Friday, September 27, 2013

Weird news category not always so weird

When it comes to very basic subjects like the value and nature of money, smart people are not always so smart. Here's an article that shows people beating their own paths to value in means of exchange (some of them criminals, true). It certainly deserves publication in places like this odd-news site, but editors and viewers had better see beyond the sarcasm when they're through enjoying the humor and irony the piece imports:
8 Weird Alternative Currencies

Now a tale from the often brilliant and populist Nutty News Today site -- pun unintended:
Farmers Say Walnut Crops Are Prime Targets For Creative Thieves

Such a story is ready fodder for a sermon anecdote or newspaper filler.... but let's you and I watch to see who laughs last as the dollar continues to fall and other small, easily traded useful things suddenly multiply in value.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Washington is all income, no outgo

....and somebody has very neatly laid it out in print:
A River of American Money Flows to D.C.

Yes, there are oceans of money being doled out to the sheeple, but not responsibly or  constructively..... Isn't it like Our President to reward greed in the following way?
Obama applauds mayoral candidate’s vow to hike taxes in NYC


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Plain English alert -- cliché machine temporarily turned off

A PRIVATEER is either "an armed ship that is privately owned and manned, commissioned by a government to fight or harass enemy ships" or one who mans such a ship. But colloquially I think the meaning her would be more like "pirates":
The New Privateers: Civil Forfeiture, Police Piracy, and the Third-Worldization of America

And in calling them privateers, the author is being plenty audacious. We all need to! Friday at a wonderful PN meeting in Greenville I highlighted the difference between censure and censor.

Do you know what it is, dear reader? These seemingly small things add up to a huge difference in our impact!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wild news, and news sources

Neocons Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin "America's #1 independent news team" and reporting Obummer turning part human?
Meltdown in Washington: President Obama Reported Sedated Following Emotional Breakdown

Don't tell me he actually believes the bullcrap he spews all day and expects everybody else to just go along with it. How can anybody? Does this mean bloodthirsty, tyrannical, Constitution-shredding "W" Bush was part human too?

....."Nixon Alliance Underground"..... tragicomically misguided, but it looks a lot smarter and more honorable than Nixon.
Obama has had a nervous breakdown and he does not know it

I want to believe that the lying, bombing, robbing, drone-murdering, spendaholic communist tyrannical Obummers are human. Do you think they are? They outwardly appear to be, but.... in view of how she runs him and he exists to destroy as many ameriKans and non-Israeli Mideasterners as he can, it sure seems a stretch.

If they're human, how can they be so inhumane? I honestly want to know. For the sake of journalistic inquiry.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A gray-looking page of solid prose something I've always decried in patriot polemics. People she no flair, no art in the promotional pieces they produce. Too often it's a seamless tract of truth-spewing -- but then there are times when such a texture devastates the enemy. Enjoy -- share:
The Dead Rhetoric of War

How can reading bad news be such a pleasure -- bring such relief? When it's so much suppressed common sense and stonewalled reality, that's how.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The poor pitiful Jackson family

Mind you, this is simply the latest headline in their multi-generational saga of mayhem:
Red cape drawing bids during Jackson Jr. auction

"Noah Robinson, Jr.'s criminal activity"

Don't miss the comments at the first link!


Monday, September 16, 2013

This bright little schoolboy got such good grades in Social Studies

.....but regurgitating the PC party line in real life doesn't work quite as smoothly.
David Brooks is constantly wrong:
Takes a lot to be the voice on the New York Times op-ed page most consistently wrong about war in the Middle East!

But what's this? It says he's capable of seeing when he's been wrong, and eating a little well-deserved crow! Maybe his one of the few Brookses in public life that actually are the Anglo-Saxons the name implies -- you know, unlike movie directors Mel, Albert and Richard "Brooks".


Saturday, September 14, 2013

IRS and the black churches!!!!!!!!
Eric Holder, IRS officials coached tax-exempt black ministers on how to engage in political activity

This is the real meaning of diversity and "fairness"! How nice to have a "First Black President" and "First Black AG", but what to do when they both turn out to be communist revolutionaries and racial demagogues? Cases like the above two jerks are inevitable and part of a great overarching pattern, because the people really running things have programmed it that way like a computer circuit.

No offense to anybody, but the above Daily Caller headline is one of literally millions of negative developments that simply don't occur in monoracial societies and that drag down life for all races in this one. I don't call for America to be monoracial, merely for liberally-defined "diversity" to be cast off the throne as our god, prophet, oracle and priest. Liberalism (properly known as leftism) must die if anyone is to survive.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Foreclosure laws to become less procrustean

I'll bet this could have been done at any time.... and still could anywhere, except for politicians' greed and stodge.
Tax lien sales canceled after Post investigation; Gray calls for reforms

Another rousing (very rousing) number from the city level:
9/13/2013 Virginia: City Hides Data Showing Increased Red Light Camera Injuries


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Seen on Stossel just now: some superstars aren't "useful idiots" for communism

Miracles can be "miraculous:" or quite quotidian and comprehensible. Love is a miracle, a wonderfully mysterious one. Now for the other kind:

 ‘Aid is just a stopgap. Commerce [and] entrepreneurial capitalism take more people out of poverty than aid’ -- Bono.

I wasn't necessarily revolted by the 1984 "Band-Aid" concert in which Bono and friends sang "Do They Know it's Christmas?/Feed the World" and split a gut getting people to pony up to bless starving children in Africa.  But I was disgusted, because even then in my pre-enlightenment state the spectacle stank of decadence and phoniness. Since then he's become the king of do-good, an insufferably self-satisfied, inescapable god of leftism. And he of course is merely the pinnacle, the depths of the rock industry and its noble plans to make everybody more... leftist. Bono goes sane? He says he can't believe what he's saying himself. Thank God for it!

On his Fox TV program tonight, John Stossel also said that film diva Angelina Jolie is also seeing the point of capitalism over giveaways. I wasn't able to find anything excitingly specific on it; the closest thing seems to be that the strange-looking filly is investing in Dubai and maybe egging others on to. Jolie, the galaxy's most-worshipped woman, also leads one of the most amazingly confused, messed-up lives anybody is today.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Plain speaking, continued -- from the Libertarians this time

RBC used to say "armies are there to break things and kill people." This may be the original of his quip:
The State As An Attractor for Sociopaths

What the government is good at is collecting taxes, taking away your freedoms and killing people. It’s not good at much else.  -- Tom Clancy

This one's worth carving in granite: "The state is almost universally defined as a system that enjoys a legal monopoly on the use of violence within a given territory"!

Read -- study -- redeploy. Yes, you there! /\/.\/\/.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It can't be! It CAN'T. Completely plain and honest LANGUAGE in news reporting

Mild vulgarity warning...

There are newsmedia by the trainload out there. (Media is a plural noun.) From the mighty NY Times and three big TV networks down to small political blogs read only by the author and his dog, there are media. There are entertainment media unending as well, ranging from Hollywood down to karaoke night at the local watering hole or birthday party. The breadth and variety of what people do with media is staggering.

There are of course patriot media that are far more frank and uncensored re our public figures than the above. There is, however, only a small handful of media outlets of any kind or size willing to call things and people exactly what they are in the blunt yet unequaled honesty that normally goes on only in people's minds. Here comes one such phenomenon now.
Hillary, “Just Shut Up!”

Yes, it's a serious news website that calls things exactly (!) as they are. Finally, private thought merges with news production and it's as beautiful as the news material iself is monstrous. The news here is that Hillary is pure uncut evil, yes. But the other news is that some reporter is finally willing to describe her in such terms. Yes, this is news. Man bites dog! Extra! Stop the presses! PUSSYFOOTING IS DEAD!


Monday, September 9, 2013

More Carolina good news and bad news. Tax excitement!

I live a state down from North Carolina and must say the good news flows much better up there than here, at least in state politics.
North Carolina Is Winning … Here’s Why

NC may drop its income tax altogether!?!?!? Don't ask me what's come over the Tarheels -- just a few years ago they were rated one of the least freedom-oriented Southern states. For instance, one of those that most readily took up the "Real ID" scheme for a national identity card. Yummily, the above action-packed page is reported by the outstanding SC Policy Council, including that while NC is becoming more industry -friendly, SC lost 60,000 manufacturing jobs in 1999-2010 alone.

Thank God for bold truth-tellers in Columbia. At least somebody isn't going along to get along down there, and that somebody is one of the greatest forces for truth in any capitol city.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

"New Estimate: Public Pensions Underfunded by $4.1 Trillion"

Dr. Clarkson was warning of this 20+ years ago when I first heard him speak in New Jersey -- that time in a church basement as a matter of fact. You can't have a majority of the population receiving a government check and expect the economy to survive -- not here, not anywhere!


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Get this everything anti-Obama site!

What a great day it's been for the anti-Obama cause! On the way to today's PN meeting in Greer, SC I saw a picket action by -- a group that exists to rally people for holding populist picket signs over highways where they'll get seen by hundreds or thousands of people per hour. This protest was generically against Obama. I of course parked, grabbed a couple of my signs, joined them for a few minutes (when will I learn to start ot for PN meetings an extra hour early), invited them to the meeting, and gave the copies of the First Freedom newspaper.

At the meeting, Kathy Patriot reported on a protest she'd joined (or organized?) against the the notion of going to "war" against Syria, and had brought a colleague from it who also spoke. And of course there's a mammoth turning against Obama in hinging on just that issue! Don't ask me why public figures, pundits, politicians and even the pope are jumping up to condemn this cookie-cutter NWO assault but said nothing about Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan or any of our other rapes. Don't tell me that the Waller Sheeple Inertia Theorem is correct, that people only follow fads? Some of the fads are actually good, thank God. Some. One every 40 years, maybe. In celebration of this one, today's greatest find:
Proof Obama's a: Communist / Socialist - Muslim - Russian Agent -
Serial Liar
 - Jew Hater - Racist - Narcissist - Gay - Soros Puppet - Evil Man

It was a great meeting with much positivity and what looked to me like about five new faces. Don't miss the next one -- see you in Greenville on the eighth in Greenville! pn meetings


Friday, September 6, 2013

Thousands fighting for the right to travel in . . . Canada?

Or are they merely average, apolitical citizens fed up with ticket tyranny? Even if so, the numbers are thrilling!

Toronto is facing such a crippling backlog of challenges to parking tickets, reported the Toronto Star in August, that more than 73,000 citations from last year were still unresolved and that many cases were proceeding even less hurriedly. Mahmood-Reza Arab, a computer programmer who was ticketed for parking too close to a hydrant in 2005 and who has dutifully met all deadlines for making a proper challenge, was recently scheduled (again) for trial before a judge -- this month (September 2013). A spokesman said the "normal" wait time for a court date is "only" 18 months. [Toronto Star, 8-13-2013]

What IS this? Is freedom fever sweeping North America without giving me or any of my compatriots notice? If not, maybe situations like this will spark the truth and justice uprising we've been waiting for so very long, with every citizen making sure he knows at least the basics of law and rights.

I'd much rather it start in Dixie, but Toronto is in the "deep south" of Ontario province, after all.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Great Obama protest -- sick show of media corruption

It would be a shame if the bobby-soxers fronting the the new world order in things like this news show were ever to realize they're totally delusional, a danger to others and themselves.
Outrage over Outhouse Labeled 'Obama's Presidential Library'

It would be a crime for them ever to have an original thought.

Just think, they've lived their whole mindless lives "thinking" that the political correctness dished out to them in grade school is the real world, and nobody's ever told them any different.

Or maybe the only thoughts that have ever crossed their minds are "gee, newscasters are cool", and "this is easy. They tell me what to think and say, and wow, I'm gonna be the next Katie Couric!"

"Outrage" over outhouse labeled 'Obama's Presidential Library'? Where is there any outrage? Only in the heads of these brunette bimbos, that's where. They hope the mere use of the word "outrage" in the title will help stir some up, because that's what they were told in journalism school.

We're liberals," said the professors. "All we have to do is think a thing, and it becomes true".....


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brits must need some real problems

...because the British Broadcasting Corporation, for instance, can think of nothing more pressing to attend to than stirring up hate against one of America's most beloved cultural icons:
Why do people still fly the Confederate flag?

As always, this sermon from hell starts out pretending to explore the "issue" but soon leaves no doubt as to his agenda. The people this preacher from hell chooses to quote move from about half pro and half con to more and more tsk-tsking against the "insensitivity" of the C-flag's display. Before long he's jumping up and down screaming that the emblem representing our Southeastern region must be abandoned, renounced, stigmatized (in effect).

One more time: this "50%-50%" thing has never been the case in reality. We who love the C-flag have always predominated. That is to say there's no issue, and this nitwit fails as spectacularly as anybody to conjure one up.

We'll revisit this thing as many times as it takes to keep its reality in view. High priority.

..........Still entertaining any notions that the anti-Syrian warmongers have a point? WATCH THIS! Greenwald takes the whole case apart board-by-board in live debate with its proponents -- 23 minutes' worth:
"It's not safe to be a whistleblower in the US"

With such a performance, our hero simultaneously destroys the warmonger position, makes monkeys of the major players pushing it in real time as you watch, helps change the course of history, and bravely stands up as a target of murderous federal/NWO rage. Keep this column handy -- refer back to it if anything happens to him.

This one too:
Ongoing NSA work: Anti-journalism journalists, US/UK attacks on press freedom, and candidate Obama on non-authorized military attacks

.......Now for a dab of comic relief from the "weird news" category.
London skyscraper glare blamed for melting car parts


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Poison gas and weapons of mass deception

Our national life is dominated by poison gas. Yes, there's the kind that ruins water supplies for whole regions (e.g. by fracking) such that (in at least one case) you can set the water on fire coming out of the tap. And there's the kind that we all add to every time we drive a vehicle. But I'm thinking of the type that billows from the mouths of politicians, and the stuff that they at such times whine about -- you know. At present the accusation is leveled at Syrian President Assad.

It is claimed that "the holocaust" featured people being gassed to death en masse. On this basis "the holocaust" was raised to the level of the dominant feature in the Western world's existence. Because it's been used to scare multiple generations of ameriKans, for instance, all the politicians have to do is claim somebody's gassing people somewhere and that person becomes the HITLER OF THE MONTH, a subhuman scumbag requiring a hit from the ameriKan military.

Here's an article summing up a few of the ways in which the Hypocrisy Mecca on the Potomac, i.e. Washington, is guilty of gross duplicity and mendacity on the subject. It's actually one of the most important matters at hand today: if the USG lies to us about gassings abroad, is it to cover for their own right here? If so, what about our posturing as world savior? If so, what else are they lying to us about in other people and countries, in order to perpetrate themselves...... against you?
Government Killing of Civilians by Gas