Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Leftoid Counterpunch site/newsletter asks if COINTELPRO is back

.......because the FBI seems to have persecuting the site's longtime star commentator Alexander Cockburn before he died last year. See both the INSIDE ALEXANDER COCKBURN’S FBI FILE blurb at top and the article just below it:
Time to Target the Real Terrorists: The Return of COINTELPRO?

Maybe we should write and tell them that the government conspiracy in question most recently operated under a code name of "Dismantlement", an agenda they brough to bear against your PN a few years ago -- unsuccessfully. Yes, your fedgov has nothing better to do than run around trying to kill free speech and anybody who notably stands up for it. They tried to crush the Patriot Network but couldn't -- because we are on solid legal ground and know it.

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Zimbabwe breaks its own record for financial absurdity

You've seen the (in)famous Zimbabwean hundred-trillion-dollar bill, right?

Zimbabwe is famous for many things -- all of them horrible. Back in the civil riots era, it was supposed to be the next African showcase of black-run perfection. White politicians worldwide hailed its new imperial thug, President Robert Mugabe, as the Obama or perhaps Jesus Christ of his day: all was going to be well now in the former Rhodesia, freshly liberated from evil white European leadership.

Never mind that every time the "world community" has witnessed such a "liberation", the results have been disastrous. Pundits claim they want a colorblind America or anywhere else, and then run around anointing heads of state based primarily on skin color and level of adherence to extreme Marxist dogma. Thinking persons object to it -- not based on anybody's race, but on the maniacal, berserk emphasis on pigmentation above everything else.

Mugabe has exercised bloodthirsty, despotic, absolute power over this tormented nation for over thirty years. Most of this era has been marked by shocking levels of poverty and squalor for the people grossly outweighed by fabulous wealth for the Emperor and his court, partly thanks to his jumping on the "New Africa" bandwagon of killing off the white farmers that provide most of the nation's food. As with every Marxist hellhole, fantastic rates of inflation have been charted in "Zim" -- but this being Africa, where everything is extreme, they have gone berserkly beyond what happens in other countries.

The $100,000,000,000,000 bill is an icon of this madness a couple of years old now. God knows how many zeroes crowd Zim's currency today -- but irony of ironies, enjoy this latest news from the black-supremacist land between the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers:  
Zimbabwe Is Down to Its Last $217

Which majority-white country's communist leaders will rush to Mugabe's aid, sending enough food and supplies to prop him up for another year or three and masking it as humanitarian relief for the starving millions under his boot heel?

Another Robert we knew and loved would love the precious ironies of it all. For his sake, I'm glad he's missing a lot of what's going on now.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Frequent PN meeting subject: smart meter crisis

With mothers in the lead again! It's a good thing, too, or who knows whether this lady journalist would give such good coverage.

See videos of arrests of homeowners for refusing the diabolical things. Absolutely shocking and intolerable. That's Chicago!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gun headlines for weeping and rejoicing

Australians meekly handed in their guns when THE GOVERNMENT promised it would give them security in return for them a few years ago. This was simply rape by a communist regime that has never thought twice about its victims, all 22 million of them, in the hell that has followed this act. You know the government in Australia is communist, because it's both hard on the law-abiding and soft on crime, as the people themselves cry in this all-too-brief, all-too-rare news report:
Gun Control in Australia - Watch and Weep

Does something surge within you when contemplating that every government seems to be at war against its own citizens anymore? How did this happen, anyway? 25 years ago half the world was under communist tyranny; we had everything and the people in official red countries had absolutely nothing. Now governments are robbing us of everything but (so far) the fillings in our teeth, and those countries are supposedly freer -- but their citizens still live in poverty. Where does that leave planet earth?

At least here, so far, to a limited extent, people are standing up on an issue or two and saying they're not going to take the tyranny anymore..... and for once it sounds like they mean it. Latest blip on the Second Amendment screen: 
Gun Owners Refuse to Register Under New York Law

For this to happen in (Z)ew York, of all places, shows that people really are the same most everywhere. Insofar as they're not entombed in either a leftwing or faux-conservative matrix -- or a decadent entertainment one -- they really want what's right, e.g. their God-given right to defend themselves and their homes effectively. Take away that right or ability, and a man's home isn't his castle anymore. He is not head of his family -- THE GOVERNMENT is! IT decides  who lives and dies, which is to say that it has assumed godhood over the sheeple.

New York defies a Dummacrat gun ban in the above story -- think of it! Hey, the top headline on my town's daily birdcage liner ran something like "Democrats to block Obama's gun bill". Maybe they just don't think it goes far enough, but I saw a story in New American or somewhere to the effect that lots of Democrat congresscritters are getting serious heat at home and pulling away from the gun-grabbing frenzy that's taken DC again.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Gun grabbers losing face more every minute!
Number Of Nation's Sheriffs Refusing To Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws Snowballs
Utah Sheriffs Warn Obama That They Will Go To War Over Guns

I was among those pooh-poohing the viability of the resistance by states to DC's latest push to disarm the people. Oh we of little faith -- when journalists start to use the verb form "snowballs", it appears it's actually getting somewhere...... vastly more than those ultimately silly internet petitions for the White House to grant secession!

Maybe the Feinstein bill will be the shot not heard round the world as state officials finally show some real manhood against tyranny and oppressed peoples everywhere take inspiration from it?

I seem to have misplaced it, but would you believe that even our resident fatalist, Manny of, was impressed with these developments in a column the other day? Instead of tallying 100 ways in which there could be no hope for the movement, he was racking up reasons why it simply might grow to such size and intensity as to so vastly outnumber the Beltway crowd that the latter doesn't dare make a move against us.

There are many fine sites and blogs out there but I think it's a rare one that does such a job as we at of picking out the most vivid news stories of interest to the truly politically incorrect. Sure, there are (for instance) lots of gun sites that may be chronicling this issues as well as we, but what general news sites brings you each new breakthrough as it happens on that and a wide diversity of other ongoing national traumas?

Regret the few lapses in the postings here of late -- I was on the road but should be back in the groove now.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A beaut of an article..... a beaut..... for how it crystallizes the ugliness

Once in awhile a commentary comes down the pike that is so pure, so direct, so pluperfectly on target that you feel you've encountered a kindred spirit.

This happened to me when the freewheeling, totally uncensored and un-PC columnist Fred Reed came along, just knocking the evil empire down so hilariously yet piercingly that one felt one wasn't crazy for thinking certain extremely impolite thoughts about our illustrious leaders.

It just happened again courtesy of Buddy, have a drink!
The Squeegee Man

In my compulsive journalistic effects to probe reality to the point of putting a brief name on the insane, bewildering and creatively chaotic mind games They play on Us, I thought I had it one day -- maybe I do. What liberalism (a.k.a. socialism) is really all about is forced, fraudulent benefit.

There it is in three words. They want to HELP us sheeple, and the poor masses weltering under Al Qaeda terr'ism in Afghanistan, and the  downtrodden starving children in Somalia, et. al...  so they do the only thing any self-respecting band of pinstriped Charles Mansons ever do -- send in troops, tanks and cluster bombs, start killing as many people as brutally as conditions allow. Pass laws that rob us of our life savings and our rights. Rape/murder everyone concerned while declaring passionate love and devotion.

They desperately want to force people and situations -- as ubiquitously as possible. They frame this emergency, their berserk lust for blood and power, as a deep desire to rescue us (or the Somalis, whomever) from imminent (if dubious) danger that wouldn't exist if they hadn't whipped it up. In other words, the alleged benefit is totally fraudulent, unsolicited, unwanted, UNINVITED. They don't ask us, or their peers in other countries, their paid advisors or anybody else what they think of it.

A variation on this formula is forced fraudulent brotherhood. They claim to do all the above out of passionate brotherly love, quite often acting under the guise of promoting harmony and love between all peoples. But the result is always the same: they carry off the booty, scads more of us are dead or broke, the environment is bludgeoned, and there is more -- not less -- strife and hatred in all directions. Oh yes, and regardless of how it turns out, the System ends up yet more conceited and vainglorious about itself!

One of the fake benefits they shove down our throats is a federal "program" nauseatingly styled "Outcome-Based Education". But they themselves operate by what might be called outcome-whocares, outcome-neutral, outcome-defiant Frankenstein syndrome.   

The author of the above-linked article appears to be a car connoisseur and totally grassroots. But he has the honesty of a condemned man, the kind most corn-soy-vatives never seem to muster, at least in this one commentary. Savor every word, plan to do some starkly honest writing of your own, and please start directing people to this ePC blog page.

All personal opinions of the author.....  /\/.\/\/.  torpenhow

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here's one just for fun

.... We do that sometimes. Absolutely priceless stuff!
Great shots of animals

/\/. torpenhow@charter/net

In smellebration of yesterday's festivities

The orgy of race worship that went on yesterday should dispel anybody's remaining notions that a "colorblind society" is what liberals and fools like Dr. James Dobson really want. They claim to, of course, but I can't find any warrant for blindness of any type in the Bible, the Constitution or common sense.

What these people are really building is a new ameriKa dominated by minority priority. All minorities are painted as definitional victims of whiteness, so whiteness is the new ghetto as everybody red, yellow, black or purple gets to stomp whitey into the ground while insisting he pay for not only his own sins, real and imagined, but everybody else's college tuition and healthcare.

That is what Obummer and his moll are really the crowning symbols of -- "reverse" race hate. Absolutely nothing about racial or social equality or justice.

They want supremacy and that is exactly what they're getting with every ameriKan institution cheering them on and frantically hastening the process. They claim to think this is going to right historic wrongs and bring peace, harmony and mutual understanding, but all it's going to bring is whites being ordered to the back of the bus or -- more likely -- hunted down as pests.

Whites aren't perfect, and their track record leaves a great deal to be desired, but based on present racial trends, things don't stand to improve much once they've thoughtfully removed themselves from the great melting pot through today's chronically, drastically reduced birth rate. The other salad ingredients are already at each other's throats.

Soooo, in view of all the above, a smidge of classically caucasian news. Enjoy -- don't spend it all in one place!
Texas, Missouri Join Other States Looking To Block Gun Bans

Don't mess with Texas, fedgoons -- that's my advice to you.

When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Repeat it at every opportunity.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Obama horrors coming out in the wash. RACHEL MADDOW reports!

Oh what wonderful times we live in! Most news is bad, but how about the exciting things that happen when people begin to awake, however briefly, and denounce the traitors and shysters.

This Fast and Furious business looks on a good day like exactly what it could take to give the Obummerites the pink slips they so richly deserve. In via email today, totally lacking source info:

Holder Begs Court to Stop Document Release on Fast and Furious

17 Jan 2013 779post a comment 

Attorney General Eric Holder and his Department of Justice have asked a federal court to indefinitely delay a lawsuit brought by watchdog group Judicial Watch. The lawsuit seeks the enforcement of open records requests relating to Operation Fast and Furious, as required by law.

In Fast and Furious, the ATF “walked” about 2,000 firearms into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels. That means through straw purchasers they allowed sales to happen and didn’t stop the guns from being trafficked even though they had the legal authority to do so and were fully capable of doing so.
Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexican citizens–estimates put it around at least 300–were killed with these firearms.
Judicial Watch had filed, on June 22, 2012, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request seeking all documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious and “specifically [a]ll records subject to the claim of executive privilege invoked by President Barack Obama on or about June 20, 2012.”
The administration has refused to comply with Judicial Watch’s FOIA request, and in mid-September the group filed a lawsuit challenging Holder’s denial. That lawsuit remains ongoing but within the past week President Barack Obama’s administration filed what’s called a “motion to stay” the suit. Such a motion is something that if granted would delay the lawsuit indefinitely.
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said that Holder’s and Obama’s desire to continually hide these Fast and Furious documents is “ironic” now that they’re so gung-ho on gun control. “It is beyond ironic that the Obama administration has initiated an anti-gun violence push as it seeking to keep secret key documents xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxabout its very own Fast and Furious gun walking scandal,” Fitton said in a statement. “Getting beyond the Obama administration’s smokescreen, this lawsuit is about a very simple principle: the public’s right to know the full truth about an egregious political scandal that led to the death of at least one American and countless others in Mexico. The American people are sick and tired of the Obama administration trying to rewrite FOIA law to protect this president and his appointees. Americans want answers about Fast and Furious killings and lies.”
The only justification Holder uses to ask the court to indefinitely delay Judicial Watch’s suit is that there’s another lawsuit ongoing for the same documents – one filed by the U.S. House of Representatives. Judicial Watch has filed a brief opposing the DOJ’s motion to stay.
As the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform was voting Holder into contempt of Congress for his refusal to cooperate with congressional investigators by failing to turn over tens of thousands of pages of Fast and Furious documents, Obama asserted the executive privilege over them. The full House of Representatives soon after voted on a bipartisan basis to hold Holder in contempt.
There were two parts of the contempt resolution. Holder was, and still is, in both civil and criminal contempt of Congress. The criminal resolution was forwarded to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Ronald Machen–who works for Holder–for prosecution. Despite being technically required by law to bring forth criminal charges against Holder, under orders from Holder’s Department of Justice Machen chose to ignore the resolution.
The second part of the contempt resolution–civil contempt of Congress–allowed House Republicans to hire legal staff to challenge President Obama’s assertion of the executive privilege. That lawsuit remains ongoing despite Holder’s and the DOJ’s attempt to dismiss it and settle it.
It’s unclear what’s in the documents Obama asserted privilege over, but the president’s use of the extraordinary power appears weak. There are two types of presidential executive privilege: the presidential communications privilege and the deliberative process privilege. Use of the presidential communications privilege would require that the president himself or his senior-most advisers were involved in the discussions.
Since the president and his cabinet-level officials continually claim they had no knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious until early 2011 when the information became public–and Holder claims he didn’t read the briefing documents he was sent that outlined the scandal and how guns were walking while the operation was ongoing–Obama says he’s using the less powerful deliberative process privilege.
The reason why Obama’s assertion of that deliberative process privilege over these documents is weak at best is because the Supreme Court has held that such a privilege assertion is invalidated by even the suspicion of government wrongdoing. Obama, Holder, the Department of Justice, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and virtually everyone else involved in this scandal have admitted that government wrongdoing actually took place in Operation Fast and Furious. 
In Fast and Furious, the ATF “walked” about 2,000 firearms into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels. That means through straw purchasers they allowed sales to happen and didn’t stop the guns from being trafficked even though they had the legal authority to do so and were fully capable of doing so.
Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexican citizens–estimates put it around at least 300–were killed with these firearms.
The Fast and Furious scandal and more is covered in detail in the New York Times best-selling book Corruption Chronicles.
 Rachel Madcow is one of the people right-thinkers love least on earth. But suddenly she, one of the most "liberal" of all Obummer defenders, is blazing a trail most unflattering to the monster!--
Obama Proposes New Law: 'Prevention Detention' = "Lock 'Em Up & Toss The Key

You must click -- the link immediately above is, all things considered, one of the classiest, most erudite and right-on denunciations of our present Cheat Executive, ever. It's impressive!


Healines from hell.... er, that is from the "greatest country in the world" and a former reputed close second

Many workers surprised by hike in payroll taxes

The mainstream media are filled with stories about the surprise experienced by American workers this month. Social Security'’s FICA tax will rise by two percentage points this year.
Someone making $50,000 will pay an extra $1,000.
What’s this? You mean lunches are not free? You mean somebody has to pay for granny'’s retirement? Will wonders never cease? Of course, the present value of the gap between the promises made by the government and the taxes expected to be collected is now $222 trillion for Social Security and Medicare. But this does not faze Congress. Congress will deal with that later. For now, two percentage points will have to do.
This supposedly will reduce the growth in the economy by one-half of one percent. Why do Keynesian economists believe this? The money taken out of workers’ paychecks will be spent by the government. It will go to oldsters. They will spend it.
Tax hikes redistribute wealth. They rob from the victims and buy votes from the recipients. But Keynesian theory says that government spending gooses the economy. It amazes me that Keynesians think that this tax hike will reduce economic growth.
Workers are inside the can that Congress has kicked down the road again. They are getting a foretaste of taxes to come, or inflation to come, or both.
At some point, there will be a tax revolt. Then granny will find herself short of funds. She will call on her family to make up the difference.
Families have not budgeted for that, either.......

PN blogger comments: Ah, Keynesian economics. Isn't it lovely -- governments at most any level (literally from dogcatcher through co-President) get to spend, spend, spend and when the well runs dryish, the answer is to tax, tax, tax more than they were already doing. Do you know, with this kind of logic, children could be running their own adult businesses such as candy shops -- they and their kiddie buddies could throw the doors open to all comers and everybody could eat candy till they were falling into massive sugar shock, and if they ran out, they could pass a law that all citizens had to turn in candy they had at home to keep up the brats' giving and feasting habits!

It may seem an extreme analogy, but where is it not exactly parallel to how these suits, these gloriously-credentialed nobodies that are actually running governments and their treasuries, are doing their job? Don't tell me the reality of what goes on in Washington or your average state capitol is one bit different in modus operandi or philosophy!

THIS is life in your glorious vaunted Republican revolution! All hail the exalted "R"-race, our saviors from everything evil except fire ants and ring around the collar.... I saw in a brilliant piece via the magnificent an ancient Roman maxim, "wars teach geography". Isn't that priceless -- aside from the fact that many of "our" troops are probably incapable of finding the countries they're fighting in on a map?

Maybe depressions teach real-world economic theory -- naaah, not to the TV- and -antidepressant addicted Amurrican sheeple. They'll look up what latitude and longitude Lower Volta is found at before they face the magnitude of such swindles as income taxes and Social Insecurity. Pardon my jaundice....

That was merely a pundit greater than myself commenting on a "new" reality we've covered before here -- but when Gary North opines, all of us should give a listen and watch our minds expand. Our next story is from a country more civilized than the vaunted Newnited States of Anomica, but one that is sinking fast into the Anomican model of existence:
Spanish banks stop evictions for the next 2 years in cases of 'extreme necessity'

How about that? In the USA we've seen reports of a US city doing likewise here and there -- haven't we? -- but in Europe  a whole country is capable of putting extreme cases of dispossession-into-dire-poverty on hold for two whole years! Remember, please -- the money spent on bank bailouts in the US could have paid off every mortgage in the country.

This news comes, however, at a price. The new policy is born of the self-martyrdom of two citizens: 

Spaniards who are in "circumstances of extreme necessity" and are unable to pay their mortgages will not be evicted from their homes over the next two years, the main industry group for Spanish banks said Monday.
    The pledge comes just three days after a 53-year-old woman committed suicide as authorities were preparing to foreclose on her home. It was the second such incident since late October.
    The move will not halt all home evictions during the ongoing economic crisis, but the Spanish Banking Association issued a statement saying that "due to social alarm generated by the home evictions," it agreed with a government proposal made last Thursday to halt foreclosures "during the next two years, in those cases where there are circumstances of extreme necessity."
    In the incident last Friday, the woman jumped to her death from her home in northern Spain as authorities were climbing the steps to evict her.
    The victim was a former Socialist town councilor. Her death followed the suicide last October 25 by a 53-year-old man who hanged himself at a home in southern Spain shortly before the eviction team -- judicial and bank representatives, backed by police -- showed up......

This revelation is when even yours truly is overtaken with misery. I'm even willing to mourn a "former socialist town councilor" if the poor woman saw no other way out -- felt had nobody to turn to. Is there a chance that this pitiful turn of events cures anybody in her life or the socialist "community" of their utopian madness? One must hope so. 

Let's finish lighter. Dig these crazy, often funny real-life stories from the great (if too smutty) nuttynewstoday! Read them there too, with source article links, then click "Older entries" at bottom of NNT's homepage, starting with my favorite (be warned, these reality reports often involve gross or indecent behavior):

Programmer outsourced his job to China
Robber Wore Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pajamas
Bookmark and ShareTwo strippers fight over dollar bill
Coffin with built-in speakers linked to a music playlist, can be updated by the living
Man asked for help in loading stolen Walmart TV into car
Man Was Too Drunk To Pull Off Robbery (he smirks in his mug shot!)
Bookmark and ShareAmateur prospector finds massive gold nugget
Woman glues 24,0000-piece puzzle to living room wall

Hope you have a great, happy, prosperous day today -- all day.  You who missed Friday's PN fun, jam-packed meeting in Greenville, we'll forgive you this time, but don't let it happen again. ;-} One attendee ingeniously sweetened the pot when the hat was passed for contributions: at a discount shop in Simpsonville, he'd nabbed some Lindt milk chocolate bunnies at a great low price and offered them "free" to anybody who contributed $5 at the meeting to the PN's general operating expenses. Creativity like that is what helps these meetings to continue from month to month, and we salute attendee Rick Dale for making many similar offers through the years, often at a greater price to himself than on this occasion.

I ate my bunny so fast that I (still being on the road) had to atone for it by ordering a roughage-filled Joey Bag at Moe's Southwest Grill on Saturday.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Charlie Daniels weighs in.... quite well for once

Yet more from yet another arts person who sees through the PC matrix and dares tell the world about it:
Don’t Confuse My Heartfelt Convictions with Racism

Charlie has written and lyricized politically before (listen to his Simple Man and Same Ol' Me tunes pronto!) but too often it's been in an embarrassingly naive or even neocon vein. This time he's about the realest rocker in the business -- for however long it may last.

The only unreal thing in this, his latest column, is his jittery "I'm not racist" disclaimers. For a superstar musician not engaged in the Cause full-time this might be expected, as they haven't necessarily worked as hard at their perspicuity and glibness as some. But with an icon-smashing he-man like Charlie, it's not becoming to drag the South through the mud of segregation as preface to spitting out the kind of truth that left pundits hate. Oh, I suppose working for radically-left managers and record companies you have to cover your aspirations thus, but it still sickens even as it presages his urgently-needed frankness.

Only in a society that thoroughly enjoys wallowing in depravity would it be necessary to twist yourself into three square knots and a granny as preface to rightly denouncing an evil pseudo-president who happens to be a mulatto. Ultimately, who cares if it's "racist" to do so? It isn't,, but so what if it is? Truth should know no such boundaries, ever, or something's radically wrong.

Who are the "liberal" media to point the finger anyway? Much of what passes for journalism in the most-admired periodicals in the world is intense, blatant racism, of a type sometimes misqualified as "reverse". Because the masses are brainwashed, I suppose Charlie and his band would stand to lose fans over the kooky, idiotic lie that it's racist to criticize Obummer.

Thanks for reading my stuff. Don't miss Charlie's piece -- click it above now, if you didn't already!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where is Germany's gold?

Some refreshing common sense from an apparent American in London, via -- who else -- Russia today, or RT:
Germany wants its gold back from the Fed
but it may not be there

Wow, the system of transporting country A's gold to country B's room in the master vault under the streets of lower Manhattan to pay debts as they come up -- it's a relic of the days when most countries were on the gold standard, but that ended 40 years ago! Nowadays maybe they just send an empty railroad train across a border to keep accounts square -- all that thin air would be a perfect representation of the intrinsic value of today's national currencies, pretty much everywhere.

ANUNews -- who else -- is definitively following this story. Links from it:
James Turk - Germany’s Gold Is Being Held Hostage

......“It’s quite clear that the German gold is being held hostage.  They are not getting what they want.  They are getting what the Federal Reserve is telling them they can have.  The fact that they are doing it over 7 years rather than 7 weeks, is just an indication that gold probably isn’t in the Federal Reserve, and the Federal Reserve doesn’t want to have to go out and buy it overnight to fulfill the German demand.  They are trying to stretch it out as long as possible in order to keep gold prices controlled”......

Now wouldn't that be just like the fedgov we all know and love to tell Germany they can have it back spread over seven years and take a flying leap if they don't like it! This is the crowd that instantly shipped one out of every thousand ameriKans to Afghanistan to start the "war" on "terror", but whenever you want to talk bringing those ameriKans back home where they belong for good, it's a shrug of the shoulders, a slap of their forehead and sheepish statements like "Waaalllll, these things take time, ya know. It's a huge operation to move six figures of people and their equipment somewhere!"

I remember the late Vietnam War period. Everybody from leftist hippies to "our boys''' relatives were vehement that the so-called war be written off as a total loss and the troops brought home. In unison, or should one say lockstep, prostiticians and media mavens pouted "What a tough call -- you know, we're not even sure how that would be possible...." There were even editorials and discussions probing how this supposedly novel, oddball idea could ever be attempted. End of discussion until Tricky Dick Nixon was looking to get re-elected, and late in his term he made good on his four-year-old promise to end the ridiculous, tragic mess of an engagement. 

More "gold" -- let's hear it for 'em:
All Aboard The Gold Repatriation Train: First Germany, Next: The Netherlands?

The Sexual Subversion of America, Part 2 of 2
It Is All About Israel
Rand Paul Vows to Torpedo Obama Executive Orders
Half-Million French Protest Country's Plan to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
Militarization of America and Newtown Massacre: Cause and Effect
A Broken Justice System: 'Most Americans Commit About Three Felonies a Day'


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More gun goodies you can use

The power of the internet is fantastic. A crisis comes up, whether innately substantive or a leftist psychodrama forced on us all by the media, and instantly patriots, pundits and citizen journalists are on it, banishing darkness and blasting liberating truth into cyberspace. How about this?
18 Facts That Prove That Piers Morgan Is Flat Out Lying About Gun Control 

You knew Piers had completely lost it and was fit only for the funny farm now. But did you have any idea how totally dead wrong he was about the issues?

.........Not that there's any comparison with the above link, but here's a page on which I've just posted a "new improved" version of my assertions on gun rights here a day or three ago -- see post from Thursday at 01:27 AM, EST:!

While we're ticking off talking points etc., here's a marvelous page from the Christian Identity realm (my description, not that of its author Ted Weiland):

Be warned, it's not politically correct -- but that's what we're here for, right? Get to know Pastor Weiland's work, you'll have a whole new worldview and find it curiously refreshing.

.......In other news, I see News of the Weird has just had its 25th birthday:

The site is a chronicle of some of the worst depravities of which man is capable, but it's often funny and witty and in keeping with common sense despite the editor's political skittishness. So happy birthday to the thing -- everybody salute! The "weird" or "strange" news category is one of the absolute richest for our purposes, but few people understand this.

Stray note on a restaurant chain that has meant a very great deal to the Patriot Network for ages:
Some of its accolades include being one of the "Best Small Companies in America" seven consecutive years, and named "Top Family Steakhouse in America" for 10 consecutive years.[

Let's appreciate good stuff while it lasts. If life has taught me anything, it's that there are no guarantees how long a situation is going to remain in place -- whether for good or ill.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

An important second opinion on Sandy Hook

I love assertions that the common knowledge on "big" subjects is totally wrong. There used to be a site called Can you imagine it? Everybody knows AIDS exists and is a major killer disease, right? Well, maybe not -- others are carrying the torch of free inquiry on that subject forward:

Have a look at the quotes there! Of course, the biggest lie of our time (possibly of all time) is that a certain party and his cronies set out to kill off a certain racial/ethnic group during the last century. Ask me for details on why that's impossible -- do it today!

Here -- catch:

That link came via

......and has fully convinced me that the Sandy Hook incident is another total fedgov false-flag extravaganza. Yes, I have no problem in believing these politicians and their puppet masters would commit serial mass murders to achieve cynical, tyrannical political objectives. Yes, innocent people may have died in Newtown, and yes, the alleged perpetrator may have been implicated, but it surely looks scripted, produced, directed and stage-managed by the usual round of suspects -- whether Mossad, CIA, ADL or what have you among the groups really running things and choosing the empty suits who superficially appear to do so.

These are not nice people. I can't escape the feeling that they're demoniacs, or maybe even demons. Get real, get used to it -- they want to enslave us, which first means total gun confiscation. Like clockwork, the present round of school melodramas has led to the unveiling of anti-gun measures the fedgov has clearly been working on since before they began. They're working on a schedule, making a list, checking it twice. Don't expect this cycle of events to ever stop without a massive uprising or massive (possibly gradual, but total) capitulation by the public. 

Next topic.... I've mentioned my Dr. Carter, my associate in the South Carolina Conservative Action Council. Interesting note just in from him. No doubt you've come across this video:

Former KGB Agent Tells You How It Is

It's been making the email rounds for years, and rightly so -- it's the kind of information the great ameriKan sheeple need to access most. The problem with huge numbers of them would be having to define and flesh out what communism is (an ideology that has committed something like 150 million murders), as well as where and what Russia is. Anyway, Doc responded to a forward of it he received:

I once hosted Yuri Bezmenov in Lafayette, Louisiana and over 100 people came out to hear him speak. He is the REAL THING!

I add this to demonstrate once again that with the Patriot Network and its longtime allies, you're in with the real in crowd -- that is, the people fighting hardest where the battle is -- or should be -- hottest. We take on a wide variety of issues/battlefronts and work them more seriously and effectively than some others. Stick with me, kid, and you may meet Doc in person -- one of the absolutely hardest-working, most courageous and effective, most accomplished, yet funnest and funniest doers/organizers alive today.

This bedrock MO of ours actually makes us the out-group in many activist circles. There are great doers and workers out there but also lots of people so ensconced in establishment politics they consider us radical crazies. It's their loss, because we're winning victories one after another and having a marvelous time. If they want to remain on the taxpayer treadmill for the rest of their lives, who are we to interfere?

"They're happy."


Monday, January 14, 2013

Revolt against Obama gun grab has begun

Here are merely the cases that have come to my attention so far -- there are probably others. God bless the protagonists!
Wyoming Gun Law – They are passing a state law to jail any fed or local cop who enforces any unconstitutional gun law passed by the fed

Manny is pessimistic as usual with the above, but I think it could be the start of something big -- and wonderful. Ah, he sees some possible hope too:
People Collecting in States
Election Vote Counts and Gun Control
3D Printer 30 Round Magazine

Now this from the Bluegrass State:
Kentucky Sheriff Tells Feds They Will Never Take Guns Out of Jackson County

Who's going to win this tug-of-war, the ghouls or the humans? Every one of us must stand up for our rights.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Surprise New Year's present from Obama's IRS

Oho oho OHO..... for half a miserable year the main tax ruckus has been about taxing the rich more. I venture to say it's been the only big tax story that's made the hit parade during this time. Taxtherich taxtherich taxtherich we're going to tax the rich, thus have spoken the chattering classes in gleeful celebration of this socialist dream. But suddenly, hold the phone, it's working people who find they're being drained of more blood than ever before, each payday!

What's this?

Wait! My taxes went up today!

The average tax increase for American workers is $700 a month thanks to the bill Obama just signed into law.

Yahoo reported:

Americans are beginning to feel the pinch from Washington’s decision to embrace austerity measures aimed at bringing down the nation’s budget deficit.

Paychecks across the country have shrunk over the last week due to higher federal tax rates, and workers are already cutting back on spending, which will drag on the economy this year.

In Warren, Rhode Island, Ben DeCastro got his first paycheck on Friday in which taxes on his wages rose by 2 percentage points. That works out to about $30 a week.

“You sit back and do the calculation, and that’s $30 I’m not going to spend at a restaurant,” said DeCastro....

Excuse me, but something doesn't compute. When the fedgov started bragging about an austerity program, they didn't mean austerity for themselves? We, the people are expected to tighten the belt when the fedgov is financing thousands of studies on the sex life of the amoeba etc., giving Izrul $3.5 billion a year just for being our "friend", and blowing trillions on no-win "wars" in the quicksand nations of the earth?

I talk "cut fedgov spending" whenever the chance comes up. Do you? We must. When fedgoons are sinking their fangs into the middle class's very aorta but not even mentioning their own spending issues, right here in the middle of the Greater Depression, something is radically wrong with either them, or us. This is not a case of the politely unmentioned elephant in the living room, it's the Goodyear Blimp in the phone booth.

How can this be happening? If working people are going to suffer this further slaughter in silence, does that mean gun owners are ready to be robbed of their liberty teeth by the likes of Dianne Feinstein?

We've given the sheeple a third of a century worth of education and liberation. They could not have asked a better guru that Dr. Robert B. Clarkson II, J.D. Other organizations, even if tactically imperfect, have done everything needed to wake a nation up to the thrilling, ecstatic news of tax truth, but the masses have stumbled over it and lumbered on as if nothing happened. I'm sorry for them that they've paid so little attention that they're going to suffer this further rapine as a matter of course. The first penny grabbed from each lambie's pay way back when they first held a job was totally unnecessary, avoidable, and in fact the single initial drop of poison that set them on a "life" in which "death and taxes" is an article of faith, with most preacher creatures actually patterning them in it from the pulpit.

People's pay is going to be $700 a month lighter? Did it really say that? The last paragraph quoted above is especially heartbreaking to me -- we singles love going out to eat, and the Bushonomic-Obamaniac ruin in which we wallow has killed some of the absolute best eateries, including the best Chinese restaurant ever (Anderson's New China Buffet), multiple well-established PN meeting places, and a wonderful diner near my main job.

The latter had a unique paperweight on the front counter -- a rock whose smoothed surface was engraved and painted with a Confederate flag image. Shortly before the closure the Rebel rock was stolen after spending years in that demonstrative spot -- what an omen.

Maybe we're all yankees now under our Chicago-hatched presidential doppelganger? Time will tell how much of the original Southern passion for freedom remains.... you know, the kind that incubated the principles and founding documents that became the Revolution.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Check in with Uncle Pat every so often. Good news on unions!

The right to work was one of my very first political explorations. Dear old Dad had made it his own for many years, preaching against union power abuse and supporting the National Right to Work Committee so faithfully that its chairman, Reed Larson, stopped by to meet him once while passing through Southside Virginia.

It was a grotesque, repellent subject due to the reportage of thuggish and mafia-like strongarm and revenge tactics -- terror, in a word -- marking the the bad side of the conflict. I'm sure I remember correctly that that faction had mafia connections. It was aided and abetted by the worst scum in politics -- if it wasn't the Kennedys it was some other such clan.

It felt so good to be supporting the "freedom" side of such a wholesome, clear-cut issue. Dad would occasionally mention that movie mogul Cecil B. DeMille risked his career by taking a stand against runaway Union might. On the Waterfront is one thing, an America that has sold most of its mills and factories to East Asia because of insanely jacked-up wages and benefits -- that's something else.

Patrick Buchanan is still writing away daily, turning out material often startling in its erudition, by turns masterly and unbearably banal. Here's an article painfully ironic for another reason: it starts with the great news that Michigan has joined the impressive ranks of right-to-work states, racks up facts that amount to labor unions' unintended but central role in the gutting of American manufacturing, and ends on a sadly ironic note to the effect that we're really not so advanced if "progress" results it a situation partly upside-out and inside-down (sic).

Translation: despite any good that labor unions have done, without them ameriKa would probably be much, much better shape if they'd never been heard from in the USA.

We've lost Sam Francis, Joe Sobran and others. It feels so good just to know Patrick J. is still at his post regardless of how much recognition he's getting at a given time.


Friday, January 11, 2013

It's no joke, no hyperbole: we're communist and getting more so

Free societies are peaceful, partly because the citizens are armed and the criminals know it. Enslaved and brutalized societies are marked by assassinations, the chaos of pervasive random violence (often racial) in concert with massive brainwashing/attitude engineering campaigns by the System -- government, media, schools, churches, advertising, the works.

Switzerland, though sinking fast, is in the first category of national well-being, historically the kind of society described in a few simple words above. The USA is now the USSA and undergoing a bloody revolution exactly like all communist countries through history.

Communism means politicians and "public servants" who are constantly at war against their people; everything the rule, decree or legislate is a literal act of war against the citizens. In our time they've been extremely sly about it, but the end result will be the same: an all-out clampdown on the sheeple, wholesale enslavement and impoverishment when the time is ripe.

They have killed top scientists in the First World who did their job too well and "knew too much" -- a large number of them. They have openly murdered Iranian nuclear scientists to please Israel while its soulless, spineless lapdogs like Rick Santorum have cheered wildly by pavlovian cue. Now, frustrated after 30 years of trying to cure the masses of their Second Amendment passions, they're doing what Stalinists have always done -- simply murdering the leaders of the populist opposition.

Wait a minute -- this is nothing new. They killed breakaway media pioneers Aaron Russo and William Cooper.... in addition to the numerous innocent, mostly normal healthy conservative people in the Clinton Body Count, the Bush Body Count et al. Maybe you'd better tell me: where, exactly, is the dividing line between the conduct of the Stalin regime and that of the Obama junta? Or to draw on the vernacular of   banality, what's the difference between Obummer and Hitler?

The ePC Chronicles · Post 

Gun Enthusiast With Popular Online Videos Is Shot to Death in Georgia
Prominent rifle manufacturer killed in mysterious car crash days after posting psych drug link to school shooters


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Unusual: one claiming to defend our freedoms in uniform actually does so

The claim is made every day somewhere in your life: U.S. soldiers bombing and depopulating foreign lands, past and present, have been "fighting to defend our freedoms" or are "keeping us free" thereby. Oh, how I would like to go along with these boasts, to think nice simple little thoughts and take things at face value. But it seems clear now that all "our" troops are doing is raping and murdering other countries to pave the way for a tyrannical, satanic, US-dominated "new world order".

Far from protecting anybody or preserving any rights, they are simply running berserk in the service of the Devil herself, presently incarnated as the United States government. They bring no actual benefit -- much less "democracy" -- to the foreigners, and as for their effect on their home country, their conduct only serves to make ameriKans more vain and jingoistic, more depraved and conceited as it is bankrupting our national economy.

The naïveté of the soldiers themselves, their parents, their former schoolteachers et al is pitiful.... and disastrous. America is sick unto death, it's impossible to deny that. How can the answer possibly be killing more foreigners in their homelands, and maiming more young ameriKans for life? Military fervor is in fact one of the biggest objects standing in the way of national sanity. If good intentions had any actual value, ameriKa would be America once again, free, prosperous, stable and Christian. At this point in history, "good" intentions of this type are a perfect way to bankrupt the land they are supposedly defending, and to make permanent, passionate enemies of the rest of the world.

For the first time that I can remember, a young man fresh from the Marine Corps asserts "I am the man who keeps you free" in this sense, but doesn't stop at rightly flinging this claim in the face of evil congresscritter Dianne Feinstein. He declares he has (in effect) no intention of heeding un-Constitutional gun "laws". That would be excellent enough, but when the thing goes public he willingly (not eagerly, thank God) goes on multiple TV news and talk shows amplifying his statement and defending his stance straight from the Constitution:
Former Marine Responds To Sen. Feinstein's Gun Proposal

From Mr. Boston's refreshingly sombre mien, I'm guessing he is among the tragic few who have come to realize that their military involvement was not what it appeared to be at all -- that he and his buddies have been chewed up and spat out by the regime purporting to make them heroes. It's an awesome, heartbreaking sight, a young person thus mugged by reality and cursed perhaps by the knowledge he or she has killed innocent people for nothing. It's what drove The Great One to perform his life's mission with such absolute, granite-willed dedication.

A veteran speaking truth to power in perfect dialectics without blinking or wavering in the slightest, now there's somebody "fighting for our Constitutional rights and American values" where it really matters -- right here at home. (Of course, he's from a Southern state, I could have told you that if they'd snipped that part out.) Anybody further tries to tell you that's what they're doing on the other side of the world, send 'em to me.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Action against Obamacare

A whole busful of us traveled from Greenville to Columbia for a day of rallying and lobbying against the Obamistas' plan for health dictatorship. Hundreds attended the rally; some of the speakers were quite firy and at the same time unusually astute in their assessment of federal tyranny and the erosion of our basic rights. State Sen. Tom Davis from Beaufort was the brilliant, vociferous standout in that regard! I wasn't expecting this somehow, as state politicians aren't known for raging passion against federal oppression -- lots swim happily around in it every working day.

Here's the main hero on the bill to block implementation of Obamacare in the Palmetto State -- Rep. Bill Chumley, 35th House District in Spartanburg:

How good the bedrock truth sounds via an unabashed Southern accent! He looks so distinguished, too -- all politics is theater, you know, and these factors make a psychological difference with the public. Several speakers (most were sitting legislators) reminded us that nullification is, contrary to rumor, quite legal, viable and practiced all the time by states. It was of course one of the main political currents in the process of the South declaring independence from the brutal yankee empire 150+ years ago. It was a fighting word back then, but so far there's nobody attempting to "throw that up" to us.

An organizer of our trip, Josiah Magnuson, suggested I seek one Emily B to make the rounds of the Blatt and Gressette legislative office buildings with. This was fortuitous. She, Kathy P and I randomly found a state Rep in his office -- I forget his name. He warmly invited us to sit down and present our case. A genetic liberal if you know what I mean, his only notion (an ironclad one) was that the allegedly poor folks in his district couldn't afford to buy insurance (no wonder with how doctors and lawyers have jacked up costs) and everybody needed to be guaranteed coverage by "the government."

What do you know, petite and quiet Emily had lived and worked as a health professional in Taxachusetts when Romneycare was pushed through, and was a walking encyclopedia on the real-world trouble and chaos such runaway socialism brings! Everything he said, she had multiple hard facts to shoot it gently down with.

It was a joy to travel down to our uniquely beautiful, spacious, meaningful State House plaza with an army of Our Kind of People for such a well-organized event and operation. There were Tea Party and League of the South and other groups represented, not to mention Josiah's Young Christian Leaders' Alliance or YCLA. I took a bundle of the Real News print periodical associated with my SC Conservative Action Council. Kathy P got a nice pic of me, it, and my NO OBAMA ANYTHING, PLEASE! picket sign with well-known activist Kendra L at my side. I shared the papers with the entire bus crowd and others -- it got some nice comments. News teams were out in force -- I was interviewed by NBC Channel 2 in Charleston. Chick-Fil-A* provided box lunches.

All the way home people went up front to the mike and told of their experiences from the day, insights gained into the legislative process, etc. They also brought reports of their activism on today's subject and others, which was quite exciting. I'm always thinking I know everything that's going on out there, but sometimes find it ain't necessarily so.... OK, here's the press conference

... and some independent comment:
Tenther News 01-07-13: Nullification bills introduced on Obamacare, NDAA, Drones...

Come hear more in person at our next Greer (Greenville area) PN meeting -- first Saturday next month. Bring a friend -- swell the ranks!


*A company I admire, a stupid name I hate to even type on my keyboard....

Facts so bad they're good: "Congress less popular than root canal, cockroaches and lice, poll says"

This originally reported in the Washington Times, no less! One Dean Debnam is quoted, and he is almost certainly related to W.E. Debnam, author of a seminal South-defending book Dr. Clarkson had and always  wanted to reprint -- Weep No More, My Lady. Look it up!

This is at least the second such survey we've reported here. When, pray tell, will Congress begin to care that they've thrown away virtually all the respect and loyalty of their constituents?

Maybe when the economy gets so bad that the usual suspects can't afford to bribe them into voting against our interests on bill after bill anymore. Most Congresscritters start rich and get richer the more they betray us.

Evil, nasty facts that must be faced!

Please let me hear from you. I need to hear from you and will treat it with strictest confidence.

/\/.\/\/.  (864) 356-9966

Monday, January 7, 2013

Of places and their reviewers

Another top-name-recognition celebrity has denounced the new post-9/11 dictatorship. That is exciting:
Oliver Stone to RT: ‘US has become an Orwellian state’

I give the guys an A-minus compared to the C-plus I rated Stone on his new documentary. Add him and Prof. Kuznick to the collection -- Stone's come a long way since JFK, even if he is still foolish enough to hope for CHANNNNNGE in Obummer's second term.

Over to Manny in Guatemala now for a different kind of country report -- one dripping with tragicomic ironies:
Get Out of Dodge -- January 7, 2013
Malaysia, an Expose

I've pretty much settled on Honduras as my expat destination, but there has been much talk about the advantages of the new, prosperous, seemingly stable and all-around-great Malaysia. It never snows -- the daily high is around 90°F year round. Life is inexpensive, you get cheap top-quality health care on a walk-in basis, and you're treated as a human with real problems from the minute you walk in a hospital's front door. Its former president Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad is an actual human being who publicly denounced Jewish supremacism while still in office. How good can it get?

Manny, a berserk, flaming Zionist, waves his favorite bugaboos at us in the article, typically (for a berserk, flaming Zionist) as if the assumption is that we're all berserk, flaming Zionists in concert with him:

 Let us dissect Malaysia. Population is 27,000,000 and 61% are Muslims. So if there is a call for jihad what do you do if you are not a Muslim and live there? They have a double court system. There are Sharia law courts and secular courts. Sharia law courts are for apostasy and family law so make sure you never speak badly of Islam there. Islam is the official religion in their constitution. The country practices Muslim censorship. Muslims get some tax breaks under the law that are not given to non Muslims. The ban on importation of Bibles and Christian books has been going on. Christian churches have been attacked. A Muslim cannot marry a non Muslim legally in Malaysia. To be a Malaysian you would have to confess Islam. But relax women do not have to wear a head covering, whew! Hey you can even get a retired persons visa. This has no path to permanent residency or citizenship. Just put $50,000 in the bank there for five years or show an income of about $3300 a month for a couple. You get a five year renewable visa. You do need to show proof of medical insurance.

His sympathy for churches, etc., is purely strategic. I wrote him back

Sounds almost identical to Israel, so it must be wonderful. ;-}

.......and that in pure irony, of course. But put the shoe on the other foot, pretend he is writing about Izrul,  and notice the eerie parallels! You as a newcomer not sharing the national religion would be forbidden to speak ill of it. It's illegal for different classes to intermarry (little known fact about Izrul, thus the very fair accusations of apartheid there). If there's an uprising by indigenous fanatics against "infidels", that means you. And so on, and so on. It's a reality vs. Bizarro contest, with Malaysia getting my vote as you may have guessed. I don't even know that Israel accepts non-Jew emigrants. Maybe Malaysia should emulate them, not us, in that one respect.

Dr. bin Mohamad's Wikipedia article shows him to be that rarity of wonderful rarities, a popular former leader who has never done his country any harm, has identified no crazy Big Ideas into which to invest their entire stock as demoniacs like the Clintons, Bushes and Obummer have done for 23 miserable, ignominious years. Think of it -- there was no trouble facing Malaysia during Dr. bin Mohamad's tenure, and he didn't go running off looking for dragons to slay! That's right -- he was serving his people and them alone, no foreign power. He wanted what was right and gave it to 'em, caring nothing for his personal "legacy", which will be fine down through history insofar as history pays any attention to real heroes.

No "war" on "terror" for Malaysians against any distant, nebulous enemy, no slightest need perceived for turning the country into an armed camp under total surveillance -- still today. Let me get this straight: these Moslems are the main danger in the world, is that right, and we're supposed to hate and destroy them for resenting our supposed freedom and sham prosperity?

Where it says "Life is inexpensive" up above, I originally wrote "life is cheap" but amended it. While true in the sense intended, some might have taken it the wrong way; life is in fact cheap to the US government and its millions of jingoist supporters, and expensive here at the same time. Life is considered precious and fragile in Malaysia, but the cost of living is low.

And now, just for fun, a whole lot of places in one place just for you, courtesy of my choir tenor. Fasten seat belts!
The Top 100 ‘Pictures of the Day’ for 2012

Thanks, Jim.... Hey, COME TO COLUMBIA TOMORROW, all! Stop Obamascare while the stopping's good. Our bus leaves the area of Exit 51 (our own Area 51) at 8AM sharp. Call me and I'll let you know where to meet us in the capitol plaza.

/\/.\/\/.    (864) 356-9966

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Aren't "liberals" wonderful? Look what they did now -- White Plains gun map

This news needs no comment
Inmates Use Newspaper's Gun Map to Threaten Guards

.....but I must ask one mre time: where are they planning to live when they've totally destroyed the First World simultaneously? Oh, that's right -- Bushes et al have bought up half of Uruguay and Argentina. I hope Latin America is ready for what happens when the entire membership of the Council of Foreign Relations moves in. It will destroy every reason people have ever had for going there, but there's not much they can do to stop it, certainly as long as yankee military muscle awaits the elite's command.

Can so-called liberals have any idea of how their crimes ruin police protection for themselves and their own loved ones? Or do they only hate? That's their entire effect on the world. They're supposed to be the "love" generation. This is the sector that gave us the "Summer of Love" as a new model for living. "All you need is love," quoth one of their chief prophets. What would be loving about establishing a world in which only criminals are armed? Lots of abusing spouses, and I do mean spouses, claim to love their victims. These mass shootings occur in proud "gun-free zones", you know.

By the word "liberals" I of course mean lots and lots and LOTS of RAPublicans, too. Lots.

Come with us Tuesday to Columbia to defeat Obamacare! CALL ME -- 864-356-9966.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Zany, fatally dumb "solution" #4,567,923

When I was a boy, there were nonfiction books of funny stories for young folks like....

The premise in this particular case was that a ludicrously stupid family of people They'd try this and that in the other thing to no avail. In the end they'd have to leave it at "don't worry, when the lady from Boston comes to visit she'll know what to do." Presently a lady oddly and comically known only by that description would arrive for another visit and point out the obvious.

It was indeed very funny to see people resolving situations thus. You wondered how they got anything ever done even as simple as tying their shoes -- but that would of course have already been to lade it with too much reality.

It's such purely anile diversions that come to mind contemplating the following federal farce. We're under a Peterkinocracy -- that's really just what it is.
Can Trillion Dollar Coins Save Economy?

I hate to disappoint these officials, but platinum isn't really that much more valuable than gold. Such coins wouldn't even have a trillion dollars' value of made of solid diamond, even if cut from the Hope. If we're talking mint one coin nominally stamped with a value of a trillion or two to get the debt paid off, we patriots were there first -- a Populist Party compatriot 20 years ago was telling the New Jersey Legislature to do exactly that, but only one coin and that minted from "pot metal".

Either way it amounts to repudiation, and there again we said it first. Early in my time with the PN in SC, Dr. Clarkson himself wrote an article to that effect. It was my pleasure to prepare it for publication in the Spotlight newspaper, where it made a beautiful two-page spread.

Repudiation is all there is -- not only of the nonexistent and purely theoretical federal deficit, but of the Fed itself. That's all there is. Anything else they come up with is a worthless yet ignominious smokescreen.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

BIZARRE: Hillary Clinton's indisposition

Hillaroid Klintonsky has experienced some kind of health problem. What's going on?

Did she in fact have a brain concussion -- a blood clot? The flu? Or has she been shamming in order to avoid having to testify about the suspicious deaths of four Americans in Benghazi?

It seems suspicious enough so far. The mere multiplicity of reasons given for her confinement qualifies as one of the normal earmarks of a coverup. There's a wealth of telling, mostly right-minded commentary if you google HILLARY ILL or HILLARY CLINTON "BLEEDING PROFUSELY". Wish time permitted me to give a guided tour of them, but see if you find anything of interest. This entry seems especially pithy

and came via

We really, really don't wish anybody ill here at the ePC Chronicles. Seriously, we don't. Opposed as I am to Hillary and all that she stands for, I hope she recovers from what's come over her and that the experience gives her time to contemplate and rethink the life of pure evil she's led. 

Believe it or not, she started out as a rip-roaring Republican.

Best page on the subject above:


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More good news. Yummmmmm


I'm not rejoicing at another's misfortune, rather at the fact that many fewer ameriKans are drinking Sean Vannity's Kool-Aid every night:
Sean Hannity Ratings Plummet, Loses Half His Views After Election

These warmongering neocon superstars are so stupid they've got a negative IQ. I Haven't tuned in for Sean's on-air attempts at damage control in the wake of the neocon presidential loss on the eve of Obama pseudo-presidency #2, but Rush Windbag the other day was blustering a mile a minute trying to regain his dignity as the great neocon-dummacrat conspiracy of 2012 came to fruition with the re-enthronement of said Emperor.

Rush readily blamed the GOP establishment for Obummer's victory and even admitted that the Party hates much of what rank-and-file Republicans embody. So, Rush, why have anything further to do with it? It's been totally hijacked into liberaldumb -- a microcosm of the federal government, at war against the citizenry. The GOP has in truth gone Dummacrat.

I never get to ask these people these questions directly. The rich and famous live on a different planet from me, even so-called conservatives like Rush. What I really want is to ask him, Sean Vannity, Laura Ingraham et al is this: Are you happy you kept Ron Paul from getting the nomination? It certainly is good you chose a candidate who had a chance of getting elected, because electability is the main criterion of excellence in the universe. Romney had tons of it, he just didn't win, and couldn't -- not with the power mafia's heart set on Obama.

Ron Paul could have won. The popular vote for him could have -- likely would have -- been simply too overwhelming for anybody to overturn, especially with the middle class exulting and celebrating over their long-sought liberation. In other words, he could have clearly secured the job and nothing they could do about it, with even neocons having to admit it he was an improvement over their stooges -- who, in the end, might as well not have bothered.

Rush's idiotic summary of the neocon fizzle the other day was "If the Republicans had run a campaign that was positive, informative, and energetic" [or something], Romney would have gotten in. It's too ludicrous for words. These fools know that they and their whole neocon way of life are to blame, but can't change course or they're out of business and we get to live in a free, peaceable country again with them in the doghouse. The problem isn't that a majority of ameriKans pulled the lever for Obummer, it's that a record number of Republicans boycotted the neocons on November 6.* 

Unmentioned in all this neocon licking of wounds are the only two words that matter: Ron Paul. It seems to me a sure thing a critical mass of Paulites were among those not voting, and my next question for the GOP establishment would be WHAT DO YOU EXPECT US TO DO when you people ignored or spat on our candidate and committed one crime after another against him and us at the Florida primary to keep Dr. Paul, the obvious popular choice, from getting anywhere? Romney himself was in the lead as arch-perpetrator!

I'm still waiting to hear how one candidate gets to take over the the whole nominating process just like that -- because that is exactly what Romney did, with all his fellow neocons saying NOTHING about it. That's because Santorum, Perry et al are communists, too, living by the Soviet Socialist motto of "the end justifies the means."

Wow -- this just in, and look how it fits our subject:

From: "Talbert Black Jr"

Subject:  Why would Harrell want ObamaCare?

January 8th at 11:30 AM I need you in the rotunda of the Statehouse - - more on that in a minute.

Think about it.

South Carolina is one of the reddest states in America.

We have a Republican Governor and Lt. Governor . . .

. . . A Republican Treasurer and Comptroller . . .

. . . even our Superintendent of Education is Republican.

In fact, all nine of our statewide constitutional officers are Republican.

Both of our U.S. Senators are Republican.

Six of our seven U.S. Congressman are Republican.

Our state General Assembly is dominated by Republicans, with a 28 - 18 majority in the State Senate and a 79 - 45 majority in the State House of Representatives.

Nullifying ObamaCare should be a slam dunk!

What Republican would vote against ending ObamaCare?

State Rep. Bill Chumley (R-Greenville/Spartanburg) has introduced the South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act, H3101.

If it passes, it will block implementation of ObamaCare in South Carolina.

But, without VERY strong support from South Carolina voters, it will NOT pass.

Why not? As they say . . .  follow the money!

But in South Carolina that is virtually impossible to do!

We are one of the few states that don't require full income source disclosure from our lawmakers.

So we don't know who is paying our legislators.

Oh, we do have a limited income disclosure law, but it only covers pay by a state agency or by someone with a state contract.

So their income disclosure would likely miss exposing who might benefit indirectly from new laws they pass.

Corruption is virtually legal in our great state.

So, we are left to ask ourselves who stands to profit from implementation of ObamaCare?

State Representative Bobby Harrell, Speaker of the House, owns an insurance agency and also a drug company, Palmetto State Pharmaceuticals.

Would he benefit from implementation of ObamaCare?

Would that give him a reason to block the Freedom of Health Care Protection Act?

He is the Speaker of the House with a Republican majority of 79 - 45. 

If Harrell can't get H3101 passed through the House he is either incompetent or doesn't want it to pass.

We've gotta stand strong as we demand passage of this bill.  We can't accept excuses!

The same thing applies in the Senate . . .  with a 28 - 18 majority, Senate President pro-tempore John Courson should have no problem getting this passed.

I reported last year about how it was discussed in the secret House Republican Caucus meeting that Medicaid could be expanded if only a few Republicans in safe districts would vote for it.


But this is what Republicans are doing to us in secret!

This is the kind of sneaky stuff that will be done by those who want full implementation of ObamaCare, but know they cannot support it publicly.

This is the kind of stuff we must expose!

We were very fortunate that there were a few honest Representatives at that Caucus meeting who were willing to expose this tricky underhanded dealing.

But we can't count on that all the time.

We must demand that all caucus meetings be open and that no secret meetings are allowed.

They are our public servants!

We don't send them to Columbia to participate in secret meetings to betray us!

Demand that caucus meetings be open to the public.  And never allow your representative to tell you he can't disclose what was discussed in the caucus meeting!

The General Assembly restarts on January 8th.  That's this coming Tuesday.

To kick off the fight to nullify ObamaCare with H3101, there will be a press conference in the rotunda of the Statehouse at 11:30 AM on January 8th.

I hope you can be there to show the press how much public support there is for this bill.

Join us as we announce to the world that we will nullify ObamaCare in South Carolina!

But the press conference is just the start.

If we are going to pass nullification, we've gotta end the culture of secrecy all the way down to caucus meetings.

Then, I'll need your help to expose those state Representatives and Senators who might have reason to want ObamaCare implemented.

The only way we will lose this fight is by Republicans secretly working against us.

I bet you know of a legislator who stands to gain by blocking H3101 . . .  someone who consults for insurance companies, the hospitals, big pharma or any other industry that will gain from government run health care.

I need you to tell me who they are and how they might gain.

I'll share that information with voters in the state who can put the appropriate pressure on them to do the right thing.

The only way to good governance is to expose the corruption and the secrecy.

So, contact your Representative and tell him to support H3101.

Tell me what they say.

And tell me if you know who might stand to gain something from blocking it.  We'll expose them.

For liberty,
Talbert Black, Jr.

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So -- you see what good it does to have Republicans running a place. If the GOP were half of what people think it is, South Carolina would be a paradise on earth. As it is, it's got a Republican Lieutenant Governor (former Senate President Pro Tempore) that brought the Confederate flag down from the state house dome, a  recent former Speaker of the House famous for his corruption, a gay U.S. Senator more liberal than any dummacrat, a black U.S. Senator qualified only by his race** and appointed by a governor elected for us by communist Newsweek because of her skin color,  etc. In the Confederate flag case, McConnell was fanatically abetted by the abovementioned John Courson, both of them wailing that they were the biggest flag supporters ever but it was JUST TIME FOR CHANGE.

So, thanks for nothing, Republican Party. and TAKE THAT, Sean Vannity.

Now: who out there would like go to Columbia next Tuesday? You who can't, will you write your politicians there? I'll be driving down from greater Greenville about 9 AM.

Call me.

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966)

*Not to put too fine a point on it, but I have no doubt this race was partly stolen from Romney. Wouldn't have been possible with Paul -- that's my thesis.
**Think I'm mean, do you? Read this:

"Magic negro" is a political figure of speech meaning a black candidate that nonblacks elect to office (or otherwise enshrine) out of a clear wish to expunge liberally-imposed guilt feelings about slavery, segregation etc..... regardless of the person's qualifications. The result is always disappointment at the person's performance, with liberals further licking their wounds and conservatives tsking "boy, that was stupid." Obama is of course the ultimate case. He was only elected the first time so nonblacks could assure themselves and others that "we're not racist", and he's been a total disaster ever since. Total, in every way!

I wasn't even aware of this!--