Tuesday, May 6, 2008

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The Double Trouble of Taxation
" Tax policy in this country hurts taxpayers twice – once when they pay taxes, and then when the government spends the money. Americans are sick and tired of the financial burden and the endless forms to fill out. To add insult to injury, after collecting this money the government does some very detrimental things to the economy" Ron Paul
full article: http://www.house.gov/paul/tst/tst2008/tst042008.htm

Big "mainstream" politician calls for death of IR Code
I got a spam from former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey calling for a very modest flat tax as replacement for the staggering bureaucracy presently harassing working people. We are not of course interested in scaling back, modifying, replacing, or otherwise MONKEYING WITH the income tax on wages, but on ABOLISHING the monstrosity. But such a mailer maybe a barometer of the times. It began:
Tax Day Update: A Day of Wasting and Losing Billions of Dollars
Dear Nelson,
Today is the day that Americans are reminded of the confiscatory and confusing nature of our Byzantine tax code. Even the IRS and Congress can’t answer some of the questions citizens have about how to pay for the government through taxes. I have outlined three principles of what a tax code should look like.........
try the Senator's "Flat Tax calculator": http://www.cse.org/flattax/index.php

Candidate tells crowds at Tax Day rally the money we earn should be our own

Renegade Clemson prof "sues 'em all"
A year or two ago we had the privilege of hearing a talk exposing 9/11 lies by Dr. Judy Wood at the Fountain Inn Patriot Network group. She had just distinguished herself by speaking out publicly against the federal 9/11 conspiracy and been fired as a result. A liberal of considerable intelligence and charm, Dr. Wood gave a slide lecture on various aspects of the fraud drawing on her own scientific expertise.
Now the lady is suing a number of pertinent scientific experts to come forth and tell the world that 9/11 could not possibly have happened the way the media allege:
This is especially interesting to us, not only because Dr. Clarkson is a distinguished Clemson alumnus but because Dr. Wood is suing no a qui tam basis. Qui tam litigation holds great power for patriots against rogue power; Dr. Clarkson sued the Clintons on this basis.
Surely Dr. Wood's crusade makes her the second-most noteworthy freedom warrior to come out of CU in its 119 years.
further reading: http://www.quitam.com/

The PN's colleague Bob Schulz Could Begin Hunger Strike Aug. 11th

IRS Collects More in 2007
By JIM ABRAMS (Associated Press Writer)
"But the report, made public Monday, also said the gap between enforcement revenues - through collections and audits - and money owed continued to grow...... between 2001 and 2007 the IRS removed some 7.6 million accounts with balance-due amounts totaling $31.2 billion from its collection function inventory. These cases were deemed potentially less productive and might never be worked. "

No rice shortage -- of course!
The Augusta Chronicle
Saturday, April 26, 2008
Editorial Roundup Page 9/A
Quote from an article out of Scripps Howard News Service:
"But here's the catch. There is no shortage of rice--not here, anyway. David Coia, the spokesman for the growers' group USA Rice Federation, has told every news organization that's asked, 'There is no rice shortage in the U.S.'

Shots fired as 3 robbed near Peace Center, police say -- INCLUDING AN FBI AGENT
[the man who sent this item comments: "don't you think the FBI may have intended this confrontation?"]

Flimsy Graham totally undone by simple questions from audience
via email, unedited

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From: JACKEBBA@aol.com
Date: 4/7/2008 9:23:56 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:,

Today, Lindsey Graham spoke at the Republican Monday Lunch. He talked for over 15 minutes aligning himself with Bush and McCain on the Iraq War. He gave the speech saying we should fear the Democratic candidiates but he doesn't realize most Americans won't fall for his tactics of fear.He said he would take questions. I was able to get the second question to him. I asked him why should we vote for him when he aligns himself with Liberals accepting an Award from LaRaza, a far leftist organization that represents "illegal aliens" and amnesty along with his recent F's in immigration in Congress and why did he referred to us as "bigots" when he accepted the award.
His face got red, he picked up a program trying to cover his face, and immediately went on the attack saying he was with Pres. Bush and McCain on the comprehensive immigration bill. He started walking/pacing around the room to get away from the question and talked about how the Hispanics accounted for 40% of the votes for Bush and we need them. One of the reasons he gave that we need them was the Americans are having less children and the Hispanics are having babies that will be able to support the Social Security checks for the audience. His statement shows he is really stupid and not aware that the majority of us are against "illegal immigration". He never acknowledged "illegal immigration" instead referring to immigration.
I had also question his vote on the Guestworker VISA's asking how he could vote for them when Americans are out of work. His comment on this was this was the first time a Republican had questioned the low unemployment rate. So basically, he went on saying we do not have enough workers to fill the jobs. He even menton Saluda saying they cannot get American workers to work for $12 an hour so they need outside help. Of course, he didn't say they were illegal workers.
Another item he mentioned that you can go to the Jockey Lot in Anderson and buy fake ID's in any name. He even said we could all get them with the name of Ronald Reagan. Can you imagine the audience wondering why he would say that, it only made him look like he hasn't been doing his job to protect our State.
He never answered the bigot question so a member of our group asked him again why he referred to people as "bigots"? That got him really mad so he was forced to say first he never said that, then saying he was referring to those groups in Lauren, S.C. He said he had to leave but took one more question about unfunded mandates. He didn't really give a good answer but then he mentioned he wants all of us to get a picture ID on SSN's to stop fraud. He is a perfect example of someone who needs to be replaced as our Senator.
He made many other stupid comments. When he left, only 3 or 4 men stood up to applaud him. The others gave a weak applause to be polite.
Let's all work hard to get him out of office. He said he could have another 40 years like Strom Thurmond in the Senate and next year he could marry a young woman, referring to Strom's young wife. Go to his meeting and make him answer questions!!! Ebba