It was viewable free in Youtube but seems to have been dropped. Its sequel The One Percent still is, however.

In brief, this creature Bloomberg is a communist devil. Despite endless rounds of dogooder activity and honors, he clearly opposes a great many things that human happiness depends on -- most of all FREEDOM. Get the latest from his much-worshiped online magazine (named after himself, of course):

Bitcoin Really Is an Existential Threat to the Modern Liberal State

Almost without exception, the "dangers" the writer laments are simply basic building blocks of a happy, free, stable, prosperous society. "An existential threat to the modern liberal state"? Well hush my mouth, is Bitcoin really so good as to threaten "liberal" politics and economics? Let's look at the big three areas causing Mr. Soltas to lose the most sleep:

1. Taxation -- what is this world coming to if people finally regain a measure of financial privacy? Taxation as we know it IS A CRIME regardless of how many people willingly, even joyfully submit to it. Everything's upside-down in this school of thought. Note the running implication in the article that all money belongs to the absolutist State -- somehow it's a given that the state never sins, never errs, never crushes the life out of innocent people, and deserves every penny of our pay and our buying and selling that it lays claim to. If that isn't pure New York thinking, what is?

2. "Police: It would be almost impossible for states to detect certain crimes. One of the major alleged uses of Bitcoin -- though, of course, one can never truly know -- is buying illicit drugs." Oh, how they suddenly care about people drugging themselves when it fits their agenda. It's the ilk of Michael Bloomberg that gives us long-running curses like the no-win drug war and other forms of totally unreasonable regulation, snooping and restriction. How many other of these crimes Soltas fidgets about are victimless, artificial, fantasy-driven? This blogger agrees that total drug legalization would be a far from perfect solution to the problem, but that it's the least of multiple evils modern post-Christian has to choose from on the subject.

3. "Macroeconomic policy:A Bitcoin economy would undermine the power of real-world central banks to make monetary policy." How good can this get? Central banks, a social good?Who was it, once again, that gave us paper "money" in the first place (a thing condemned by the very statesmen whose images bedeck our greenbacks)? Who gave us the so-called federal reserve, runaway inflation, viciously enforced funny-money monopolism? WHO ARE THEY or any of their defenders to accuse Bitcoin of creating a financial BUBBLE?

In a better world -- in an even half-decent, 1/4-intelligent world -- Bloomberg.com would singing the praises of Bitcoin and writing to demand Liberty Dollar be made whole by the fedgov that has smashed it against the wishes of freedom lovers, the Framers, and all calling for monetary sanity.

The Patriot Network doesn't support tax evasion, only the legal tax avoidance whose legitimacy courts have repeatedly affirmed. But it's seriously doubtful that any of the statist maniacs at Bloomberg know the difference.

Bloomberg.com is SICK. The "modern liberal state" is EVIL. The whole establishment is COMMUNIST. Go, Bitcoin, go!

personal opinions of blogger /\/.\/\/.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A victim of communism speaks -- on gun control

Communism is the real Nazism. If the world ever learns this, it might actually begin to grow up.



Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bitcoin in the news; picks of the day

Bitcoin made not only the London Telegraph but the Kitco news feed.

Bitcoin: the new gold or a giant bubble?

How intriguing! Anybody can create the theoretical coin but they keep it hard to produce and ergo rare/valuable.

Stuff via my main daily sites:








(NNT's headline: Trayvon Martin's parents become millionaires)




Friday, April 5, 2013

The other KrisAnne on ameriKa's neocon problem

Some of you were privileged to hear the tireless Constitutional educator KrisAnne Hall speak before PN members and friends in Fountain Inn, SC or Greenville a few years ago. As brilliant as she is passionate, the multi-faceted patriot extraordinaire travels the country striving to wake her fellow citizens up. A message just received from her rips right through the illusion that either the U.S. government or the RepubliCon Party are doing anything to protect this country from danger:

Congress has possibly the lowest approval rating in history, even lower than possibly the worst President in history.  Perhaps it is because of the apparent disconnect from reality that becomes obvious when listening to some of them.  In a recent email to one of my radio show listeners, Marco Rubio, a Senator who is alleged to really "get it" and is a "rising star" in the GOP, made the following statement:

"I take my role as a U.S. Senator very seriously and I will continue to provide important oversight of these government agencies. Should anyone attempt to restrict our freedom or liberty, I will hold them accountable. Furthermore, I will continue to support and defend the principles and liberties in the U.S. Constitution."

 Seriously? "CONTINUE to provide and important oversight"??  When and where is that happening from Congress, Mr. Rubio?   "Should anyone attempt to restrict our freedom or liberty"?!!? Is Mr. Rubio asserting that it hasn't happened yet, but when it does we should rest assured that he will be RIGHT THERE supporting and defending the Constitution?  FYI, it's happening every day. Someone needs to pump some fresh air in Washington DC because I am seeing significant signs of asphyxiational delusion displayed by the majority of its residents.

Just in case some Senators are unclear about what might restrict our freedom or liberty, here are just a few things going on that could use some oversight and accountability:
Governments, being Endowed with these RIGHTS: Entitlements, Surveillance, and the Pursuit of Unlimited Spending...                  

1.       Obamacare is a massive tool to restrict our freedom and liberty.  It is a mandate that requires citizens to purchase the healthcare the government deems appropriate and penalizes anyone from working outside the confines of government control.  It gives the federal government the power to not only mandate healthcare but creates a "significant governmental interest" in matters of our health giving the government potential control over every aspect of our lives.  A small case in point is the measure popularly known as the "Medicine Cabinet Tax," contained in pages 1,957 to 1,959 of a law that runs more than 2,400 pages.  This provision FORBIDS AMERICANS from using their health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA), or health reimbursement account (HRA) pre-tax dollars to purchase nonprescription medicines. (Sunshine State News, Eric Guinta)---Did you hear that Mr. Rubio...the Federal Government is FORBIDDING AMERICANS from using their own money to buy Tylenol!  Surely THAT is a restriction on our freedom or liberty...Where is the oversight?

2.       In the midst of "government shut down" over budget issues, the Obama administration is set to hire TENS OF THOUSANDS of health care professionals, union workers and community activists (ACORN? Planned Parenthood?) as "navigators" to help Americans choose Obamacare options. Their starting pay as of Oct. 1 will be anywhere from $20 to $48 an HOUR, according to new regulations issued Wednesday. (The Examiner, Paul Bedard)  What will these "navigators" do?  They will be translating Obamacare into foreign languages to encourage the use of Obamacare by non-English speaking people.  Multilingual statism, beautiful! Is this an example of that oversight Mr. Rubio mentioned?

3.       The Senate Budget Committee just recently voted to CONTINUE working with Mexican government to increase participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamps (a program started by George W.).  Exporting government dependency, fantastic! That gives new meaning to the phrase "Made In America."  Apparently our own government isn't doing enough to spend us into oblivion, we will now have the assistance of Mexico in enslaving our children in debt and national bankruptcy.  The PARTNERSHIP, alone, will cost us MILLIONS, not to mention the cost of the Food Stamps (FoxNews.com) (Daily Caller, Caroline May)  Senate oversight in the works, perhaps? No, this is probably just "immigration reform," a.k.a. Democrat voter drive.

That's only a fragment of the piece. Read the rest here:


.........Since the late Dr. Clarkson was a vigorous defender of Dixie and we try to continue all his best traditions, an anecdote you may enjoy -- redolent of the wonderful way people of all kinds and types manage to catch the Southern spirit.

I play music in a church where most people are proud Southerners or at least supportive newcomers to the region. About a year ago a couple joined the congregation that are absolutely great -- very active and enthused despite our small numbers and almost day-to-day existence. As so often happens down here, the couple and I found we had NY and NJ places in common. But the wife just happens to be 300 light years from understanding or liking the Southern thing. The first time she caught sight of the rebel flag in my pencil can on the organ, she suddenly started spewing ugly, bigoted, ignorant clich├ęs. We've remained friends and allies in other things, but I confess the incident still, well, astounds me in retrospect.

A year or less later, another kind of newcomer arrived -- from California via the iciest northlands. This gal quotes the old bumper sticker "I wasn't born in Dixie, but I got here as fast as I could" and is ecstatically devouring suppressed Southern history, hunting Confederate ancestors for herself, and unlearning a lifetime of miseducation. Purely by the grace of God, she sees it where millions of others don't. What joy -- the zeal of a convert!

For the few congregation members that don't share this passion it makes for great fun as this lady and I gab excitedly about it all, including how right the South was in the War and how very, very wrong the North was. Half the fun is trying not to flaunt the dialog, the other half is when folks accidentally get a snootful. We really don't mean any offense, but as you may know I live on a "come on in, the water's fine" basis where spontaneity reigns.

On Resurrection Sunday after church, Copperhead Gal was delightfully ebullient again on my favorite non-musical subject. "Wait a minute," I said, "I think I've got something for you." The PN Executive Director, you see, had given me several gorgeous historical Confederate flags to pass on to people at the Burning of Columbia remembrance in February, and one was still kicking around in my car. We walked out, I slashed the cellophane wrapper off the product, and it turned out to be the breathtaking, meaningful model consisting of a reduced South Carolina state flag on the left with the Confederate ensign taking up the body of the design.

"Molon labe," Copperhead Gal shouted to the world beaming with defiance, in her irresistible Chicago-like western accent and draping the flag across her considerable frame. "Come and take it!!!"*

I looked over my shoulder to see whether by some remote chance Yankee Gal saw it. She appeared to, and how. I then told CG about YG for the first time, but fear she didn't catch the full priceless irony of herself, from California, and me, from NJ, freaking out YG from NY over the stars, bars, moon and palmetto tree.

Don't worry, YG will recover. Hey, a bone's never stronger than where it's been broken.... I was a Yankee once.

Southern fever is centuries old, yet ever new. Saw an article in the Examiner tabloid about haunted houses, tried a search for some in S.C. This was in the results somehow - Sotheby's presents a brand new plantation-style mansion that makes Tara look like a tobacco barn:


/\/.\/\/.  torpenhow@charter.net

*This couldn't have been more incredibly apt or erudite. Add it to your collection, OK?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Border policy: how another formerly great country does it

.....that is, a country that was once great and passably responsible with a healthy concept of self-interest as these things go:

Reminder: How Mexico Treats ‘Undesirable’ Foreigners
Michelle Malkin, CNS News, March 27, 2013
  American politicians in both parties are stampeding all over themselves to pander to Mexico and adopt mass illegal alien amnesty schemes. But while the Mexican government lobbies for more “humane” treatment of illegal border crossers from their country into ours, Mexico remains notoriously restrictionist toward “undesirable” foreigners who break their laws or threaten their security.
  Despite widely touted immigration “reforms” adopted in 2011, Mexico still puts Mexico first—as any country that is serious about protecting its sovereignty should and would.
  Article 33 of Mexico’s constitution establishes the right of the president to detain and deport “any foreigner” and prohibits foreigners from participating “in any way” in the political affairs of the country.
  Article 32 of Mexico’s constitution unapologetically bans non-native born residents from holding sensitive jobs and joining the country’s military. Preference is given unabashedly to Mexicans over foreigners.
  While you read this passage, contemplate the inexorable push by open-borders groups to secure illegal alien “rights” to American jobs, American military assignments, American driver’s licenses, discounted U.S. college tuition and Obamacare:
  “Only Mexicans by birth can perform all government employments, positions, or commissions in which the status of citizenship is indispensable. During peacetime, foreigners shall neither serve in the Army nor in the police bodies. During peacetime, only Mexicans by birth can serve in the Army, in the Navy or in the Air Force as well can perform any employment or commission within such corporations.
  The same condition applies to captains, pilots, skippers, ship engineers, flight engineers and, in general, to every crew member in a ship or an airplane carrying the Mexican flag. In the same way, only Mexicans by birth can be port harbormasters, steersmen and airport superintendents.
Mexicans shall have priority over foreigners, under equal circumstances, for all kind of concessions, employments, positions or commissions of the government in which the status of citizenship is not indispensable.”
  While amnesty advocates and civil liberties zealots in the U.S. decry “police state” tactics against illegal aliens, Mexico fiercely maintains laws against illegal border crossings; “verification visits” to enforce visa conditions; requirements that foreigners produce proof of legal status on demand; and enforcement and cooperation between and among immigration officials and law enforcement authorities at all levels in Mexico. Native-born Mexicans are also empowered to make citizens arrests of illegal aliens and turn them in to authorities.
  Mexico’s National Catalog of Foreigners tracks all outside tourists and foreign nationals. A National Population Registry tracks and verifies the identity of every member of the population, who must carry a citizens identity card. Visitors who do not possess proper documents and identification are subject to arrest at any time. And for those seeking permanent residency or naturalization, Mexico requires that they must not be economic burdens on society and must have clean criminal histories.    Those seeking to obtain Mexican citizenship must show a birth certificate, provide a bank statement proving economic independence, pass an exam and prove they can provide their own health care....

ameriKa is no longer great and its politics is totally devoid of intelligence. Its basic reflexes are gone, its politicians doing everything they possibly can to dissolve ameriKa into a globalist soup of love, peace and lots of dough for fat cats (just like now).

.........Headline, charter.net today: "Connecticut Senate approves sweeping gun control bill." Say -- do you think that if the so-called president, the media, and the chicken farmers' lobby staged a melodramatic incident in which ten fanatical beef defenders died a horrible death of botulism in your state, your state Senate would "approve a sweeping beef control bill"?

Apparently that's how decisions are made now. Whatever is screeched loudest by media darlings seems to prevail, regardless of its merits or veracity. Google SANDY HOOK HOAX.... if you dare.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Talking head Amber Lyon -- not just another pretty face?

Where does all this stuff come from?

Ex-CNN Reporter: I Received Orders to Manipulate News to Demonize Syria and Iran

It's all clearly coming from one direction. When will it be safe to name it?

Most people, left to their own devices, are not "liberal", globalists, PC or any other such rot. Yet they are being pushed pushed pushed that way 24/7/52. Who, I would like to ask, is doing that pushing -- a distinct pattern lasting the entire lifetime of the vast majority of people now living?

I would like to ask, but it would be rhetorical. /\/.\/\/.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NAACP hates Mt. Rushmore

........and calls for it to be demolished.

NAACP calls for Mount Rushmore to be demolished

Don't laugh, but since the SC Confederate flag war began, I've been pointing out that if politicians will give something like that sacred emblem to the howling jackals, they need to get ready to allow them to bulldoze all of civilization, starting with any cultural icon of life before the Civil Rights Act of 1957.  More news gems from the very modest and unassuming yet great aggregator, freedom4um.com:

Swedish archaeologists find Thor's Hammer

How to explain that one -- count the possibilities! Among them, however, must be considered the eventuality that Thor was a flesh-and-blood individual like you and me -- maybe a king that got literally deified as the centuries wore on. There's a book in the genealogical section of the Richland County Library that traces George Washington's family lines back to Odin. I love gently throwing it up to those friends of mine who purport to debunk Christianity, proudly throwing Odinism in its place.

BP’s Extinction Level Event! Experts: “We Have Been Advised NOT To Discuss Our Findings”; Meanwhile, Gulf Region Politicians Also Are Dying In Droves

".....experts have been advised," it says, "that they are NOT ALLOWED to discuss their findings due to the ongoing court cases involving BP. What do you want to bet some people are praying a ruling never arrives?

How 'Kill the Pigs' Became 'Only the Police Should Have Guns'

Oh boy, the above is really rich. I remember the hippie era with a mixture of 10% nostalgia (many involved were actually seeking truth beyond the matrix, after all) and 90% revulsion. But how quickly the long-haired hippie freaks visited the barber and became bureaucrats in institutions they'd previously hated. One at my first college was a campus leader in medium-radical thought, and fifteen years later I next saw him in profiled in the Washington Post profiled as some kind of aide to President Reagan. He worked for Bush-41 too and as Wikipedia puts it "became Executive Vice President and Director of Corporate Communications at Bank of America. In 1999, David became Executive Vice President for Global Corporate Relations at Visa".

I seriously doubt he ever yelled "kill the pigs," but wouldn't be surprised if he agrees with the totalitarian worldview expressed in the above article -- you know, like the Permanent Regime he mutually embraced all those years.

In the picture than went with the Washington Post piece I mentioned, Dave's hair was shorter and unmistakeably styled. Lots of his  fellow yuppie yutopians became newcasters who relied on smear tactics such as repeatedly calling David Duke a "blow-dried former Klan wizard", resting assured the sheeple would bite the bate and hate Duke with them. This putdown was heard in many a 1990s newscast -- never mind that tons of media darlings of both sexes used hair blowers too. Funny world.

The Patriot Network doesn't endorse David Duke or his opinions, but this blogger notes that he has five tons more integrity and humanity that any of his assailants.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Sabre-rattling at North Korea

I don't trust or like North Korea, but it wouldn't surprise me if all our problems with the place were our own doing from the very start. ameriKa has mistaken itself for God for most of the past century and operated on a global policy of "if it ain't broke, fix it till it is."


America's War on North Korea