Friday, January 29, 2016

More tax trickery in SC -- if we allow it! Thanks for nothing, NIKKI BABY

From: South Carolina Campaign for Liberty []
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2016 12:41 PM
Subject: No tax! No swap!

Campaign for Liberty
The fight started this week.

The bad news is the South Carolina Senate still wants more of your money and is fighting to raise your gas tax.

The good news is we can fix our roads without raising taxes!

With $1.2 billion found in new tax revenue, there is no need to raise taxes this year.

It's time to leave no doubt in your senator's mind. . .  we will accept NO tax increase.

Nor will we accept a tax swap.

A swap - pairing a hike with a cut in another tax - is one way the South Carolina Senate is scheming to get more money out of your pocket.

The problem is we always lose when politicians want to reduce one tax in exchange for raising another.

Please contact your state senator RIGHT AWAY and clear up any doubt.  Tell them you will accept neither a tax hike nor a tax swap!

You can find your senator and their contact information here:

You can simply say, No gas tax hike. No gas tax swap. Period!

They tried to pull a fast one last year.

Governor Haley proposed a reduction in income tax in exchange for a hike in the gas tax.

The problem?

The gas tax hike was to be phased in over three years. The income tax cut was to be phased in over ten years.

So please make it perfectly clear to your state senator:

>>> No tax hike

>>> No tax swap

The problem isn't just the long phase in time for the tax cut.

It's the funny political math they use to make the numbers work out.

Haley promoted the tax swap as "revenue neutral," and had some numbers to show that the tax cut was equal to the tax hike.

However, once the South Carolina Policy Council, a non-profit, non-partisan government watchdog, had a chance to review the math, the "Å“revenue neutral" tax swap turned out to be a joke.

You see, Haley was basing her total amount of taxes cut over the ten-year period on the idea that your income would grow 4.3% every year for the next 10 years.

I don't think base income levels in South Carolina have ever done that!

In fact, from 2008 to 2012 South Carolina incomes grew annually by less than 1%.

So please, contact your state senator and tell them both a tax hike and a tax swap are completely unacceptable!

You can find your senator and their contact information at this link:

Why would they go to all the trouble to swap the sources of their tax money if they weren't going to end up with MORE MONEY?

Plain and simple, you and I know they wouldn't.

They always get more money in a tax swap.

We won't fall for it anymore.

So make sure you tell your state senator loud and clear. Contact them today.

There is no time to waste. They are debating it now. It could pass any time if you and I remain silent.

Thanks for all you do!

In Liberty,

Talbert Black, Jr.
South Carolina Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The South Carolina Senate is debating a gas tax hike right now.  They are trying to get us to swallow this tax hike with a so-called swap for a tax cut elsewhere.  We always lose in a tax swap even though they claim it is "revenue neutral."  It never turns out that way.

Why would they go to all the trouble to swap the sources of their tax money if they weren't going to end up with MORE MONEY?

So please, contact your state senator and tell them you will not accept any tax hike, nor any tax swap.

You can find your senator and their contact information at this link:

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Federal scam department finds itself up against competition

Or as the government-embedded media put it.

New IRS Strategy May Make It Harder To Distinguish Tax Collectors From Scammers

The news here is (1) that the IRS is finally planning to actuate a strategy long-discussed but long-delayed: using collection agencies, and (2) the gullible will now be up against "normal" IRS and state Department of Revenue fraud, but private-sector thieves pretending to be the IRS as well.

I don't think you have to worry much about #1. The Great One used to say to watch out if the goons started contracting out the collection of "income taxes", but that was before the Greater Depression set in around 2008. This has done what 9/11 tried to but couldn't: "change everything". That includes the IRS' workings -- at least twice they've announced that cutbacks were necessary and "services" to "taxpayers" would be much slower moving.

NW translation: Fewer audits and conquests but also more people hanging in limbo for longer as their cases get jammed in the works. If this new plan succeeds any better than the IRS' other stratagems, I'll eat my hat.

As for #2, start alerting friends and family that not only the scammer scammers but the IRS scammers may be calling them now. Especially vulnerable are the very old and very young. My advice would be to tell any real or potentially fake IRS agent who calls that you insist all communication be in writing, or (failing that) in person.


Ex-communist countries lead the way in a whole nother direction

Having finally escaped the yoke of Bolshevism, Eastern Europe found itself ruined by decades of oppression and victimization. Western "democracies", for all their devotion to "democracy", have taken little notice of their existence and problems while spending trillions fixing what ain't broke in countries Israel hates and fears.

Ironically, the underground economy was a major feature of those mostly Slavic societies while they were still being stomped by the USSR -- and now their citizens are finding they must resort to it all over again as a matter of personal survival. Liberation from Soviet satellite-hood didn't, alas, mean conversion into a low-tax free-market economic life. Rapacious politicians and bureaucrats find their level everywhere, and these noble but hapless nations were ready marks for them.

You'll see the "value-added sales tax" (VAT) mentioned as a factor. This is a form of pure economic cannibalism. Note that the citizens are expected to pay both income taxes and a no doubt crushing VAT over there -- open, bald-faced double taxation on their right to earn a living! Take note, all ye "fair tax" dupes, getting a national sales tax DOES NOT mean losing the income tax.

The Glorious Underground Economies and How Folks are Learning to Survive and Thrive While P***ing Off Statists, Socialists and Tax Collectors

Do your patriotic duty today. Remind somebody (especially a young person) that communism once existed and ate most of Eurasia. 


Friday, January 8, 2016

The hubris is bottomless: IRS plans for "service cutbacks", latest version

IRS watchdog warns of scaled-back service in agency plans
WASHINGTON (AP) — The IRS is planning to push you to fire up the computer rather than calling for tax help, but the agency's in-house watchdog say that could freeze out millions of taxpayers or force them to pay for advice.
As part of a plan that would focus more on online accounts for the 150 million individual taxpayers and 11 million businesses seeking help and information, the IRS may soon dramatically scale back telephone and face-to-face service, National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson said in her annual report to Congress.
Olson said the IRS should be more open about its plans and that service cutbacks may cause an increasing number of people to turn to tax preparers and software such as TurboTax to file their returns.
That would increase tax compliance costs for millions of filers.
"Implicit in the plan — and explicit in internal discussion — is an intention on the part of the IRS to substantially reduce telephone and face-to-face interaction with taxpayers," Olson's report said. "The key unanswered question is by how much. ... It is incumbent upon the IRS to be much more specific about how much personal taxpayer assistance it expects to provide."
The IRS said Olson's report did not paint an accurate picture. It said taxpayers want new options to interact with the agency and that moving more communications online would free up resources for traditional services.
"The IRS remains fully committed to personal service to taxpayers, and the IRS believes increasing the availability of self-service interaction frees up in-person resources for taxpayers who truly need them, including those who are not comfortable online or don't have personal access to a computer," the statement said......

Now you have two sides of a strange new story -- the IRS' side and that of something National Taxpayer Advocate. It's good we have a translator for the IRS' doubletalk, because this time the blather is even more disconnected from reality than usual.  

Calling the IRS a "Service" was one of the greatest acts of hubris in modern history. For it to talk of itself as a source of actual service is vulgar beyond belief -- even offensive. Its purpose is only one thing, gougling the public and business for mostly unlawful "tax" payments to keep the evil global new world order going. In short, it's a hitman. Plumbers and shopkeepers have to give major blood every payday so Congressmen can live large in DC and drop bombs on wedding parties in countries too relatively small or weak to defend themselves. 

So the only "service" it offers is gangland -- you pay us the protection money or fill in this space with any complaints or problems. During the depression the IRS has helped cause, the space -- which started the size of a tooth -- has kept shrinking, to the point that you need a magnifying glass to see it. 

Remember the old wall poster parodying bureaucratic forms saying that type thing? The space was a tiny "check the box"-style one. Can't find an exemplar to share paste in, but baby boomers will remember them.

For the second or third time since the 2008 crash, IRS is warning that the only "service" it offers is newly failing and faltering. The Taxpayer Advocate among the real benefits brought by the Taxpayer Bills of Rights that have been legislated in response to citizens' demands for relief, and it is actually doing its job with these warnings. When the first such Bill was established I couldn't believe it was more than mere window dressing, but Dr. Clarkson used to refer to it as somewhat substantial. 

The Kafkaseque irony of this real picture is greater than any satire of it such as the movie Harry's War. Many people might call it "ridiculous", but it's outrageous -- shockingly bad. The news we want and deserve to hear is that the IRS is closing its doors. Who knows, it may be further down the pike! 

Dear God, let that be a positive portent only. 


Friday, January 1, 2016

The ordinary penny worth millions of dollars

You have heard me before on the matter of the so-called "penny sales tax" fad that's sweepng South Carolina and probably many other states. It's in the news afresh in a foul-smelling way:

Inside the Penny Tax: What Went Wrong?

Like any county, parish or borough, Richland County has a professional, functioning procurement department with rules, procedures and protocol governed by law that ensures fairness and transparency.

Unlike any county, parish or borough, when the penny sales tax passed in 2012 thanks to the most controversial, mismanaged elections in living memory, County Council wrote an ordinance – No. 039-12HR – giving it project award authority on its own and allowing it to create a separate, independent Professional Development Team (PDT) to run the billion-dollar project.

Now the focus of a SLED investigation and allegations of corruption, misappropriation and fraud thanks to a Department of Revenue audit, the PDT team has operated since its inception out of sight and out of mind, playing by its own rules and overseeing its own procurement outside existing channels and without requiring the approval of the county legal department, sources inside the county tell The Nerve.


Not only does the PDT operate outside the rules of the county government oversight, it operates literally outside the county building, in a separate location rented specifically for them, a snazzy brick building at 201 Arbor Lake Drive in the Fontaine Business Center well away from downtown.
According to the PDT contract, $560,878 was authorized as a “mobilization fee” to “locate, lease and set up office space” with a minimum of 20 individual offices to include...........

So the thing is implicated in some of the dirtiest politics out there -- in a county whose seat doubles as the state capitol city! Click the link to see one of the biggest, most mendacious images of the Lincoln head copper ever....... The most bizarre thing to me is that The Nerve, a project of the very hip South Carolina Policy Council, is going along with this "penny" nonsense.

It is NOT a penny tax. It is a SUBSTANTIAL HIKE if whatever tax already exists, by percentage! A true penny tax would only add one literal cent to the price of each unit of goods or services. If, say, the existing sales tax is 6%, adding a FURTHER PERCENT to the gouge is slightly over a SIXTEEN PERCENT surge in sales taxes -- 6 going into 100 about 16 times, in other words -- even if passed off as an accommodations tax.

God bless the Policy Council for the fantastic work it does exposing many levels of corruption. in the belly of the Palmetto beast. Anybody want to sav me the trouble of pointing out this anomaly to them?

Now this from SC's best "foreign" friend, Aaron Bolinger in rural Pennsylvania:

Tennessee and South Carolina Bills Would Open the Door to Armed Police Drones

Seems like a good time to write your state senator and representative. Don't know who they are? So easy to find out and a-c-t:

Find Your Legislators 

What a HISTORY our politicians have of terrorizing and terrifying the innocent!

Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Generals, Spooks, Soldiers and Police ADMIT to False Flag Terror

Wish the news were better! What have y'all done this year to make it so? Action reports always welcome. Have a happy, healthy 2016, all.