Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bush counterterrorism czar: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld all committed ‘war crimes’

Friday, May 30, 2014

Are Europeans smarter?

In light of the recent elections plus developments like this, one wonders:
Google Opens Privacy Web Form For 'Right To Be Forgotten' Requests

The right to be forgotten, even (or especially!) by Google..... why isn't this one of the top priorities of My Fellow Americans? I'll never understand that.

This just in:
New federal database will track Americans' credit ratings, other financial information


Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Biden challenges graduating AF Academy cadets to create ‘new world order’"

What can the veepcreep possibly do that will be more genuinely offensive?

Note that the veepcreep asks them "to help create a 'new world order for the 21st century.” The trite-minded are always looking for some catch-phrase to twirl you around on on. Twenty years ago Dr. James Dobson was touting his show as advice "for the nineties", and he didn't mean nonagenarians. Slicky Willy Clinton was constantly telling us to forget the icky, complicated past (especially his) and look to the FUTURE which was, somehow, supposed to be better.

"New world order" ...... nothing good will ever come out of that notion.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The "conspiracy theory" smear and its users' hypocrisy

The System just messes everything up. #1, it operates 100% by conspiracy. #2, it derides, demonizes, and all but criminalizes people calling it down on this endless train of premeditated crimes. #3, it conspires to neutralize our accusations of its fully verified (and even obvious) conspiracy behavior by calling them "conspiracy theory", putting it on every TV-fed rube's lips that there can't be any actual conspiracy because, well, everybody one knows is only calling it theory and their favorite TV talking heads laugh at the idea!
Don’t Be Fooled By ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Smears

Conspiracy FACT. Conspiracy REALITY. Conspiracy CRIMINAL RECORDS. These are your weapons -- shoot them at every rhetorical meme you see!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Will tax records ignite overturn of a Sandy Hook hoax?

It's video-documented, so you know it's true   :-3
‘The whole town of Sandy Hook was bought off on Christmas Day 2009′, says investigator


Monday, May 26, 2014

Paul on Bitcoin

Wow, wrinkles. Does Bitcoin really offer no privacy worth mentioning? I appreciate Ron's caveats, but why does it sound like he's trying to gently nudge people away from the coin?
Ron Paul and Charles Goyette: Bitcoin, Crypto And Digital-Currencies

...........True lovers of freedom and truth will value this article:
Arlington National Cemetery, and the theft of Robert E. Lee's home

I've corrected two words from the original title. The stunning thing is that this ringing indictment of federal criminality is published in the site of the armed forces' own newspaper....!?!?!?


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Anti-Semitism, a serious problem

I'm so glad that some people are charting the rise of hate and bigotry in our time. Feast your eyes on this group's incredible research
Anti-Semitic and Racist Websites to Monitor for the Year 2014

...but don't, repeat don't, actually visit any of the sites they list.

I repeat -- you are forbidden to try out any of the links they've provided here. Even the ones to groups and sites I'm involved in, OK?

Don't do it! It could put you in danger of a serious change of worldview.

Why would you want to expose yourself to the heretics, the rebels and thought criminals of our time?

Perish the thought.


Friday, May 23, 2014

AFRICOM -- the latest buzzword from hell

What, you've never heard it? It's a very big deal reaching from one ocean to another, on the dime of the US taxpayer.
MAP: AFRICOM currently has boots on the ground in these African countries

Do you feel safer now, knowing that "your" government is going to snatch Africa from the Chinese, rape its environment and kill lots more people?

Pardon my jaundice..... /\/.\/\/.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Drudge's headline: "'Homeland Security' proposed headquarters approaches $4.5 billion..."

This unbearable part is that government's top priority is turning citizens into serfs and suspects presumed guilty until proven innocent. The funny part is that the party politics, of which both Republocrats and Demicans are so inordinately proud, is the reason the damned thing doesn't get built.
This is a perfect example of how the government wastes billions of dollars

Are you laughing or crying with me? Let's take a poll!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Radical ideas on war -- radically true!

Here comes another piercing, great commentary on ameriKa's aggressions and bellicosity over the centuries.
Militarist Bunkum

Nobody tells it like Paul Craig Roberts, and here he gives some personal touches. I think he's implying approval of Russia's gobbling of Ukraine's right flank, and I certainly don't go along with that -- but the article is too full of daring, socially improper truisms to argue about it just now.

The best of these is his point-blank statement after summing up our bloody record that

    Not a single one of these wars and military operations had anything whatsoever to do with defending the US population from foreign threats.
    Not even Japan and Germany posed a threat to the US. Neither country had any prospect of invading the US and neither country had any such war plans.

Let me guess: some of you are not excited to hear that even our glorious barging into the middle of World War II was unnecessary in the light of the Constitution. In the opinion of many patriots in the know, our involvement there was not only redundant but extremely damaging to civilization and beneficial to Soviet communism.

We have to deal in basic realities. It's the only thing that works. Prove me wrong, somebody -- please!

I don't want to be controversial! I want to be conventional!


Saturday, May 17, 2014

American decadence update: unused tech uses vast energy
America's Unused Game Consoles Eat Up as Much Power as All of Houston

I'm proud to say that I don't know what a game console is, have never touched one and never will as long as I live. But I'm an arrogant bustard.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

A completely forgotten hero for our time

...whose 500th birthday is this year.

Liberty Memes

I'd never heard of him, but this seems to happen every so often with overlooked historic greats -- Roger Sherman during our Revolution, John Peter Zenger half a century earlier. Please check Wikipedia on them, don't make mw do everything!


Will ameriKa kick the Bush drug.... or will the Bushes go on kicking America?

As drugs go, it's one of the most lethal and mind-destroying. Makes a country run around killing other countries to get their stuff away from them, just like a heroin addict.

As you're about to read, former Florida governor Jeb Bush's family is drug-engaged, so maybe that will help win voters as with his brother and father. But I hope he's not a drunk cokehead like W clearly was, based on his policies and numerous public performances.
Jeb: “I want to govern like LBJ”

Wanting to govern like LBJ is a little like saying "I want to negotiate like John Dillinger." Johnson being one of the most repellent, tyrannical Pezidents and ergo least popular, this would fit the Bush family to a T.  Johnson was never a popular Pezident in life; his civil riots obsession helped destroy education, the black family unit and much, much more; he's never mentioned anymore despite being a vivid memory to most baby boomers.

He was hell on Southeast Asia.He trashed JFK's excellent peace policy there and either staged, authorized or at least maximized the Gulf of Tonkin incident(s) as an excuse for ameriKa to plant its big fat boots in Vietnam and start stomping. Don't get me started on LBJ and the USS Liberty.

It's widely believed he was a moving force behind JFK's assassination, with Vietnam one of the big reasons for it. Big business and big military love war (in the recent words of Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff Lawrence Wilkerson). As we know more than ever in the unbearable Obama years, nothing stops them in their push for ever more bombing, killing and "rebuilding" -- nothing. That is largely thanks to adventurist Pezidents TR, Wilson, FDR and LBJ. These have stoked jingoistic bloodlust among the sheeple and sent millions to kill and die on foreign fields for over a century until there's almost nothing left of us.

Eisenhower, no friend of peace himself, wisely warned ameriKa of its own military-industrial complex. Today it's called with even starker realism the welfare-warfare state. Thanks for nothing, LBJ. Do something else, Jeb Bush! Get your brats under control, George C.I.A. Bush.


PS The "Fool me once, shame on you" part is of course a properly stabbing reference to W's crapulous attempt to quote that saying in a speech. The laughter you hear isn't from audiences as he spoke (he is no joke) but crowds guffawing as these scenes were played back on the Daily Show or some such fluff:

It's classic of this Baby Boom presidential disaster to conflate the saying with a song by The Who -- Won't Get Fooled Again. Needless to say the Who and its trillions of fans worldwide have enthusiastically gotten fooled again over and over since that record hit the big time in 1971, notably but not exclusively by Democrat Pezidents like Slick Willy. Behold the very Bushoid cover of the album:

Pardon my jaundice!

Lendman barbecues Soros as only he can

And also tries Victoria "Nuland" in absentia -- desperately needed!
George Soros' Predatory Worldview


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Conservative" media darling playing Constitution fast and loose?

Here in upcountry SC there's a talk radio station touting itself as ultraconservative. Oh, how it loves itself! Funny thing, though -- every one of its hosts has "Dr. Strangelove" moments of sheer insanity on various subjects. Half of them are "ethnic liberals", or more precisely half the broadcast hours on the station are hosted by ethnic liberals.

Mark Levin, as if to trumpet that he's not your average ethnic liberal, pronounces his name "luh-VIN". He's not French and it has nothing to do with wine as this tic might suggest. He's actually the least toxic of all of them..... but what do you call this?
Why Is Mark Levin Keeping Quiet About Vermont’s Article V Resolution?

Why must your PN blogger be so picky and complicated, you ask. My views are actually quite simple, in this case something like "Don't change the Constitution unless it's to cut off the 14th Amendment and other such dead wood. Don't bring it up. Don't discuss it. Don't find reasons to find nuances or explore options. Don't ever expect a con-con to actually limit itself to the issues initially presented.

We the people have in fact been putting out this con-con fire for years now. And as on immigration and so many other issues, the real essence is simplicity personified: all we have to do is enforce existing law.

Innovation kills!


Monday, May 12, 2014

What our overlords are really like: many are vile sex abusers

This bastard is NOT the only one -- read the Franklin Coverup book!
Feds accuse TSA supervisor of having sex with minors in Dominican Republic
Source:  Fox News


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Somebody's brilliant anthology of 9/11 lies

.........and the same person's stupid idiot idea to follow the hottest fads of the time by adding an insufferable music track that not only gives you a headache but drowns out half of what they're saying.
How to create an Angry American - A compilation of the lies which led to the war in Iraq

Feast your eyes and ears on how blatantly mendacious the gods of the universe (beltway politicians) are, how they lie about lying, then lie about having lied about their lying! After savoring all that, please then email the activist who created this video, Tell him what you think of his trend-chasing -- give him some basic documentation on the effects of noise pollution in our lives.

We will never be free until all the top liars are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law -- well known fact. Lesser-known fact, possibly twice as major: we'll never be politically free as long as baby boomers and their descendants are hooked on devil music.


If you feel you're getting the impression that I consider the medium every bit as crucial as the message, you're right. The medium is the message...... are the messengers themselves hearing it?


"Dr. Strangelove" -- there's the exact epithet I've been looking for

It was so obvious, but I and most of the conservative commentariat have mostly missed it: the Bushes, Perle, Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Hillary, Slick, Obummer..... they're all today's Dr. Strangeloves with their total devotion to war and killing. Their genocidal drive to obliterate millions of people based on their race, religion, nationality, or politics -- their vicious and visceral hatred of whoever they feel needs to be anointed as Hitler of the Month in ameriKa's foreign policy!

Dick Cheney was and remains a very special, egregious example -- really, the ultimate Strangelovian since he's still making rounds swearing the Bushoviks were right to get Washington torturing anybody it feels like at its whim, and asserting he'd turn ameriKa into a medieval torture entity all over again without the slightest reservation. In other words, he's a despicable, monstrous antti-human who will nevertheless live out his life crowned with laurel wreaths and treated as a wise, somewhat failed if blessedly well-intentioned "elder statesman."

But leave it to a left-libertarian (or almost liberal) site to find a "new" applicant for this mad mode of doctoral distinction, and write her up as stabbingly as she deserves. Friends, meet, Steve Breyman and Anne-Marie Slaughter. But just make sure that if you ever meet Anne-Marie in the flesh, it's not in a dark alley some witches' sabbath:
A Dr. Strangelove for the 21st Century

 This article is good -- very good. Share it with friends as an example of how the true right and true, classic liberals are agreeing on more every day. Don't miss the Paul Craig Roberts column linked there, either!


Friday, May 9, 2014

I was right about disinfo peddlers -- at least one of them

Some entries back I gave a short list of highly popular but highly questionable right-wing pundits and expressed my doubts about their merits. Aha, a site known to be honest has just nailed one of them, Sorcha Faal:
This Report is Disinformation

The site also brings this headline link and article summary:
Has Fritz Springmeier Been Turned? 
Springmeier has gone from exposing the Illuminati to disseminating their propaganda. Richard Evans explains

That's another good case in point. 25 years ago when I started plying a college buddy with suppressed truth, he allowed he was already somewhat hip to it and brought out a half dozen books by this Springmeier guy. Instantly there earmarks of fraud in them, and I've never quite trusted this author/pundit since. Suddenly he pulls a Barry Goldwater (must be getting old like Barry did) and switches sides.

DISINFORMATION....... a word to know, a toxin to avoid. Identify, isolate, kill it before it multiples! Wow, check out this very solid info and opinion below all that:
Letter from James Abourezk, former US Senator from South Dakota to Jeff Blankfort on the Israel Lobby


Monday, May 5, 2014

Tax ironies -- scenes from a dictatorship, cont.

I think I like this item from, but if somebody would care to translate, 'twould be of interest.

The tax software company Vertex reported in March, via the Tax Foundation, that tax-hating American states have somehow organized themselves into nearly 10,000 sales/use-tax jurisdictions with distinct rules, coverages or exemptions. Ironically, states criticized as tax profligates sometimes have the simplest systems (e.g., one set of rules covering the entire state, such as in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.) while states regarded as refuges from intrusive government often have the most complicated (e.g., 310 different jurisdictions in Utah, 587 in Oklahoma, 994 in Iowa and 1,515 in Texas). [, 3-24-2014]

Another recent NoTW entry:

Not Ready for Prime Time: (1) Mr. Yafait Tadesse was sentenced in federal court in March to a year in jail for filing fraudulent tax returns for certain "Wal-Mart employees," from fictitious addresses, for 2012 and 2013. Among the fake returns that Tadesse apparently failed to double-check was that of supposed Georgia Wal-Mart employee "Eric Holder" -- the U.S. attorney general.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Political correctness IS a religion -- actually a brutal, primal cult

Few official religions have ever been adhered to with such mattoid, berserk, vicious passion.

Political correctness IS a religion -- in fact, it's the unofficial but rigidly enforced creed of most churches in ameriKa today -- a serving of that is here too:
The Suffocating Neo-Puritanism of 'Progressive' America

This article is the best roundup ever of the sheer clinical insanity and literal derangement that PC's media priesthood embodies. It identifies the corporate cartel media as the basic vehicle for all this, but doesn't give any idea of the full scope of the media as the largest "church building" in the world today. What it does say is jam-packed, for instance.....

Sterling’s contributions, however, were too limited and too local to buy him much in the way of national political capital. As a result, he held no particular value for a Democratic-media complex that has been nurturing Neo-Puritanism since at least 1976 when the leak of Republican Ag Secretary Earl Butz’s overheard “loose shoes” joke cost him his job and his reputation.
The very success of Neo-Puritanism, however, may be its undoing. Each spectacular new public burning reveals just how empty and oppressive the movement is at its heart. For instance, in exposing Sterling the media have unwittingly shone light on Al Sharpton and the NAACP.
In fact, the NAACP banquet that was to honor Sterling for lifetime achievement was to honor Al Sharpton as “Man of the Year.”  This was the same Sharpton who dissed the work of “Socrates and them Greek homos”; the same Sharpton who instigated the lethal Crown Heights pogrom with the rallying cry, “If Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house”; and yes, the same Al Sharpton who said of Sterling, "No one should be allowed to own a team if they have in fact engaged in this kind of racial language."

Whoever this writer Jack Cashill is, he's got a great talent for understatement. The massive hypocritical irony of Al Sharpton serving as self-appointed hitman for this cult is too gagging for words. He is only and exclusively famous for the diversity felonies he's committed but never been prosecuted for! Books could be written on this whole international curse -- some have, but the "tolerance" power mafia just ignores them, and its billions of willing slaves follow it in doin so for the most part.

Racial correctness is the core of political correctness, and that is to say that ameriKa has a moon-sized race problem which it chooses to deal with by a Uranus-sized complex of mental illnesses, featuring double standards, guilt projection and many, many murders committed in an attempt to throw suspicion onto other individuals, ethnicities and regions of the world. Having lived in both Dixie and yankeeland, I have to say that the vast majority of this syndrome-of-syndromes comes from the latter. Yankees have the greater guilt against minorities; for that reason they not only rape-murdered the South in a 19th-century fit of slave-guilt hysteria but have continued to slander, libel, persecute and oppress it on that basis ever since.

...........I cited as one of the top real-world sites at yesterday's great PN meeting but it appears to be going slightly neocon.

...........The bargain hunter in me was feeling pretty smug after today's lunch: at Waffle House, 3 eggs over medium, buttered 100% whole wheat toast, hash browns with onions and a burger patty for $6.75 including tip, followed by a heavenly $1 chocolate turnover at Arby's.

...........Tax news of the day:

Revenues From Shopping Centers Gone Dwindling Middle Class Must Pay More

/\/.\/\/.  ]

Friday, May 2, 2014

Superstar columnist dabbles in IRS reality

George Will is hailed as one of the toweringly great conservative minds of our time. He's won a Pulitzer for his stuff, and as you might expect, he actually does allot a certain amount of writing space to conservative views.

Not arch-conservative, ultra-conservative or paleo-conservative -- that would be people in your political circles and mine. He's just right-leaning enough to have gotten all the accolades by posing as an ultimate right-winger. This is the System's trick for keeping people like us in the public's blind spot. It's amazing how much of a scene simply disappears if you shine a spotlight very brightly on one part of it.... A very brief page of his good stuff on a gigantically evil subject:
The heavy hand of the IRS seizes innocent Americans’ assets

Forgive my cynicism -- it's hard not to smirk (or cry) when the page also includes a link headlined The Right’s 25 most influential, from The conservative Web site’s latest listing of the most prominent voices on the right, with a few names you may not know -- with a picture of neocon Rush Limbaugh to illustrate it. #3 in the series is Sarah Palin, a low-class idiot whose presence in politics has to have been some kind of accident.

Now for something more like good economic news:
Using Bitcoin Drives More Social & Political Change Than Protesting & Voting

Maybe this is one even "liberals" can agree with us on -- it's pure passive resistance, so Gandhi-like.

They're not true liberals, but one has to go along with the current jargon sometimes -- you know, like everybody referring to Obummer as the president when everybody knows he's only an Oval Office squatter.