Saturday, April 30, 2011

A daring site featured; Trump the new Ross Perot?

How about a tour of today's news links at Don't be shocked but the site mainly exists to chronicle the war against people and nations of European origin. They/we are under serious attack although most people of the above description would laugh such a notion off – but most people are famously not living in the real world.

The original “face on Mars” was spotted by the Viking spacecraft in 1976. Romanticists (like me) and realists have been arguing ever since over its degree of reality.

Now a second face has come to the attention of Mars-gazers – a profile:

Would I be the first to note its at least superficial similarity to this no less mysterious but very real formation?

I could have sworn it was called the Mountain Guardian? I love that kind of stuff partly for its socio-political impact. It reminds us beautifully that with all our halls of power and techno-wizardry, we could merely be among the brighter species of germ out there compared to other beings beyond our ken.

.........Here's a great story for showing the different cultures of the wide, wonderful world we live in. As you read, please envision how rich and exciting your, yes your, life could be if you hadn't been born in boring old white-bread America (warning, graphic description of sickening acts):

...........In the other blog you hear me mention quite often are threads on nice and intelligent things found in nature's realm. I confess I just love many such stories – and there's no time like the present for sharing one, what with the dirty political goings-on we have to put up with day after day:

.........A major phenomenon of our time is how the politicians refuse to study much less learn from history, even recent history. Here they come again, dragging the poor Amish into the Supreme Soviet kangaroo court:

Will somebody in greater DC please drop by the so-called justice department and remind it that these gentle folk have nerves of steel, and every time the Beast has attempted to forcibly annex them into decadent “mainstream” society with its invidious “drivers licenses”, “income taxes” et al, it's only proven a huge embarrassment to the fedgov?

.......Can't lay my hands on it just now, but FP reported today that the producers of Atlas Shrugged are in fact not giving up the fight for their (and her) version of free-market principles yet – they're hoping again that conditions will favor production of two sequels!

........Did we share the last John Stossel interview with Ron Paul? I think it was before this blog's time. What I noted elsewhere was that Stossel, a rare real-worlder among top media mavens, seemed to playing devil's advocate a little too convincingly at that time. Not this time, however! Enjoy and please redeploy:

.........A member of my church sent a Youtube video of Donald Trump addressing a crowd profanely with the insufferable Bill “Shill” O'Reilly commenting. This same night I received Brasscheck's video of the day – the same thing but thankfully without “Shill” anywhere near it. Ever the crusader for good people to be in touch with good materials, I wrote back:

Enjoyed that --thanks!

You might enjoy subscribing to the daily email link from these people.

I fail to see why they hype this particular one so, but normally their stuff is very intense and terrifically varied.

The behavior of the crowd in this footage does show, I fear, that the stupidiots across the fruited plain are indeed ready to swallow the next Ross P. Rott figure hook, line and sinker. Hey, what do you want to bet that's why he's doing this -- to throw the GOP race at the last minute so the Dummacrats can keep the white house?

Just now hearing the last minute of the video -- my, the audience LOOOOVES that F-word best of all!


Friday, April 29, 2011

The royal wedding: an enchanted and jaundiced view

The great hubbub has come around again like Halley's Comet: as Charles and Di were married 31 years ago to international fanfare and acclaim – resulting in near-perfect nuptials in one of the world's most awe-inspiring churches – their boy Wills tied the knot today with his lovely and way-cool Kate as an alleged two billion people looking on worldwide.

What should your stand be as a conservative American Constitutionalist, maybe a Reformed theology fanatic, a conspiracy “theorist” long-hardened in the direction of skepticism toward most of what the masses adore?

Just a few thoughts below – skip whichever batch is liable to damage your own view of the event the least.

Cons: The whole thing is a glittering illusion. The masses are giddy with glee over it, camping out for DAYS on the procession route, wearing idiotic hats and masks, some probably drinking like fish. Why do they love it? Because it shows TRADITION is alive, things are done just as they would have been 100 years ago, etc.... but tell me, what do you think the Britishers of that century ago would have thought of these revelers' behaviour?

Hopefully the pair's love is real and when it comes to the royal fishbowl thing, they've got the “quiet, brave endurance” the old hymn mandates with other things in mind. But as we saw 10 to 20 years ago, the family is actually “The Firm.” One of its goals is to make as much money as humanly possible, and strangely, it is in love with political correctness or at least professes to be so in order to appear “with it” to their fellow “elite” types. In short, it's a terrible thing to do to a young person, ushering them into such a strange, privacy-proof, famously dysfunctional situation. The Windsors (real name Battenberg) drove the stylish and ostensibly carefree Lady Die to divorce, misery and extinction... and by their devotion to liberally-defined “diversity” and “tolerance”, the royals have signed their own act's death warrants: giving the top national honors to Beatles, Stones and other culture destroyers sends a dead wrong message to the youth of not only Britain but the entire world – one which could be summed up as “dismantle civilization – smoke dope – neckties and uniforms cause all the trouble in the world -- follow fads, memes, trends and all else will follow”.

Pros: Somehow (I believe in miracles) this ermine-bedecked “Addams family” has managed to produce a son who, though he may never have had an original thought, seems normal and healthy in every way insofar as one can being from the gilded halls of royal lucre and glory. And he's wooed and won a girl who seems genuinely charming and down-to-earth in every way possible within a royal-friendly context. The service was a celebration of everything the European peoples once imagined themselves to be, and should: her father gave her away, only classical church music was played, all attire, vows and decorum were totally traditional aside from some odd updatings of the familiar liturgical text. The only nod to “diversity” I could see (via the admittedly abridged 8:00 PM rerun) was the startling presence of the unthinkable rock star “Elton John” and his “wife” or “husband” or whatever you'd call him.

In short, for an event like this to take place after the Windsors have revealed themselves to be such rogues, rakes and monsters, is something inspiring whether you regard it as a symbol of past glories/present delusions or the wonderful things it professes to be.

….........A popular Southern city has made a negative poll:

Report: Charlotte Among Most Polluted Cities

Normally when you see a poll of states or regions, Dixie wins overall, but not necessarily in this kind of them. In fact, if this study is any indication, the Carolinas at least are environmentally abysmal: SC gets many Fs, NC is almost solidly rated F.

I will say that the air sometimes stinks in Anderson for no apparent reason -- perhaps because someone's burning trash. Why people burn trash is a mystery, but I've seen and smelt lowlifes doing it in both Anderson and Greenville. I have heard that SC is one of the most polluted states of the 50 overall.

Easily 10 years ago our compatriot Rebekah Sutherland was working at Savannah River Site and trying to draw public attention to the fact that it had 37 million gallons of radioactive water stored on the premises – unsafely, just nine feet above an aquifer that feeds a huge multistate area. SC is part of a tornado alley as well. But I've racked up polls in SHNV over and over showing the statistical good side of Dixie and relished doing so.

........Anybody but me subscribe to Groupon? It will email you a coupon every day for some good-sounding restaurant, lawn service, etc. You know me, I just tried Groupon's “about” and “FAQ” links, and boy, are they different:

Trying to hide a liberal thrust, or trying to feign one?

............More from the comedians, now – prophets for a secular age, often right-on but surprisingly acidulous toward birthers, their present bellwether, "The Donald", and conspiracy "theorists" at large. Some of them you'll simply have to explain to me:

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

• The good news is, President Obama was born in America. The bad news is, so was Donald Trump.

• It’s the 75th anniversary of the introduction of Social Security checks. For the younger viewers who don’t know what a Social Security check is, you’ll never see one in your lifetime, so don’t worry about it.

• The man who invented the teleprompter has died at the age of 91. When President Obama heard the news, he was speechless.

• The price of coffee has hit a 34-year high. Except at Starbucks, where coffee has always been at a 34-year high.


Late Show With David Letterman

• Katie Couric has announced that she’s leaving CBS. Insiders think she may have been involved in dog-fighting.

• Don’t worry about Katie. She’s the new voice of the Aflac duck.

• Lindsay Lohan is going to jail for 120 days. But don’t worry, because the Taliban guys are already digging her a tunnel.

• Fifty percent of Americans think Donald Trump would make a terrible president. The other 50 percent think he would make an awful president.


Late Show Top Ten

Top Ten Surprises On Barack Obama's Birth Certificate

10. Was born at a luau

9. Parents crossed out original choice for first name, "Gary"

8. Is a triplet, born with sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Obama

7. Also released as an audiobook read by John Lithgow

6. It's covered in poi stains

5. Claims he's a baby when Obama is clearly an adult — It's a forgery!

4. Under "Conspiracy?” They checked "No"

3. Document notarized by Magnum P.I.

2. Note reads "To be released only at the request of crazy-haired blowhard billionaires"

1. Fine print at bottom: Not an actual birth certificate


Jimmy Kimmel Live!

• President Obama finally showed his birth certificate, and it turns out he was born in Hawaii, of all places.

• I’m surprised Donald Trump isn’t investigating whether Hawaii is an official state. A lot of vowels over there and not enough consonants.

• The royal wedding had a minor hiccup when they realized another couple had Westminster Abbey booked for the same weekend, so the royals have to be out of there by 2:00.

• Sony revealed that their PlayStation network had been hacked and that personal account information of their users was compromised. Isn’t hacking into PlayStation against the nerd code of ethics?


Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

• President Obama released his birth certificate today, proving once and for all that he was born in the United States. Yep, the certificate clearly shows that he was born on the all-American street of Kalanianaole Highway at the Kapiolani Hospital in Oahu.

• Donald Trump said he still wants to look more closely at Obama’s birth certificate to make sure that it’s real. Incidentally, President Obama said the same exact thing about Donald Trump’s hair.

• There’s a new play in New York City about the life of Lindsay Lohan. The actress who played Lindsay totally stole the show — plus a gold necklace, three rings, and a bracelet.

• I heard that Britney Spears is banning cookie dough ice cream and alcohol from her new tour. Or as Britney told her kids, “Breakfast is canceled, y’all!”


Thursday, April 28, 2011

The crucially important and sinfully neglected cultural front

Ziggy strikes again – the little terrorist!

I wrote the sender: That is great! Ziggy has been very politically astute over and over, maybe 1/5 of all his appearances. Sad that more of our kind don't recognize and maximize such a high-profile talent. THANKS /\/

Threads on cartoon power on “my” main discussion forum:

I went to look Ziggy up in Wikipedia.

At first my hasty fingers accidentally made the wrong choice from the autocomplete list and I got the repellent song Ziggy Stardust by the vile, despicable, talentless anti-musician David Bowie. This opened up a Pandora's box on how vile and despicable culture has become throughout ex-Christendom. Chaining related Wikip articles as far as I could stand to take it:

"Ziggy Stardust" is a song written by David Bowie in 1972 for the album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. The name Stardust was inspired by the Legendary Stardust Cowboy.

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy (born Norman Carl Odam on September 5, 1947, in Lubbock, Texas[1]) is a rock and roll performer who invented an early example of the genre that came to be known as psychobilly in the 1960s.

Psychobilly is a fusion genre of rock music that mixes elements of punk rock, rockabilly, and other genres. It is one of several subgenres of rockabilly which also include thrashabilly, trashabilly, punkabilly, surfabilly and gothabilly.[1] Psychobilly is often characterized by lyrical references to science fiction, horror and exploitation films, violence, lurid sexuality, and other topics generally considered taboo, though often presented in a comedic or tongue-in-cheek fashion. It is often played with an upright double bass instead of the electric bass more common in modern rock music. Psychobilly gained underground popularity in Europe beginning in the early 1980s, but remained largely unknown in the United States until the late 1990s.[2][3] Since then the advent of several notable psychobilly bands has led to its mainstream popularity and attracted international attention to the genre.

Thrashabilly? TRASHABILLY? Psychobilly? This is almost as damning against ameriKa as the experience of reading movie summaries in newspaper TV pages – almost every one of them is about something sickeningly sordid or lurid. Apparently I'm the one of the few that peers these cultural thermometers and barometers. Preachers certainly don't. To them, culture is simply part of the landscape, no more morally charged than volcanoes or waterfalls.

This strange item strangely popped up today too, when it finally occurred to me to check a site that helped get the truth revolution going over 20 years ago but is now all but forgotten, yet still at its post:

Superman Renounces US Citizenship

…........The “birther issue” made some more good noise today. Don't worry, I'll tell you exactly what to think: sure it could be a theatrical maneuver, but since everything is so volatile today it could end up doing Obumr a lot of good damage. Please remember that one of the main exposers this time around did his leaking on the Political Cesspool radio show, which is produced by kind of people (my very subjective description, nobody else's).

….........Speaking of our kind getting heard big time, how about this fantastic news? DON'T miss this video!!

Nick Griffin Leaves Climate Change Eurocrats Speechless

Posted by EU Times on Apr 23rd, 2011 // 1 Comment

….......You've heard about Habitat for Humanity, the do-gooder program that helps po- folks get a free or cheap new house from which to deal meth. It's every church's free ticket to a soothed conscience where “addressing the culture” and “helping the underprivileged” is concerned. Here they are taking their folly to Haiti, which will never prosper or thrive under conditions prevailing since the French Revoluton reached the ill-fated island 200+ years ago:

Habitat has 'bold goal' to help Haitian families

Coincidentally, both that and the following appeared spinning of altruistic wheels appeared on the same page of the Anderson SC daily fishwrap:'

I really don't want to sound jaundiced or cynical.... but the way the good people go about their business in this world is so misguided you wonder if there's any hope sometimes. (Besides, I'm HOOKED on mocking do-gooders. Come with me to the free lunch counter someday soon!)

…........Did you catch this email blast?

From: "Grassfire Nation" <>


Subject: Fiscal conservatives called "our Al Qaeda terrorists"

Grassfire Nation Update

If you are concerned about runaway government spending and never-ending deficits, then former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill says you are America's "version of Al Qaeda terrorists."

Here's the full quote:

"The people who are threatening not to pass the debt ceiling are our version of al Qaeda terrorists. Really."

O'Neill went on to say that concerned citizens are "really putting our whole society at risk" because we are questioning whether government should just continue to spend and spend and spend!

I had to laugh since “fiscal conservatism” is always the last escape hatch for people finally shamed into giving up the each tenet of real conservatism as being too controversial (i.e. something you fear your friends and family really, really don't want to hear about regardless of merit).

Full conservatives hate everything politically correct -- in other words for them truth is truly paramount. Medium conservatives are palpably right-of-center on most things (moral issues, real money, “diversity” etc.) but not endowed with the guts to stand up to the System in any way that requires risk or sacrifice.

That leaves those who only have enough of a backbone to claim the “conservative” label because they believe in the free-market and vaguely harrumph in agreement with whatever the Wall Street Journal says. This they attempt to pass off as true conservatism on the unstated premise that life equals money and everything boils down to an economic or financial equation. Voila! No need to take a stand on anything “racial” (open borders, “affirmative action”), moral (feticide, homosexuality), or religious (the war against Christianity, Jewish media power).

It works just beautifully so very much of the time. You can be a Peter Forbes, a Bob Dole, a Reed Irvine and have the love and acclaim of those all around you. (This is not to even mention blackguards like Newt or McCain who have absolutely not a conservative bone in their body, but are hissed by left-wingers as the “extreme right” in Washington!)

But nn the end, theis scheme for being tolerated by all factions that way is a failure.... for those still able to care.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PN seminar and progress; movie setback

Introductory and Tax Court Procedure Seminar

Orlando, FL
Saturday, May 14, 2011

Classes on How to Beat an IRS Audit and How to Handle Your Case if you go to tax court.

We will explain what you can do and what you need to do.

This day-long seminar will explain how easy it is for the students to win if you stand up for yourself and follow the rules. We teach you what to say and how to assert your rights.

This administrative tribunal has simple procedures which victims can easily learn. The routine is elementary and anybody can learn what to do in a few hours.

Pre-registration is required. 1/2 day with meal $30; full day with two meals $60. E-mail first for FAQ sheet and pre-registration. After reviewing the details, if you need more info, then contact our office at 864-225-3061 or E-mail Seminar location is near I-4 and is sent to registered attendees.

New, exciting win in Tax Court

Patriot wins on Disregard Letter

Patriot Bruce in FL is being harassed by the IRS on a tax assessment plus a civil penalty. When Bruce was issued a Notice of Federal Tax Lien he timely and correctly submitted his request for a Collection Due Process Hearing. Bruce used the forms on the Patriot Network website and followed the instructions listed on our CDPH page.

Agent Shatraw from the IRS Appeals office in FL did not like Bruce and did not want to give our fellow Patriot a fair hearing. The agent wrote to Bruce demanding he rescind his ÒfrivolousÓ positions. Bruce wrote back to Mr. Shatraw and told him if he could point out any frivolous positions he would gladly rescind them. Instead of the evil IRS agent guiding Bruce on procedural matters, the agent unconscionably issued a ÒDisregard LetterÓ. This is a new type of letter that the IRS agents use so that you cannot petition the Tax Court to overturn their decision.

Bruce decided to try to Petition the court anyway as he is entitled Due Process of Law. The IRS attorneys moved for dismissal based on lack of jurisdiction, but our phenomenal paralegal team swung into action and helped Bruce to file a Surreply to the GovernmentÕs paperwork.

After six months, the Judge decided that the tax court would retain jurisdiction and BruceÕs case will be heard in court. This is a major victory for the Patriot Network and one that would make The Great One proud were he here!

To see copies of BruceÕs paperwork, click here.


…...........Entertainment news this time: tragically, the Ayn Rand movie's progress is over when it's barely begun as things stand now. Ambivalent as a thinking person is wont to feel about any Ayn Rand movie, you hate to see critics get away with murder all over again. This sounds like an exact replay of Gods and Generals and America: From Freedom to Fascism except that they haven't killed the producer.

Critics' power was supposed to be a thing of the past by now. It's independent media everywhere you go with the express object of making the vainstream media look as current as the Model T. Certainly the “indie” film field is booming – but of course it is liberally decadent just like Hollywood, so that's not news to any Christian patriot.

Oddly the director, John Aglialoro, says he'll make a profit on Atlas Shrugged, but apparently not enough of one to justify the sequels he'd planned. Or he's simply feeling too hurt to go on with them. Either way the most vicious and twisted haters around have killed again and gained more ground for communism. Even if the movie itself stinks – which I doubt – the pundits should have rejoiced that anybody was so indie-minded as to really, really buck the System they all profess to oppose with their own very limited, hedged kind of free-thinking (which is really nothing but Marxist, Satanist antinomianism).

'Atlas Shrugged' producer: 'Critics, you won.' He's going 'on strike.'

Hope to continue this tonight.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

History's ashbins, dustbins, ash heaps: Obama's true destiny

Welcome to the Ashbin of History Mr President: This from another patriot who really knows better than to send sourceless forwards. In pure exasperation I went and located it myself and was surprised to see it posted at a pile of good-looking sites, starting with.....

Remarkable that Mr. Stansberry speaks so bluntly about this supposed hero to millions of the uninformed and stupid. There have been many financial gurus and many despicable leftwing shyster celebrities for many years nobody famous has been willing to actually denounce the latter. Comrade Soetoro seems to break all molds!

Mr. Stansberry, however, is prey to some unfortunate memes such as repeatedly referring to Obumr as the president and calling him handsome. The fact is he is not the president or a president unless it's of the National Commie Racist Jive-Talk Coalition or something -- and as for his looks, Barry could hardly be uglier if he tried. That is nothing racial, he's just plain impossible to look at for more than five seconds on a good day. Cartoonists have had almost as much fun with his clown ears as they did with "W"'s.

Frankly I hate Obumr and all his ilk and pride myself on being one of the few publicists willing to point out that they are not merely a nuisance or unpleasant or dishonest etc. but absolutely rotten and despicable. And I maintain nothing's going to improve until a lot more people see it that way. How can you cure a nation of alcoholics without persuading them they have a serious problem?

Speaking of despicable but glamorous vermin, the often great Pat Buchanan has just taken up the cause of the most friendless people on earth -- Middle Eastern Christians. Every president for many years has made a show of supposed "born-again" Christianity -- even Slick Willy went to a Baptist church every Sunday with a Bible under his arm. Even Obumr attempts a pretense that he's a good ol' fundy with the best of them, though anybody who misses the fact that he's an enthusiastic agent of Islam needs shock treatments.

As all these pretendent-presidents have gone about their business, often with the wild acclaim (or blithe passivity) of the sheeple, they have of course done everything for the benefit of Jewish power here and in Israel -- and that just incidentally means Christians are out in the cold.

Most notably, says PJB's column, "The secular despot Saddam Hussein protected the Christians. But the U.S. liberation brought on their greatest calamity since the time of Christ." Isn't that wonderful? At least Bushy Boy made sure Israelis could sleep at night for a few feckless, illusory months before they perceived another big crisis for him to attend to. Take it from here, Pat:

When Dictators Fall, Who Rises?

I'm very sorry if my words shock or offend, but they're nothing compared to what's coming as a result of the above situations and ameriKans' refusal to face them while the facing's good. Not "anti-semitic" -- anti-treason, that's all!

The colorful history of Mr. Stansberry's "ashbin" phrase -- all communist, though not including Winston Churchill as I'd thought:


Monday, April 25, 2011

Toyota in trouble thanks to Fukushima; Wesley Snipes lowdown

PanamaLaw reports on two vital subjects:

Toyota Car Production Drops 62.7% - This is due to the earthquake and related damage. They have a parts shortage. Losses for Toyota in second quarter are expect to be $12 billion. They expect to hit normal production in Nov and Dec. If people detect radiation levels higher than normal in Toyota or any other Japanese car, go out and short their stocks since they will be plummeting downwards and may drive these car and motorcycle companies into bankruptcy. People will resort to aftermarket parts makers outside of Japan to supply them with parts. This could very well be a likely scenario. The same could apply to cameras, TV's, watches and their other consumer products made in Japan that have high radiation levels. Not only with Casio and Seiko watches have dials that glow in the dark, the whole watches straps and all may be glowing in the dark.

Wi-Fi Alert – Only use encrypted wi-fi at your home or business. A neighbor used a nearby wi-fi router without encryption to access child porn sites. This actually happened in Buffalo, Sarasota and Syracuse. It could also be used for hacking into bank accounts, distribution of copyright violating material, going to offshore gambling sites, using stolen credit cards and many other illegal things. The USA has no shortage of victimless crimes you can spend many years in prison for. They have the highest percentage of people in prison worldwide. You want to use WPA or WPA-2 encryption with a serious password that uses letters, capital letter and numbers. It should be 8 places as a minimum but 13 is far better. The fed will not know it is your neighbor using your wi-fi and may storm into your home. This results in the deaths of many people each year who are basically innocents. Using any sort of encryption in your wi-fi is going to help a lot. For the link go here:

FBI child porn raid a strong argument for locking down WiFi networks

I have never liked the idea of going wi-fi, and have only finally bought the gizmo after having a laptop zapped in a relatively mild thunderstorm. Even if you encode, it's just more radiation in your life. With all the radiation we blithely accept (remember, CRT computer screens used to blast it) it's a wonder the cancer rate isn't higher. These days I'm trying to remember to hold the cell phone at least half an inch from my head, and keeping it on the outer limits of pants pockets with the help of a handkerchief and a thick collection of contact info.

............"Even the idiot Congressman who wrote the bill that put them in business agrees" that it's a total disaster:

Note how often this insanity is referred to as "theater"! Simply a miracle to hear a politician do so about any transformational government program. (I thought they weren't allowed to give the game away?) You know and I know that such things as airport scannings (speaking of radiation) and feel-ups are done for psychological effect, no more practical purpose, but to see it confessed on TV? He looks awful cheerful -- has he been drinking?

............speaking of politicians and the things they say, I just love to see a good tableau of some political deity's lies and contradictions. Enjoy as you weep for the state of statesmanship:

John McCain -- Lost in space

.............Ron Paul's book Liberty Defined is rocketing up the charts

You and I were discussing such definitions just the other day -- there wasn't time to add this, but isn't it relevant.

.............Way back in the 1980s I fell in with some liberals. They were nutjobs but had some occasional very good points (a stopped clock is right twice a day). One of them was opposition to nuclear plants and bombs. They had a renowned Australian peacenik, Dr. Helen Caldicott, come and speak on this problem. The hall was full -- even the stage was full of chairs. She seemed to make a lot of sense and is, thank God, still at her post many years later. This arrived today and gives a properly dire assessment of the legacy Fukushima is already inflicting on the world and its living things. View and act in some meaningful fashion -- if you can.

You won't hear this on any mainstream news!!! (Nuclear Fallout)

...............This has made the rounds as furiously as any email, so I guess it needs enshrining here.

UN's Agenda 21 is in your Community

We live in a time when regular citizens are being told by their city bureaucrats that they're not keeping their property in accord with international and UN laws -- they're relating it at meetings! The above title reminds me of a line from the title track of Pink Floyd's celebrated Dark Side of the Moon album -- "the lunatic is in your head". The song, fittingly, is about the failure of civilization and decency and how people lose their minds from it.

............In a bitterly ironic sense, in can be fun to collect glimpses of the horrors of life under communism. This from Kathleen Peddicord in her Live And Invest Overseas newsletter: "Yesterday I arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria's capital. To picture Sofia, imagine a city built of Formica, Naugahyde, cement, and cheap plastic but without the charm. The only major city in Europe without a river, Sofia at first glance seems the only major city without anything. Even the trees seem reluctant to bloom, although spring has already arrived in cities farther north"....

.............To end on a more positive note, this from Freedom's Phoenix:

Michigan Court Of Appeals Rules MERS Has No Authority To Foreclose
The Michigan Court of Appeals handed down a ruling yesterday essentially saying MERS has no authority to foreclose in the state of Michigan...
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Easter" vs. Liberty: interesting concept

Today was what they call Easter. One of the things you learn in Reality 101 is that the putatively Christian holidays are all based on a strange brew of the Gospel and the pagan calendar that preceded it in Europe.Christ is the sacrificial lamb ordained from the foundation of the world to be slain in atonement for our sins; Easter is a word closely akin to Ishtar and other pagan deities, with un-Scriptural baggage galore to prove it. Somehow the Babylonian fertility cult gave birth to this Easter bunny thing that is the "Easter" equivalent of the equally obnoxious Santa Claus plug-in.

It's a sorry mess and no doubt quite far off from the timing of Christ's sacrifice in relation to the seasons of the year -- but it's what goes on, and just as I enjoyed playing great music by Bach and others for the congregation this morning in celebration of our release from sin at Calvary, I've been turning the tables on the syncretists by wishing folks a happy Resurrection Day.

The following came in today's email with many other riches, but it was the only one dealing with the occasion at hand. The subject line was " Easter VS Liberty????" which is three profound little words. Everything we do outside of the Holy Spirit IS SLAVERY..... and contrary to how your preacher and Sunday School teacher do it, I am NOT talking about only the spiritual, doctrinal, the personal or the soteriological.

EASTER is a quite decent archetype of outwardly attractive and "enjoyable" nonsense, which is always addictive, aka enslaving. LIBERTY is virtually synonymous with the Bible message and everything we do in its service. Liberals are always trying to assert that liberty can exist in a spiritual vacuum or an ambience stuffed full of Islam, Judaism, Cabala,Hinduism,Rastafarianism et al., but I think they might be mistaking it for license or "freedom".

I would love to share many more of today's hoard with you but that will have to wait for when I have a computer that really really works -- someday. The sender of this item didn't happen to give full, clear credit for it, and there are times when I give up trying to do people's homework for them, so here it is raw as received. Chuck Baldwin may have originated it, but if so I wasn't able to prove so via ,Google To boot, the piece lost all formatting in the transfer. Who out there is going to lead me to a spiffy 2010s-era computer that can handle all the very basic things I want to do with it?

May each one of you enjoy a truly blessed Resurrection-tide. Christ is risen!

Galatians 5:1
Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

For thousands of years GOD’s people have been instructed to celebrate LIBERTY in very specific and direct terms. GOD wants HIS people to be FREE. So why is it that today most Christians know nothing of real liberty and embrace the yoke of tyrannical government edicts, rejecting LIBERTY and denying the sovereignty of GOD? I suggest to you that our own slavery is found in our form of traditions and worship. Mark 7:13 Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye. Mark 7:12-14 (in Context) Mark 7 (Whole Chapter)
The beginning of the Biblical practice of celebrating LIBERTY begins here. Exodus 12 when after 400 years of bondage to a brutal dictatorship, the obedient Hebrew children were made free. To this day, the instruction in GOD’s Word still remains to celebrate LIBERTY for 7 full days in grateful worship. This practice of embracing and celebrating LIBERTY has always been a thorn in the side of dictators, a threat to the establishment. Thru the ages, illegitimate governments have dealt punishments and manipulations to stop this practice of remembrance to our obligations toward liberty. The practice of Passover is the celebration of LIBERTY. Take special note that it is the obedient of GOD who are passed over when trouble comes and thru the very calamity around them are set free. This year on the Biblical calendar, the week long celebration of liberty runs from April 19 – 25.
Jesus came to be the Passover lamb of all times. John 1:29 , John 1:36 , Revelation 7:17 , Revelation 15:3 He came to demonstrate ultimate obedience to the FATHER. It is His blood that makes us forever free if we accept His gift of sacrificial obedience and follow in His ways. 1 Corinthians 5:6-8,
The celebration of LIBERTY includes specific elements of a Passover dinner Passover Seder Elements - Adventist Messianic Fellowship . These are not only remembrance of things past and celebration of LIBERTY offered in the present but also anticipation of things to come. Revelation 19:9
How is it we were hoodwinked out of such an invaluable and beautiful gift? Here is the tyrannical government edict; From the Letter of the Emperor to all those not present at the Council. (Found in Eusebius, Vita Const., Lib. iii., 18-20.)
YouTube - The Pagan Origins of... Easter
WARNING: Jeremiah 7:17-19
WARNING: Jeremiah 44 (Whole Chapter) Do you see familiar traditions embraced by the modern church? Is it any wonder that our children see a future of slavery to foreign masters and elitists banksters? WE HAVE LONG BEEN WARNED!
Did you get the Easter ham?
Will you embrace obedience to GOD and HIS liberty or embrace the practice of pagans and the enslavement that follows?
Galatians 5:1
Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.
Revelation 19:16 (King James Version) 16And He hath on His vesture and on His thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.
"... I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matthew 16:18

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The goods on the FBI; the fraud of "tax the rich" rhetoric

What a shame things are so upside down anymore. Not too many years ago the FBI had the people's absolute trust and respect, and mostly deserved them.... but now, ya see, everything's different thanks to those 9/11 terr'ists as "W" used to call them.

Because of them, we all have to live in fear for the rest of time and government gets to pass the time treating people like laboratory rats while their actual job description is as shredded as the Constitution.

FBI said to have committed 40,000 violations of privacy laws since 2001

........This is great! Destruction of the middle class is one of the chief goals of communism, and it turns out that when the Obamunists harrumph about the need to tax the “rich” they're simply approaching the above goal from a freshly rotten new angle.

Tax The Rich? 14 Facts You May Want To Consider

..........Now for some superb thought and writing from Southern Heritage News and Views email digest. You hear me praise this resource at meetings and everywhere else for the simple reason that it is the very lifeblood of today's Southern resurgence. The items below are submissions from readers and typical of the liberating input “SHNV” offers on a quasi-daily basis. Request a free subscription of editor Charles Demastus :

What legal authority did President Lincoln


What legal authority did President Lincoln have to call up 75,000 troops to defend Washington and to order the blockade of most Southern ports?

Modern historians often accuse the South of treason, even though they were exercising what most people at that time viewed as a legitimate constitutional right, the states right of secession. At the same time they ignore actions by President Lincoln. The specific language of Article 3 Section 3 of the Constitution defining treason seems perfectly explicit.

Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

The Founding Fathers viewed the states as free, sovereign and independent entities. The Lincoln invasion of the South would seem to clearly fall within the definition of treason as defined in that Article. Lincoln’s actions stood as a bold repudiation of our Founding Fathers and constituted the very essence of despotism as would have been seen through the eyes of Jefferson and Madison. Lincoln’s provocation at Ft. Sumter worked and jumpstarted the nation into a fratricidal war.

On April 15, Lincoln called upon all remaining states to help raise 75,000 militia troops. Lincoln acted upon an obscure 1795 militia law which allowed him to do this but required Congressional approval within 30 days. Lincoln missed that deadline by not calling Congress into emergency session until July 4, 1861, 50 days later. While not unconstitutional, it was a clear violation of the law. Subsequent troop levies for the Army and Navy during this time span were clearly unconstitutional since only Congress could levy troops. The nation was in crisis and Congress was not in session. Due to tremendous opposition in Congress, Lincoln waited until July 4 before he summoned Congress. By July 4, Lincoln had the public support he wanted for war and Congress rubber stamped Lincoln’s prior acts.

Lincoln also had to deal with illegal shipping and smuggling. Wars cost money and the government was run on tariff revenue which basically was collected and paid for by the South. In his 1st Inaugural Address, Lincoln made it perfectly clear that he was willing to use military force to continue collecting the tariffs, knowing that he would be doing this in the ports of another country. A blockade was instituted around the major Southern ports. According to International law, blockades were not recognized without a Declaration of War which Lincoln never sought.

Lincoln acted ruthlessly with internal dissent caused by his war policies. Thousands of people were arrested nationwide and placed in confinement without the writ of habeas corpus. Dissident northern newspapers were shut down, their editors often placed under arrest. The case of Ex Parte Merryman decided by Justice Taney ruled that the Lincoln administration violated the constitution by suspending the writ of habeas corpus, something only Congress could do. Lincoln ignored the ruling and even went so far as to have an arrest warrant issued for Justice Taney.

With a series of questionable, illegal and unconstitutional actions, Lincoln aggressively placed the North on a war footing. William Tecumseh Sherman reputedly stated after an initial uninspired meeting with Lincoln that “he was unimpressed and sadly disappointed” and told his brother John Sherman, an important Northern politician, that he “damned the politicians generally,” saying that you have got things in a “hell of a fix”. I don’t think he meant his brother.


Black Slave Owners


Chuck, I was playing some calculator games with some of the figures I've seen concerning Black participation in US slavery. I've heard that there were 261,000 free blacks in the South at the time of the war. Taking that number from the 1830 US Census of Black slave ownership in the SHNV article, it seems that 11.5% of all free Blacks owned slaves. This is opposed to less than 6% of white freemen population.


BLACKS PARTICIPATED IN SLAVERY. In the state of LA in 1860 there were at least six Negroes in Louisiana who owned 65 or more slaves. Widow C. Richard and her son P. C. Richard owned 152 slaves. Antoine Dubuclet, owned over 100 slaves. In Charleston, SC 125 free Negroes owned slaves. Six of them owned ten or more. Mistress L. Horry, of South Carolina owned 84 slaves in 1830. The facts are in 1830 one fourth of the free Negro slave masters in SC owned 10 or more slaves. According to the U.S. 1830 Census over 3000 free blacks owned over 12,000 black slaves.

Jim Walters
Laird o 'Tha Haggis
The Caledonian Kitchen


Military Rule a Hallmark of Despotisms


Reconstruction proconsul General Phil Sheridan was as despised in Louisiana as “Beast” Butler, and his goal was to prevent as many Americans who fought for self-government as possible from voting for their political representatives. This way the radical Republican party could take root and grow in the South, and control future elections. The author below should be aware that free republics do not require an army to bind them together, military rule is a hallmark of despotisms.

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute

Military Rule a Hallmark of Despotisms:

The Republicans passed the first of these [Reconstruction] acts on March 2, 1867, over President [Andrew] Johnson’s veto. The law declared that the Southern governments fostered by the president were provisional and held no legal authority. Congress divided the South into five military districts, whose commanders had to be either brigadier or major generals. These generals, once selected by the president, would hold all power over civilian governments and courts. The law also required Southern States within these districts to draft new constitutions in constitutional conventions.

The right to vote for delegates to these conventions was granted to all adult males, except those disenfranchised for service to the [American] Confederacy. Furthermore, each of these new constitutions must contain a provision that, in effect, would enfranchise black men. When the voters in each State accepted the new constitution, they were to elect a new governor and legislators. After the legislature ratified the proposed Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, the State’s congressmen would be considered for readmission to Congress.

Upon readmission, military control would end, and the duly elected civil authorities would resume their proper roles. The passage of this law was a watershed in Reconstruction, for by it the congressional Republicans seized the initiative from the executive, and the army became the agent of social and political change. The traumatic circumstances of the post-Civil War era appeared to demand such a radical departure from the usual American process of debate and compromise. What other part of the government but the army could compel a large percentage of the population to abide by laws many considered repugnant?

The Civil War had been fought to keep the Union from breaking apart. Now the army was called upon to help bind the nation together. Thereafter, an assignment to the South made some soldiers long for the trans-Mississippi plains where Indian fighting at least had some glory, some professional reward or recognition. Service in the South held the prospect of neither glory nor honor, only duty of the most confusing and frustrating kind – military government.”

(Army Generals and Reconstruction, Joseph G. Dawson III, LSU Press, 1982, pp. 43-44)


Friday, April 22, 2011

Just last night I was having the same interminable, hackneyed conversation I'd had many times with a certain ally. He'd just met another friend of mine and they found they had Vietnam in common. I later commented to “A” that he and “B” should get along great because they shared a love of the idea of dropping bombs on Ayrabs.

This, as always, brought forth from “A” a Niagara of commentaries, explanations, qualifications, alibis and backtracks as to why he just feels that if we're going to drop any they should be done in order to win the war and move on. “Oh, no,” he is in effect saying, “I'm not in favor of this `war' – I just want to show the Ayrabs who's boss so they'll never dare look at us crosseyed again.”

My point, totally lost on him every single time, is that ameriKa never had any enemies among Arabs, Moslems etc. until our criminal politicians realized the cold war was over and a new bugaboo was needed, or else...... peace would break out, and their kind would be pounding pavements looking for real jobs!

In other words, the real problem is the prostiticians selfishly using one billion fellow earthlings as a scapegoat for their own far more sinister and destructive goals. The politicians claim the Ayrabs want to kill and enslave us, but I can seenow that that is nothing but a flimsy fig leaf for the politicians' very own plans along those lines.

Just this morning the local talk show host was again cataloguing the ways these towelheads are an immediate "threat" to us, how “our troops” are saving us from them, how they need our support and love, ad inf. Other than this topic, the show host is a great paleo-conservative.

In other words, all around me – you too, perhaps – there are otherwise intelligent, wonderful people swallowing this “terror” thing hook, line and sinker when it's painfully obvious to me that the real terrorists are the home-grown prostiticians screaming the loudest about a supposed terror problem.

The perpetrators of this Ayrab terror lie have formed numerous layers of deception for people to fall back on (anything to prevent the realization that our own politicians are the most disgusting vermin on earth): it is now true, for instance, that millions upon millions of the Ayrab types hate us, but it's not for our freedom or prosperity but because we are doing everything possible to ruin their lives and wipe them out.

Just how are they supposed to feel,” I ask people re Iraq in particular, ”when we have bombed their country for over 20 years and virtually annexing it in the name of saving ourselves from it? We invaded them and are at the same time inviting millions of them to come live here as `refugees.' Of course they're among us, and of course they're furious at us. We are permanently saturating their land with `depleted' uranium that's going to give them birth defects for the rest of time. Exactly how would you regard us if you were in their shoes?”

By that point most people have zoned out. Their favorite radio or TV stations don't talk this way – neither do their preacher, teacher, spouse, or parrot. I'm the only one pointing these things out, so even if I offer three tons of documentation they still consider themselves exempt from paying it any attention.

You, however are different, aren't you. In the privacy and quiet of this corner of the net, You are allowed to think for yourself and dig as far as you want to into things that really matter. I mentioned documentation above, and here comes more of the very finest related to the 9/11 day of infamy:

9 -11 False Flag- 2008-9/11 was an inside job and this documentary proves it!

I've only viewed about a third of it, but already the video has smashed the terror lie by some of the starkest evidence anybody could want. In the section after 7:00, you'll see the actual “mainstream” TV news footage in which the massively fraudulent assertion is made that shortly after the 9/11 attacks, a passerby happened to find the passport of one of the supposed perpetrators lying at the edge of the burning rubble.

I had heard this claim had been made and really didn't want to believe the System could stoop that low in its propaganda lies or insult the public's intelligence that far and get away with it. But there it is, right onscreen! The real 9/11 mystery – seriously, now – might be how any talking head can say those words and keep a straight face.

No, I forgot – the much more colossal mystery is why the government that would put forth such nonsense via its poodle newscasters isn't hanging from lampposts.

A few minutes later the process happens again. We've all heard semi-anecdotally that some of the supposed 9/11 hijackers were still alive. Now you'll see a news feature in which Rumsfeld or somebody else at his level admits that the identity of the hijackers has never been positively known! That is on the heels of diagrams and graphics demonstrating how the other 9/11 lies were concocted, and not only those about the “weapons of mass destruction” which Iraq supposedly was unique in having.

..........On a less grim note, here's some more reality footage – Obama's whoppers and bloopers. Notice that the conjob fakes a Southern accent and revival-meeting style when addressing “civil rights”-minded liberals!


.................Now for a superb action report. I'm pretty sure “We Are Change” is a left-leaning group, but when it comes to issues like water flouridation, everybody has to take the facts in hand. The story is much worse than even this longtime skeptic thought:

Denver Water Board Fluoride Action #2 We Are Change Colorado

People need to get involved in positive action and then report it. It may feel deliciously like bragging at times, but it's simply our duties as people who hope to remain free in the face of the hugest conspiracy (yes, CONSPIRACY) this world has ever seen – the “permanent regime” in Washington, plus its owners and handlers above, plus its dupes in lower levels of politics across the land.

..........Good intentions, cont.:

Councilman Donating Salary To Help Seniors

Just think, if the people and politicians would read the Constitution there would be no property taxes to begin with!

There's lots of misery in the day's mail (including a headline ”Man dies after being shocked with a stun gun”) but lots of fun to be had at the richly deserving expense of our overlords. Via email, some “new” Obama jokes and some deserving of encore (love the last one!):

The Honeymoon is over.

You know the honeymoon is over when the comedians start.

The liberals are asking us to give Obama time.

We agree...and think 25 to life would be appropriate.

--Jay Leno

America needs Obama-care like Nancy Pelosi needs a Halloween mask.

--Jay Leno

Q Have you heard about McDonald's' new Obama Value Meal?

A: Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it.

--Conan O'Brien

Q: What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?

A: A fund raiser.

--Jay Leno

Q: What's the difference between Obama's cabinet and a penitentiary?

A: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers, and threats to society.

The other is for housing prisoners.

--David Letterman

Q: If Nancy Pelosi and Obama were on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it started to sink, who would be saved?

A: America !

--Jimmy Fallon

Q: What's the difference between Obama and his dog, Bo?

A: Bo has papers.

--Jimmy Kimmel

Q: What was the most positive result of the "Cash for Clunkers" program?

A: It took 95% of the Obama bumper stickers off the road.

--David Letterman


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tea Party Event taking off impressively: Gov to speak

This via email. We can't vouch for a word of it, of course -- events/speakers are always subject to change, but this looks propitious.



****************** ORDER NOW! ***********************

We will have numerous speakers from the liberty movement.
So far we have the following confirmed:
Gov. Nikki Haley
Jack Hunter (Southern Avenger)
Ray McBerry (States' Rights advocate)
Chris Panos - Abate Legislator Coordinator from Horry County
Bill Connor - Candidate for SCGOP Chairman -
Stephen Brown - Candidate for SCGOP Chairman -
Chad Connelly - Candidate for SCGOP Chairman -
Performer - Stephen Hurst
Butch Taylor (tentative) Greenville County Taxpayer Association
Sen. Tom Davis - Club for Growth 90 Score "A" District 46 Beaufort
Sen. Lee Bright - - Club for Growth 100 Score "A+" District 12 Spartanburg
Pastor Stanley Craig - WATCH THIS!
Doug Tjaden - Director of the Honest Money Center
Dr. Nicky Chavers Founder & Director of THE ACADEMY OF ARTS
Dr. Nicky Chavers/Reenactor Performers (John Adams Speech)
Nicole Stratton/Reenactor - Performers (You Call Yourself An American)
Noah Stratton//Reenactor- Performers (Patrick Henry - Give Me Liberty)
OathKeepers - Special Guest Speaker
Dr. Mike Vasovski for CP4L
Dr. F. Steven "Steve" Isom, South Carolina Sound Money Committee, Chairman
Garry Smith - District 27 - Club for Growth 83 Score "B+"
John McManus - President John Birch Society
Dan Herron - Greenville County GOP State Executive Committeeman


We are currently working out details with some very high-profile speakers. We will be adding updates to this event frequently as we get more speakers confirmed. So be sure to check back often.

Tentative schedule (subject to change)
2-3pm - Luncheon
3-7pm - Rally
7:30 pm - Walk & Rally from Hyatt to Presidential Debate location
8:30pm - Prayer Vigil at the Peace Center for America & Candidates
9pm - Debate Viewing starts
Presidential Straw Poll

Sponsors to date:
Campaign for Liberty $500 -
Skip Davenport $250 (Owner of D & D Ford)
Palmetto Precious Metals $500 -
Bill Evelyn Director State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC $250
Samuel Harms Law Firm - $250

We plan to have video & TV setup for debate viewing at the Hyatt for those who do not have tickets to attend the Presidential Debate.

How you can help:

Pre-registration pricing of $25.00 for the first 50 sold.
Then price will increase to $35.00.

We need sponsors for this event. Please call asap to get details & reserve your opportunity to showcase your message, organization & products. (Contact Chris Lawton 864.325.6400)

We are in need of donations to cover various expenses for this event. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.

We could also use volunteers for a variety of things. If you can help in any way, please contact Nicole Quinn at 864.556.9540.

Please pass this information on to all of your friends.

PLEASE PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS NOW!!! The price will be increasing soon, and we expect to sell out. Plus we need the ticket money asap so we can start using that revenue to pay for our upfront costs, etc.

Please sent payment to Chris via PayPal at (add $1 per ticket for PayPal fee). Or send certified check or postal money order (Priority mail) to:

Chris Lawton
4 Oak Tree Dr
Taylors, SC 29687

Chip In for People Who Want to Help & Can't Attend!

This is a partial list of speakers and performers we are raising money for transportation & lodging, etc.


$1500 (est) BIG SCREEN FOR DEBATE VIEWING -PSAV® Presentation Services - (or if you know a company that can donate this service)

$600 Billy Blaze (Performer) - (incl. sound system)
$800 Michael Badnarik -
$2000 Jordan Page (Performer) - (pending FULL sponsorship)
$??? Debra Medina -

We appreciate you!

Sincerely holding to principle over politics, your servant and friend,

Christopher S. Lawton

Sevier Precinct President
Taylors, SC