Monday, April 30, 2012

Will the TX GOP do what's right re Romney and Ron? Romney Visits Gilligan's Island The word "debate" is a sad and forlorn one. It can't get anyone to recognize it in public anymore. It used to be universally known that a debate means a serious, in-depth discussion about important matters. But nothing stays put anymore, and today people mainly hear the d-word mentioned after the word "presidential", as in "presidential debate". Alas and alack, there really ain't no such animal as that in these post-Constitutional Untied States! Call them presidential quizzes or maybe love-ins for presidential quislings, but debates they ain't. No actual discussion is allowed. All questions come from the host or hosts, often a panel of extreme-left media mavens. When a candidate answers, it's as if his or her opponent doesn't exist -- all stated in the third person, again directed at the questioner, not the rival. (Unless some neocon decides to go after Ron Paul, etc.) Now it appears the Texas Republican Party is on the brink of changing that. Let's hope so, because the sheer monotony of presidential banality gets positively prison-like around now each quadrennium. /\/.\/\/. Mitt Romney debate Ron Paul (Houston, TX on May 24th, 2012) The Republican Party of Texas is close to finalizing a deal that will bring a nationally televised Republican Presidential Debate to Houston, TX on May 24th, 2012. The debate will be the first one held since the March 3, 2012 hosted in Wilmington Air Park in Wilmington, Ohio. Now, is the perfect time to have another Presidential Debate as 1,001 delegates are still up for grabs. These delegates could change the course of the entire Republican race. It would cause great shame to the Republican Party to deny the constituents of these states a final debate that includes all continuing candidates as such could set clear the platforms of each candidate. With politically minded lineups on both sides of the fence, it is imperative that the constituents know EXACTLY where the candidates stand on the issues that face America as well as their respective states. New details come out about the platforms of the candidates on a daily basis and it is impossible to keep up with the updates. A public debate can clarify confusion. If that is not enough motivation, here is why We the People believe it is important that ALL candidates jump into the political debate arena in Texas: 1. Candidate Stances on Critical Issues: Topics will range from national issues, such as foreign policy, balancing the budget, and health care to state dilemmas, such as illegal immigration and education. The Republicans will present different sides of each issue as well as how their plans differ from the views of the incumbent. Therefore, it is imperative that the constituents know EXACTLY where each candidate stands on the issues and hear the opposing opinions that surround them. Identifying points and counterpoints for even the best-crafted message can only strengthen the argument. If an argument is solid there should be no fear of losing. 2. Public discourse: The Republicans will be able to show that they can engage in civilized debate of critical issues. It is imperative that the constituents are able to trust that their nominated candidate can stay on topic and not resort to accusations that are not well researched or are not based in proven fact. Designing a well-structured clearly articulated format for debate creates an environment for people to speak up. 3. Agreement/Disagreement: Constituents will be able to see where the candidates agree and disagree not only with each other but also with the incumbent. There is a difference between being told differences in ideology and seeing said ideology play out in debate. It is expected that there will be some conformity as well as differentiating sides. Each citizen is entitled to know just where the lines are actually drawn in order to form a clear cut decision on who should receive the binding vote of said individual. Inviting and debating opposing viewpoints disarms whatever resistance resides in the system. 4. Participation of Constituents: When candidates are on the campaign trail they mostly just talk about what said candidate is going to do for the state in which they currently reside. On the other hand, public debate covered by a news station gives candidates the opportunity to talk about national issues with a national participating audience. As it is the 21st century, people from all across the nation will be able to participate by asking questions. This promotes a mass understanding of the issues that ALL Americans face. A structured well-moderated debate is a novel and powerful alternative to another webcast or town meeting..........

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ron Paul liberates the Bayou State

This shouldn't need much comment. Sure sounds like our hero still has a fighting chance to me! Wish the beautiful formatting and emphasis of Mr. Wead's email would transfer, but that's how it goes. /\/.\/\/. Louisiana Shocker: Ron Paul Wins By Doug Wead Well, the cat is out of the bag. Saturday’s district conventions in Louisiana give the Ron Paul campaign 74% of the delegates headed into the June state convention where the delegation to the Republican National Convention in Tampa will be finally determined. Another state, another unseen victory for the Texas congressman. And, it should be noted, another embarrassment for the apparent nominee, former Governor Mitt Romney. Now, the question is this. How many other states have their own surprises coming? Months ago the Ron Paul campaign looked at Louisiana and decided that the best strategy was to concentrate on the caucus. The rules in Louisiana apportion 20 of the states delegates from the votes in its statewide primary, which was held last March and 24 delegates from it caucus system which elects delegates at the precinct level to go to district conventions where they elect delegates to go to the state convention where the final delegation will be chosen. What would you do? Spend your money trying to win the 20? Or spend your money trying to win the 24? Former Pennsylvania Senator, Rick Santorum, former Speaker, Newt Gingrich, and former governor, Mitt Romney, spent their money competing for the publicity of the statewide primary, which Santorum won and which he proudly and tearfully acknowledged before a national television audience last March. Our hapless New York Times and Associated Press duly reported that the delegates in Louisiana would be awarded 15 to Santorum and 5 to Romney. Ron Paul was not even a mention. But as Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast.” The actual delegates will be chosen at a state convention in June which Ron Paul supporters will now dominate. Not just by a bare majority but by 74%. It means what they will not only get their 24 delegates to Santorum’s 15 and Romney’s 5, but they will also decide who the delegates representing Santorum and Romney will be. Ain’t it sweet? And it is the brainchild of Jesse Benton – John Tate’s masterful delegate strategy run by our intrepid, Dimitri Kesari. Shortly after the Newt Gingrich victory in South Carolina the hope for Louisiana seemed like a long shot. There was even talk of helping Gingrich there, to blunt Romney and Santorum. But the campaign surged and the moneybombs came through (thank you) and men and women at the grass roots refused to give up in the face of sometimes hostile party operatives. Saturday, it all paid off and Ron Paul won majorities in contests in Congressional Districts 1, 2, 5 and 6. The decision in district 4 was close, with Ron Paul winning almost half. What does it mean? It means you should review some of the posts written on this blog and read carefully what was predicted. As of now, the Ron Paul campaign is ahead of anything anticipated and is doing more with less than any modern presidential campaign in recent memory. It means that there are more surprises coming. It means that Ron Paul will be a factor in Tampa. Onto Texas, where liberty may once again make its last stand on May 29, 2012 in the Texas Primary. Remember the Alamo!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gary North: "With YouTube and websites, there is no memory hole any longer"

[THEY'VE CHANGED BLOGGER.COM AND MY PARAGRAPH BREAKS DON'T WORK!?!?!] Gary North's byline always intrigues. Here's a typically piercing study by him on Dr. Paul's campaign. How Wrong I Was! The Media’s Blackout of Ron Paul Continues I thought that when Rick Santorum quit, that would get Ron Paul into the news. It is now a three-way race. I wrote that the media could no longer pretend that Paul is not running. Google lists only three candidates in its reports. So, that would mean Romney, Gingrich, and Paul. Wrong! In Google’s algorithm, Santorum is still in the race. He was the lead story on April 25 at 8:30 a.m..... In spite of Dr. North's brilliance, I suspect Ron still has a chance of winning the nomination. If he doesn't, and ends up helping Obummer win by splitting the GOP vote, maybe that's exactly what the GOP needs and deserves most. No, I wouldn't be any happier than you to see another four years of Obummer. It would be appalling and shocking every day as he appoints himself commiCzar of everything in sight and emperor of the universe. Everything will go to "the bad place" at an accelerated rate. But RepubliCONs would do the same at about 90% the same speed while all the while giving forth the strong delusion that they are a measurably "conservative" alternative to the Dummacrats. They aren't, and the sheeple urgently need to face it! Ron Paul is a Republican, not a RepubliCON, so I'm not talking about him in those terms. .........Speaking of RepubliCONs, get this from activist Talbert Black in Columbia area! I didn't catch it in time to act, but it's quite the commentary on our favorite topics: After passing the House today by a vote of 101-1 the Sunshine bill, H3235, will die and never become law! H3235 would have removed the legislative exemption to the FOIA Act if Representative Gene Pinson hadn't objected to giving the bill third reading tomorrow. In defiance to an overwhelmingly positive vote, Rep. Gene Pinson is singlehandedly killing the bill with this procedural tactic! By objecting to giving the bill third reading tomorrow, Rep Gene Pinson prevents the bill from making the cross over date to the Senate. By not meeting the cross over date, the bill will never be voted on in the Senate. This move by a single House member will prevent this bill from becoming law! Call Gene Pinson NOW at (803) 734-2821. Tell him to REMOVE his objection to giving H3235 third reading tomorrow. There is no time to waist. Act IMMEDIATELY. Call and email. One sentence is all you need to say: "Mr. Pinson, remove your objection to giving H3235 third reading tomorrow!" If we don't convince him TODAY, then the General Assembly will remain exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. They will continue to be able to hide their papers, e-mails, letters and documents from public scrutiny. Contact him today at (803) 734-2821 and at! Best regards, Talbert Black Jr. Dr. Clarkson always called the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act the greatest bills Congress ever passed. They are indeed something like that if Americans will only activate them -- but I fear hundreds of millions of our co-citizens have no idea of their existence or meaning! Say, isn't it good to see RepubliCON John McCain taking a short breather from being a communist stooge -- and New York being exposed as a fount of evil once again? New York Media Whore Senator Trying to Run Arizona State Government ......In other news, some decadence in the private sector you may want to beware of: Groupon Offers Discounted Pornography Tour Decadence can strike home without warning. This just in from a staunch PN news gatherer: New Witchcraft/Wicca Study group (Greenville/Upstate) Pardon my cynicism -- and please plan to come to the PN's Health and Freedom Conference THIS SATURDAY. Details at! /\/.\/\/.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More delicious zeroes for Dr. Paul -- the rEVOLution in Iowa

Via email, a fantastic video featuring one of the worst people in the world, Rachel Maddow:

"I Think Ron Paul Just Won Iowa!" Rachel Maddow April 23, 2012

"Forget the beltway media narrative, forget the main script" -- that's what Ms Madcow actually says almost as if she's joined the ranks of Ron Paul truthers. This is the language typical of those standing up for freedom of choice in presidents, not those in the business of squelching it in the very "media" she epitomizes.

She does a passable job of reporting this momentous news, so we won't attack her as she deserves the rest of the time -- but be warned: the video contains uncensored, un-processed images of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Wolf Blitzer. I therefore give it an R rating -- safe for children to hear, but not to watch.

Ms Madcow covers the "Warren Harding" strategy which Paul supporters are in effect using. It simply amounts to working to win the election in real, practical terms as opposed to relying on hype, image, and clich├ęs. Half the fun of all this is our hero and his supporters have freely announced what they were doing but the GOP establishment and its groupies have gone on pursuing those other tawdry things in blithe indifference to reality. Now it appears Ron very well may win the nomination via number of delegates! The PN Executive Director assures me that today's headlines proclaiming Romney the nominee are as fake as the others all this time (I've been out of the country -- more on that soon).

The zeroes mentioned in our headline? Ms Madcow has to admit that four thousand came out to cheer our hero in Philadelphia in the rain.

Please don't miss the Health and Freedom Conference in Greenville this Saturday -- details at !


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Mitt Romney's hawks deeply concerned for future of GOP -- not USA

Or, as a fine Ron Paul blogger puts it, "Romney advisers are concerned that the rising total of Ron Paul delegates will lead to an unmanageable RNC." So, why don't the dummies all agree to vote for the only true Republican on the ticket?

"The sleepy New York Times" -- I like that. Somebody slip it a few vitamin C tablets!

Ron Paul Wins in Iowa and Minnesota, Romney in a Panic

By Doug Wead

Ron Paul supporters surged to victory in yesterday's Minnesota and Iowa district conventions, dominating the process and picking up more delegates to the Republican National Convention. As reported last week, a number of Romney Hawks are now deeply concerned that Ron Paul has already laid the groundwork for similar success in six more caucus states.

Yesterday"s results for Ron Paul will only increase the influence of Hawks inside the Mitt Romney camp.

Romney advisers are concerned that the rising total of Ron Paul delegates will lead to an unmanageable RNC. Some observers felt that the 1992 convention hurt an incumbent president George H. W. Bush and was a factor in his loss to Bill Clinton.

In most states, victories at the district conventions decide who will move onto the state conventions where most of the delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa will be selected.

The rules in Minnesota are slightly different and some of those final delegates were actually selected at scattered district conventions yesterday. Reports from our own Marianne Stebbins in Minnesota show that Ron Paul now has 20 out of the 24 delegates already chosen to represent the state at the Republican National Convention in Tampa and the campaign is poised to do just as good at the upcoming state convention, May 18-19, when the final 13 will be chosen.

In Iowa, Jennifer Jacobs, a reporter for the Des Moines Resister, broke into open what had been our little secret, namely, the takeover of the GOP in Iowa. "A rising tide of Republicans who share Ron Paul"s philosophy of limited government are flooding into GOP party roles in Iowa," Jennifer wrote, reporting on yesterdays Iowa district conventions.

Actually, it is a phenomenon seen all across the country. It is viewed by many political observers as the biggest transformation of the Republican Party since 1988, when evangelical Christians joined the process and dominated state positions for a whole generation.

While the Iowa Ron Paul campaign is keeping its cards close to the vest, we all got a sneak peak from an the Des Moines Register story which reported that six of the new Iowa GOP state central committee members elected Saturday have publicly expressed support for Ron Paul. Joes Kurtinitis, Kris Thiessen, Dave Cushman, Jeff Shipley, John Kabitzke and Marcus Fedler. "Two more," Jennifer Jacobs reports, "have close ties." The new state chairman is also a Ron Paul supporter, who served as a co-chairman for the congressman"s Iowa state organization.

The Iowa state GOP convention is set for Jun 16, 2012.

Meanwhile, the sleepy New York Times has posted for five months and still posts, even today, that the total delegate count for Ron Paul in Iowa is one. They say that the total delegate count for Ron Paul in Minnesota is nine. In fact, Ron Paul supporters will now dominate both state conventions. And the same trend is ongoing in states across the country.
(end of message)


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heart-stopping economic news

Yesterday it was a sudden, brilliant anti-Zionist article in a site For the second time in a row, God has graciously dropped a great link in our laps from a source not noted for it. Today, by providence and coincidence, the opposite: a great non-Zionist article courtesy a site normally taken up with those subjects. A money guru I know is ecstatic to hear about it! The Money Power can be Defeated: The Swiss "WIR" The Rothschild bankers are using debt-based currency to enslave us. By failing to adopt alternative currencies, we are accomplices in our own enslavement. /\/.\/\/.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Un-common sense for states re the fedplague

Sites are proliferating that offer deep yet simple wisdom for the supposedly complicated problems making headlines these days. Here's a good one: How States Can Protect Themselves From Financial Collapse Well, how about it? Why should states send money to a behemoth that spends it on goofy junk? Each state is incapable of maintaining its own highways, etc? If Texas were to secede it would be something like one of the top fifty economies in the world. (Or was it the top 20?) I don't necessarily recommend secession as my friends in the League of the South do, but the possibility makes for some good statistics. Email from Talbert Black in Columbia yesterday -- a further blip on the screen: I just wanted to drop you a quick note that the South Carolina Sound Money bill, H4128, may get a vote on the floor of the SC House today. Remember, this is the bill that will give South Carolina a legal alternative to failing United States federal reseve notes. You can tune in and watch live at this link. Best regards, Talbert Black /\/.\/\/.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Truly rare book opportunity: Celente writes!

Again in the morning mail, a book promotion in the form of a press release. This time, though, it's HOT stuff! All patriots have come across fire-breathing prophets of patriotic truth Max Keiser and Gerald Celente. They're on "real" TV, they're on net TV, you're bound to come across them -- and your life won't be the same after you experience them! Celente's the star this morning because of a net radio appearance we'll cover below, but first, that promo I got..... OK, the Mac computer I'm on won't paste. But it's about the Spring issue of Celente's Trends Journal. Seek it out a and you'll be instantly out of the matrix and into the real world. As background to this subject, I bought a ticket bound to go somewhere good -- simply searched "celente" in! The first search result will clean out cobwebs you didn't know you had. OK, people think Waller has this quaint obsession with Jewish power.... well, this interview between Celente and Jeff Rense will give anybody still laughing at me very well a clearer perspective on that and a great deal more, and fast. I swear I didn't seek it out or stack the deck in any way -- it was simply the first of the Youtube search results. Moral of the story: It's EVERYWHERE -- the liberating truth about the enslaving curse of Zionism. Am on a borrowed computer this week and can't do much. Pray my laptop's fixed soon, will you? And whatever you do politically today, PLEASE don't miss the resources named in this post. .......Tax scandal is everywhere, too -- that endemic to the IRS and your state Department of Revenue, the numerous new or exacerbated forms of taxation raining down on us, the creatively bizarre things prison inmates, medical workers, and numerous other classes of people are coming up with to exploit tax corruption.... Here, also virtually at random is merely the latest case that just came in: "Identity theft for the purpose of stealing tax refunds has reached epidemic proportions in America". For the article, search "25 signs that America is a seething cesspool of filth and corruption". /\/.\/\/.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Great irony tucked away under "Taxmageddon" headline

Are you a member of a Patriot Network egroup? Everyone needs to be! These have been going on since the internet age dawned and the PN immediately began making the most of it.

This headline made all of them today, or close:
Taxmageddon Will Hit on January 1, 2013
Written by Gary North on April 12, 2012

Normally a headline like that will have been created by the System for the purpose of scaring the citizens. But this is the work of the renowned Gary North.

Yes, there's a great scare factor in the story. The Bush tax cuts, if you can call them that, will expire on the day in question. Obama taxes will go into effect. But perhaps as a touch of irony, North shares this yummy tidbit:

If there is a last-minute deal before November, it will create havoc for the IRS. The IRS commissioner has described it as a “real disaster in the filing season where there’s total confusion.” Somehow, I do not care.

It is good to know that some of our overlords' schemes come back to haunt them.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Tax insanity near and far

An emailer sends an article preceded by a short, pithy commentary:

Spain "invested" heavily into the "Green Technology" industries,...and with the taxpayers money of course.
For every "green job" created, it cost several Million Euros and three "non-green jobs" were lost.
Many of the "green jobs" turned out to be temporary, as soon as the subsidy ran out, the industry failed.
You can see the same happening here in the US with the solar panel industry.
Now the fruits of their "investments" are paying their dividends.

On 29 March 2012, millions of people across Spain went on strike. The strike, which was the first general strike since September 2010, brought the country to a near halt. The situation in Spain has grown increasingly difficult with 1 in 4 people out of work and many struggling to make rent or mortgage payments.

Watch this short film about the events of the day (in english):

Pretty dramatic scenes! Looks like the third world in ferment, which, of course, is exactly what Europe is working hard to become.

............From Carolina Journal, a report on phenomena that have to be widespread way beyond the borders of the Tarheel State:

RALEIGH — North Carolina’s courts have ruled it is legal for local governments to use taxpayer resources to lobby the General Assembly on legislation, and that’s exactly what nearly two dozen cities and counties are registered to do as the May 16 legislative short session nears.

As of March 28, eight North Carolina counties and 10 municipalities were listed as principals in the North Carolina General Assembly Lobbying Directory, reports Carolina Journal. The local governments are sprinkled among more than 660 lobbyists and 700 principals registered to lobby on behalf of businesses, industries, and advocates for and against specific causes and issues.

The legality of local government lobbying is addressed in an April 2011 “N.C. Local Government Law Blog” by UNC School of Government Professor of Public Law and Government Robert Joyce. He reviews three cases — North Carolina ex rel Horne v. Chafin, Bardolph v. Arnold, and Dollar v. Cary. Joyce concludes:

“So, it appears, local governments may use public funds to try to influence the General Assembly in a particular direction and to put out informational materials regarding issues. They may not, however, use public funds to try to influence the outcome of an election — either an election for office or a referendum on a public issue.”

While the legality of local government lobbying is settled, the question of whether the practice is appropriate isn’t.

What do you know, the next link in that email is about a state official openly channeling taxpayers' funds into her own "green" nonprofit!
Another Commerce Official Involved In Sustainability Nonprofit
McKoy still employed at Commerce; future at agency unclear


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ringing, stinging new denunciation of the income tax!

Have you noticed something? People and media are reluctant to ever accuse politicians of either sins or crimes. They are in my studied opinion among the most mind-numbing criminals in history. This is actually a pretty well-known fact, but you almost never hear the above forces (and CERTAINLY not pulpiteers) ever indicate so -- they will only mention the pols' "mistakes" and "failings".

This they do with jarring inconsistency. Maybe Hitler perpetrated "genocide" but Stalin, who killed vastly more people than the Nazis, is only rated as making errors in judgment -- the failure of his idealistic five-year plans in agriculture etc. Never mind that said plans were bone-headed from the start, denounced as such by the conservatives most people don't listen to, and led to yet more suffering and death instead of plenteousness.

But comes now one of those rare commentators who dares to call things exactly what they are. When he starts off by calling the income tax an abomination you know you're in for some fresh air:
24 Outrageous Facts About Taxes In The United States That Will Blow Your Mind

This article makes a point that others have, but in a way only Dr. Clarkson used to with the proper aplomb: as he put it, "it is impossible to fill out a 1040 form correctly!" The author at hand racks up statistics to prove it.

With the reading of this article I must say I have never seen so many great angles on this story in one place before, especially not in such a short space. Wish I had time to take the grand tour of this masterpiece of reportage, but here's one sidelight I had no idea of which condemns the income tax in no uncertain terms:
Death, Taxes Collide as Fatal Crashes Mount on Filing Day

We knew the income tax was murderous -- people kill themselves when they realize they don't have the money -- but this should prove loud and clear to any half-sane society that the monster has to go, that it's in a class of things that tend toward the depletion of the population itself!

Alas.... this not even being a half-sane society, it won't.

The good news is that the evils of income taxes can be reported freely, and it happens once in awhile. The bad news is that the ameriKan sheeple dash about what they imagine to be their business without paying these revelations the slightest bit of meaningful attention. Meanwhile, keep your friends informed that the Patriot Network is here to help them when bureaucracies call them out.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Great, optimistic Ron Paul video: There are no Romneyites in foxholes!

This Doug Weed is a fine, even jovial spokesman for the Paul campaign. The spicy news tonight is that evangelical Christians tried throwing in their lot with the Boy Scout from hell, Rick Santorum, but he's dropped out -- leaving them to go where? With unconscious yet precious irony, they're choosing Dr. Paul -- not because he's obviously the best candidate by far but because he appears the most likely to stay in the race till the end!
Ron Paul FLIX Show – Doug Wead Explains Santorum Dropout Impact – Apr 11 2012

YET AGAIN, with another focus group, the bottom line amounts to CONSISTENCY. The fundies don't feel they can trust Romney to go the distance, even though in their typically cloudy theology they imagine he's got some kind of integrity hidden away in his being (he doesn't). In this day when even the value of money isn't fixed any longer, they don't care to flail about in the sea of uncertainty any longer and are swimming for the only stationery object in view.

After all that is expounded in the video, they show you a roundup of the college kids turning out for him in the worst dens of leftist socialism, UCLA et al. Can it possibly be that the main victims of PC brainwashing, the young generation, is more de facto conservative than Christendom anymore?

Many who know better are still running around saying "Let's get a Republican elected. I don't care how we do it, but we can't have any more of Obama!".... while we in the real world are saying "Let's get Ron elected. I don't care how we do it, but we can't have any more leftist presidents, either neocon or Dummacrat!"


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

News of mind-numbing tyranny in Atlanta suburb; more analysis of the

The PN egroups have been abuzz with the unspeakably outrageous report of a man being literally harassed to death by city authorities because they wanted his stuff. It's at times like this that I fear there is no end to the downward spiral of corruption and despotism in ameriKa, even at the small town level.
City of Roswell, GA, bullies Andrew Wordes to death over his backyard chickens

Please read the entire article. It's important to us that people know the whole truth of how bad it's getting. We are not pessimists, we merely know that the public must become fully informed if things are ever to improve.

First it was the filthy ruling by the Supreme Court that jurisdictions could throw people off their property and seize it if somebody wanted to develop it into something that would bring in higher property taxes. Then this was put to use against a hapless woman in a beautiful old home in New England. She lost in and had no recourse.

Since then it's been one case after another as bureau-rats and wheeler-dealers have become bolder and bolder in trampling the Fourth Amendment. Now our homes are fair game as these same bureaucrats realize they've spent everything and need to fill the gap somehow.

Actually this is a very old "problem". Politicians have been grabbing what they wanted from people through all known history, and law and "FAIRNESSS" be damned! Ah, FAIRNESS. It's these same people who are constantly nullifying our rights under that very banner -- isn't it?

It shouldn't take any reader long to think of a classic, famous case of such "TAKINGS" thousands of years old, especially since it's exactly identical to the grabs going on today. Doesn't ring a bell? Take a look at First and Second Kings.

There is, of course, one big little difference between that crime and these: today the excuse given is the most trendy in the religion of political correctness: the environment. The government goons in Roswell wanted the victim's land for "GREENSPACE". Aw, isn't that sweet of them to care so much about the happiness of birds, squirrels and grasses that they'll drive a man crazy to give them free rein.

This outrage was supposed to be redolent of areas like Chicago and LA, perhaps -- but not, please God NOT a town in the heart of Dixie with the charmingly quaint name of Rosewell. We'll never know whether a spaceship crashed in Roswell, NW, but we do know they either killed or drove a decent man to suicide in Roswell, Fulton County, Ga. outrageously, ameriKans aren't even going to give one percent of one percent of the attention to the latter incident that they have done the former.


Monday, April 9, 2012

The PN's home state's abysmal corruption ratings

I've tremendously enjoyed my two decades in South Carolina -- and I always enjoy an excuse to head for the capitol. The state house plaza has to be somewhat unique for its size, its stunning park-like aspects, its numerous memorials to the greatness of our War Between the States saga.

Inside the august gray buildings, politicians and functionaries move with professional finesse. One would never guess from all this the corruption beneath the surface (unless, of course, one kept up with votes on issues). In the opinion of some pollsters, it's very, very bad (thanks, V):

South Carolina Corruption Risk Report Card

SC named one of the most corrupt state governments in nation

........Headlines at Drudge today include:

REPORT: 'Stunning lack of diversity' in Obama's re-election campaign...
$1 million pizza party in Detroit -- on sterling silver plates!
WHouse basketballs emblazoned with Obama's image...
Fidel Castro mocks Obama over 'guayabera' diplomacy...
Herbal remedy 'blamed for high cancer rate' in Taiwan...
Gas Prices Grow More Under Obama than Carter...


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Resurrection Day -- let freedom ring!

The Lord is risen, he is risen indeed. Please -- let freedom ring. I beg of you, help ensure that freedom rings -- because it appears to be heading into a rock-hewn sepulchre never to emerge for a long, long time!

Some of you will know the name of Brother Lester Roloff. You may know I'm very particular about preaching. Condemning the good and exalting the bad in that field is a specialty of mine, simply because the Bible commands us to exercise keen discernment in all things and makes an example of false prophets and shepherds from cover to cover. In my humble opinion, Bro. Roloff is the best preacher in this country (despite having been dead for 30 years. Write for my column declaring him the greatest American of all time -- and enjoy this example of his blunt yet compelling, un-compromising, distinctly Southern homilitics:
Jesus The Supreme Person

We in greater Greenville, SC are blessed with the ability to hear him on radio a handful of times a day (WMUU and WTBI). I don't see an "Easter" sermon on Bro. Roloff's page, but the above dovetails perfectly with the occasion and the political stuff I've got for you today -- because it deals with the question of who is really supreme in this country. The preacher sounds very tired in this audio file -- possibly ill -- but anybody who reviews his lifetime of Christian heroism will see why that could be so on occasion.

We still have the right to share "Easter" greetings together; stores still close on Christmas and Thanksgiving, some even on Good Friday. But for how long under present trends? And incidentally..... how Scriptural are those holidays? I won't ruin them for you today other than to suggest you research the choice of December 25 and the derivation of the word Easter. I do this not out of the desire to be a killjoy (the eternal temptation of the muckraker) but out of a concern for bedrock truth.

Our first article is thus a killer for those who cherish certain illusions about the nature of the USA:
Where We are At With Obama – Summary

This article is itself a kind of Resurrection Day miracle, because it's a radical departure from its author's usual. It too concerns the "parallel universes" that exist openly for those with eyes to see them: there's the truth of the Gospel (which PanamaLaw does not embrace), and then the American political realm which our kind of people fondly view as saturated with Christian symbolism and principles, and then there's the truth that this country has always been run by pagans for pagan purposes.

Various excuses are offered for the prominence of the Great Pyramid on our greenbacks through the years, but the fact remains that that structure is a temple of ancient Egyptian polytheism with parallels in ancient Mesoamerica and other parts of the world.

Well, these resources are there for anybody interested in scraping all the layers of old paint off things. To end on a happier note, an Easter bonbon from
Orlando's Rep. Adams fears Obama power grab

For those who collect evidence of blatant media spin and attempted damage control, this article may win the prize for 2012 when it's barely one-fourth over! Don't dare doubt that the laws under discussion contain all the horrible things Rep. Adams and friends are warning and much worse... Can it possibly be that any reporter actually disbelieves in the dangers Obummer and his ilk pose to this Republic? Yes, because lots of media scribblers appear to be low-paid young folk with the best of intentions and the worst brainwashing flooding their skulls. They are educated to ignorance and paid to put forth the PC party line. It never seems to occur to them that the very thing they claim to prize above all else, "diversity", is totally lacking in the worldview and values their industry force-feeds the public. They are as monolithic as the Skull and Bones cult's (in)famous headquarters.

Ah! More good news via Drudge despite his frequent toeing of the PC line!
Case of Obama-bashing Marine renews debate over First Amendment rights

Now, this is one soldier that really should get a major medal.... in my "humble" opinion.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Tax day opportunities; LA Times censors Ron Paul extravaganza

Did you catch this in the PN egroups?
Tax Day Protests and Events 2012

It's great to see so-called income taxes and war paired as a subject. For one thing, it's true that without so-called income taxes the war machine would grind to a halt. For another, it harks back to the 1960s when socio-political ferment was heady, some of it actually good and meaningful. I'm grateful to still be here to see it and make up for my brainlessness back then.

How times change -- people, too. Two generations ago lots of us in the freedom movement were well-intentioned but ignorant and blind in their support of what was presented as the conservative worldview. Gee, how could it be wrong with supposed hard-rightists as William F. Buckley and Barry Goldwater in the lead?

Central to "mainstream" conservatism in the 1960s were notions like "you pay your taxes as a good American" and "We have to win in Vietnam or we're cowards and deserters". I bit that bait as much as anybody -- until my number came up in the draft, that is. That brought instant values clarification and I successfully applied as conscientious objector, which I if course don't regret.

Those who escaped the draft to Canada were scorned as unpatriotic communist sympathizers. Some were that, but some simply had a conscience and the common sense to see that the war was a total fraud, something no decent person could have anything to do with. Tragic they had to exile themselves -- heroic that they did! Canada doesn't appear as welcoming as it used to be:

Today's true conservatives agree with Ron Paul that peace is patriotic, and income taxes un-Constitutional. In this we've left the left in the dust, because it still has no interest in tax truth -- 'twould be very bad for their agenda if the people weren't being bled by the IRS for "programs" and the wars that leftists actually do support today. But many of them agree with us about war, thank God. It's just amazing how much we can agree on and how much we've switched sides on other things from the old days.

Just looking at some of the names in the above article should bring a nostalgic smile to those who remember that previous era -- Michiana War Tax Refusers, War Tax Boycott cards, Heartland Peace Tax Group, Worcester Friends Meeting.... these events may bring a lump to the throat:

Ithaca — Ithaca War Tax Resistance invites all to voice our discontent over the government’s misuse of trillions of dollars for projects of killing, destruction, and coercion. Bring signs. Participate in the “draw war to a close” chalk drawings, at the Post Office on Tioga Street, Monday, April 16, Noon–4 p.m. Info: Tom Joyce at (607) 277-7426.

New Orleans — Vigil and leafleting with “Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes” pie chart flyer. April 16, 4–6 p.m., Main Post Office/Federal Building. Sponsored by Pax Christi New Orleans, (504) 522-3751 or email benhgordon[at]

I.e. has ameriKa learned absolutely nothing since the Vietnam era? HOW MANY MORE VIETNAMS, a buzzphrase I help propagate. God bless these protesters and their creativity -- let's hope for huge numbers!

...........Headline among the many in today's inbox haul: "LA Times blacks out Ron Paul's UCLA visit -- So now we know what paper to never buy again! Thank You." Speaking of boycotts and moratoriums!

...........Lew Rockwell says Ron can win, more easily than most people have any idea:
268. Ron Paul Has Won the Future


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Extra! Extra! Ron Paul wows UCLA -- !?!?!?!?!!

The Paul campaign is putting System hypocrisy in high relief. Check the latest figures and footage -- via a PN egroup:

Ron Paul Draws 7,800+ at UCLA Rally! Video of Crowd and Speech
[ 3:49 youtube]

April 2: Ron Paul draws record crowd of 5200 in Wisconsin
April 4: Ron Paul draws record crowd of 6200 at Chico, CA
April 4: Ron Paul draws record crowd of 7,800 at UCLA......
And the Lamestream News reports that he is scaling back his campaign????

The University of Southern California at Los Angeles has a long history as a center of radical-chic "liberalism". To see him even allowed to speak there, much less meet with such acclaim, is mind-blowing.

This non-political show should make your heart skip a beat:


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The US now has the highest corporate tax rates in the OECD

The USA is a land of innumerable superlatives and extremes. For a long time it was considered the richest, most noble and praiseworthy land on the planet. It isn't any longer, yet literally billions are spoiling to come and live here, and scores of millions are succeeding.

Many a time nowadays, though, ameriKan statistics cast a withering eye on our starry notions about ourselves. A larger percentage of the population is in prison here -- that can't be normal. Our crime rates are shocking -- we're now leading the former First World in that doing likewise. More recently, it comes out that the Permanent Regime in Washington charges corporations more for the "privilege" of their existence than does any other country in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and development -- or possibly the world!
U.S. Corporate Tax Rate Consequences

Of the citizens that hear or read this news, I fear many will shrug and say "Well, that's the price of living in a free country!" It doesn't occur to them that things that used to be free now cost money, and things that were affordable are now luxuries.

This is happening because the fedgov and its real, hidden owners have clearly decided that freedom must go -- no less in business than private life and thought.


Monday, April 2, 2012

There is neighborhood watch -- and there is neighborhood watch!

(N)eighborhood (W)atch is when citizens take the rising crime problem head on and agree to keep vigilant, promptly report anything suspicious etc. It's a great, basically perfect idea -- who could argue with it?

The case in Florida, the assault on George Zimmerman as I prefer to call it, is no doubt classic. Reports that are no doubt trustworthy have it that Zimmerman's neighborhood had had nasty crime problems. Based on the ample evidence of "Mister" Martin's character and the incident itself, it seems certain Zimmerman was entirely right in his actions.

Here's an article from that uses pure irony to apply the above term to how the politicians are building layer upon layer of snooping and spying on us, the people. This time, though, technology is not the focus, but rather goold ol' USSR style spying on everybody by everybody else -- especially the prostitution of police departments to that end:‘Neighborhood_Watch’_to_Scary_New_Level_/18761/0/0/0/Y/M.html
New U.S Domestic Spy Program Takes ‘Neighborhood Watch’ to Scary New Level

BlacklistedNews is a fine site for those who have the stomach. Other headlines there just now:

Arizona Legislature Passes Sweeping Electronic Speech Censorship Bill
China May Be Buying Gold "Anonymously" Through BIS
Biden To Welcome Accused Organ Trafficker To White House
Colombia: 8 Former Israeli Military Men Arrested on Suspicion of Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering and Exploitation of Minors
Who is Kofi Annan? The UN “Peacekeeper” Handpicked by the CIA.
Man whose WMD lies led to over 100,000 deaths confesses all


Sunday, April 1, 2012

More zeroes for Ron Paul -- the good kind -- and woes for the IRS

In a country more and more known for freakish, even ridiculous yet ultimately horrible elections, this year's presidential scramble may take the prize. Ron Paul seems to be finding infinitely better public acclaim than the Establishment Republi-cons, yet the corporate cartel media act as if he doesn't exist. Via email:

"Rock Star" treatment for Ron Paul
1700 plus rally in Maryland. Where is the News Media?

Thank God for RT or the Russia Today news network -- you can get the straight story from them most of the time, although this is a rather sarcastic report for them. Please help spread the word! The fat lady has yet to sing.

...........Tsk, tsk -- yet more woe and grief for the tax rats!
Billions Lost in Tax-Refund Scam

What won't they think of next for an anti-IRS scam? This one's tragicomic like so many. Crime simply doesn't pay, for either decent people or lowlifes. If people would spend as much time educating themselves and others there would be no IRS terrorizing the sheeple in the first place.