Friday, January 31, 2014

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: a new class of IRS scammers

I fear there's no end to ameriKans' gullibility. The IRS is a scam, its claims and prosecutions are frauds, people in prisons love scamming the IRS itself, and now...... taking a leaf from the very many people out there impersonating policemen, perhaps......
Scammers Look To Take Advantage Of Taxpayers By Posing As IRS Agents

ameriKa gets exactly the government, taxation, and fake-out phone calls it deserves for its refusal to put first things first. I hate to see it suffer, but the sheeple insist the would rather have it this way than do any original thinking or pay serious attention to anybody else's.

Stephen Hawking's books are immensely popular, partly because they deal with things happening billions of light years away or in vast swaths of time past or future. So much easier for the masses to take up than admitting what's going on right under our noses right now and dealing with it!

Happy April 15 in advance, everybody who wants to "pay their fair share."

Pardon my hedgehoggery.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chicago blacks: Just go away, Barack

"Patronage, cronyism, nepotism".... "he ain't never done anything for the community"
Chicago Grassroots React to State of the Union--Obama, The Big Let Down

Even those of you who disagree with me on a certain subject will enjoy this discussion thread:!?highlight=stink

Please add something to it.... Wow, this just in: BLACK PANTHER CONDEMNS OBAMA IN CONCERT WITH ALEX JONES, comparing Obie to Bush, Clinton and Bush! This guy even asks Obama apostrophically whether he's human:

In the second video of the series, Pinkney cites the Who song "Won't get fooled again" -- tragic irony since its audience has loved getting fooled and fooled and fooled since it was written.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Wes Pruden goes after Algore's lies and clowning. Yummy!

This writer's stuff makes you feel warm all over. It's short -- do enjoy and circulate it!
Up to our ears in Al Gore’s ‘climate change’ snake oil


New report on IRS crimes: "believe it or not, it’s a real page turner" contrast to the tax code itself and any mode of IRS instruction or regulation you come across.

"Specifically," it says, "the Office of the Chief Counsel admonished the IRS that it was not legally authorized to impose accuracy related penalties on certain taxpayers, and that the service should abate those penalties already imposed." Gee, I wonder how many tax prosecutions/persecutions that comment just canceled, retroactively over the past 50 years..... oh, the IRS isn't actually going to take its own lawyers' advice and change course on that issue!

The article is as tersely pungent as the report is supposed to be. Don't miss a word of it.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Town gets along fine with no government

....Paste from here to see which one -- yes, it's in the US!

There's no reason why government is needed for larger jurisdictions either if they're culturally homogeneous -- and contrary to everything the establishment force-feeds you, culturally homogeneous is exactly what what all viable societies have been through history. Read up on the pleasantly regimeless Doukhobors of East Europe and how they've been hounded from one country (and continent!) to another by freedom-hating central governments through the centuries.

Here's a book that explains it all, a totally unique volume that did much to make me the person I am today:

I used to order $200 worth of copies at a time from the author. When I first moved South to work with the PN in 1992, it was my lecture topic on the road with The Great One. 


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Who's scamming whom on Sandy Hook?

It would be wonderful news if the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Connecticut had never happened.

It would be bad news if this real event did in fact happen.

It would also be bad news, though, if it's only a tissue of lies and the public has been scammed again on a massive scale about an occurrence useful to the gun-grabbers in Congress and media.

But what if the incident did happen, and patriots are being conned by claims that it didn't?

You will have to be the judge of the superficially credible evidence at this link:
Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax

The problem is that the Establishment is positively known to stage any public psychodrama it thinks will fool most people and to work to further enslave and hoodwink them. It rigs and coordinates one such crisis after another.

The "mysterious sinking of the American battleship Maine in Havana harbor" in 1898 (Wikipedia) too conveniently got America dragged into war with Spain, and it has been exposed as a false flag event since. From that case to JFK, Oklahoma City, 9/11 and more, we have all the evidence we need that "our" government is buffaloing us in whatever direction it wants to that way.

So for Newtown to be entirely staged and rigged by the powers that be and promoted like a TV special by the media would be quite believable -- likewise, unfortunately, the ameriKan sheeple falling for it. But alas, it works the other way too: is the real snow job the claim that we have been snowed? Wouldn't be the first time.

The article and video linked above are from an online publication which has distinguished itself by posting numerous articles attacking political correctness where it is most urgently needed and least socially proper to do so. But like so many ostensibly great media phenomena, a sinister side of it has emerged: the editor was, from what I hear from normally reliable sources, caught in some falsifications. I'm convinced that such bait-and-switch operations are the stock in trade of our oppressors. It's how the emergence of Rush Windblab and "Michael Savage" were handled, for instance.(Both started as true patriots and morphed into neocon messiahs.)

The video at hand itself is so kitschy and un-journalistic I turned it off after a few minutes -- right at the point where the classical music track was beginning to drown out the narration (a fad among those reared by media stars as stand-in parents). Earlier there's a silly question about the killer coming in through a window and having to get around some furniture by it, which in the picture doesn't appear a problem at all.

The whole thing is co-produced by one Sonia Smallstorm. For my money this must be a made-up name, oddly parallel to that of a popular journalist whose work I find suspicious -- Lasha Darkmoon. There are crumbs of evidence the latter is a real surname online, but they don't add up to much, and Whitepages finds nobody bearing the name Darkmoon in New York. Normally that means a name's made up, as the Empire State has a population of 20 million from all over the world.

Darkmoon's name isn't why I suspect her work, and I have nothing against pseudonyms and noms de guerre. But a strange pattern is a strange pattern, and this one is shared -- in my opinion -- by a definitely fake prophet, Jordan Maxwell (reportedly not his real name).

Others whose stuff I instantly flush down include Sorcha Faal and Porter Stansberry. Sometimes informative but often highly suspect are David Icke, Whitley Strieber and Jerome Corsi. I swear Strieber was Streiber for many years; Wikipedia seems confused on the subject.

The conspiratorial designs of the ruling political mafia are literally endlessly complex. It's not for nothing that its most august architectural designs are saturated with evil, pagan, even devilish themes, symbols and personations. The great Texe Marrs has a book on it -- Mysterious Monuments, crammed with photographic proof of this. If you think the Establishment would go so far as to contrive a mass shooting of little schoolkids to scare ameriKans further away from full gun rights and then stage a false debunking operation just to snooker the patriot movement, in my studied opinion you're way ahead of most people in common sense and perception. 


Friday, January 17, 2014

An irony mine in South Dakota

What is one to think of this?
Moguls Rent South Dakota Addresses to Shelter Wealth Forever

That depends on whether you're (a) a rapacious, Constitution-shredding bureaucrat, (b) a member of a "one percent" family looking to make sure the rich keep getting richer or (c) an average American. Maybe it's a good time to review this fascinating documentary
The One Percent

But get your barf bag -- you're going to witness Bill Gates Sr. and other somebodies calling for a big estate tax, their idea of solving the problem of plutocrat greed. "Giving power and money to politicians is like giving teenage boys liquor and car keys".... 


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Communist Wikipedia -- useful against communism! IRS scams

The main all-purpose online encyclopedia was founded to further cultural communism and to sucker  people ever further into political correctness (same thing). On millions of subjects it's just fine -- a godsend. But on anything that can be slanted toward PC, they do it.

This article is a good example of such schizophrenia -- it professes to give a definitive treatment of a very major, very current subject, but barely scratches the surface compared to the full scope of this type of IRS persecution of innocent Americans:
List of Internal Revenue Service political profiling controversies

Note that pezidents of both parties are prone to this Soviet-style criminality. I didn't know Bush went after the NAACP -- !? Where is that drunk, drugged warmongering traitor when we need him?

Now isn't this hot stuff:

“My father,” Elliott Roosevelt observed of his famous parent, “may have been the originator of the concept of employing the IRS as a weapon of political retribution.”[

What a pioneer that man was! Dragged us kicking and screaming into a war that was none of our business, set up numerous high-dollar government programs that got today's Big Brother welfare state going, and sent IRS jackals after people who dared to speak out against it all? What a great, iconic American, uh-huh!

Contrast the above link with Wiki's article on Donald Duck --

Eleven thousand words on the page including seventy-four footnotes! That should tell us something about the site's priorities, true, but also about our society's. Not good, my friends!

If I sound extreme, I'm merely voicing the true, original conservative worldview of the Founding Fathers and Mothers. The "progressive" must forgive my monotonous cleaving to principle as all else around us goes to the highest bidder.

On a more positive note, here's that law from 42 U.S. Code banning Obamasnare enforcement once again:
No individual, company, business, nonprofit entity, or health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage shall be required to participate in any Federal health insurance program created under this Act (or any amendments made by this Act), or in any Federal health insurance program expanded by this Act (or any such amendments), and there shall be no penalty or fine imposed upon any such issuer for choosing not to participate in such programs.  


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hope you didn't miss this

....during the great Antarctic freeze-out!  /\/.
Third icebreaker abandons rescue of climate scientists boat in Antarctica, media fog, obscure, don’t say “climate”

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nobody can be forced to buy into ObamaSnare. Note the source!
42 U.S. Code

No individual, company, business, nonprofit entity, or health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage shall be required to participate in any Federal health insurance program created under this Act (or any amendments made by this Act), or in any Federal health insurance program expanded by this Act (or any such amendments), and there shall be no penalty or fine imposed upon any such issuer for choosing not to participate in such programs.

So much for the raceless, colorblind society

....that liberals claim to want. Politicians of both parties work around the clock to harrass and dispossess one race of people, which happens to be my own.

Are you among those that feel marvelous confidence inside that now we've got our First Black President, ameriKa has sufficiently atoned for its "racist" sins (real or imagined) and monumentally shown the world that we're "not racist"? Do you live from day to day secure in the knowledge that a new era has dawned in which decent people need no longer concern themselves with icky-poo racial matters -- that insofar as they exist, they're somebody else's problem?

Don't be too sure:

The Obama regime has launched a full fledged Zimbabwe style land grab in Wyoming
The town of Riverton was founded in 1905. Today the town has 10,600 people. About 80% are white and only 10% are American Indian.
The Obama regime just declared that the town will be removed from the state of Wyoming and given to the Wind River Indian Reservation. This is deliberately setting the state for the complete disintegration of the town.
The Wind River Indian reservation is not hurting for living space. It only has 23,237 residents who enjoy 3,473 square miles. This is almost an entire square mile for every six residents of the Indian reservation.
The acquisition of the town with increase the population by 46% while dramatically lowering the overall percentage of actual American Indians.
Based on public information, only 11,914 of the reservations 23,237 residents are even a member of the two tribes that share the reservation. This means much of the rest are already non-Indians. The acquisition of Riverton could actually make the reservation less than half American Indian!
In reality, the white residents will be squeezed out. According to the Obama run EPA, DOJ, and DOI, the State of Wyoming will no longer be under any obligation to provide services to the town. The town will be at the mercy of the tribal authorities and the tribal police. The Indian reservation will be under no obligation to even recognize the deeds held by residents of Riverton.

I personally have always enjoyed the notion that Wyoming, as one of the least populated and least diverse states, might be free of a lot of the social strife and race conflict bedeviling an Atlanta or New York City. Nothing against nonwhites -- it's just the way statistics fall out in the real world.

Seems the Cowboy State has fired the First Black President's imagination!

Checking the list of state nicknames just now (I confess I don't know them all) I was overjoyed to see Wyoming is also called the Equality State, too, by someone. Isn't that delightful? I dare hope it was our respected President's idea.

Friday, January 10, 2014

It's no sacred cows with Larken Rose, with a caveat

Less hope that formerly, but a critically important commentary:
100 years of a fraudulent tax system

Rose, you see, is voicing the frustration any truth advocate comes up against: the public's apathy toward truth, no matter how important. You may have banged your head against the wall at a particular major juncture in your saga as an advocate, or maybe you smite your brow anew every day over the sheeple's seemingly endless tolerance for vampirization by our public servants. As you see, you're by no means alone!

The objective should be to pick yourself up and get back in the fight. We can rest assured Larken Rose does so every time, and give thanks for his brilliant activist rhetoric, including fantastic helpings of sarcasm, irony and mockery -- the three things the authorities most hate and fear the thought of receiving from us! His comments on the tax fight are superb enough, but for it to have this dimension too? I though only gliberals were allowed to fight the war of words to win!?!?.... 

Once you've seen this video, I suspect no warning is necessary about attempting to reanimate his particular tax freedom strategy -- the "861 argument". But I feel obliged to add that it is indeed going to bring nobody to any good. Sure, it might be 100% valid in itself, but for techniques and strategies that actually work in court, don't ever do anything but call PN headquarters.

Isn't it refreshing to come into contact (e.g. through this video) with a man of such convictions, such consistency, and such contempt of danger to himself? We'd have to say Rose is almost Clarksonian in that respect. The Great One despised the 861 argument for what it had done to patriots, but he would deeply appreciate its advocates' dedication to tax truth as they know it.

In a society where 99.99% of people drink and wash in fluoridated water, moral oomph slowly wastes down to nothing, the people down to mere robots with no mental or moral moxie worth mentioning whatsoever. I just thought you might enjoy a few minutes with a brilliant freedom warrior who's still quite animated and dynamic re The Problem. Send more!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

COINTELPRO -- there's that word again

In the 1960s they sent the FBI after the "new left" for its crime of opposing a war that had already cost FORTY THOUSAND American lives and showed no signs of stopping. From previous posts here you know how they came after the Patriot Network in turn -- twice -- and totally failed to bust it up. Out of the clear blue, a killer news segment on how eight citizens brought off a mini-Watergate on the power that be in the early 1970s:
Burglars Who Took On F.B.I. Abandon Shadows

What's amazing and beautiful is the gusto with which the media took up the story when it originally broke. As the burglar team was faced with do-or-die moments the night they did it, the media were in the position of publishing or not publishing the damning FBI files that were mailed to them -- and publish they did, in the case of the Washington Post right on page one.

Thus it's a long, long-running thing that the fedgov has been literally, clinically paranoid about its own citizens for close to half a century -- or is it its entire lifetime, by chance? In the original COINTELPRO period it was, as said, "the new left" they hated, feared and surveilled the most. At the time, the crazy irony is that conservatives were all for the Vietnam War and ending it was considered a lunatic-fringe obsession.

Nowadays the left is the federal government regardless of which party or Pezident is in power. And it famously considers the big ol' mean ol' TEA PARTY the main threat to public well-being. So do the media that defied the fedgov so terrifically back then! The Tea Party is a toothless tiger, a shadow of its former self insofar it still exists at all.

Accordingly, the government-media absolutely despises and loathes the real right, those whose politics mirror the Founders' era and the paleo-conservative worldview that healthily prevailed half a century ago and before. This is a totally ridiculous farce in which the federals lead lower governments in anathematizing anybody who properly exposes their crimes, killing some to make an example of them.

The extreme left still exists. From the Dummacrat Party to the Earth Liberation Front, it is committing mayhem affecting most of the population, frantically attempting to lure it into "liberal" fantasy land. It has a positively gargantuan size and scope today but an absolutely freakish set of priorities.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Adding Afghanistan -- among other places -- to the 57 states

Now, how did one manage to smell a rat as soon as it was floated that our glorious, impeccable militaries would be leaving Afghanistan?

There's an old joke.... Q: How do you know when a politician is lying? A: When his lips are moving. Why does it so universally get a good laugh? Because of how true it is!

ameriKa is an EMPIRE. Get used to the fact, but never, never get used to the reality of it. This MUST not stand.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Other countries know what value is: gold in Asia

SilverDoctors! An intriguing name and concept. Maybe benign and sagacious in the sense of "doctors of the church" -- Sts. Augustine and Jerome, etc. rather than the subversive and sickening "Dr." Kissinger, Dr. Spock, Dr. John Dee et al.

And what a piquant article:

America is supposedly the country that has brought civilization to even the darkest corners of the earth, what with our electric lights, Methodist missionaries et al.... but we're also the country that seized the gold holdings of its citizens once, and is spoiling for an opportunity to repeat the dismal debacle that resulted. But look what common sense these Chinese have -- we are the ones that crowd dirty, degraded 42nd Street each New Year's Eve (with millions nationwide watching it on TV, while in the People's Republic, people take the occasion to stock up on real money.

We live for pleasure, the moment, and momentary pleasure -- they look ahead to the future. Could they be blamed for looking down at spoiled, sybaritic Westerners as the fools we often are?

I'm just askin.'


Thursday, January 2, 2014

New stats: vicious, cannibalistic fedgov drives taxpayers away

You never used to hear about ameriKans moving out of the country in any numbers, and when you did it was for residence abroad, not citizenship. The idea of renouncing your ameriKan birthright were as remote as the notion that Hillarycare would ever actually pass into law.

Times have changed -- and changed all of the above factors. We've got Hillarycare -- properly termed Gingrichcare but known today as Obamacare. And the number of people leaving the country grows dramatically each ear, whether by the 1/3 in the past term or the 50% of the term before that. Lots more are renouncing citizenship as a last-ditch effort to cure the cancer of US fedgov surveillance and predation.

Yes, it's a surveillance state bizarrely beyond anybody's 20th-century nightmares, which greatly exacerbates Washington's ability to hit people for grotesque amounts of taxes, penalties, fines, and the forfeit of their most basic rights. You know all that's going on here, but until you try to escape it beyond ameriKan shores, you have no idea of the extent of it.
Amid IRS Abuse, Record Number of Americans Give Up U.S. Citizenship

The Glorious ameriKan Multicultural Empire has destroyed financial privacy and freedom, at home and abroad. The extent of its foreign devastations in this regard is staggering. Not only does it ruin ameriKan lives but it has destroyed basic, long-established standards of financial well-being in the name of "saving" us from "terrorism" and its frequent component "money laundering."

Money laundering and terrorism do happen, but not on one tenth the scale of this vampire superstructure set up supposedly to combat it. You don't have to have a degree in civics to see it's like going after a mosquito with an elephant gun; you don't have to have read Orwell's 1984 to see that it's really all about killing freedom and happiness..... yours, mine and even rich people's."W" Bush lied about the WMDs; every patriot and Constitutionalist knew it. He simply changed the reasons for that war, even joking about it in a tuxedoed monologue, and we're stuck with that foreign aggression forever. This is defense?

The article cites the case of an interestingly-named Mrs. Freeborn. (Cf. the late, great patriot legal strategist Howard L. Freeman.) An America who has lived long in Canada, she faced such literally communist demands on her family's bookkeeping she simply became a Canadian. So far this seems to kill the tumor, but how long till Washington strongarms Canada et al to extradite people like her so they can be thrown into the gulag for resisting the loving embraces of the US welfare-warfare state?

It may sound simple to change your citizenship, but it means you can never again spend more than 6 months per year in your native land without becoming a TAXPAYER here again! 

I considered leaving the country too, of course. There were two main problems with it:

(1) since I'm not a multimillionaire, my life in the "affordable" countries would be grossly less exciting than those who are. The palm-shaded beaches and quaint local markets featured in promotional brochures and magazines are strictly for the super-rich. I didn't even see anything like those sights in Panama or Costa Rica -- whew, far from it! Ever been to Bayonne?
(2) I realized that because of several centuries of "ugly American" behavior in those places, they hate ameriKans -- and I generally don't go where I'm not wanted.

The "first world" countries are unaffordable, and virtually all are vastly too hot or cold -- Canada, Europe, Malaysia. Australia is still a wonderful place, but it's trashing its blessings as fast as it can, starting with its border policies and gun rights.

Please note in the article that ameriKa is the only first-world country vampirizing its own people for the "crime" of wanting to escape its grasp. Where have we heard of this before? Oh yes, the communist countries -- USSR, China, North Korea et al. East Germany. Those satanic regimes were so convinced of their own perfection they killed or jailed anybody wanting to leave. Is ameriKa building its own financial Berlin Wall -- will guns be the next sex toys it applies to its love objects?

What a total disgrace on this country that we are treating other countries this way! By a supreme poetic irony, some of our officials themselves can't go to certain countries for fear of arrest for their war crimes. How much more uglier and nightmarish will it get? Most of the sheeple go blithely about their lives totally ignorant of any of this -- nor would millions care if they know. Sick, sick, sick.

The Almighty Fedgov's excuse would be that times are hard and it needs the money. But what have they done with the endless trillions they've had to play with for the past half-century?

Well, does your life get happier and richer each year, or the opposite? Regardless of which political party or Pezident is in power, now.

Your answer is an important clue.