Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh, great -- the Federal Elections Commission is commie against us too!
E-mails Suggest Collusion Between FEC, IRS to Target Conservative Groups

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bold and brave words from Pat Buchanan

The ruckus and hysteria over George and Trayvon have reached their peak. We must pray this means they're now on the descendant. Pat Buchanan is in one of his more clear-headed moments and busting up the racial correctness that dominated the affair but failed to win the day.

What astounds me most here is the sheer perversity of politically-correct thought. Zimmerman defended himself and even the lone "black" on the jury said it was a rightful case of the law being honored come what may. Where is there cause for further agitation?

In particular I'm astounded that some blacks are telling their kids the moral of this whole needless drama is that "the policeman isn't your friend." A guy accused of being white stands his ground and settles an assault against like a man; because he was a neighborhood safety volunteer and race hustlers like Jesse and Sharpton see an opportunity for demagoguery, the guy is equated with police, who are demonized next in line.
Black America’s Real Problem Isn’t White Racism

Fathers telling their sons that police are all mad racists out to get them? I can think of good reasons little kiddies shouldn't take police people at face value, but there's no comparison between the leftist fantasy and commonsense reality on this.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nullification is in the air

This N-word has a lovely ring to it. Exciting news here if it pans out:
States seek to nullify Obama efforts


Thursday, July 25, 2013

IRS admits the 501(c)(3) setup is toothless! Stunning column on the founders

"Political sermons" -- why does that phrase sound so totally alien to our ears? Obviously because anywhere right of center, most preachers are so lacking in basic manhood they just go right along with the agenda and valyooz the media dish out. Even most clergy passing as archconservative don't dare defy the common notion about nonprofit or tax-exempt status. Number one, because they live in fear of the fedgoons -- just enough to toe the communist party line and censor their sermons by it. Number two, because if one of them did any actual unspoken moral preaching women of both sexes would beat him to a pulp after the last hymn.

But the common notions are dead wrong, excitingly wrong all over again. The IRS has no power to remove tax exemption from an organization. That "law" was bad from the word go, ergo void ab initio.-- nobody has ever needed to obey it, a small army of real men of God could have overturned it overnight if they wanted to. Everything's in our favor if we'll only claim it!!!

Oh what a quote! In the above article, originally from Pulpit of the American Revolution, (The Federalist Papers Project), pp. 47-50:

‘Civil tyranny is usually small in its beginning, like "the drop of a bucket," 'till at length, like a mighty torrent, or the raging waves of the sea, it bears down all before it, and deluges whole countries and empires. Thus it is as to ecclesiastical tyranny also — the most cruel, intolerable, and impious of any. From small beginnings, "it exalts itself above all that is called God and that is worshipped." People have no security against being unmercifully priest-ridden but by keeping all imperious bishops, and other clergymen who love to "lord it over God's heritage," from getting their foot into the stirrup at all. Let them be once fairly mounted, and their "beasts, the laity," may prance and flounce about to no purpose; and they will at length be so jaded and hacked by these reverend jockeys, that they will not even have spirits enough to complain that their backs are galled, or, like Balaam's ass, to "rebuke the madness of the prophet."

Push over an idol today. Barbecue a sacred cow. Set off brush fires of truth in people's minds wherever you go!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Conspiracy theory no longer theoretical

We've discussed many times the importance of precision in language and what a great example of its subversion this "conspiracy theory" buzzword is. For at least ten years that term has been the handy label the System threw onto everybody that dared accuse it of wrongdoing. You think politicians actually plan the crimes they commit against us -- that a straight line through history like the ruin of money's value during the age of the Fed? Watch it -- no matter what facts you're armed with. You're a theorist, understand!?!
16 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Despite the unconscious ironies of this piece, Rolling Stone mag is a blight!

For instance, I don't assume the writer is pro-Bush or pro-Romney, but one could easily get that impression.
Terrorist Rocks Rolling Stone

It certainly is good to see the music mag made the subject of scandal after all the sensations it has helped whip up through the years. And to complain about Bush being satirized as an ape is certainly tragicomic -- Bush is an ape, after all, in fact the sometimes sanely leftist was originally named in (dis)honor of this fact, featuring a brilliant photographic logo on Bush as simian fool.

40 years ago Rolling Stone was a fun, informative magazine for those not yet advanced into the real world. Now it's just decadent with a little fun thrown in for window dressing. The book Gone Crazy and Back Again: The Rise and Fall of the Rolling Stone Generation is more ironic than it knows as well, being a brilliantly-written chronicle of how the mag has sometimes mirrored but has often scripted the ruin of two generations of world youth. The book's author is clearly a leftist but just jaded enough to want to call down some of Rolling Stone's excesses.

Time for a song.
Cover Of The Rolling Stone-Dr.Hook


Friday, July 19, 2013

Great summary of the surveillance state

..........Of all the key aspects of an authoritarian regime, secrecy is the most vital in effecting the transition from relative freedom to a full-fledged police state. As the foundations of the liberal democratic order are eaten away by political termites operating in the dark, the democratic polity retains its traditional republican form – but is hollow at its center. That’s why the prescient Garet Garrett called the rising statist trend in the United States a "revolution within the form" – superficially, our old republic appears intact, but the old meanings of such concepts as "democracy" and "the rule of law" have been turned on their heads. Beneath the surface, the tyrant lurks, waiting for his moment….
A real innovation of our "democratic" despotism is the introduction of secret law. One of Snowden’s greatest "crimes" was revealing the text of a routine FISA court orderauthorizing the massive collection of all of Verizon’s meta-data in a given time period: apparently this was one of a series of periodic court orders, issued to other providers as well, giving the government authority to vacuum up all phone records.
The FISA court isn’t really a court in the Western tradition: it is more like something that might have existed in the old Soviet Union, where everything was done in secret and there was no pretense of democratic oversight. The court meets in a special sealed-off soundproof bug-proof chamber, there are only government lawyers present making their case, and there is no public record of the court’s decisions, let alone transcripts of the proceedings. All very Soviet: all that’s lacking is a portrait of Lenin staring down on the participants in this "legal" farce.
Worse, the law itself – or, rather, the administration’s and the FISA court’s interpretation of it – is secret. We aren’t allowed to know the "legal" rationale behind the government’s sweeping data grab. It can’t be discussed in Congress, at least in open session, and can’t be contested by civil libertarians – because they won’t tell uswhat it is! This is a radical innovation that not even the commissars of Stalin’s Russia imagined: leave it to the US Congress, which passed and amended legislation establishing and strengthening the FISA courts, to surpass even the Soviet Politboro in its ability to fasten the noose of state power ’round the necks of its subjects......

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Columnist under the same gun Dr. Clarkson was

I emailed Dr. Rosemond to tell him about the Great One's stunning free speech victories.
Advice columnist John Rosemond sues Kentucky agency, claiming censorship

Shame on Kentucky! Maybe it really is a yankee state.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A look back to the pre-IRS age of well-being

Supposedly the good old days weren't so good. I've seen a book (possibly The Good Old Days: They Were Terrible!) that tells why in great detail -- for instance, it tells the amazing, revolting extent to which horse manure pervaded city life. There is no question in my mind, however, that life was drastically better for all kinds of people. Factory workers were shamelessly exploited, but even pennies were actually worth something. A host of social ills that plague news headlines today didn't exist. Minorities lived in intact families for the most part; the black middle class grew healthily until the civil riots movement brought the blight of welfarism and started fomenting war between the races.

The turn of the twentieth century was indeed America's golden age -- for the rich, the gilded age. So-called Reconstruction was in low ebb (it has never really ended) and American youth weren't dying on foreign fields for the furtherance of any misbegotten Big Ideas. I don't imagine I'd enjoy living on the average person's food fare of that time, but ah, to know it was all organic at regular prices? This norm of all prior eras is a distant fantasy in the age of MSG, HFCS and EDTA in our typically GMO foods, when the family farm is a mere shadow of its former self.

Enjoy this article -- note the tax factors!
Why Can’t We Party Like It’s 1905?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Accidental truth in signs

One of the funniest cases was 20 years ago when a real road marker right here in SC made a national sensation:


The latest:

Of course, driving down 81 into Anderson you see a church with two big signs in the corner of the front yard. The first brags on the congregation's "multicultural" worship, the second is a For Sale sign. Both have been out there for years now! A pity the Great One didn't live to see it -- we loved bashing "liberalism" together.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Drunken rowdy racist Goldman Sachs banker and other wild catches

Will Je$$e Jack$on et al call for Goldman to be shut down -- or maybe to pay up? Come on, it's the age of collective guilt and penalty!
Drunk Goldman Banker Knocked Out For Screaming Racial Slurs, In Serious Condition

.....I hate to rain on these guys' parade, but this burgers-and-beer stuff has never yielded anything but lulled citizens and more powerful politicians. They're both lawyers, so they should know what an extremely simple thing it would be to regain tax sanity, or at least to consult the Constitution for how to do it. Thankfully, I don't find the words "fair" or "flat" tax in the article, so let's hope that they don't catch either disease.
Max and Dave, Washington's newest power couple

Maybe Obama is Trayvon Martin's real father. They're both thugs:
Obama Files Federal Charges Against George Zimmerman Following Acquittal in Shooting Murder of Trayvon Martin

I don't get it -- thought there was a separation of powers?

.....Germany has a problem. Half of it was communist till 1989, and dominated by an internal spying apparatus called die Stasi. It finds public mention of his very embarrassing. Since 1945 the rest of it's been under the communist-lite domination of the Un-Tied States of ameriKa -- and Deutschland is equally anxious that nobody draw attention to that fact. When this happens, the German authorities tie themselves into hysterical knots of verbiage that can be fun to watch! The most fun happens when they show off how far they've come from Hitler's alleged dictatorship by stomping freedom of speech out and persecuting its brave advocates. Like in this supremely multi-ironic case:
'United Stasi of America': Light Artist Wanted by Berlin Police

.....Bravo Lord Snowden!
Edward Snowden Statement: 'It Was the Right Thing to do and I Have No Regrets'

Last but not least, please gear up to attend this month's Atlanta PN meeting this Saturday, July 20. Steve Hempfling of the Free Enterprise Society and possibly the legendary patriot attorney Larry Becraft will be guest speakers in person. For meeting location etc, click Regular Meeting Schedule at top here:
Of course, you don't want to miss the third-Friday meeting in Greenville either -- right?


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Finally, media attention on our scandalous Speaker

Speaker of the S.C. House of Representatives Bobby Harrell is the kind of Republican that saves the Party from ever actually attaining any lustre of goodness or valor. The SC Policy Council has been doing a bangup job of exposing the sins and crimes of his like in Columbia. Enjoy:
One day later, still no word from Bobby Harrell

Corruption in office, refusing to account for it in the media -- do you smell a rat by chance?

Speaking of coverage, isn't it odd that the media have unanimously, as if operated by the same set of marionette strings, dropped two of the biggest subjects of the 21st century -- IRS and NSA tyranny? Not a single mention of them at MSNBC or even Drudge today.


Friday, July 12, 2013

Supreme irony and .... good news
DOJ official leaks info on leak guidelines

Care to leak the fact that the official leaked the info on the leakage to a few friends?

Other good news: the hideously shapeless, amoral, graceless, talentless devil woman has mysteriously stepped down as head of the new ameriKan KGB.,0,83979.story?page=2&sc=7058920209509796547
Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security chief, to head UC

I don't see where the itch says why she's quitting?

Why do so many "czars" in every presidential administration fall or jump from office? The usually offer some excuse, however lame.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Obamian/fedgov hypocrisy trips over itself its quest to model pure dialectical chaos and (yes) to bring sick, lethal disorder out of tactical bedlam. A rich, rich article whose neutral-sounding title belies its penetration of issues... and one you're not likely to see in many sites.
Profiling is OK in Obama's Banana Republic


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A bumper crop of reality headlines

.... at right now, e.g.:

Agency destroyed computers, keyboards, mice over virus fear

Ex-Sanford police chief: Zimmerman probe ‘taken away from us’

Justice Department supported anti-Zimmerman protests after Martin shooting

Hottest employee benefit: Pet insurance

NY school drops Michelle Obama lunch standards: Kids won’t eat it

Crime Gang Launches Magazine

Toddler buys Austin Healey Sprite on eBay with her father’s smartphone


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Staggering news from SC -- THIS from the state that started secession?

It's simply to horrible. Can in be real? via a PN egroup, from one o the most pleasantly radical attendees at PN meetings (like the one held Saturday in Greer):

[South Carolina] in its inimitable way has seen fit to BAN treatment from a Naturopathic Doctor. Little do people realize that Naturopathic Doctors  have  spent just as much time in Medical School as Medical Doctors do. Rather than learning about covering up symptoms with drugs and surgery and about how to help people live with their disease( and invest all the money they'll be making), Naturopathic doctors learn all about diet and health and UNDERLYING CAUSES of "disease" and how to get rid of them using an array of natural modes of medicine so the "disease" goes away and robust health is restored.

I guess when you have a Speaker of the House owning a pharmaceutical company, getting this legislation repealed will be a challenge. But if other states, some of which are destinations for allopathic medicine (conventional medicine) allow Naturopaths, SC should too. In fact SC gets a lower ranking as a good state to relocate to by Joel Skousen in his book, STRATEGIC RELOCATION, due to backwards thinking on issues like this.
Here is a link to the legislation.

Here it is cut and pasted.
Title 40 - Professions and Occupations



SECTION 40-31-10. Practice unlawful.

It shall be unlawful for any person whether heretofore licensed or not under the laws of this or any other State to practice naturopathy in this State.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 56-901; 1956 (49) 1624.

SECTION 40-31-20. Penalties.

Any person violating the provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor and be fined not exceeding five hundred dollars or be imprisoned for a period of not exceeding one year, or both, in the discretion of the court.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 56-902; 1956 (49) 1624.

..........There may be good news from Georgia soon though. This sent in by one of the state's most tragic victims among our ranks:

Douglasville - GBI Investigates DA
Seized drug money and High Transcription Services


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

RT nails W as war criminal! SOUTH AFRICA NAILS OBAMA.....

Authoress Cohn covers only six of Georgie's crimes against humanity because if she examined them all, her book would be encyclopedia-length:

Shouts "GOD BLESS AMERICA" as we mow innocent civilians down in Fallujah. Hooray for us and the hey with everybody else.

Gitmo ruled worse than apartheid! Nixon classified more than 92 million documents a year???

"Depleted" uranium our generation's agent orange...... 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Legal victories are happening that the Obamistas won't like

This is too good! Kid faces a year behind bars for refusing to change his pro-gun shirt during band practice..... case dismissed:
Police Drop the Charges Against Jared Marcum!
These and other victories remind us, once again, there’s much to be grateful for this Independence Day

Don't let anybody tell you citizen action doesn't help. Gun Owners of America is the reality group the often unreal NRA come close to existing.Shame and ignominy on that band director -- he sounds like the epitome of the communization of the public fool system.

.....While we're handing out lead medals, Boy George Bush has just made a jerk of himself. Won't somebody just cover his mouth with duct tape?
Shameless: G. W. Bush Claims Snowden Hurt The Country

Georgie is one of the worst excuses for a man I've ever seen. The idea of him criticizing Edward Snowden is.... well, it's pretty well shot down by the clever text of this article!

Spread the good news -- go out and make some. Denounce traitors and charlatans. Send me stuff.