Friday, July 25, 2014

The surveillance state is much older than most people know

But times have changed drastically in that today its gimlet eyes are set on the right -- the real right, the lite right, even the quasi-right.
Is the US a Police State? When wasn't it? 

As you view this 45-minute 1971 documentary, remember that it's benign groups that call for a return to Constitutional government like your Patriot Network that the moles and entrapment artists focus on. Notice that the FBI is heavily implicated; normally the CIA is the big spy club that gets exposed for overkill and virtual treason against the citizens.

The "new world order" mob has now actually got itself convinced that the main threat to civilization (besides the "terr'ists") is the now-toothless, gutless Tea Party. That's how removed they are from the universe of reality in which the rest of humanity lives.

Above all, we must take full stock of the fact that the government agents purporting to stave off subversion are in fact the main subversives a shocking percentage of the time. In the beginning of the video is an assertion of my own thesis that government's biggest undertaking today is causing or even merely tricking up the appearance of crises to "save" us from. By about minute 23:00, witnesses and former perpetrators are saying that there were double, triple, even quadruple agents who switched sides so many times "nobody was really sure who they were working for" -- the grassroots groups under scrutiny, or the government scrutinizers/ framers/ entrappers.

It's always been a thin line between government using provocateurs to smoke out any actual trouble that's brewing and government using provocateurs to foment trouble to brag that they're protecting us from, complete with mass jailings as with the "Hutaree Militia" fiasco of a few years back -- mini-Guantanamos right here in the lower 48.

Today the line is just about submicroscopic as government mainly exists to frame mainstream America as its own worst enemy, to make normalcy look frightful, to transform the foreign terror threat it has rigged up into a situation where Americans are so phobic about each other they're willing to report any hint of deviation from the party line to the "authorities" -- "See Something, Say Something" and all that excrement.

Since we've sat still for the government scripting and then producing a Mideastern "terror" psychosis on us complete with tanks, surges and "depleted" uranium, they realize the sheeple will swallow anything, even penetrating fear of their own shadow and a Soviet Socialist imitation of life.

Lights! Camera! Action! Menacing shadows! Shocknig headlines! Whew, we're saved again!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

America in prophecy.... media criminality included

"America in prophecy" is a phrase often heard, usually referring to how this "great, God-fearing nation" was destined from ages back to appear in such and such future era according to Scripture, to "'lead the world" to greatness and purity of heart. Babdist preachers key it in with a prophesized "regathering of Israel"; President Reagan called us a "shining city on a hill", or said it's what we should aim to be.

For all their good intentions, the purveyors of these ideas are so drunk on cosmic bigness that they miss the value of smallness, modesty and reticence. These starry notions, shared by a big chunk of the populace, have been used to move us into a situation where Washington gets to do what it pleases with the full cheering, clapping approval of the sheeple as long as it's even vaguely in step with the dream.

The entity today known as Israel is in fact central to our whole national psychosis. The global continuum represented by Israel's psychotic leaders, its amen corner among American Jews and their amen corner in funnymentalist Christendom spell total radical-left Jewish dominance in American politics. Minor detail: the Jewish takeover of mass media which started over 80 years ago. It's not "anti-semitic" to say these things -- in other tone of voice, Jews brag on them even as they're persecuting Gentiles for merely mentioning them.

Everybody knows about it but it needs to be said and discussed. Most people don't have the paltry guts it takes to even think it. Any major trend or presence in our national life calls for debate, whether good, bad or even indifferent. (Well, nothing is actually that.) It amounts to ex-Christendom turning into one giant lobby for Zionism, i.e. the violent expulsion and holocausting of people Israel doesn't like. Primary but not alone in this category are the Palestinians, but through the power of the purse, Israel has America whacking almost any country it doesn't like. The city on a hill is now the junkyard dog of a systemically depraved entity 1/462nd its size, 1/39th its population.

The media, even "conservative" Fox News, move in lockstep in supporting, prettifying and flacking for the Zionist bandit state. When one of the media's talking heads finally says "enough" and resigns over the epic injustice of it all, it becomes a watershed in the meaning of the word "liberal".

The definition of that one term been raped as with all key political buzz. This site for instance pours all the leftwing sunshine it can on it

................but I've got news for them, its original, still proper but now lost meaning is something like "generous" or "reasonably open-minded". Generous, in turn, meant "free from meanness or smallness of mind or character" or thereabouts -- yes, I'll agree with the lexical adventurists on that one:

Alas, "liberal" today is universally taken to mean "recklessly, cynically socialist", e.g. throwing money at problems and people in a jaded attempt to make problems go away, or one might define its new meaning as "embracing the morals, values and culture most diametrically opposed to tradition".

Jews are overwhelmingly liberal in this sense as a matter of statistics, so when they take over something it is indeed "transformed" as they themselves are fond of saying:
Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies

Don't fight me on it, don't call me names -- it saturates politics in their own words and deeds!

As you may have heard, there was recently an extremely rare case of a national media personality getting fed up with flacking for this whole setup and actually quitting her job on-air -- Rula Jebreal. This article has the nub of our dialectic subject for today, emphasis mine:
'Witch Hunt': Fired MSNBC Contributor Speaks Out on Suppression of Israel-Palestine Debate
........MSNBC Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough has publicly attacked fellow MSNBC hosts and slammed the network for its support for the Democratic Party. 
   “I did not think that I was stepping in a hornet’s nest,” Jebreal told me. “I saw Joe Scarborough criticizing the network. I thought we were liberal enough to stand self criticism.”

Voilà, the moment of truth for her and for all who put any faith in the mass media, especially modern leftist so-called liberals! This poor girl somehow reached age 41 with the real meaning of "liberal" in her head, and apparently thought that's what it meant to the Jewsmedia too. (Well, that's exactly what they ARE.)

Boy, did Rula get a wrong number! Today's so-called liberalism, including the "neocon" and other Republican varieties, is the farthest thing from self-criticism. Like all forms of tyranny, it means total, monolithic defiance against the very idea of self-examination, much criticism of oneself by anybody. Modern "liberalism" is the most bizarrely un-generous, close-minded outfit this side of the Supreme Soviet of the late USSR.

The amazing thing (in our multicultural society today) is that Ms. Jebreal's of Italian-Palestinian origin, and is even a dual citizen in Israel. I'm guessing the Italian half of her thought it saw true liberalism at work at MSNBC even as her Israeli side spent some time dishing the Zionist party line on the station. Sorry, sweetie -- MSNBC is "liberal" enough to dish the witches' brew of establishment propaganda, but not actual-liberal at all, not really. We hope you're now fully clear on all this, and invite you to come tell your story at a Patriot Network meeting.... that is, if you're serious and this is not, as cynically alleged, a trendy publicity stunt.

Jefferson and other Founding Fathers were true, beneficent liberals. Against the decaying tapestry of history with its royals, nobility, and privileged classes endlessly exploiting and brutalizing the lower ones, our heroes saw the need for true, healthy equality in these United States -- equality before the law, that is, not of opportunity or any guarantees thereto. Student loans, "affirmative action", "surgical strikes" on foreign countries, welfarism, or any other mode of charity whatsoever (most of it being totally fake)..... these were rightly considered abhorrent to the meritocracy they envisioned.

Liberalism back then meant the citizens themselves forming a new polity with their own bare hands, sending representatives of their own choosing to the gatherings formed to constitute it, everybody deciding their own fate and rising or falling on their own talents for the first time in known history. Well, that's an abstract rendering of it, but the reality was so opposite to today's ameriKa it might as well have been in another galaxy.  

The Good Book is pithy and startlingly current on the L-word. Living in ruinous times like ours, Isaiah managed to foretell a wonderful future time that sure isn't happening right now. From his 38th chapter via

4 The heart also of the rash shall understand knowledge, and the tongue of the stammerers shall be ready to speak plainly.
5 The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.
6 For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.
7 The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.
8 But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.

See? When this great Prophet lived around the eighth century BC (with parallels in the 1600s when the King James Bible was worked out) politicians were VILE CHURLS (v. 5) who loved to bribe people to get what they wanted from them -- including lots of political support for sure.

These not only starve the soul but the body of the hungry, just as today's almighty US fedgov has been vampirizing working people via taxes for 101 years and systematically breeding a criminal welfare underclass. As tens of millions are falling off of payrolls and into poverty thanks to ten figures of dollars being wasted on wars and giveaway programs, more Americans are indeed finding it harder to keep eating and drinking at all. How long till we're bathing in sewer water like the poor in Bangladesh et al?

But true, i.e. good and constructive liberals are something different in any age, and their works enable them to "stand" better no matter what or who is falling around them -- Isaiah's verse 8. 2800 years after him, human nature hasn't changed much.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A refreshingly frank commentary on a trite political ploy

This is from the magnificent "Nerve" site of the SC Policy Council -- and what with all its stark honesty, wouldn't you know it?
Nine Reasons You Should Hate Tax Referendums

To see anybody use the word "hate" positively and correctly these days is just incredible. The Beatles convinced the world that "All You Need is Love" in the 1960s, paving the way for an over-arching notion that hate is evil, period, and never needed, period. (Mind you, the people that preach this are often enthusiastic haters themselves -- of people they label hatemongers, for instance.)

The Bible tells us to love what's good and hate what's evil. Why is this verse never expounded by today's pulpiteers? In a sense it's the key to the whole volume. Politicians' games, gambits and strategems can indeed be hateful, and it's high time decent people started hating the right ones, because they are predatory.

I was surprised to see this piece for another reason: initiative and referendum" is one of the things considered essential for freedom under and state government. It used to be so in my early political years circa 1990, anyway -- and hasn't been heard of much since? Just goes to show that very few things are absolutely black or white in import. That applies to I&R generally, but not, obviously, to the tax variety.

In a sense this reminds me of an irony regarding hot issues at large. "Abortion," for instance, is a subject that some in both government and activist circles seek to put off by saying "The fedgov has no business handling it -- it's a matter for the individual states." Suddenly the fedgov isn't the almighty god over everything in the sheeple's life, wholesale? It has LIMITS? Even if the naysayers are right, I suspect many of them of doing a bit of dodging.

As in our subject today, tax referenda, there are wrongful efforts by politicians to get others doing their heavy lifting. Another case that comes to mind is the domestic invasion. Washington's job is to defend us from all threats that the states can't handle better individually, and this scourge is definitely one of them. But what's DC's response to this never-ending crisis it's brought on us?

Get employers busy.checking people's status -- not the government bureaucracies that exist to address that situation (preferably at the borders, airports etc.). Force another layer of controversial volunteer work on business. Hey, they've stood still for how many past blasts of the stuff, featuring the star of the show -- the withholding tax?

There's that word again -- "tax". How did it come to dominate things in this insane, ubiquitous manner?


"Liberal" tax hypocrisy and chicanery

Looking for consistency with gliberals is like trying to nail jelly to the wall.
Credit Claims Are Poorly Scripted

You probably don't need to ask what I think of paying movie studios to come here and generate their decadence. "Are movie moguls and TV producers," John Hood asks, "the only business leaders who care about their tax burdens? Are media-production jobs the only ones that state policymakers should strive to attract and retain?" Indeed.

Here in Anderson County, S.C., they play a game called "fee in lieu of"

....which reportedly benefits the strangers to the detriment of the locals, as one might expect with something that's one-time instead of ongoing.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Blacks are denouncing Obama across the land

And this filmmaker has really, really got the picture:
Woman Who Thought Obama Would Pay for Her Gas And Mortgage: “He Lied About Everything”

Yes, it's the very same lady who was shown burbling about how the messiah had come with the 2010 election -- Peggy Joseph! Her perspicuity climaxes with this comment:

I started getting a little more educated about politics and reading more. What I learned is, ‘never trust a wizard.’

What she has never to my knowledge explained is why the election of the Tan Everyman was supposed to mean no more bills for her. Did she think Obummer was going to personally come to her door and dump suitcases of money in her living room -- or that Washington was going to write checks to utility companies covering the "underserved" from coast to coast? It may be that she should have listened to a far less glamorous black spokesmen:
Got ta do sumtin fo da po people! - Pastor James David Manning

The Wizard of Oz is a profound political metaphor in addition to being an unbearably vulgar, vacuous movie. (I really do consider anything involving Judy Garland serious cultural cancer.) Here's a book that had a colossal impact on me many years ago. I was so impressed initially that I ordered $200 worth of copies at least twice to give away to people. My admiration for it has diminished, despite his typically yankee race-proof Christianity.

Put some time aside to read it sometime! Among other things, it tells the story of the DOUKHOBORS, the radically (and blessedly) Christians sect that have been hounded from one country to another across centuries because of their radical (but correct) opposition to statism and refusal to be dictated to by WIZARDS. Writer and philosopher Leo Tolstoy is a pretty major player in their saga!

Whatever you do before we meet again, my friends, don't miss Pastor Manning's speech linked above.


Friday, July 18, 2014

McDonald's a paradigm of American techno-decadence

.........or of this country's lifestyle, which it imports all over the world except to Antarctica.
What A McDonald's Commercial SHOULD Look Like

A clever satire using, per contempo custom, a white man to portray stupidity and baseness despite the great diversity of other archetypes to draw on in this our magnificent pluralistic wonderland today.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"An ethical and moral imperative to starve the Beast"

Here's a great article direct from email putting things in rare focus -- tax morality. It's by Nick Giambruno of International Man (

What is there like the U.S. Government for doing everything exactly backwards and counter-productive? What a nightmare -- with no end in sight as long as the sheeple are putting any faith at all in the "two" major Parties! (They're actually two wings of the same foul bird.)

Morality is what's missing from most people's politics and most political commentary. International Man speaks with as much authority on law and economics as the Wall Street Journal or any government figure, but with a conscience. I'm not exaggerating, it's exactly how they are!

Just think of it -- "Unlike most countries, which only tax domestic profits, the US taxes the earnings of foreign subsidiaries of US companies when the money is transferred back to the US"! What makes us the "greatest country in the world" if government is blatantly existing only to steal our rights, property and privacy? Why are welfare and other insane giveaway programs the sacred cows?

That's really the question here. Why is Washington giving any money to real or imagined charity cases, much less an endless sea of largesse as far as the eye can see, mostly or exclusively to people it's actually harming? If the government's our of money, why are citizens and business last in line any kind of mercy? I don't mean "mercy" in terms of more socialism but less less less of everything governmental, starting with taxes?


Corporations Join Droves Renouncing US Citizenship

Don’t be surprised to lose if you don’t make an effort at being competitive.
And if you go out of your way to make yourself less competitive, expect to lose.
If that sounds like simple common sense, that’s because it is.
But it’s also exactly what the US has been doing for years—enacting tax policies that sabotage its global economic competitiveness.
It’s like trying to get in shape for a marathon by going on an all-McDonald’s diet. (Speaking of McDonalds, check out this funny video spoof of what their commercials should really look like.)
Here are two major reasons why the US is lagging in the global economic marathon:
  1. The US has the highest effective corporate income tax rate in the developed world (see chart below).
  1. Unlike most other countries, which only tax domestic profits, the US taxes the earnings of foreign subsidiaries of US companies when the money is transferred back to the US. This has had the effect of US corporations keeping over $1.9 trillion in retained earnings offshore to avoid the crippling US corporate income tax.
These “worst in the developed world” tax policies are clearly hurting the global competitiveness of American companies.
Being deemed a “US Person” for tax purposes is like trying to swim with a lifejacket made of lead.
It should come as no surprise that an increasing number of productive people and companies are seeking to shed this burden so they can keep their heads above water.
At this point, it’s more than just a trickle—it’s an established trend in motion.
And I don’t see anything that would reverse it. On the contrary, given the political dynamics—ramped-up spending on welfare and warfare policies, as well as an “eat the rich” mood—taxes have nowhere to go but north. And that means the exodus will continue.

Three Cheers for Walgreens

Over the past couple of years, dozens of high-profile US companies have moved abroad (or seriously considered it) to lower their corporate income tax rate and to access their offshore retained earnings without triggering US taxes.
Among them are Medtronic, Liberty Global, Sara Lee, and Omnicom Group—the largest US advertising firm—to just name a few.
Earlier this year Pfizer, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, sought (but was ultimately rebuffed) to move abroad, which would have cut its tax bills by as much as $1 billion a year.
The strategy these companies are using is known as an inversion. It’s where a US company merges with a foreign company in a jurisdiction with lower taxes and then reincorporates there. Current US law allows for this if the foreign shareholders own at least 20% of the combined company (though some are trying to raise the minimum to 50%).
Now, despite the howls and shrieks from upset politicians and the mainstream media about these companies being “unpatriotic” and “un-American,” they’re doing absolutely nothing illegal. Inversions are totally acceptable within the current rules of the US Tax Code.
Chuck Grassley, a Republican senator from Iowa has said, “These expatriations aren’t illegal. But they’re sure immoral.”
I beg to differ.
Why would anyone want to give the destructive bureaucrats in DC a penny more than is legally required? As far as I’m concerned, not only is there nothing wrong with going where you’re treated best, there's also an ethical and moral imperative to starve the Beast.
And now the latest high-profile company to consider putting the Beast on a diet is Walgreens.
Walgreens is considering reincorporating in Switzerland as part of a merger with Alliance Boots, a European rival. The net effect for would be to reduce Walgreens’ tax rate to 20%, down from around 31% now. The move is estimated to save around $4 billion over the next five years.
What really has the politicians scared is that inversions have started to snowball.
The New York Times quoted an international tax lawyer stating that “it takes one company with enough public recognition to start [a] domino effect.”
Walgreens could be the company that triggers a domino effect. If Walgreens were to move, it would gain a significant competitive advantage against its rivals. CVS, Walgreens’ main competitor, paid a 34% tax rate in recent years. Can CVS really compete with Walgreens if the latter is paying 20%?
Probably not. And that will only lead to more inversions.

Another Way to Starve the Beast

Remember, US companies are not globally competitive because of these two unique burdens:
  1. The US has the highest effective corporate tax rate in the developed world.
  1. Unlike most countries, which only tax domestic profits, the US taxes the earnings of foreign subsidiaries of US companies when the money is transferred back to the US.
We have already seen how inversions can reduce #1, but they also offer huge benefits in terms of #2.
Reincorporating abroad allows companies to permanently avoid paying US taxes on foreign earnings. It also allows companies to access their retained earnings offshore in ways they couldn’t before without triggering punishing US taxes.
Medtronic, for example, has accumulated $20.5 billion of untaxed earnings in foreign subsidiaries. By reincorporating abroad, Medtronic can access that money without getting slapped with US corporate income taxes, which would save it billions.
For companies like Medtronic and Walgreens, reincorporating abroad seems like a no-brainer.
Contrary to the government propaganda, the villains in this story aren’t the companies seeking to diversify abroad to remain globally competitive. The villains are clearly the spendthrift politicians who enact these “worst in the developed world” tax policies, which create very compelling incentives for these companies to leave the US.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sorry, men -- you're fired
Pentagon gives pink slips to thousands of soldiers, including active-duty officers

This is the most precious theater-of-the-absurd moment since it was found that soldiers in the "war" on "terror" had totally inadequate vehicle armor and had to cobble some together themselves. Secretary of So-Called Defense's Rumsfeld's response? "Well, sometimes you have to go to war with the army you have," he beamed, "rather than the army you'd like to have!"

If I'm reading the figures correctly, the DOD budget during the Bush junta was the better part of half a trillion dollars. For them to ask our youth to put their lives on the line to "save our freedoms" and then tell them they couldn't afford basic battlefield protection, that should have clued everybody that things are not what they appear to be, that the fedgov is a shyster.

For that entity to start firing troops and officers just when it's pledging a trainload of moola to succor the children they're strategically ranging along America's southern border...... well, it examples the most colossal flaunting of hubris I can remember.

But of course in the era of the Bush-Clinton-Obama crime syndicate, you say that every day or three, and it's................. true  every day.

Hey -- this was the next story in the pile at :
Man who executed rookie cop: ‘I’m going to be famous’

You know, that is an exact analog to the "war" on "terror". We started smashing Afghanistan and Iraq on no better logic than this crook did his victim(s). Our psychology, perhaps subconsciously, was no fancier than his -- we "wanted to be famous" before the wondering eyes of humanity. Sure enough, our depravity was soon taking up every TV screen half the hours of the day and chickenhawk politicians are salivating with dreams of a "legacy" that would carry their named aloft in fame and glory through all time.

This thug killed a policeman, we've dropped heads of state. He considered himself the highest law -- our law is "you're with us or you're with the terrorists," our pastime is identifying "rogue" countries to bomb like some people sit and play sudoku.

How man more parallel would you like? Are you sick with shame over our behavior? A good indicator, perhaps.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Republicans will save us..... or somebody or other

Back to our independent study on what traitors Republicans can be such a large percentage of the time.....

Truly, the word "conservative" or "unity" on the lips of a Beltway GOP operative is something like the word "love" on the lips of a beautiful, alluring, thoroughly disease-ridden prostitute.

Did I say whore?

If you think I might have something here, try this discussion thread:

If you agree with us already, please start contributing to the 100+ damning posts already there. Come on in, the water's fine!

Republicans are very "caring," aren't they.


Friday, July 11, 2014

FATCA: the monstrous, dilthy details on how Washington treats its citizens living abroad
American Expats' Tax Nightmare

Some years ago the Great One bought some cases of the Internal Revenue Code and advertised them for sale as Satan's Bible. The irony was funny at the time even though tax evil was already quite advanced and troublesome. Nowadays it would be hard for any atheist to deny his description.

My expat friends all got involved in exploring alternative countries and modes of asset protection years ago when things were easy and delightfully private. The fedgov's Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca) and similar forms of legal sadism started as topics of minor concern among them, but have grown to a frequent subject of headlines in the major media. It is that drastic a development.

The fact that the Wall Street Journal is the source of today's article seems pretty significant. I have no foreign assets; no doubt most of you don't. I'm assuming that most readers of the Wall Street Journal aren't even in that category,.but in the opinion of the Journal (it and I agree on something for a change) everyone should find these latest details extremely alarming: if Washington will treat this subgroup of the population that bad, especially when most are merely guilty of trying to remain solvent, what will they do to whatever group oneself is part of?

Get this passage from the article and tell me you don't think it's pure sadism and a bald-faced attempt at mass entrapment:

U.S. reporting rules for non-U.S. registered mutual funds are a particularly good example of the problem. An American family living in Germany that buys five or six different German-domiciled mutual funds to create a diversified portfolio is faced with tax complications that almost defy belief. They will have to report each of their six non-U.S. mutual funds on separate forms, every year. The IRS Instruction manual for this Form 8621 estimates that the time needed to prepare the form include "Recordkeeping, 15 hr., 4 min; Learning about the law or the form, 11 hr., 13 min; Preparing and sending the form to the IRS 20 hr., 21 min."

In other words, the U.S. government expects this family to spend more than 200 hours annually preparing and filing the forms necessary to report their six mutual funds bought from a local German investment advisor. Furthermore, once the filing is made, the tax payers will find their investment gains taxed annually and subject to a tax rate no less than 39.6%, and potentially much higher.

I hope every sector of the population from Rastafarians to bridge players to haute cuisine chefs to plumbers sees this writing on the wall, because the bell tolls for them too. Besides the other qualities I mentioned, this new aggression has to be a trial balloon, a test on a sample group to see whether it will rebel. If it doesn't, and it's a fairly sure thing it won't, the feds and IRS will know that everybody is ready to be put through the meat grinder in exciting new ways.

Will such advances take the form of stealing a tenth of everybody's domestic bank accounts -- a "haircut" as it was insultingly called in Cyprus, a "bail-in" as it's more suavely known here? Or maybe they'll just multiply by another tenfold the bureaucratic paperwork people already have to put up with. A friend who's driven without a license for 16 years says you have to give your whole life story to apply for one nowadays, and do just about everything short of chopping off an ear and handing it to them for a DNA sample.

The famous Martin Niemoeller quote "First they came for the Socialists" has tragic irony here. Socialists? That's the precise perpetrators we're talking about here in 2014 ameriKa! An updated and starkly honest version might read

First they came for the Amish, and I did not speak out -- I was not Amish. Then they came for the "anti-Semites, and I did not speak out -- I was not an "anti-semite". Then they came for the expatriates and I did not speak out -- I'm not a member of the jet set that I vaguely imagine them to be. But then they came for everybody else on a similarly trumped-up rationale, and now Lenin's defining dream of destroying the middle class is complete.

They did come for the Amish -- remember? Make that they have, repeatedly -- and the Amish have prevailed against them for centuries. But I believe their resistance isn't what it used to be either as the heady days of moral combat during our colonial and pre-Revolutionary days become an ever more distant memory.

Didja hear the latest? "Lakers acquire Jeremy Lin from Rockets!" That must be what's really important, because it's what the sheeple think about most.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Surveying the obvious facts and omissions in the "war" on "terror"

Come on, you thought it too.
Osama bin Laden: Remember this scam?

The whole thing is simply bonkers. How can the masses swallow it? How can the farce still be going on after all these years?

Because people find it that much easier to pretend to believe what shows on the surface of things than to think for themselves, question authority, or even apply common sense. That's how.

"War" is in quotes in today's heading because what the DOD is doing in Afghanistan and Iraq (et al) is not a war, it's serial transoceanic rape-murder. "Terror" is in quotes because terror is an emotion, and the main way to make war on that would be for Washington to stop beating up other countries (which causes a great deal of fear and dread in them) and cease brutalizing Americans.

Some will counter that "war on terror" is merely short for "war on terrorism", but that's nonsense. If there was any terrorism involved in 9/11, it was only in the kabuki theater the System staged to begin permanently scaring and cowing the sheeple that day.

Factually, terror is what most people feel when they hear from some government bureaucracy or find out that their children are now fatherless because daddy has been killed in some far-off country based on totally abstract, loopy notions of "defending America's national interests". For me, terror is continuously losing more of my freedoms, rights and privacy because of a staged false-flag event that allegedly took place 750 miles away and 13 years ago.

Terror is knowing and seeing that the communistic "new" world order is still the goal of the media-government complex and they haven't even tried to hide it for over 20 years. Even when the fedgov isn't dropping a bomb on your wedding party it's straining to import ever more foreign bearers of virulent diseases, revolution and racial strife into this country.

That should terrify Americans, but it doesn't -- perhaps they've got "terrorism" fatigue, and seeing their country given away to predatory strangers is simply part of the wallpaper now?

There's a glimmer of good news in NC -- corporations want to frack there (bad, very bad, abominable), but citizens are fighting back:
Fracking issue galvanizes grassroots efforts


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Media clubs denounce descending veil of Obamian secrecy and opacity

............and considering it was the media that shoehorned him into office, that's something.
38 Journalism Groups Urge President to Stop Excessive Controls on Public Information

....“Our members find that U.S. Environmental Protection Agency press staff routinely block them from getting needed information — even in a public health crisis, even when the agency is rolling out new regulations and it's important to localize the story,” said Beth Parke, executive director of the Society of Environmental Journalists. “Anytime officials suppress information or downplay scientific findings, they are interfering with the public’s right to know. When reporters are ignored, and access is denied, news stories suffer and the public is cheated”......

Yeah, "news stories suffer and the public is cheated" -- and it sounds like lives and even ecologies are put in danger?

The feds were just scheming to boot independent journalists into outer space by requiring licensing -- one might almost say embedding -- of reporters and editors. Gee, wouldn't it be fun to know how the Society of Environmental Journalists feels about that? Are they for it, or are they "it"?

Curiously missing from the list of organizations: the National Press Club in Washington.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

America is the next South Africa

.....if America doesn't get real on its diversity issues.

You who think Waller is such an evil racist, contemplate what happens where gliberally-defined "diversity" is allowed to run its course:
No country for white men: SAA’s “racist” snub of prospective pilots

America is the next South Africa. It's appropriate since we led the destruction of the old one, but it isn't going to be any more pleasant for the archangels of tolerance and equality than for the conservatives who warned of the consequences. If you're a white baby boomer and have children, look for your grandchildren to grow old in a world more resembling the Congo than the America you know now unless people who look like you are willing to stand up for true equality of opportunity and justice regardless of skin color.

There is no equality for whites in the "new" South Africa, which is actually a return to the old pre-white tribal one. There will be no Affirmative Action for the white minority in the America of 50 years from now (probably much sooner) no Social Security for its white oldsters. It's going to be completely different if we're stuck with the mentality and agenda that put a criminally insane Obama in office because of white guilt (real or imaginary).

There will for that matter be no happiness or prosperity for anybody in South Africa once it has fully become Zimbabwe II, and we are following exactly in South Africa's shoes. Connect the dots!

What the planners did in South Africa, convincing whites to abdicate from all power and self-determination, they couldn't do here because whites were in a clear majority -- so they did the next logical thing, flood America with nonwhite third-worlders. Where there's a will there's a way!

Meant to warn you this one was going to be a tad controversial -- but feel free to refute me on it if you can. Please! Somebody? I don't want it to be this bleak.

Upon my word of honor, this link crossed my path less than an hour after writing the above:
Robert Mugabe Says No Whites May Own Land in Zimbabwe

American Renaissance's focus quote from it: “That message should ring loud and clear in Britain and the United States.” Maybe he's inspired by the recent South African president Jacob Zuma, who sang a "kill the whites" song in his public speeches?

This they call "land reform" wherever communists or blacks are taking over. Don't call it "racist" if it's the literal truth!


Monday, July 7, 2014

False flags, past and present

Are you remembering the Collapse Report site? WHAT -- you're not? It's one of the best-kept secrets in fatalism!
Remembering Shay’s Rebellion

This fine article appears to be borrowed from the Mises realm.
Rethinking the Articles of Confederation

In my book, farmers deserve every reasonable advantage under the sun considering they grow our food and have an arduous, unpredictable occupation. Bureaucrats grow different crops than they, notably greed and trouble. It sounds like the farmers had the moral ground in the Shays crisis, and some agitators moved in and do what they do best -- cause chaos, misunderstanding and needless strife. Except for them, perhaps, the Rebellion (and much else) might not have gone down in history at all. Gee, how much history would even exist if not for professional saboteurs?

Complicating the picture is Mr. Trask's use of the word "nationalists". This is one of the slipperiest buzzterms of all. In truth, people who want normalcy for their country are nationalists -- they believe in nations, especially their own, of course. In the mind of liberals and anti-racists, this gets jumbled together with National Socialists and the many "National" movements paralleling it -- Dr. Pierce's late 20th-century National Alliance et al.

From here troublemakers get people confusing love country with berserk supremacism and fascism. Internationalists are those who think all countries, races, religions and economies should be jumbled together. I think what Trask really means is "statists"?

Most pundits today want us to hate nationalism in any form, except Zionism of course (a positively evil mode of nationalism). Most gliberals are statists; times have changed from when the hippies professed to abhor everything established. The nineteenth century brought an endless, glorious panoply of  musical nationalism -- everything from Smetana's The Moldau to the operas of Verdi, which actually helped make Italy a nation for the first time.

I fear that if Verdi were alive today, he'd be joining other top musicians in believing that Italy and America need more tidal waves of aliens from the far south. I would like to point out to such folks that if a country loses its borders, it's not a country (or nation) anymore.

It's not the anniversary of Shays' Rebellion, but it's a chapter in history worth keeping track of. Was America going to have a healthy national life in the decades following the First Secession, or statism?

What will it be for ameriKa today?

Or should we call it titaniKa.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Go to the head of the class, CANNIBALS

ADULT MATERIAL WARNING. On opening this link, you will immediately be confronted with an image of Henry Kissinger pontificating.
As an annual gathering of thousands of leading financial, corporate, political and social oligarchs in Davos, Switzerland, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has taken a keen interest in recent years discussing the potential for social upheaval as a result of mass inequality and poverty. A WEF report released in November of 2013 warned that a “lost generation” of unemployed youth in Europe could potentially pull the Eurozone apart. One of the report’s authors, the CEO of Infosys, commented that “unless we address chronic joblessness we will see an escalation in social unrest,” noting that youth especially “need to be productively employed, or we will witness rising crime rates, stagnating economies and the deterioration of our social fabric.” The report added: “A generation that starts its career in complete hopelessness will be more prone to populist politics and will lack the fundamental skills that one develops early on in their career”....

Well, supergods, think of that! Let me understand you correctly: You have findings to the effect that wrecking the morale, the morals, the identities and the economic future of peoples breeds UNREST -- or higher CRIME rates?

May the gods grant (the lesser ones above you, in Valhalla, may your names be exalted above the heavens forever) that you share the source of these revelations with us, the 'umble and worthless voters, constituents and citizens. We're guessing -- but we do not assume at all that it's correct -- that sending a nation's industries overseas and importing tens of millions of aliens to take what jobs are left may be part of the scenario. Don't trouble yourselves with a "yea" or "nay" in our most rightly abased and abject direction. We will undoubtedly pick it up by osmosis, eventually.

"The Global Risks 2014"..... We further venture to wonder whether this is an allusion to the results of what you have been doing to us since the sizzling sixties, or what you fear from us in response.

You are all right, and we are all wrong. We didn't mean to imply otherwise.

Except when we're right.

Email allegation

A talk show host on WLS-Chicago was taking calls from Cubs fans who were  upset because someone had sent a severed goat-head to their coach. 
A caller from Indiana remarked, "I don't know why you guys are so upset.  You sent a horse's ass to the White  House!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Income taxes are literal communist tyranny, voodoo economics, a TOTAL abomination

"We had no income tax for nearly a century after the founding and we did just fine."
Needed: A Patriotic Tax Code 
The United States was created as a tax haven — now corporations are fleeing

How long have you been in the fight for tax truth and justice? Perhaps longer than I, at 26 years. How many times have you heard the case against the IRS summed up beautifully by experts? Probably so many they al start to sound alike. But please read this short article. Unlike a great many, it's quite serious about the real issues.

Author Stephen Moore is really giving us the uncensored big picture: taxes are not merely excessive, it's not just that the system has become unresponsive. The whole thing is the very curse America was founded to get away from! He doesn't, thank God, call for a flat tax or so-called Fair Tax; he doesn't condemn them. But I don't think anybody can miss his stance on those schemes everytime he pronounces that

"We had no income tax for nearly a century after the founding and we did just fine."


AmeriKa's armies of mercenary hit men .... well, the ones most people don't know about
Former Blackwater guard testifies against friends

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Young German protester nails the Federal Reserve Act few or no "mainstream" journalists or politicians are willing to do it:
Monday Demonstrations in Germany: The Architects Of The Future

"One of the most worst laws in the world...." Even foreigners are seeing that the Fed* is evil enshrined in one of the  biggest, baddest institutions in history for mankind. This fellow says so and sums it up as "The Fed tells government what to do, and that's a problem!" With those ten words, activist Lars Märholz (founder of Monday Demonstrations) has summed up a great deal of world history and trauma over the past century. It seems an accepted given that "new world order" grappling for total power (including our endless so-called wars) is only possibly through massive usury banking. Say what you like about the Muslims, but their theology doesn't admit of any interest, and they're only the better for it.

Usury is a dirty word among strict Christian traditionalists. They say it's defined as any interest charged on a loan of money; others say usury means excessive interest only. Whatever wrongs the Scriptures may be referring to on the subject, the Fed is for sure the most spectacular (disastrous) example ever of them.

Life is supposed to be simple and small-scale. It is not supposed to be about Big Ideas, saving the world, bringing democracy or regime change, or private organizations generating our "money" as abstract figures in bank books and collecting oceanic quantities of interest on it by gouging the real earnings of real people who have earned it via sweat equity. The overweening pretense of it all should shock anybody who asks themselves just a few basic questions about modern ameriKan life, starting with "What's wrong with this picture."

This video, less than 45 minutes long, is worth watching despite the clumsy subtitles. It shows thoughtful, civilized people nailing the real crimes of their own government and ours.


*or as lots of people unthinkingly put it, the FED

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In cannibalistic times, vampirism almost feels like a cease-fire

"Now Joel, we understand that in addition to being a superlative musician and the obvious natural leader of this group, you are the grandson of a remarkable South Carolinian -- Henry Link. He was a lifelong patriot and exposer of Masonic/"new world order" treachery, associated for over 20 years with the valiant Patriot Network organization, and died last October aged 94, still valiantly fighting off the IRS, is that right? To think that you, besides leading this fine ensemble, are carrying this great man's politically-incorrect genes!"

Question Fred Child forgot to ask:

.......................The politicians generally and tax rats in particular love to chop a limb off of us, cauterize the gaping, gushing wound with a hot torch, and start barbecuing our own flesh for dinner as we lie there in shock. When they agree to merely fly into our bedroom window and suck blood out like Dracula, this feels less absolutely unbearable, even if it turns us into the Undead.

Having spent all our money (and lots of Federal Reserve thin air) on meaningless foreign wars and domestic boondoggles, the fedgov finds it's suddenly out of cash. Immune to the slightest hint of self-reflection, its first thought is to gouge the good old taxpayers yet further, and its latest notion is to stop people from taking the obviously sane and urgent step of moving what wealth they have offshore.

For this admirable effort at not seeing their families' future totally destroyed by the socialist paper-shufflers, their reward is being called criminals ("HIDING MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT!") and hunted like rats, a bounty on each "guilty" citizen's head. Now, with the IRS in total disrepute even among the most God-fearing, the statists are pulling back on the reins ever so slightly in hopes this will make the sheeple love them again. Will it work?

The following is just in, an email from one of the best expatriation and asset protection gurus. I wrote him to commend him on being one of the best in the business but to point out that this is no cease-fire or relief in my book. He gets major points for calling it a war and providing such a detailed exposé of the gangsterism headquartered at 1111 Constitution Ave. NW in the District of Criminals.

Am indeed mainly including it here to highlight areas of tax tyranny that many citizens and even tax resisters aren't aware of -- whole new dimension of the agency's voodoo for collectors and connoisseurs:

A Ceasefire in the IRS' War on US Citizens
Around 10 years ago, the US declared war on a select group of Americans – the nearly 8 million US persons (citizens and green card holders) living abroad.
The IRS quietly and stealthily conducted this war. Its campaign consisted of extortion and intimidation, in an effort to force expats to comply with their US tax obligations.
In my adopted country of Panama, IRS agents fanned out across the country, seeking out non-compliant US taxpayers. At least some of the agents carried firearms in open view. How would you feel if an SUV full of armed men pulled into your driveway and started walking toward your front door?
You may be scratching your head at this point and thinking, “You mean US persons who don’t actually live in the US have to pay US taxes?”
Yes, that’s right. The US is the only major country with this policy. And US persons living abroad also have the same reporting responsibilities as “homelanders.” For instance, US persons – no matter where they live – who have signature or “other” authority over any non-US bank, securities, or “other” financial accounts must report them if their aggregate value exceeds $10,000.
The penalties for failing to file some of these forms far exceed those for merely failing to file a tax return. For instance, the civil penalty for “willfully” failing to file this “foreign bank accounts report” (FBAR) is the greater of $100,000 or 50% of the total balance of the foreign account.Criminal penalties may also apply for willful violations. Non-willful violations are subject to a $10,000 penalty per account per year.
That’s just the beginning. US persons who create or fund a foreign trust or any foreign business entity, such as an offshore corporation, must make extensive disclosures. Once again, penalties for failing to do so are draconian.
Recently, I estimated that if the IRS were to impose the maximum civil penalty against US expats for failing to file just the FBAR, it could raise nearly $300 billion… nearly half of the estimated US budget deficit for 2014.
Millions of expats were caught in the crossfire – even those who thought they understood these rules. For instance, a US citizen who had lived in Canada for many years contacted me after receiving a bill from the IRS for $20,000. He thought he was 100% compliant with all US tax and reporting obligations. He’d even hired a big-name US accounting firm to prepare his tax returns each year, at a cost of more than $5,000 annually. He never owed any US tax, because taxes in Canada are higher than in the US, but he still got screwed.
A Canadian educational savings plan account he’d set up for his daughter was the problem. According to US tax rules, he must report the savings plan on the FBAR. Mercifully, the IRS didn’t impose a penalty for “willful” FBAR violations. It merely fined him $10,000 for two years of negligently failing to include the savings plan on the reporting form.
Until June 18, there were only a couple of ways that you could avoid these penalties. If you had no underreported tax liabilities, you could file delinquent FBARs and other reporting forms with no penalty at all. And about a year ago, the IRS decided that non-resident taxpayers that it determined were a “low compliance risk” would also be eligible for more favorable treatment. To qualify for this status, you had to live outside the US and owe less than $1,500 per year in income tax. The IRS waived all reporting penalties, but you still had to pay all taxes and interest going back for three years.
Otherwise, the best you could hope for would be to come forward under the IRS’s “Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program” (OVDP). In exchange for signing up for this program, the IRS promised not to prosecute you for criminal tax evasion or to impose its most severe civil penalties. Instead, you had to pay 27.5% of the highest aggregate account values for eight years prior to the disclosure.
This calculation method significantly increased the severity of the penalty. For instance, thanks to the global economic downturn in 2008-2009, an unreported international account worth $1 million in 2007 might have been worth only $600,000 at the end of 2012. Yet the 27.5% penalty would be assessed against the entire $1 million for 2007, increasing the effective sanction to nearly 50% ($275,000 of $600,000). And this is in addition to the penalties for subsequent years.

The Newest Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

Early last month, IRS commissioner John Koskinen made a speech in which he hinted that the IRS might “enhance” the OVDP. Koskinen told his audience that the IRS might have been too hard on non-resident US persons. He distinguished these citizens – many of whom have lived abroad for decades – from US-resident taxpayers who willfully hide their international investments overseas from IRS scrutiny. In other words, the IRS finally recognized that not every expat with an unreported foreign account is a criminal.
On June 18, the IRS followed through on Koskinen’s promise. Effective immediately, expats who agree to disclose their foreign accounts and pay US taxes for the previous three years won’t need to pay any penalties. They’ll owe just back taxes and interest (if any). The IRS even extended an olive branch to resident Americans. They’ll be able to come forward and disclose their offshore accounts for the previous three years and pay only a 5% penalty, not 27.5%.
To take advantage of the “kinder and gentler” IRS approach to international compliance, you’ll need to certify that the “the failure to file tax returns, report all income, pay all tax, and submit all required information returns, including FBARs, resulted from non-willful conduct. ” The certification forms for US residents and non-residents, respectively, are here and here.
If the IRS decides your failure to comply with these obligations was willful, you could be socked with a 50% penalty, calculated in the same way as the 27.5% penalty under the earlier OVDP. In addition, a recent US court decision made it clear that the 50% penalty could be imposed foreach year you had an undisclosed international account. In other words, you could be liable for a penalty far exceeding the amount of money you ever had in the account. As the IRS makes clear in its FAQs for the revised program, that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of possible penalties you could face. (See FAQs 5 and 6.) And while it’s far from clear, the act of making a false certification could itself be considered a crime.
Proving “willfulness,” incidentally, is much easier for the IRS than you might think, as I described in this essay.
In addition, there’s an important – and not well-understood – “stinger” in these rules. US persons who held accounts at a number of Swiss banks and other companies already under investigation by the IRS aren’t eligible. They’ll also be socked with a 50% penalty.

Don’t Forget FATCA!

Today – July 1, 2014 – key information disclosure provisions of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) come into effect. “Foreign financial institutions” (FFIs) – i.e., foreign banks and other financial institutions – must be either FATCA compliant or in the process of becoming FATCA compliant. If they’re not, interest, dividends, rents, and similar payments leaving the US directed to those institutions will be subject to a 30% withholding tax.
Part of FATCA compliance requires banks to make the IRS aware of any accounts that are owned directly or indirectly by US taxpayers. The IRS has been asking many banks to review their accounts retroactively for at least one year – sometimes longer – to identify US persons who closed accounts during that time. If the IRS thinks you closed your account to avoid FATCA, the possibility of a "willful" violation increases substantially.
And one requirement to enroll in the OVDP is that the IRS doesn’t already know about the unreported offshore accounts or income you wish to disclose. Yet once FFIs begin automatically turning over the account details of their US clients to the IRS, it will have all the information it needs to enforce the draconian penalties Congress has imposed for offshore non-compliance.

Do you have unreported offshore income or accounts? If you do and would like to take advantage of the OVDP, consult with a qualified attorney (not an accountant). This arrangement provides attorney-client privilege to keep your discussions private. The attorney can then retain an accountant to prepare the necessary returns and decide whether you should participate in the program.

Mark Nestmann


Hellary crashing 10 laps before the finish?

Hellary is one of the most purely evil beings ever to walk the earth. What dinosaurs once were to the animal world, creatures like her are to the human realm today. It's no exaggeration and no joke.

The worst always seems to rise to top as President. It was hideous, absolutely hideous that George Bush "senior" got the GOP nomination when he did, disastrous when he got elected -- and things have gone smoothly if precipitously downhill from there. The worst vermin, including his son, all get re-elected even though the public are clearly sick of them -- and you know what that means.

So, if Hellary doesn't get the job next, What GOP or (far more likely) Dummacrat monstrosity will instead? Only time will smell.... but the mere fact of watching her slide from power, her arrogance and conceit finally in the toilet where they belong, would be a joyful day indeed. Here's the latest on why it could happen:
2016 poll: Hillary Clinton drops below 50% for first time; 'lackluster' book rollout blamed

If her book is dragging her down, that's where the joy could move to ecstasy. The book, the book, the book -- this is each prexy-monster's next huge scam on leaving office.... I was on the phone tonight for some time with a main compatriot. much of it on the subject of apathy and burnout among the voting public. If it's reaching all the way into the Clinton zone, that would be a first.

He told me that only (I think) 5% of SC voters re-elected Lindsey Graham, and only 1.5% turned out the day of other candidates' runoff. This is a terrible situation, of course, but changing times offer opportunities.

I've also heard that Hellary is breaking down physically. It certainly shows in her baggy, superannuated Wicked Witch of the West pictures (as opposed to her more youthful, bright-eyed Wicked Witch of the West mode, also nauseating and scary as hell). We don't wish anybody a bad time, but maybe four decades of wrenching for power, temper explosions, and Elena Ceaușescu imitations take their toll?