Friday, September 30, 2011

Antimatter attack on Ron Paul; Obummer sinking like a stone with every crowd

Why I don't own a TV and beg friends not to: the first 50 seconds here

Ron Paul Heroically Stands Up to Chris Matthews

Why I'd vote for Ron Paul if I voted: the 20-second response Ron manages to squeeze in.

Why this footage is prime: Ron talks MORALITY in politics!

Why I don't vote: 6:34 to 8:05 -- denial of the extremity of the situation.

.........Here's a fine Alex Jones film you may not have heard about:

Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined Full (Order it at

It offers something pretty major -- Eisenhower's entire "military-industrial complex" speech, or the guts of it -- from about 48:00 on.

The "Invisible Empire" theme is wickedly clever, possibly more than the producers realize: it's explained around 53:10 as the shadow government that really runs things e.g. the CFR, Trilats, Bilderberg. But for most people the most common use of the term "invisible empire" is as a synonym for the Ku Klux Klan, or one faction of it. We are led by the CFR-dominated leftwing media to consider the KKK one of the most monstrous threats to everything, most people never realizing that whatever the KKK may have been in the past, it's a toothless dragon today and routinely used by the System for recruiting, manipulating and framing low-level types it finds symbolically useful.

Thus for the film's title to tie the lowly, hated right-wing KKK in with the extreme-left bodies covertly running world governments and politicians is blessedly apt and ironic. When you consider that both ends of the spectrum are shot through with freemasonry, it really begins to smell!

Like all Alex Jones productions, THIS MOVIE IS GREAT. Needless to say, it's fully documented, leaving critics and skeptics absolutely nothing to cling to. From about 1:10 on, the attempted assassination of President Reagan in explored and all mystery about it finally cleared up: cui bono? As revealed just before that, George H.W. Bush really wanted to be Pezident and had quit the CIA to concentrate his life on that goal. His family were friends with that of John Hinckley, Jr. who shot Reagan -- who is kidding whom here! Bush-41 was allegedly having lunch with Hinckley Sr. at the moment the crime occurred.

By about 1:15, the goods on JFK: his murder was called conspiracy by TV talking heads already in the days of the Warren Commission; declassified information shows that Oswald was trained by the CIA! No wonder the media yammer so much about conspiracy "theory" when conspiracy fact is in plain view for anyone interested.

.........Here's Bob Livingston's fine summary of the current conspiracy-driven foreign "wars":

The Seeds Of Perpetual War[P11437136]&rrid=395202289

The terrorist organization du jour, the Haqqani network, is an arm of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency, according to Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He told Congress last week that Haqqani, with ISI support, conducted a truck bomb attack that wounded more than 70 U.S. and NATO troops on Sept. 11 and an assault on the U.S. embassy in Kabul two days later, along with other attacks.

The ISI is part of the Pakistani government — a government that receives $1.5 billion in U.S. aid each year.

In Libya, U.S. and NATO forces have supported the overthrow of the Moammar Gadhafi regime by elements of the al-Qaida network we are supposedly trying to destroy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia.

Sadly, most contenders for the GOP nomination have expressed support of our current foreign policy — a policy that rewards with cash and military aid those who are shooting at our troops.

.......I just love this:

Anti-Obama sign in Uptown neighborhood draws controversy

Don't you? One of the main curses on us is people's refusal to say what they really think and give our overlords their own medicine back. When somebody does it, there's a ruckus!

Even this article headline is pussy-footing. "Sign"? Try multiple billboards, lady! Of course, the police are called anybody publicly declares the truth about our Illustrious Imperial Leader-Teacher, Emperor Supreme and Most Serene of the Glorious Multicultural World Empyre.

.........What! Awareness of the communist threat, per se, still exists out there? What a welcome sight and site this is:

Let the anti-Obummerfest continue! Note this site's news feed, shocking and gross as it may be:

This is the merest sampling of the Obummer exposés and denunciations received over the last 24 hours.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

A panoply of Obummerian extravaganzas

Today's buzzword is extravaganza, from the Italian word for "extravagance". Obummer has been throwing words and money around (or trying to) so fast and furious that it seems for the 1000th time like a good juncture for attempting to tally a few of them.

Operation Fast and Furious is in the news. Pray tell, is that a buzzterm for the way politicians keep slinging spiffy "Operation" buzz at us? You know, like how "Operation Desert Shield" instantly morphed into "Desert Storm" (properly known as "Desert Slaughter") and the present Afghan "war" started as "Operation Infinite Justice," but that was adjudged too insensitive to the people we were smashing flat so it was changed to "Operation Iraqi Freedom" using lots of "Shock and Awe" (aka "rapid dominance") to do it.

Aha, Operation Fast and Furious "was the name of a sting run by the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) between 2009 and 2010 as part of Project Gunrunner in its investigations into illegal gun trafficking" (Wikipedia). That business where the USG, having nothing better to do, tried its leaden hand at rearranging the drug crime scene in Mexico. The headline on it today is....

Obama evades ‘Fast and Furious’ questions from Latino media

Maybe the real headline is that these Latino media aren't flaying him for being so mean to the poor downtrodden Mexican drug czars, but asking what he's doing in real terms to fix a real problem? Wait a minute, what's going on here? There has to be a catch. One can only conclude that those Latin supremacists see Obummer's behaviour as an obstruction to their takeover of everything. Yeah, that's it -- and a welcome plot twist if we must in fact have supremacists surrounding us and regarding us as dinner.

..........Now this may be the irony link of the decade:

Too Much of a Good Thing: Why we need less democracy.,0&passthru=MGU3YjMxNDdlN2UyMjM2MTNhZGZjNDE2MjE2NjE2Nj

Democracy is mob rule in slow motion, but it laughably passes as a synonym for "representative government" nowadays..... so when people want to destroy freedom and openness they'll sometimes call for less "democracy". Thereby they end up unintentionally and unwittingly agreeing with the Founding Fathers, who denounced democracy as the worst form of government out there, and would roll over in their graves if they could see who's running the show they scripted!

.........Another yummy confession for the collection......

Europe Stunned After Being Told “Obama Is Not In Charge”

..........Did you hear Obummer's speech to the black caucus the other day? By his very manner of expression, it's a paradigm of the abuse of Southernness for cynical political purposes.

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner

This unbearable Chicago shyster has no connections with Dixie. If he really is Barack Obama Jr., neither he nor any of his known relatives ever grew up here; he was raised by communist yankee white folks, partly in Indonesia, and normally his speech is a combination of Chicago flatness and Oceanian rat-a-tat-tat percussiveness.

I don't believe BO considers himself black or has any interest in that identity. Pastor James David Manning, one of the true black leaders out there who has never been koshered by the liberal media, declares that despite BO's packaging as a black messiah, he's done absolutely nothing for the black race and shows no signs of considering himself part of it. To that I would add "until it's once again Time for Some Campaigning".*

But B.O. has been groomed and schooled and coached and programmed in how to manipulate people, and ergo he does a cheap imitation of M.L. King before this particular audience. This may seem a small thing, but a normal, healthy reaction to such exploitation would, in my studied opinion, be all-out OUTRAGE. From blacks, outrage that he would attempt to patronize and manipulate them so brazenly. From Southerners generally, deep offense that the System, which spends every day trying to destroy Southernness, will trot it out and make it clean toilets this way when the occasion suits. From the nation and world, FURY that in our supposedly color-blind society, racial pandering is more the norm in ameriKa with each passing year.

"Ah'm gonna press awn," he neighs, hijacking the discredited "civil rights" mantle. I'm outraged that BO or any communist has any life in politics, much less the gall to insult my people, the citizens of Dixie, this way. Are you?

Please remember the big exciting meeting in Columbia tonight -- see yesterday's ePC Chronicles post for details, or call me at 864-356-9966.

And remember..... monstrosities like Obummer do not just happen:

Empire of the Son

The president’s parents were supporters, not opponents, of American hegemony.


*Don't ever lose track of this immortal 2008 video: - Time for Some Campaignin'

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great meeting in Columbia Thursday

You in greater Columbia, SC have the opportunity to get with a political force that Dr. Clarkson called the greatest political organizer I've ever known" -- Dr. William Carter. His and my South Carolina Conservative Action Council will hold an organizational meeting at good old Lizard's Thicket in West Columbia where we used to rally the Council of Conservative Citizens. The Southern cooking there is excellent -- don't miss the chocolate cake either, and get them to nuke it a bit!

What the PN is to tax relief, the SCCAC strives to be to political emergencies of a Southern/Confederate/Constitutional nature, taking on the most politically-correct cases and dealing effectively with them. We are fraternal with the PN and the Thursday framework happens to be based on the PN's monthly sessions there up through The Great One's tragic demise.

We have two new items to unveil at this meeting -- the new issue of The Real News (our print newspaper, circulation 11,000) and a fantastic bumper sticker saying simply in huge letters OBAMA BIN LYIN'. Come get a quantity of both and help us saturate SC with such resources to the point that the state becomes totally immune to PC!

Lizard's Thicket, 2240 Airport Blvd, WEST Columbia SC 29170
6:30 dutch treat meal, 7:30 program

The restaurant is only a mile or less up Airport Blvd from I-26 on the right.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dances with rabbis

Could somebody out there please explain why every politician eventually shows up dancing with men who wear black suits and hats indoors, or bobbing before the Wailing Wall etc.?

The total shock here is that a suspicious site like Conservative Byte would score Perry for his Ziocentricity. Merely a sign, perhaps, of how desperately they want some other neocon to get the nod.

Note the link that comes up after this one finishes playing: "Governor Perry Chanukah Party". The mysterious ones wear their hats in vehicles, and I've seen pictures of them seated in rows in a convention of some kind, too -- indoors wearing their black coats and hats like usual. It's clearly something of great semiotic import.

Lots of pundits (esp. some GREAT ones in a forum I'm not allowed to share here!) are, thank God, judging Perry to be finished due to his being exposed in debate as an border-issues traitor. Never mind that absolutely all of his GOP competitors of his except Ron Paul are border-issues traitors too, and I'm not too sure about Ron there.....

More great diversity in action

.......including great news on Mr. Diverse-a-T himself:

'If the polls are anything to go by, President Barack Obama’s popularity is unraveling faster than a John Edwards paternity cover-up. If you’re disinclined to believe the polls, take a gander at the gas escaping his own party’s vents. Democrats are running away from him nationwide. Even the Congressional Black Caucus has wandered off the Obama reservation. CBC Chairman Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) has gone so far as to suggest that if Obama were white, CBC members “…would be marching on the White House.” Now, beneath the usual liberal shrieking, a new rumble has emerged: a primary challenge to the President'............


Monday, September 26, 2011

Perry All But Invited Palin to Enter the Race

Wonder what's up here:

Either he figures she'll be an easier main rival to beat at primary time than the other dwarves, or the GOP power cabal has programmed him to lose so she, possibly the most profoundly retarded and nauseating of the dwarves, will will become the warm, pliable putty the System enjoys most having in its grubby mitts. Either way, it's a farce.

Hear about this?

It's curious they should home in on Sen. David Thomas as he's becoming one of the less communist members of the SC state Senate...... oh, there you go, that's why USA today would pick him!

It's all very logical.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hard times for both Republicrats and Demopublicans

Warning: uncensored Anglo-Saxonisms in today's links!

Conservative ire with Perry runs deep, reflects racial politics

New gaffe: Obama hails America's historic building of 'the Intercontinental Railroad'

That's some good pungent stuff! highlights from the second link:

Obama's own Democratic Party controls the Senate and won't put their leader's jobs bill on the schedule because more wild spending like this doomed bill could also doom some Dem senators next year.

So here's how the ex-state senator from the Chicago machine reacts: At an operating cost of $181,000 per hour, he flies Air Force One nearly four hours roundtrip for 17 minutes of remarks touting infrastructure repairs by a bridge that doesn't need them.

The real reason he's at the Brent Spence Bridge is because it links the home states of both congressional Republican leaders, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. So Obama can cutely blame Republicans for holding up his jobs bill, even though it's Nevada Democrat Harry Reid.

Obama turns the empty rhetoric into a pep rally for himself, leading the obedient audience to chant, "Pass this bill! Pass this bill!"

This guy, who will ride around in Secret Service SUVs for the rest of his life, has this thing for railroads that other people should ride in. So, according to the White House transcript (scroll down for full version and related stories), here's what passes for Obama leadership:

Now, we used to have the best infrastructure in the world here in America. We’re the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad, the Interstate Highway System. We built the Hoover Dam. We built the Grand Central Station.

So how can we now sit back and let China build the best railroads? And let Europe build the best highways? And have Singapore build a nicer airport?

Quick question: Has anyone ever heard any American express jealousy over Singapore's sweet airport?

The LA Times is one of the daily papers that, while communist, allows crumbs and vapors of conservative thought to emerge. Hard to say whether the columnist Andrew Malcolm knocks Obummer as a whole-truth person or as Democrat loyal opposition. Not a good sign that he was once a Pulitzer Prize finalist!

Daily Caller looks fair to good and offers these further gems:

Obama gaffe: President says billionaires should pay 'Jew' tax rate

US taxpayers could foot bill for new UN building

Affirmative action bake sale at UC Berkeley has students up in arms

Huge turnout for Rep. Ron Paul at LSU

Bristol Palin taunted by 47-year-old man

Today's political whores need exposure as such so bad, I'll take it however I can get it. And I dish it out, too -- every chance I get.

The Palins ARE trash. They would be if they were black, green or heliotrope. And ameriKa is going, going, GONE as long as such vermin can be treated as normal earnest, sincere human beings. As a politician, Sarah is strictly a freak -- a fluke of the universe. Never meant to happen. If "Palin" was ever intended to become a household word, it couldn't be via that total nonentity!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

A short and kicky yet ultimate 9/11 video for your skeptic friends

People don't like conspiracy truth because it's not
fun. Now that the main dramatic release of the century (the 9/11 "news" footage) has played on home box offices so often, it has no further value as sensory bombardment -- no palpable similarity to either Lady Gaga or The Twilight Zone. But occasionally somebody rallies facts and sights together that cause the 9/11 subject to dance the frug while proving anew to people that it HAS to have been a MASSIVE inside job.

Another such production just in. View, favoritize, and redeploy please!

In all fairness to the masses, we're all susceptible to dancing lights and sounds, wit, drama and flash - but we here in this room, thank God, aren't slaves of such things!

These gems from the same emailer. Can the first video possibly be true? Considering the "master race" germ and genetic warfare the Zionist ministate has been pursuing, it's entirely possible:

Leaked Pentagon Video Shows Vaccine Designed to Modify Behavior

"Dispersal Options of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus"

Judge Napolitano says the unsayable: bin Laden a freedom fighter; the West guilty against the East; if 9/11 were real, heads should have rolled in Washington, not Baghdad
(Waller translation!)
US "troops don't belong there -- I reject their mission"

.........Some "humor" that makes the rounds is shocking -- do not laugh at this:

Congress has been kidnapped

A driver is stuck in a traffic jam on the highway. Nothing is moving. Suddenly, a man knocks on the window. The driver rolls down the window and asks, "What's going on?"

"Terrorists have kidnapped Congress, and are asking for a $10 million dollar ransom. Otherwise, they are going to douse them all in gasoline and set them on fire. We are going from car to car, taking up a collection."

"How much is everyone giving, on average?" the driver asks.

The man replies, "About a gallon."

Here's an even better gag: You click a headline like this in a conservatiberal emailer hoping against hope that it's going to be a true populist breakthrough.

And as you read the article linked, you try to convince yourself that its words are in dead earnest, but then.... you have to face your gnawing concern that the oaf in the picture is the author, by which time you reach this line:

Continue Reading on

Yes, folks, when the chips are down and conservatism redefined to the vanishing point, you'll find a certain party there tsk-tsking about other parties supposedly to blame for it! Rather "BIG" of him, wouldn't you say?

This bytes site briefly redeems itself with the only common-sense take on the recent death row case that's reached my cave:

HAH -- "baby seal" -- so true, so apt, such a whomping stroke of dialectical genius! When Coulter's good, she's good.


Friday, September 23, 2011

A few more ironies for the collection: Republican Parasitists Protest Against Leftist Protest Against The War of the Parasites

One of my favorite little neocon monsters, Godfather Politics, is at it again. This article could not be a more apt tie-in with the post from yesterday I just finished touching up:

Leftist Protest Against Wall Street: The War of the Parasites

My concluding jab there read 'the Wall Street Journal is the lifeblood of big business, and big business is the embodiment of capitalism, and capitalism is the form of economy you get in a democracy, and that means big business is the very essence of "conservatism" -- right? That is, if we the people are going to chuck common sense and live by clichés anymore.'

Chucking common sense and
living by clichés is the name of the game with the bedwetting left -- and as the above link demonstrates, of the neocon GOP establishment too. You can tell that Godfather Politics is a creation of that behemoth, because its cliché-deranged take on the lefties camping out on Wall Street is NOT that they're tragically misguided but well-intentioned (which they are), but rather that Wall Street can do no wrong and these protests against it can by definition have no basis in reality!

Are you getting sick yet? No? Maybe you need to take a yet more honest look at how LEFT-WING the Republican party and many of its votaries are. Sure, they'd punch you in the nose for saying so (leftist peace people are far more violent than true conservatives) but leftist is exactly the word for them and for every Republican presidential administration since Eisenhower. (And Eisenhower is the one who perpetrated the communist "civil rights" federal assault on Little Rock.)

Anybody claiming the conservative label who defends Wall Street in this day and age is fit only for a padded cell or one with bars. If active in politics or newsmongering, they are in fact implicated in great crimes against the ameriKan people -- no joke, no punch line.

As ever, the straight story on all this (and yesterday's topics) is richly heaped up in the news headlines and summaries at

ANUNews is simply the best news feed of them all. Yes, I'm connected with it and have supplied it for short periods, but in recommending it I have nothing to gain other than a more educated public.

One of the themes most expertly (if tacitly) demonstrated at that site is that
(1) neoconservatism is leftism, or in the vulgar tongue that has everything backwards, it is "liberal", and that
(2) for all its heroes' railing against big government (e.g. radio stars like Limbaugh and Hannity and all non-Paul GOP presidential hopefuls) the GOP/neocon establishment loves big government;
(2a) its only real argument with the Dummacrats is that it, the neocon colossus, wants to be the one in charge, raking in the filthy lucre that crushing taxes, cronyism and graft can bring (thus my "parasitist" headline today);
(2b) at the topmost levels of politics and business, they are one and the same.

THIS could very well be THE message ameriKa needs to hear and face the most.

Credit where credit is due: here's a brilliant, arch-conservative essay from the Godfather:

The only thing missing is to point out that the outrages listed in it are textbook examples of true TERRORISM, i.e. viciously making an example of a few in order to keep the many cowed.

..................During the age of Bushovik-Obamaniac terror against the Mideast, the true definition of terror has one of the first casualties of war.

........................Ron Paul, a veterans' best friend:

.............Vision To America weighs in:

General Motors Celebrates Rise of Communist Party
New Term For an Obama Fib: He 'Over-suggested'
AFL-CIO Defends Union Violence as a 'Legitimate' Union Activity

In other news.....

Amnesty: Israel failing to deal with white-slave trade

By Dan Izenberg and Heidi J. Gleit

......................BREAKING NEWS!!

To save the economy, on September 28, 2011, Obama will announce that he is ordering the immigration department to start deporting old people (instead of illegals) in order to lower Social Security and Medicare costs. Old people are easier to catch, and will not remember how to get back home!

I started crying when I thought of you.


Well..... Someone sent it to me and I'm
not going alone!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Article is a grand tour of leftwing oxymorons

American Renaissance is a great, courageous site on the Establishment's hypocrisy and criminality regarding race and ethnicity. I think people of any tribe could find it constructive. One of the many PC-exposing articles linked at AR's treasure-laden homepage just now could not be a better example of the krazy-mixed-up nature of "mainstream" journalism:

European Extremists Set to Make Further Electoral Gains: Report

The article's thumbnail summary at is devastatingly ironic:

European Extremists Set to Make Further Electoral Gains: Report, Wall Street Journal; 10 comments
“Extremist” parties promote views that are “widely shared.”

Think about that. What makes an "extremist"? Presumably a person that has a fringe viewpoint radically at variance with the general population. But if such views are "widely shared", are they still extreme?

I guess it's possible, since communism is a dementia shared by scores of millions of ameriKans and embodied by not only the Dummacrat but the Republicon bureaucracies. But the article itself makes bold to label people who don't want globalism and socialism as "populist extremists". That's a major oxymoron, or the moon is made of green cheese!

"Populist"and "populism" are among words most abused by commies. Obviously and on the face of it, definitive populism would consist of concern for the real needs of citizens under the gun from predatory politicians -- or perhaps concern by real people leading real lives (as opposed to the Establishment in their ivory towers and sumptuous Algore estates) about what POLITICIANS are doing to them, and action towards saving themselves from the utopian schemers' intentions.

That's not what modern dictionaries say about it, but in this blog we set the record straight that even Webster's and (an often great resource) get wrong. I speak as a former state chairman of the 1990s Populist Party. To my knowledge, we were the very first political party to demand all the wholesome, rational things that PEOPLE most yearn for, such as abolition of the IRS and income tax: an end to foreign "aid" and foreign war; destruction of "Affirmative Action", minority set-asides, and other forms of "reverse" discrimination; the cleansing of all filth from our cultural life; the reform of election laws that are custom-designed to shore up the two-party duopoly and marginalize "third" parties and independent candidates; etc. etc.etc.

In short, we opposed the malarkey, bulldinky and degeneracy known today as POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. That was and is populism for our time. I don't know much about the original Populist Party of the 1890s, and for all I know the disappointing dictionary definitions of populism (lower case) may be accurate in relation to that epoch, but today the word must and should stand for the values I've traced above.... because otherwise these values don't have an "ism" to cover and summarize them like all the other ideologies out there.

Getting back to the article, please note its insanely upside-down, inside-out nature: everybody knows it's politicians' schemes that are extreme, but it's the ANTIDOTE to them that gets that label!

Never in a million years would the people OR politicians in France, Germany, Canada, US or Australia have called for millions of third-worlders to be imported before the TV age began. NEVER. Destroying a country's borders was and is simply the fastest route to national suicide, but now, gee, it's rated as the best natural thing for every country. You're considered a danger to yourself and others if you
oppose national suicide today, and the time is coming when people will be locked up in nuthouses for their political views.

In the mad dialectics of this article, which originated with the Wall Street Journal, the fantastic new populist parties around Europe are "political extremist parties" or PEPs. That's the thanks Hungary gets for forging a new Constitution that actually names the name of Christ. The supposedly conservative Wall Street Journal is dismayed and surprised to find that the masses in Europe are often
“deeply pessimistic about their economic prospects.” Zat so? REALLY? How EXTREME can it get? Call out the men in white coats, and bring in a few hundred million or so straitjackets, please!

"Deeply pessimistic about their economic prospects?” What's the matter for them, anyway? Don't they realize that fiat currencies, outsourcing, borderlessness and the surveillance state are the greatest thing that ever happened to them?

Not only that, but these ingrates' gripes ”appear to stem from a belief that immigrants, minority groups and rising cultural diversity are threatening the national culture, community and way of life.”

What a "belief" -- where would you guess they get it? They've got wild imaginations, right?

Well, the Wall Street Journal is the lifeblood of big business, and big business is the embodiment of capitalism, and capitalism is the form of economy you get in a democracy, and that means big business is the very essence of "conservatism" -- right?

That is, if we the people are going to chuck common sense and live by clichés anymore.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

63 percent Think Neither Party in Congress Represents the People

OK, the headline actually says

49% Think Neither Party in Congress Represents the People

........but I thought I would spin it true. The media normally devolve statistics they don't like downward, so it's a pretty sure thing the actual total is higher than the 49% claimed. I feel in my bones out of the clear blue that it's maybe 63%, and find such dead reckoning is right more of the time than establishment pollsters et al.

The number in question would be encouraging at even 49%. Let's hope people vote System rejecters into office at the next opportunity.

Well, "rejecter" -- can't think of more than one such candidate at them moment, Ron Paul!

.............We have modest Pezident.... so self-effacing, such a shrinking violet for one so rich in accomplishment!

Don't miss the babe in the upper left trying not to laugh. One good gem deserves another from! how about this latest dementia from El Pezidente.... or should one call it pseudologia fantastica?

Obama: Middle-class shouldn’t pay higher taxes than millionaires

We had a fine PN meeting in Asheville Tuesday night and there's a fine SCCAC meeting coming up tonight, Thursday Sept. 22, in Greenville. See you there? Someone has pointed out to me that I said in the directions it's the Denny's "above" BJU, but it's technically actually northeast of it.

/\/.\/\/. (torpenhow at charter dot com)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Liberaloids take on Israel

Today's Brasscheck video is an avant-garde treatment of the Zionism subject. Their message is worth repeating in full:

Subject: Where Have All the Good Guys Gone?
From: "Brasscheck TV"

I went to see the Captain America movie this summer and though I really enjoyed the movie it made me terribly sad. The movie was very entertaining and well made, but it made me nostalgic for something I have never actually experienced. It made my long for something we can only have in the movies...

In the movies, good guys are good and bad guys are bad. The contrast is clear. America vs. Nazi's. America is good and Nazi's are bad, it's easy.

But in the real world it's not that easy. I know that ALL PEOPLE are capable of beauty and wonder, but I also believe that ALL NATIONS are ugly on the inside.

Where have all the good guys gone?


- Brasscheck

P.S. Please share Brasscheck TV e-mails and videos with friends and colleagues.

That's how we grow. Thanks.

Brasscheck TV
2380 California St.
San Francisco, CA 94115

To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:

- Brasscheck

Normally, liberals work and play and eat and drink and debate and politic as if Israel and related problems simply didn't exist. Wait a minute -- so do most conservatives! How many of you out there consider it Nelson's obsession but not worth many brain cells in its own right?

The unpleasant, socially improper truth, however, is that Israel and its vast army of henchmen in other countries are in charge of the world today. They own the US CONgress. They own it! If you don't believe it, simply go to and search PAUL FINDLEY or AIPAC.

When the IRS comes after you, steals your pay, cleans out your bank account, ignores your facts, and in general makes you the very base subject of a very exalted monarchy, that's Zionism in America. Yeah, it is -- check out the history of this "Service" and its other half the so-called Federal Reserve. And it's just one example of the octopus of power in question!

But most people are totally oblivious to this gigantic reality staring them in the face all day 24/7/365. They really don't want to hear it mentioned, which is the best way to grow a cancer. Patriotism and America's vaunted independence is supposedly the preoccupation of conservatives, but these days liberals are winning the gold medal quite often, albeit while talking through their hat with marbles in their mouth much of the time.

Brasscheck is run by yankee secular humanists who fully embrace "diversity". Thus today's N-E-W-S: people like them are seeing it and sort of saying it. When you see THAT prophetic sign, look for major changes, some of them even beneficial. (Love that organ music soundtrack!)

A tactical observation for fellow activists: on double-checking the above AIPAC example, a juicy youtube title caught my eye. Warning: some filthy language in quotes from Israel's defenders:

Feeling the Ignorance at AIPAC 2011

These are prime cases if ignorance, all right, not to mention blindness, mendacity, corruption, and derangement. But wouldn't it be better to challenge the speakers more? The questions only range from wimpish to good, and Blumenthal lets people get away with one whopper after another. Once you're right on them like this, why not ask (for instance) "OK, if it's not a siege, what would you call it?" Or repeat the question when a slimy snake changes the subject.

Many of you are activists. Let's all be more so. We only live once, let's give the enemy no quarter.

..........We're not all heavy headlines here at the digital Patriot Cannon. Ever tried for freewheeling video fun? I just did at out of the clear blue:

We're a musical crowd -- the PN's Executive Director being my prize music pupil, etc. -- so the Mozart show is especially welcome. I got to try the other kind of glass harmonica at a convention once -- glasses placed concentrically on a rod turned by foot treadle. I like those glasses on a table, but surely they take a lot of tuning!

By dint of your having read this page, you are entitled to one free music lesson from me. Don't have an instrument? Not a problem -- I have too many.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Three pithy headlines in a little Drudge box; an invitation

The head of the Congressional Black Caucus has just admitted to being rather discriminatory:


CHICAGO TRIB: Why he should withdraw from race...

Black Caucus chairman: If Obama wasn't president, we'd be 'marching on White House'...

Those courtesy of One good box deserves another... this one being right next to the above:

JOBS PLAN: $1,500,000,000,000 IN NEW TAXES...

FLASHBACK: 'The last thing you want to do is to raise taxes in the middle of a recession'...

AP: 'It's not just millionaires who'd pay more'...

$3 in tax hikes for every $1 in spending cuts...

The "FLASHBACK" is an interview with Obummer himself. Can anybody identify the logic by which endless interviews are held with known pathological liars? Since you can't believe a word they say and "hard" questions aren't allowed, why give them the microphone?

......Our sister organization the SC Conservative Action Council is having a big organizational meeting this Thursday in Greenville -- Denny's on Wade Hampton. Contact me for further details.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kari Mondale is dead, and other jaw-dropping headlines

I'm confused. Help!, a fabulously successful mega-corporation, is giving me cognitive dissonance. It really has to know the score re world events of earthshaking import, but its news feed today features airhead matters like:

The top 5 surprise Emmy nominations
Lost Super Bowl Ring to be returned
Pumpkin found hanging in pear tree
("A nearby garden vine climbed the tree, giving the now-green pumpkin the appearance of having sprouted from one the tree's branches.")

Not to mention the immortal, time-warping "Daughter of Walter Mondale dies". Funny, they didn't mention the death of Robert Clarkson, William Cooper or Aaron Russo.... do you gain VIP status by being the daughter of a US veep, however forgettable he may have been?

Oh.... trouble. Right in the middle of that mix is this bonbon:

Many in US facing first brush with poverty

I'm trying to find the floor. Where is this poverty coming from if what really matters is the Emmys, and mobs of people can still afford tickets? Yuck, this poverty stuff, whatever it is, is starting to make even the Enmys (where's my "marca registrada" Alt-command) look decent.

My real trouble begins when I check to make sure it actually exists and is as horrible as I seem to remember from when I was last posting in the ANU forum. Maybe the poverty stuff is for real?

Items there:

LIVE FEED (NYC): Day Of Rage Protests
5 Comments and No Reactions Yet...

Blackout: CNN, Fox, and MSNBC Ignore Thousands Of US Day Of Rage Protesters
Most Americans are being kept in the dark about the US Day of Rage by the corporate cable news giants at CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC who have imposed a de facto blackout on the protest.
11 Comments and 8 Reactions

U.S. Can’t Track Tons of Weapons-Grade Uranium, Plutonium

Monthly Terror Drills Now Required By Law For Students Including Kindergarten And 1st Graders

From Arab Spring to Greek Autumn to European Winter

NFL wants pat-downs from ankles up at all stadiums

Wisc. protesters arrested for filming lawmakers

London bankers explain how to order cocaine from a restaurant and expense it

‘Shy’ children at risk of being diagnosed with mental disorder

Sign of The Times: Banks Must Produce Living Wills To Tell Regulators How To Liquidate Them

Hague court urged to investigate Pope over child sex abuse

3 Girls Dead, Others Hospitalized After Gardasil HPV Vaccine

Pass that last one across all your friends who lumber around bleating the Perry is sure to be another Reagan, not another Bush.

Which world are we in?

The fantasy one is a pack of lies, but the real world is so Bizarro. Which to choose?

Say -- this just in. DOES NOT COMPUTE....

FBI halts training that labels Islam as violent

Pezident Bush the Younger, momentarily suspending the Separation Of Church And State and becoming a professor of comparative theology, declared Islam a religion of peace, and now the FBI says the exact opposite! Should a good conservative go with the fallback position that every Moslem is a terr'ist waiting to happen? That is if one wants to be properly tolerant, pluralistic, and multicultural.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ah! The Frederal Reserve IS a reserve

It can't get any crazier. RBC used to maintain that Jimmy Carter was a peanut warehouser for big brother -- not a farmer as was universally assumed -- and suddenly, in the back pages of the best "weird news" site, a revelation:

More than $1.2B in $1 coins in storage

Thank God, that was close. The Fed is chock-a-block full with reserves, of "coins" in a sense but not of anything intrinsically valuable.

Did you see how near the Bizarro fedgov world came to contact with the real one? What would happen if these slugs (the Susan Anthony type, perchance?) were to turn into real money, i.e. gold and silver, overnight? Would it cause the astral plane to sink into the Sea of Tranquility? Maybe the government would be yanked so fast back toward reality, the sound barrier would be shattered, or the earth would tilt on its axis.

What the fed has in its possession (typically oceans of intrinsically worthless greenbacks) is of great consequence to the world. What are the fats trying to do here -- drive up the value of pot metal and corner the market?


Friday, September 16, 2011

The crazy, mixed-up world of Election 2012

Communist dupe ex-president (and latter-day Zionism defier) endorses Soviet Socialist neocon RINO judas goat. Glitzy superstar balladeer breaks Hollywood ranks to endorse lone Congressional statesman!

Carter endorses Romney, Manilow endorses Paul

Comment posted: "The left is cunning. I wonder if that was done purposely, to discredit Romney in the eyes of conservatives?"

Awww, what are you, some kind of "conspiracy theorist"?

/\/.\/\/. >;-]

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oddly-named Congresscritter forthright about her Marxist dementia; Rush/IRS

Rep. Jan Schakowsky is in the headlines. I'm trying to figure out what kind of name that is -- Irish? Italian? (It ends in a vowel!) Maybe French or Swahili?

And how would you pronounce it? Shack-up-skee or maybe Shake-out-skee?

She is definitely into shakedowns and doesn't mind saying so. Googling her recent natterings about salaries and taxes, two supremely ironic links lead the search results:

Rep. Jan Schakowsky: “You Don't Deserve to Keep” All Of What You ... - Cached- Block all results
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1 day ago – It was how much of my paycheck I deserve to keep. According to Schakowsky, you don't deserve it all, no matter how hard you worked to earn it. ...
Schakowsky Votes to Ensure Equal Pay for Equal Work - CachedYou +1'd this publicly. Undo
Jul 31, 2008 – Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) today voted for the Paycheck Fairness Act, H.R. 1338, which will help end the ...

There you are. Per the first link, she freely blabs her socialism and won't even answer an interviewer who persistently asks how much of his pay she thinks he should be entitled to keep! And the second is all about a miracle called the PAYCHECK FAIRNESS ACT, which is in reality nothing but further mandates (read dictates) on the business sector in the name of "she ain't heavy she's my sister" utopianism.

Note that the questioner insists on keeping things on point. Have you noticed how much time and effort this can save -- how it yanks the rug out from under gliberals like nothing else? She, being a Gliberal with a capital G, tritely and lamely tries the "this issue is more complicated than that" dodge, but it's too late -- her treachery is recorded for all time in the cloud and probably thousands of hard drives, and very well may be all she has of a "legacy" down through history since this nonsense is the first time I've ever become aware of her existence.

The first story above is linked at

.....where Rush's "Pearl of Wisdom" for the week is "When I die, which is going to be a long time from now, I want my last check to be written to the IRS -- and I want it to bounce." Isn't that cute? Wonder if he ever does anything but joke on that subject? If you'll notice, most of the time when the satanic, cannibalistic IRS is mentioned in a public presentation (including thousands of sermons) it's strictly as a punch line and is accordingly greeted with tittering, appreciative laughter.

Some others of the portly one's "pearls" aren't half bad:

"How do we think we can fix 153 bridges Obama says are at risk when after ten years we still haven't rebuilt the World Trade Center?"

"Did The Beast (Obama's limousine) cross any of those bridges? The Beast weighs eight tons -- without Michelle in it! Eight tons, 16,000 pounds. Did they drive that thing and the rest of the motorcade over one of those Beltline bridges?"

"There is no jobs bill, and there's no jobs in that bill. All that is is tax increases."

"Obama is not about fixing the problem. He's about attempting to fix the blame."

"The more Washington spends, the worse unemployment gets. If Obama would just say that he had a plan to drive up unemployment, he'd be hailed as a genius."

You know, Rush wouldn't be half bad if he weren't such a big-government neocon warmongering fascist.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The ultimate 9/11 truth: If we have to fight this way and this long, WE HAVE LOST

John McCain was the first to give the "hundred year terror war" 15 minutes of fame. But I believe it was Orwell who foresaw the crazy modern ameriKan doctrine of "perpetual war for perpetual peace."

Orwell was once required reading, but he seems as forgotten and passé as the hula hoop. Otherwise you wouldn't have zombies like John McCain in politics, much less an entire class of politician spouting the same idiocies about great, big ameriKa never being able to defeat microscopic (and largely imaginary/contrived) third-world forces like Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Look how backward it is! We are the greatest power in the universe, but they've got the best of us as long as our lives have to revolve around either real or imagined terror. If the threat is fake, we're living on lies; if it's real, the politicians are really telling us they're incompetent every time they re-phrase the notion that "we" can't defeat "them" in a normal period of time. It took four years to defeat Nazi Germany and imperial Japan, but these Ayrabs we can't smash in the time it took to "win" Gulf War I, vulgarly known as Desert Storm?

The fedgov's job description is very short and extremely limited, but if the fedgov spends twelve figures on "defense" and can't save us from 12 Ayrabs with box cutters, it can't do anything.

That would be to grant for purposes of discussion the silly, cretinous idea that Arabs, Muslims et al would hate us if left to their own devices. Once again for the record, the terror problem is completely manufactured. It never would have existed but for the way ameriKa has undertaken to terrorize Irael's enemies (payment for services rendered during US elections), and to the extent it's real, it's strictly as a function of that sick, suicidal process.

To be (putatively) kept at bay by a tiny number of furtive Ayrabs would be farce enough, but for people to put up with the obviously FAKE terror fearmongering we do is fatuous beyond belief. Add in the innocent people we rape, rob, kill, and maim every day in the other hemisphere, and we are perpetrators of the grandest yet most stultifying crime wave in all history.


“Credible” Terror Alert Turns Into Fearmongering Farce
>Ludicrous overreaction to airplane bathrooms visits underscores the fact that the terrorists have won
Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

More 9/11 burlesque: add 9/9 and 9/12 to the liturgical year
....Since last Thursday, New Yorkers have been seeing and dealing with the checkpoints, which have included inspections of small trucks and vans. Subway, backpack and vehicle checks also continued Monday....
Fake heroes like Bernie Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, and, yes, George W. Bush raced to cash in on the horror. And then the attack was used to justify an unrelated war the neocons wanted to fight, for all the wrong reasons. [...]
....The memory of 9/11 has been irrevocably poisoned; it has become an occasion for shame. And in its heart, the nation knows it....

Hahahaaa! Oh, this show is really worth the price of admission! Great songs, sets, lighting and acting -- but no high kicks?

Just think of it -- over THREE HUNDRED suspicious packages in NYC over the weekend. How many would there have been if we hadn't decided to turn 9/11 into a High Holy Day and the WTC site into a space-age swimming hole? Many fewer, I can assure you.

How many would there have been if instead of falling for all the tear-jerking theatrics, the yammering news shows (sat through five hours' worth during my 45-minute lunch today at a restaurant), the dogged cluelessness and hollow emotionalism of it all... ameriKans had decided to demand and get the conspiracy truth about the events ten years ago, and prosecute the real perps to the fullest extent of the law? You know, Cheney, Mossad, the strumpet media et al.

You can tell the media are in love with our having been attacked, because they're selling more soap, booze, cars and Viagra than ever during this orgy of misremembrance as they forever feed and exacerbate the popular delusions about it, not least the "ameriKa is always right" assumption on which virtually all ameriKan politics is based now.

New York City is one of the black boxes from which such CONSPIRACIES as 9/11 emanate (i.e. the planning by Bilderberg types way before the actual events) so it's only to be expected that the Big Apple would be awash with elephant tears and "heightened security" on this occasion..... but will New Yorkers ever start to see the fraud of it all, or will they keep following the zombie script for the oxymoronic rest of time? One could call them self-deluded, but I (a former New Yorker) can't convince myself anybody actually believes the establishment version of the farce.

The Paul Krugman link above is laden with heartbreaking and irony. I vaguely know the gentleman's name, suspect he's firmly on the other side of the political fence, and find his Wikipedia article (which sure 'nuff identifies him as a "liberal") impossibly dense and abstruse, but... there he is, one of the very few establishment figures speaking the plain truth on these subjects, and being rhetorically lynched by.... card-carrying "conservatives", of course! How dare he imply that the RepubliCONservative establishment is corrupt and mendacious, merely because it swindles and lies all day everyday? THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW!

There's the irony -- that the supposed guardians aganist political correctness are its worst practitioners. The heartbreak I mentioned is living through one day after another in which these neoCON pundits flap their jaws about everything they're going to do to save us, "and my people love to have it so."

Behold -- the madness has come to my little town

UPDATE: Terrorism Alert: Feds Stop Truck in Anderson County; I-85 Shut down

.......and it's sure to come to yours too. One can only hope that in this case the sheriff was merely going along to get along, and not an instigator of the mass hypnotism in question. This incident, too, whiffs of phony baloney: the above is the "before" headline at that link. It has now been changed to read

UPDATE: Nothing Hazardous Found in Truck in Anderson County on I-85 After Terror Alert

Same link, two different headlines. One alarming, one reassuring! See how lucky we are to have the babysitters we do?

To paraphrase First Creaturess MIcHELLe Obummer, I was finally "proud of my country for the first time" when they started forcing airlne customers to throw out all cosmetics, lotions etc. before boarding airplanes. Everybody knows that if you mix toothpaste and mascara in the right proportions it turns into TNT.... and that our fragile ecosystem needs more dissolved lipstick in it!

I love Big Brother.

Don't watch this video -- unless you want to become a flaming anti-semite©:

9/11 Motive & Media Betrayal


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Using Facebook against Them; will European economies roll the clock back? And…. Oh yeah, it’s 9/11

PanamaLaw offers some unexpected optimism today. It freely reports that social networking sites are tools of the devil (aka the great ameriKan surveillance state), but this time gives a few tips on how to thwart them:

Defeating Facial Recognition

This is along the lines of what I’ve always advocated: using the enemies’ tactics and resources against them. Throwing creativity and theater at them where it’s most needed! In the same day’s package came

……with auspicious headings of EU Falling Apart, Italy: three million strike over 45 billion EURO Austerity Package; Euro Zone Warning Members About Going Back to their Own Currency; and What Happens If Some EU States Go Back to Their Own Currency. A friend with his finger on the pulse of monetary reality told me a few years ago that people in some European countries had already begun quietly circulating their pre-EU currencies. We can only hope the trend becomes the continent-wide reality. Some countries will fall with a crash, but in the long run withdrawal symptoms are better than perpetual drug addiction.

The Swiss are foolishly going to coordinate their franc’s value with that of the Euro, but one pundit says it will temporarily depress the former’s value so nicely (before a great rebound as the Euro crashes) that he’s sunken a good chunk of change in it!

Europe’s return to national currencies -- one of those delicious ideas that flies overhead every so often, but that must become reality before too long.

…………This array of URLs comes originally from famed IRS-busting attorney Larry Becraft. I’ve cut through the mindless 9/11 bathos at every opportunity today – hope you have too!

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Pilots for 9/11 Truth
Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice
Lawyers for 9/11 Truth:
Firefighter for 9/11 Truth:
List of war games:
One official site mentioning the 9-11 war games:
One glaring flaw in the official 9-11 story is Bldg. 7, which allegedly collapsed because one I-beam set in concrete supposedly moved 5.5 inches. To make steel, coal is cooked in huge coke ovens for 10-12 hours, where the temperatures exceed 1200 degrees. The steel doors to coke ovens do not expand even a fraction of an inch during this process, and there are coke ovens in this country 20 to 50 years old. The mere existence of coke ovens disproves the thesis of Bldg. 7 just falling down as a result of a few fires.

……….For anybody not already aware, this from Michael-Edward, the PN’s marketing specialist:


According to msnbc just a couple minutes ago, top executives at Bank of America have confirmed that they will be closing as many as 570 branches (approximately 10%).

I cashed a check at a BOA the day before receiving this news and was pleasantly stunned the faceless institution didn’t charge me. Sign of the times?