Tuesday, September 30, 2014

RIP James Traficant

What a great man. What an unbearable loss, especially with others so recently!

James Traficant on the IRS

See, he had Clarksonian dedication and single-mindedness. He was one of the extremely few Americans of which this can be said in our lifetime. Some have the guts to go drop bombs on Arabs, some have the moxie to give a piano recital at Carnegie hall. Some have the mettle to serve as New York City police or to go body flying, sumo wrestling, teaching in Detroit public schools or whatever, but the thing that makes them wet their pants in fear and cower like dogs is the idea of standing up to the IRS or even admitting that it is a national curse.

But not the Great One -- and not Traficant. Not some wonderful people you still meet through the Patriot Network such as Liberty Dollar's Kevin Innes. Of course, today the government is trying to shut down all human activity and is finding excuses to persecute people for selling normal healthy products, collecting rain on their own properties -- but those victims are involuntary. These others are more like a Solzhenitsyn or Georgi Vins. (Who's Georgi Vins? Shame on this world for forgetting!)

The Anti-Defamation League wouldn't want you to experience some parts of this show, so please go wash dishes during them. I'm going to be a typical gutless mum ameriKan and not say which or why:

James Traficant - RIP


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Obomber has struck again (when did he last stop)

Syria Becomes The 7th Predominantly Muslim Country Bombed By 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate

I must add this to the discussion thread titled "Aren't we Americans Glorious & Wonderful." Because it shows us at what we do best -- killing thousands of people and blasting to smithereens countries ten times as old as ours. Yes -- we are the death star, the black hole among nations -- and always on the most noble-sounding rationales! Gotta stop those TERR'ISTS.

Hooray for us. Hooray for US!



Monday, September 22, 2014

Full-fledged tax revolt brewing in France?

French farmers torch tax office in Brittany protest

Vegetables dumped outside tax office in Morlaix. 20 Sept 2014
Piles of vegetables were dumped outside the tax office in Morlaix

French vegetable farmers protesting against falling living standards have set fire to tax and insurance offices in town of Morlaix, in Brittany.
The farmers used tractors and trailers to dump artichokes, cauliflowers and manure in the streets and also smashed windows, police said.
Prime Minister Manuel Valls condemned protesters for preventing firefighters from dealing with the blaze.
The farmers say they cannot cope with falling prices for their products.
A Russian embargo on some Western goods - imposed over the Ukraine crisis - has blocked off one of their main export markets.
About 100 farmers first launched an overnight attack on an insurance office outside Morlaix, which they set light to and completely destroyed, officials said.
They then drove their tractors to the main tax office in the town where they dumped unsold artichokes and cauliflowers, smashed windows and then set the building on fire.
French media said the farmers then blocked a busy main road in Morlaix in both directions........
Comment: I hope the "French" politicians are glad now that they've involved their country in the internal affairs of others, to their own constituents' detriment. Ironic that it's over Ukraine; before communism destroyed that country, in was known as the breadbasket of Europe. Or was it Romania? Amounts to about the same thing -- believe it was both.

Maybe the French are going to lead the way in showing the world the way to some true liberté, not license; fraternité, not the forced and artificial brotherhood that gliberalism brings; and sane, lawful égalité as opposed to the contrived, distorted and distorting situation brought by government dictates such as "affirmative action", open borders and AFDC.

These farmers' action will be called extreme, but pray tell, what is the proper response when your government is cannibalistic and works around the clock to cannibalize you and your country?

Serious question.


Hollywood: does the propaganda ever end?


PLANET OF THE APES (2001) - Dinner Party

From what I see of the original 1968 Planet of the Apes movie, it had a great message but didn't grind any axes over "racism" etc. From the above clip, it appears that that's all this 21st-century reboot does -- plenty. It almost looks like they're stuck in the 1960s civil wrongs era with its obsession over slavery that had occurred a century previously. Wait a minute -- that's what gliberals ARE, stuck in a civil wrongs time warp. Famously!

"I think the city has about as much diversity as it can handle" -- like this crack against immigration is going to be said at a ruling-class party?

Oh -- the MILITARY ape insists on saying grace over the food! They do have a wild imagination. You can tell who they really hate when they have him paraphrasing Barry Goldwater's "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice" in defense of apedom -- conservatives. (Again.)

You're surprised. Right?


Sunday, September 21, 2014

ObamaSnare to gouge its own recipients via t-a-x-e-s

Why is this not a surprise?

Tax refunds will be cut for ACA recipients

What would shock me nigh unto extinction would be these citizens or any notable sector of taxpayers educating themselves and deciding "Wow, we never owed that 'tax' money to begin with. The 'income tax' was a fraud right from the word go!"

"Aaaaaaapril..... come she will!" The sad irony in the voices of Fester and Carbuncle when recording that little ditty in 1966 were purely amorous, alas.


Just think how life could be if such superstars used their talents to promote the truth about April 15 and liberate their millions of fans from the tax treadmill! But since rich people are always in a different solar system from politico-economic truthers, they're normally socialists who love the idea of Big Brother government gouging the public in order to feed, clothe, house and brainwash the public in its own cult.

I believe the politics expressed by that blessedly talented singing duo show them to be in that category, at least Mr. Fester's. Mr. Carbuncle's participation in the Carnal Knowledge movie doesn't mark him as a passionate Church of God fundamentalist.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

You're still not hip to The Nerve?

The Nerve is one dynamic muckraking organization. I have no idea why South Carolina in particular has been blessed with such an exposer of government corruption, but I'm greatly appreciative of it. Below is merely today's installment of shocking, awing headlines and commentary further documenting that the SC state government is corrupt beyond all bounds. To enjoy the clickable links, subscribe at thenerve.com.

Just Posted

Docs Reveal Transfer of Harrell Case

Today The Nerve reveals that a secret deal was agreed to by Attorney General Alan Wilson and attorneys for then-House Speaker Bobby Harrell. It started back in July.

Still Hot

Harrell and FOIA Reform

If only House Speaker Bobby Harrell hadn't been exempt from the state's open records law ... Jamie Murguia explains.

Ariail: Police State?

For over a year, the S.C. Policy Council and The Nerve have been calling attention to the militarization of South Carolina's police force. Today the state's most famous cartoonist takes a shot.

Senators Defend FOIA Exemption

Yesterday several state senators met to discuss possible changes to the state's open records law. The Nerve asked them about the notorious legislative exemption, and  as expected  they came up with all kinds of reasons not to change that.

An Opportunity

What Was Impossible in 2010 Is Possible Today

A group of generous South Carolinians has offered us a major matching gift. Why? Because they think South Carolina is on the verge of real change.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

They just enjoy spending money -- so much!

Government Paying One Million Dollars To Write An Apology To Tuskegee University for Infecting Blacks With Syphilis

This is so phony. Toss out all that noble-sounding stuff -- it's too late for an apology, and they're just rewarding their own cronies or buying up people's loyalty at a time when blacks themselves are thoroughly disgusted with their first half-black, half-white, total-nothing so-called president!

To do something truly meaningful the bureaucrats should compile a list of all the vicious, heartless, secret experiments they've done on people through the years and warn people never to accept any medical dealings from anybody they don't know personally. You know, the way Surgin' General Koop sent the entire country a virtually pornographic mailer about AIDS?

While we're on the subject, will everybody PLEASE go back to calling it VD. "Sexually transmitted diseases" is to prissy, too schoolmarmish, too Big Mother government, too sesquipedalian, too MORALLY NEUTRAL! Even to say "STDs" is to agree to have gliberals slow your speech down by 50% (three syllables instead of two).


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

John Kerry the peace turncoat scumbucket

The emergence of a John Kerry (real name Kohn) in ameriKan politics is always cause for misery and despair. Since he's a Dummacrat, he's a communist. Since he's filthy rich, he's sold out to big business and is virtually guaranteed to be a gross hypocrite, contemptuous of the real needs and desires of people. As he's the closest thing to a zombie this side of Al Gore, you know there's something radically amiss in his physiology. Gere's a funny but truthful blast from the past about two genuine Frankenstein candidates for president:

JibJab.com "This Land!"

His Vietnam service is of course still in question (some would say a partly proven fraud) but when he came home from that undeclared 'conflict' on the other side of the world he briefly became human. A "conservative"-looking site condemns him -- so many people on the alleged political right love war:

Kerry Protested Vietnam With 'Hanoi' Jane and 'Radical' Ramsey 
Dubbed "The Winter Soldier Investigation," the protest attracted minimal media attention, according to the Los Angeles Times, because Fonda insisted it be held in the remote Michigan city rather than the less "authentic" Washington, D.C.
Still, the event gave Kerry an idea for a protest that was sure to be a media smash, and he immediately set out to organize one of the most confrontational protests of the entire Vietnam War.
Operation Dewey Canyon III began on April 18, 1971, when nearly 1,000 Vietnam vets gathered on the Washington, D.C., Mall for what they called "a limited incursion into the country of Congress."
The group staged mock firefights on the steps of the Capitol and Supreme Court and defied U.S. Park Police after the Justice Department issued an injunction barring them from camping on the Mall.
The case was taken up immediately by the Supreme Court, which issued a compromise ruling that would have allowed the anti-war protesters to stay on the Mall through the night as long as they didn't sleep. Photos show radical left-winger Ramsey Clark, who represented the group, announcing the decision to the VVAW.
..........The next day, Kerry made a national name for himself by testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in an episode chiefly remembered by the press for the peacenik politico's exhortation, "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"
But other parts of Kerry's speech were distinctly reminiscent of some of the uglier rhetoric at the Fonda event two months before.
Kerry painted his fellow GIs as so brutal, for instance, that they could easily be mistaken for Saddam Hussein's Fedayeen killers.
He told Congress that U.S. soldiers had "personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam"....

The following news from this morning shows a Kerry from a different planet:

John Kerry slams anti-war protesters at Senate hearing for objecting to destruction of ISIS who 'kill, rape and mutilate women'
    Secretary of State directly confronted far-left anti-war protesters for effectively assisting ISIS with their rhetoric
    'They're cold-blooded killers marauding across the Middle East,' he said
    CODEPINK was founded, he said, by women who believed in women's rights, education for girls, and health care
    ISIS jihadists are 'killing and raping and mutilating women. And they believe women shouldn't have an education'
    Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer echoed Kerry, saying ISIS 'is selling 14-year-olds' and 'giving them as gifts to their fighters'

It would be so nice and easy to agree with him. Oh oh oh, Ayrabs are violent on the other side of the world and we've got to go put a stop to it. Lost in the shuffle is his main thesis in those protests 43 years ago: evil things may happen in tan or brown countries, but ameriKa's record of attempting to deal with it in situ is normally as bad as the problem itself, a cure worse than the disease.

I have had to reluctantly conclude over time that this is the case the vast majority of the time. There's great misery and disillusionment in admitting your whole country (never mind the stolid Secretary of State) has often performed psychotically on the world stage through history. To see alleged conservatives mindlessly supporting it is traumatic.

The upside is of course that if everybody saw and faced it, ameriKa would have no terror problems, real or imagined. It could bring its troops home for good and either disband them or line them up along the Rio Grande to stop a major portion of the invasion that's wrecking our own way of life. "Our" troops could live for truth and right, not grossly distorted funhouse-mirror images of these things. America could enjoy good relations with all countries by apologizing for its crime sprees involving the deaths of eight figures of human beings, making restitution to the living insofar as it's possibly when you've destroyed so many countries.

ameriKa in the perpetual-war era does a terrible job of managing its own affairs. It does a horrible job of fixing other countries, whether for its own alleged benefit or theirs, partly by manufacturing enemies and threats like the Islamic State, so-called ISIS. It's bad enough that a demon like Kerry abandons his antiwar principles to become a filthy rich political celebrity and Zionist thug, but to see him affirming this warmongering wholesale when you know he knows better is intolerable. (Or as pussy-footing corn-soy-vatives might put it, "sad".)

Thank God for men like Glenn Greenwald who gain a high profile for the truth and maximize it fearlessly:

Glenn Greenwald: US Troops Are No Better Than ISIS Terrorists

"They pick targets very carefully" -- thanks to Shephard Smith, we get to end with a little comic relief too! Oh, drat, Greenwald bails on the statement in the headline. Oh well, what choice did he have -- the media would probably make him a non-person overnight if he spoke the truth.

I'm different, I say anybody who purposely kills another without just cause is a murderer, or yes a terrorist if it's done in the name of attempting to change history by a gratuitous or wrongheaded show of force.

I guess I'm just hopelessly old-fashioned. I think everybody is morally responsible for their own actions in a "free" country. If you hate me, let me know.

Daniel Ellsberg Calls John Kerry DESPICABLE For His Comments On Edward Snowden


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You can't make this stuff up

Even the Majority of Democrats Live in Fear of Switching to Obamacare

Ayyy, what'sa matter for them? Don't they know that life is struggle, strife and fear? According to the bipartisan post-9/11 plan for our living, that is. Commies love the word "struggle" in particular.

This article makes it sound like the Obamanauts actually worry too, though. I thought they lived in a filthy rich, abjectly worshiped bubble where money, congenital egomania and fatcat networking made all problems go away at the snap of a finger? Yummy:

This poll isn’t the only bad news the Obama administration has gotten this week concerning their destructive healthcare policy. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration released an audit on Tuesday that showed its tax on medical devices wasn’t bringing in the kind of money Obama had counted on. The tax on medical devices has been widely criticized amongst citizens and lawmakers from the start. Now that it has been proven to be a failure in the marketplace, critics are beginning to openly question how the federal government is going to manage the rest of the taxes associated with the law.

This poll isn’t the only bad news the Obama administration has gotten this week concerning their destructive healthcare policy. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration released an audit on Tuesday that showed its tax on medical devices wasn’t bringing in the kind of money Obama had counted on. The tax on medical devices has been widely criticized amongst citizens and lawmakers from the start. Now that it has been proven to be a failure in the marketplace, critics are beginning to openly question how the federal government is going to manage the rest of the taxes associated with the law. - See more at: http://unfilteredpatriot.com/even-the-majority-of-democrats-live-in-fear-of-switching-to-obamacare/#sthash.dHMC0mO1.dpuf
The piece doesn't say Dummacrats have reached the point of wishing they'd never seen Obama's hideous face or heard his watery, wobbly voice.... but maybe a few are feeling such pangs too, at least for a few exploratory seconds here or there.

Other windows open at the moment on the central laptop of the universe:

New Study Says What You Think About U.S. Policy Doesn’t Matter At All
When does this insanity end? Psycho police terrorize a school
The Hunger Games – Obama Launches Food for Dictators Program


NC is learning to work around Obamacare

Less Regulation, More Transparency Yield Lower Health Care Costs

What a pretty, joyous-looking John Locke Foundationist brings this news. Ms Restrepo doesn't look at all like Joan Rivers, and when she goes to her reward someday, people won't have to give lip service to virtues of hers that never existed.

In a discussion forum I just tried to take Pastor Chuck Baldwin to task for eulogizing Joan, but the site wouldn't accept it. Anybody but me find it strange how decent people insist on praising indecent ones just because they reach room temperature?


Sunday, September 14, 2014

I'm a pepper, you're a pepper, we're a pepper, they're a pepper... a red one

........seems to be the motto in Hollywood, going way back in time:

When Lucy was a Red 
One of the best-known figures of television comedy had little-known leftist roots.

What's this story doing here? Well, I was just doing a little muckraking for that discussion forum I'm deeply engaged in, and came across the story for the first time since it surfaced about 20 years ago in the write wing. In this here blog, it's always the right time to chronicle insidious leftism in society.

Ball's Wikipedia page doesn't mention "dancer" among her five different careers, but oh, the moves she pulls trying to explain this weird aspect of her Hollywood life! Sure she did it to please her grandfather. My life was wrapped around my grandparents' whims till they died -- yours too -- right? Everybody's is. I'm sure if I had been a topmost Hollywood star during the so-called red scare era and my grampa had wanted me to defy every tradition of Americanism and TV stardom by opening my home to Communist Party meetings, I would have done so too, huh!

I'm being facetious. My grandparents were, thank God, from the First Families of Virginia, and not even a single "liberal" among them or their generation of kin. (Wish I could say the same of mine.) But I'd love to know how Lucy's grandpa Frederick Hunt could have gone commie since her family, also aristocratic-looking, apparently came down from the Balls that produced George Washington's mother. Just doesn't compute -- if you know what I mean!


Judy's Groceries

Friday, September 12, 2014

Communism lives! in North Korea

....if you can call this living:

Kim Jong Il and the Totalitarian Mind: Michael Malice on the Tom Woods Show

A tragicomic account featuring a weird anomaly: the ruling dynasty in that atheist hellhole tacitly tricks itself up in PR as a funhouse mirror image of the Holy Family -- St. Joseph, the former Virgin Mary and the Lord Jesus Christ. It even claims the founder came from heaven!?

The podcast is oddly mum on the brutality of the Kims -- understandable perhaps when the interviewee is Jewish. Filling out the commie picture is, of all things, the also very Jewish and pro-socialistic Wikipedia. Warning -- shocking account of genocide!:


While we're piling up communist conundrums, please ask yourself why this extremely disturbing campaign of devilish torture and torment is never mentioned a mere 35 years after the fact.

America is all about atrocities today and the righting thereof, expressly in nonwhite countries. Why is it that not only the Khmer Rouge but communism is never mentioned in the infosphere anymore, except by supposed dinosaurs like

/\/.\/\/. ?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The racial hypocrisy of the diversity police and icons

Gliberals always forget to check themselves on their own behavior -- to check their white privilege if you will.

Ah, Diversity: 93% Of Dem Senate and Governor Candidates Are White Almost every last one of them

What a perfect time to bring up (again) my favorite case. years ago the daily fishwrap here in Anderson did a series of articles wailing about the fact that most churches are monoracial after all liberals have done for them and humankind at large to help us see the wondrous advantages of interracialism. You guessed it: it was a thinly veiled screeching indictment of white people for not wanting blacks to worship with them on Sunday mornings.

A few years later, the same paper did a 100th-anniversary tribute to itself and featured portraits of what must have been 80% of its staff. What do you know, the page proudly displaying the top management was not only 100% white, but 90 or 100 percent Anglo-Saxon!

Thus it's no huge surprise that Democrat deities are blindingly light-toned. What would be surprising is if they ever acknowledged this anomaly, much less did something about it.

You see, gliberalism is a system for admonishing and forcibly modifying others' behavior. Gliberals' conduct is, definitionally, always correct according to its own unstated by unceasingly affirmed doctrine.


Killing Iraq..... where'd this idea come from?

You want to talk terror? Be afraid, be very afraid if your government will do this to total strangers..... because if you'll take it in so calmly year after sanguinary year, paying the DOJ your hard-earned tax dollars so blithely, YOU'RE NEXT:


U.S.-U.K. Genocide Against Iraq 1990-2012 Killed 3.3 Million, Including 750,000 Children

Have you noticed? Washington -- in concert with thousands of jurisdictions below its exalted level -- is also killing us at the fastest rate they can get away with under present conditions.

They're jailing, torturing, "disappearing" and murdering the maximum number of Americans that's possible while the people still have their guns, video cams, blogs and a hint of a pulse. They clearly love to do this to people, and seem to take great glee in not having to bother to come up with a reason for it.

Some wag once called the Soviet Union "Upper Volta with Rockets" way back when. Is it possible that ameriKa is now no more than the USSR with the outward appearance of our former prosperity? I daresay it often looks like we're trying to outdo it in brutality. At least the commies never told their citizens that any war of theirs was going to last for a hundred years!

LATER..... Contemplate if you dare the full extent of USSA's rape life:

Overthrowing Other People’s Governments: The Master List of U.S. “Regime Changes”

But where's Ukraine on the list?


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The gold standard -- an erudite hour's worth

Per the Mises Institute. I'm going to come back and pay close attention to this:

Gold Standards: True and False | Joseph T. Salerno

Heartbreaking irony, but no surprise:

$1 Trillion in Rare Minerals Found Under Afghanistan
Despite being one of the poorest nations in the world, Afghanistan may be sitting on one of the richest troves of minerals in the world, valued at nearly $1 trillion, according to U.S. scientists.

Now... WHAT ARE THE CHANCES Washington didn't already know this in launching Operation Afghan Obliteration? Don't let the timing of this headline fool you.


Minimum wage in a nutshell

The basic idea of "liberalism" can be summed up in many ways. Central planning is a biggie. Another is the concept of a fiat economy. Well, "liberalism" means fiat everything, in other words dictatorship according to political correctness.

Fiat is the third-person imperative of "to be" in Latin, i.e. some kind of order, command or strong wish. "Fiat lux" -- let there be light. In modern politics, it's a more diplomatic way of saying dictate or mandate as nouns. WE the pundits, planners and professional prostiticians will order you the little nothing citizens and taxpayers in how it's going to be. WE know better than you according to socio-economic THEORIES taught us by bowtied professors in the most respected (if least respectable) universities in this country and elsewhere.

Minimum wage is where these people say you in business are too selfish to pay people enough for their labor. We the great friends of the working man since Marx and Lenin have news for you -- you're going to raise their pay however we tell you.  

They're ignoring the market, but of course they've been ignoring every natural process except gravity since politicians first undertook to tax Peter to "benefit" Paul.

The rest of the story, the crux: 

Income Inequality a Growing Problem For Housing Market


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Iran victimized by America for one-eighth of our lifetime as a nation

Three decades and counting on our strange, horrible obsession with that Islamic Republic, which never asked for us to monitor its inner life or judge its policies -- much less ruin its life.

Of course those countries over there are merely artificial constructs forced on those people by the Western powers in the wake of our own aggressions. Something just occurred to me -- the Greek myth of King Procrustes, it has to be an allegory for what big societies do to small ones!

The 30-Year US/Iran Nuke Standoff: We Started It In The Reagan Days

What can you say about a marriage that's been viciously abusive since before it began, and entirely one-sided? Believe that's a type of slavery common in the far East.

..... Oh, this is good!

Washington DC – “We’ve got to stop ISIS… al-Qaida… Syria’s Assad… Hamas… Hezbollah… Taliban…
Shebab…the wicked Ruskis in Ukraine…those Yemeni Houthis…Iran…Sudan…Islamists in Libya and Mali…Boko Haram in Nigeria… the Red Chinese in Asia. Oh yes, and defend Latvia and fight the Lord’s Army in Uganda.
That’s the view in Washington where international police fever and growing hysteria over ISIS, the latest Mideast bogeyman, have gripped the nation, as elections near and politicians talk more nonsense than usual.
Listen to Republican windbags and you’d believe the hordes of ISIS are about to put Cleveland to the sword.
My question is: which “we” is going to stop all these malefactors?
To quote Frederick the Great, “he who defends everything, defends nothing.” To which we may add, he who spends on wars everywhere, ends up broke. And he who ignores domestic needs for the sake of imperial glory abroad is cruising for a bruising.



Why is life so brutal today? Look at the example set by thuggerment

Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, A Nation of Cowards?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pay your fair share, cont.: they really, really need your money. Proof!

The Barnes Review, May/June 2011, page 36: 

Whatever happened to that $2.3 trillion that the Pentagon could not account for back in 2001? It seems they still can't account for it. Donald Rumsfeld told us on Sept. 10, 2001, the day before 9/11, that "according to some estimates we cannot account for $2.3 trillion." The events that took place the next day caused most folks to forget that astounding statement. Pentagon auditors say they routinely "cannot account for 25% of what the Pentagon spends"! That means that close to $400 billion dollars disappears every year. What a joke it is that Congress is working overtime to trim the budget deficit by paltry millions or billions of dollars while hundreds of billions and even trillions routinely disappear into the Pentagon budget's black hole, without any protest.

I have always pointed out the Insider's custom of admitting everything at times calculated to be quickly forgotten by the sheeple. This reporting of missing DOJ trillions is approaching 10 years old, but has never gotten one percent of the coverage it deserves on page one of the daily papers.

More cases -- in a standup comedy routine, possibly under the influences:


Bushy Baby gets to admit he lied about the WMDs to a great mirthful response from his audience, with total impunity.

Only the truth can save us -- but most people, even those unhappy with the state of things, have less than zero concern for it!


Cheers for the independent contractor

Here's a pleasantly Clarksonian summary of the issue. Enjoy:

How Independent Contractors Make More Money For Everyone

We've got to get with that writer, huh!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Former Reagan appointee writes Hillary's résumé

......better that she ever will.

Hillary Clinton’s Interventionist Fiascos: Here’s Chapter And Verse

This article made the rounds under its second sentence -- "When has Hillary Clinton ever been right on foreign policy?" What a great summary of the case! 

So-called liberalism is, after all, simply a program for killing off as much of the life that exists on earth, principally but by no means exclusively humanity, whether thanks to Democrat liberals like Hellary or Republican liberals like the Bushes, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al. 

This is not an exaggeration in the slightest. Liberals are all about death, baby, death. When they're not dropping bombs on people's wedding parties and hospitals, they're crusading for ever more abortion (another misnomer, but it's what we have to work with). Saw an article on the environmental impact of Israel's 66-year holocaust against the Palestinians -- the ground poisoned, the species killed off. 

Most of Washington's constituents, voters and taxpayers want to save the earth but don't give that a thought when cheering on the mass-murder of distant foreigners based on some airy-fairy notions of stopping terrorism, bringing democracy, winning hearts and minds or whatever. 

Did you hear? Just the other day DC had to destroy a lot of its own war materiel -- it had helped to arm some native military forces, switched sides, and found the stuff was being turned on us, the noble world saviors, by our former friends and allies. Wonder if they sent in the EPA to clean up that mess!

The news is bad. The news is very very bad. This column has gravitated into a repository for the worst of it -- well, believe it or not, I'm not actually bringing you the worst. But to enjoy my good news accumulations, support the Patriot Network monthly meeting series in your area.

Oh, boy -- I LIKE the looks of this link on the same page with the above:

Memo To Washington: Iraq Is Not A Nation And You Can’t Build One There With Bombs

Washington’s strategy in Iraq is in shambles, but not just because America’s spanker-in-chief is really a wimp at heart. The problem is far more generic. To wit, the geographic territory of Iraq is not a nation; it is an arbitrary series of lines on a map drawn 100 years ago by dandies in the foreign… 


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A great Christian in the gulag

This gentleman's name came up at the Patriot Network pool party the other day. It was my privilege to throw in that he had come to the Great One for advice, which he unfortunately didn't entirely follow, and that he had credited RBC as an inspiration in his published work. Then this link appeared at the great Phoenix site:

Why Is Kent Hovind in Jail?

Interesting that a humanist/Libertarian site would stick up for the great creation-science guru. More remarkably, the writer of the piece (in 2007!) is Hovind's fellow income tax martyr/hero Pastor Greg Dixon. 

Hovind is a brilliant mind. He was a guest on Coast to Coast AM some years ago and answered every single objection evolutionist callers threw at him. It was the only time I've ordered a Coast show tape afterward in the well-intentioned intention of rotating it among my friends and acquaintances. 

Slicky Willy Clinton's Injustice Department launched a pogrom against Dixon and the magnificent Indianapolis Baptist Temple he pastored. The church didn't want to do volunteer work for the IRS by withholding a portion of its workers' pay each week on behalf of the "Service". As Slick's unbearable reign drew to a close there was hope among some (not me) that the shiny new REPUBLICAN savior, W. Bush, would save the congregation and end the persecution which by all law and logic should never have started.

But no, this was not to be. In a shocking move symbolic of how the reign of W was going to turn out, he moved in for the kill and actually seized the church's property, Soviet-style.

That's freedom for you under the Bush-Clinton-Obama crime syndicate.... regardless of which party is in ostensible power at a given moment.

Let's all get that straight once and for all.

Wish the news were better.