Saturday, August 31, 2013

The circuitous slitherings of IRS policy

Notice -- I didn't say law. The IRS is mostly or all a pseudo-legal farce that only operates by force and insinuation, or as one of its own dons put it, "bluff and intimidation". Whatever it says goes, but only insofar as ameriKans turn their eyes from the liberating truth that it's a total fraud.
NOM President: IRS Ruling Forces Gay Marriage on States

Since this "service" has become an evil god to which all good ameriKans willingly bow down, it gets away with murder -- literal and figurative. Marriage is an especial target of its crimes, as marriage is part of the normalcy that, in less twisted-up times, spells death to all evil bureaucracies and a pink slip for their perpetrators. Normalcy and stability are very bad for business if you're in government!

Face it, ameriKa. you've been had -- but it doesn't have to go on one minute longer if you don't want it to.


Friday, August 30, 2013

"Sending Broken Men Back Into Afghanistan"


Another international rape for Israel

And every time the "liberal" media start cranking up the "poison gas" propaganda machine again, your remedy is spelled ANTIWAR.COM. Headlines there, only a few:

The Return of the Dodgy Dossier: Case for bombing Syria unraveling, says J. Raimondo
West Shouldn't be Global Policeman Even if Assad used chemical arms, says Hans Blix
Parliament Revolts, UK Out of Syria: War US says vote won't stop war
Will Boehner Stop Our Rogue President? Pat Buchanan: Attacking Syria would be act of stupidity
America's Murderous Sanctions Regimes: Andrew Cockburn on targeting the weak
Manning Has Done His Time: Ron Paul on Egypt, Syria and the leakers
While Cameron Defers to Parliament, Obama Locks into Warfare State of Mind
The "International Community" is shrinking
On Syria, Don't Trust Our Warring Policymakers
Justin Raimondo on Fox Radio Today at 6:30pm EDT
NY Times Op-Ed: 'Bomb Syria, Even if It Is Illegal'
Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross: Syria Intervention a Big Mistake
Obama Strike Would Not Weaken Assad's Military
US Military Officers Have Deep Doubts About Wisdom of Syria Strike
Witnesses of Gas Attack Say Saudis Supplied Rebels With Chemicals
Lapdog Media Learns Nothing, Beats War Drums Again
We, the Salt of the Earth, Take Precedence


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

9/11 gullibility doesn't fully ruin a bold article on the warfare state

That is, the writer's stupid, silly, groundless reference to "The men who destroyed so many thousands on 9/11" can't erase the basic premise of this otherwise fine piece:
Does Obama know he’s fighting on al-Qa’ida’s side? 
‘All for one and one for all’ should be the battle cry if the West goes to war against Assad’s Syrian regime

That's right, ameriKa -- get used to it. Your CIA created al-Qaeda and has been using it like a bugbear to keep you cowed into submission since. And nobody still has any firm evidence on who perpetrated 9/11 -- so how can this dude (among millions of other pundits) assign blame so blithely?


Sunday, August 25, 2013

More on voting rights not always right an issue that happens to be close to home (Carolinas) for the PN leadership.
Voting Wrongs

Thomas Fleming is one of the elder statesmen what's left of paleo-conservatism today, a man who knows the meaning of erudite, eloquent, civilized, disciplined revulsion at what's going on. Try some more of his work. Note that SC's Dr. Clyde Wilson is is associate, another great commentary in the above class (see his article The Yankee Problem sometime before you die).

That's how the truth field is -- quite often Southern! Fleming's organization The Rockford Institute has been based in Illinois for 37 years. But his doctorate is from UNC/Chapel Hill, headed by my fellow organist James Moeser who came out on the wrong side of the Duke pseudo-rape scandal.

I see via Wikipedia that the upshot of the scandal involving Richard Neuhaus and Rockford was a conservative vs. neocon matter. Further cheers to Rockford for it! When it occurred in 1989 the corporate cartel media did a great job of obscuring its real nature. I was a subscriber to Neuhaus's Religion and Society Report before he converted to Catholicism and became a neoconoid.


Alternative energy testimony not allowed

....because the SC government hadn't approved it. This from the titans of the "private" sector! Short but important article, don't pass this link over:
SC utility interests stop solar meeting


Friday, August 23, 2013

Pat Buchanan tallies the basics of race in ameriKa today

I'm very glad he does, because even most patriots have a distorted concept of this subject. If we look at the totality of black life now, I seriously doubt anybody can deny that the "civil rights movement" has been a disaster overall for all concerned.
Dead Souls of a Cultural Revolution

Cybercast -- what a fine, classy site where unpopular truths are aired.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The insane no-person's land they call New Jersey

I'm allowed to call it that -- I spent 37 often painful years there. Damning stuff in Drudge today, with his wording of headlines:
Christie heads to the Hamptons to woo GOP elite...
Kissinger praises: 'I'd be delighted if he became national candidate'... 

Waller translation: Get ready for the next Bushoid Pezident to slither out of Jersey, if Jeb Bush doesn't get the job. Extreme bad news either way. One thing's for sure, any candidate approved by Henry Kissinger is for sure one evil demoniac and no conservative. (Or is conservatism actually what Henry and the also treacherous National Review rag represent? Lots of us are no longer defining ourselves or our ideas under the c-word.

Say, why are the GOP "elite" in the Hamptons anyway? Never mind that they're on Long Island. I want to know why they're not partying in Camden, the South Bronx or any other town their signature policies and programs have devastated.

.....Also in this headline group, a sure sign that neither Christie or Obummer are in tune with what's really going on:
REVEALED: New Jersey's Homeless 'People Of The Woods'...

One comment added says that each homeless person costs the state something like $14,500 per year. Where do I sign up? I haven't cobbled such pay together in over ten years.

Comments for a poll, please! Should I move to the woods or paint my face yellow and swim to Texas across the Rio Grande?

Pardon my jaundice.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Action gets results -- even in courtrooms! Guy with gun in park

Enjoy this short article -- it has something for the whole family. Drama, smiles, good guy, bad guy, a delicious twist of irony and an ending in which everybody wins:
Army Vet Faces Down Thug Cop Intent On Taking Away His Gun

Maybe the policeman got the idea of pulling his gun on Mr. Laigaie in a "domestic terrorism" class in which he was taught that any citizen invoking the Constitution is public enemy number one? Laigaie sounds like a model of citizen enlightenment. If even five percent more aggrieved Constitutionalists like him would do some serious, responsible suing, we'd all be breathing easier.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

A further sign of lunacy

.....and a near-total descent into chaos. What percent of the population are willing to call it that at this time?

Eastern Shore professors to get bulletproof whiteboards

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The late, great (very great!) Elizabeth Wright

One good post on leftwingers' "diversity" demagoguery deserves another. Here's a magnificent column on it
by South Carolina's own Gail Jarvis, a man of real compassion equaled by his no-nonsense brain power. He's going to tell you about a black commentator and webmistress who had no more use for Jesse Jackson or the NAACP than you or I do. Her crusade was drawing attention to how such entities are in fact destroying black well-being and any chance for real racial harmony in this country today.

These are my same concerns when I sound off about race or semitism at meetings. Certain People are effecting a startlingly simple divide-and-conquer action between black and whites among many other groups. We cooperate with this treatment like rats in a maze! Any society that looks the other way regarding this subject is to be pitied, because it is utterly doomed.

I used to correspond a little with Ms Wright and suspect she would share my pessimism about the possibility of ameriKa ever finding its common sense and basic reflexes again regarding minority racism.

It's only a one-line URL and a one-line headline, but a world of mental freedom lie behind them. Please click and read!
Remembering Elizabeth Wright

The same forces mentioned previously are constantly struggling to keep the Mdeast in turmoil, with more than a little help from ameriKa. Those who take up this article run with it are a rare breed:
60 Years Ago: US, British Spies Orchestrated Coup Against Iran’s Elected Govt 
US Still Vying for Iran Regime Change 

In other words, the US has been wreaking havoc for the rest of the world over its hatred -- or something -- of that Iran, which has never done us any harm. Some say it's because we want their oil. But if that were the case we could just buy it. There has to be some other motive, something darker. Crueler. More vicious and bestial. Taking suggestions on what it might be! Come on, let's hear 'em -- it's for this nonsense that ameriKa is finally being immolated.


A smashing article that EVERYONE should at least read half of
Egypt’s Tiananmen -- Brought to you by America’s Israel-centric foreign policy

I'm accused of being "anti-semitic" for pointing out the predominance of Certain People in most of the problems plaguing the US today, but here's a Jewish commentator, Justin Raimondo, saying things better than I ever could.

This article's thrust is simply that Certain People are running the fedgov now regardless of which party or president is ostensibly in power -- and because of the contortions these People have to go to to camouflage themselves and push forward their genocidal agenda worldwide, events sometimes appear clouded with layers of complexity. But this Egypt affair couldn't be simpler at base: those People want to steal the entire Mideast from its rightful occupants, just as they've stolen Palestine from the Palestinians. Since their outright takeovers in Eastern Europe and elsewhere 70-100 years ago proved a total disaster, these People must have their own judas-goat politicians in power in the countries they hate and envy today, or their agenda's a bust. This scheme was effortless for them for decades but now the natives are getting restless. Having suffered under those People's puppet Mubarak for so long, They have no interest in replacing him.

That's all this Egypt business is -- just like the so-called Arab Spring. That stuff about a movie disrespecting Mohammed being the cause of the recent uprising is a big fat lie. People don't want Britain, America and Certain People shoving one Israel stooge into power over them. Why should they?

America prides itself on being the "land of the free". What's it doing trying to force it's own extremely dubious ideas of nationhood on the rest of the world?

Correction: on the countries Those People hate, fear, and want to add to their collection of stolen goods, using America as their junkyard dog.

Call me any name you want, but only if we can talk facts. Deal?


Friday, August 16, 2013

"The Government Now Admits There's an 'Area 51'"

And when the government admits something, it's a sure thing there's fifty times as much it's not admitting.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

The new, gigantic, occult IRS headquarters in Maryland; stolen-identity tax fraud in SC (Honduran mother and daughter)

Oh, boy, this site is JAM-packed via and beyond this article!
Sinister Sites: IRS Headquarters, Maryland

So, is this freakish (and undoubtedly expensive) architecture a factor of deep-seated evil within the government, inculcated and endlessly reinforced by covert forces above it? Or is it merely an oddity? It can't be both, and you know it can't be the latter. We are being led straight down the path to national hell and ruin. People in high places want us there. They brag and gloat about what they're doing to us through means such as civil engineering.

Please plan a time when you can luxuriate in the Vigilant Citizen site and enjoy your trip out of fantasy land for as long as you like. The stuff there appears endless, and endlessly interesting/germane/controversial. Don't forget this big and blatant kick in the face, either -- the clearly masonic logo of one of the many agencies formed to help Big Brother spy on you:

.....The PN Executive Director works night and day to bring you facts you need to remain safe and free. One means is by frequent news stories via PN egroups. Recent arrivals:
S.C.'s new Hitmen
Autism Group, Late Director Focus of State Investigation
Two Clinton Women Plead Guilty To Stolen-Identity Tax Fraud

The next story comes at a chillingly ironic time. Warning: The PN Executive Director said "This needs to go viral! I could not read because it is disturbing on so many levels":
Why did cops kill this 95-year-old in walker?

We have a 95-year-old compatriot in upcountry SC, a dear friend who continued to attend PN meetings in Greenville up until he absolutely couldn't get himself out to them any longer. He could have been the victim of the above state crime. It could have been your mother, father or pastor regardless of their age -- but it is of course most shocking when government goons go after the superannuated or otherwise weak and helpless.

It is a dangerous world out there. Stand ready to defend yourself from not only street thugs but those supposedly there to protect and serve us.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What they do all day in Washington

Step right up, folks, and see how national affairs are being handled until we manage to send some actual grownups to Washington:

MLK Memorial may not be ready for anniversary

Number one, this whole project is sending a message to the world that America doesn't exist anymore and has been replaced by the Untied State of “Diversity,” where the top priority is honoring racist demagogues of half a century ago.

Number two, the new entity is capable of being brought to half a halt by haggling over what gibberish to inscribe on it, because the first batch, while an accurate quote from the late thug, reminds people of what he was – egotistical.

Number three, the new entity's “leaders” love “diversity” and hate America so much they've hired a sculptor from a rival country that doesn't even understand English to create this thing. Artists are a radically “liberal” bunch – have they been heard from on the outsourcing of this tribute to one of their top heroes?

This case reminds me of another little crisis in Florida a few years back. If you laugh even half as hard as I did on reading it for the first time, you're having a great day:

James Gang

The humor is, indeed, slightly ruined by the spectacle of supposedly grown-up people calling this simple typo a gigantic outrage and insult and looking to punish somebody. I don't want my society run by spoiled children who live from fad to fad – do you?

If you think Waller is being "racist" or insensitive, consider the words of a late, great, nationally syndicated columnist:


Monday, August 12, 2013

A few sheeple turning into people

This is what the media call an explosion. Mild as it is, it does hark back to when the tea party movement was new and actually making a difference:
GOP Town Hall Explodes With Anger: ‘We’re Losing The Country’ So Quit Being ‘Nice Guys’!

The exciting thing is that it shows classic mom and pop types beginning to see that the RepubliCON party is, uh, not doing its job too well. That, my friends, is the kind of so-called radical thinking it takes to bring any actually good hope of change, as in dumping Obie from office as he so richly deserves.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Door-to-door searches have begun

All for our safety, don'tcha know.
Random Apartment Inspections (my story so far)

Or was this guys apartment the only property they wanted to snoop the whole time?


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tax sadism near and far..... and another sign of hope from Greece

YUM: "Authorities have recently ordered 12 businesses to close for a month for outstanding tax violations or resisting inspectors, and are planning to shut down another 14 for similar reasons — including a restaurant on Crete where customers allegedly chased away a team of inspectors this week."

Warning: the following site is mostly wrapped up in exposing how the System plays vicious games with race and religion to destroy civilization. It is politically incorrect in the extreme and does not reflect the Patriot Network's viewpoints. I'm only linking to this page because it doesn't happen to contain any material normally dubbed "racist" or "anti-Semitic" by the politically prudish or priggish. The only question is.... how long are these prim and proper ones going to let the System slash and burn them via "diversity" and "tolerance"?
About half Greek businesses caught cheating taxman

............Our next headline is no surprise to yours truly:
IRS Now Targeting Small Businesses

 The Great One always said the tax goons target the smaller and weaker (e.g. older and poorer) elements among us, and of course the System despises small business and would give anything to wipe it off the face of the earth. The question is.... will small businesses, old and poor folks ever come to squarely face this war going on against them by the very elements they vote into power every two to four years?


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Come to Atlanta area this Saturday!

The Free Enterprise Society and The Patriot Network announce 
August 10 - Extraordinary Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia! 

Special Guests Attorney Larry Becraft , Excellent Constitutional Attorney and Steve Hempfling , Director of Free Enterprise Society. 
Saturday's meeting Topics  include: Origins of the Income Tax; Who it applies to; Jurisdiction,  Debt money vs. Honest money, Importance of the US Statutes at Large, a  Plan to end the Income Tax, Questions and Answers. And More! Spend an  informative day with Attorney Larry Becraft. 
SATURDAY, August 10th, 9am-5pm. Comfort Suites Perimeter Center , 6110 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd 
click herefor directions 
New research and information! 
Learn the truth about the income tax! Very interesting meeting. FREE DVD of Attorney Tommy Cryer describing his BIG WIN strong> against the IRS, to all attendees.         Free Enterprise Society and Patriot Network members receive a 10.00 discount! 
Saturday's meeting is from 9:00am-5:00pm and costs 40.00 per person/couple .  Members 30.00 per person/couple . 
Go to the following website for more details. For questions call Free Enterprise Society 209-966-7040. 
Meeting sponsored by Free Enterprise Society and Patriot Network. 

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." - Thomas Paine 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Masterly summary of Big Brother by

And don't miss the excerpt used as a focus quote at

FDR, that great "progressive" icon, unleashed J. Edgar Hoover against his conservative enemies, routinely tapping the phones of anti-interventionist and conservative leaders, including members of Congress. The press was not immune: the office of publisher Robert R. McCormick, publisher of the anti-New Deal Chicago Tribune, was bugged, as was the phone line of longtime Tribune political reporter Walter Trohan. Roosevelt’s successors were no better: Harry Truman regularly used intelligence garnered from wiretaps on prominent political figures to grease the wheels of his political machinations: Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Nixon did the same, expanding the size and reach of the FBI’s domestic surveillance net. With the establishment of the National Security Agency (NSA), in 1952, the marriage of modern technology and this by now venerable tradition took the Spy State to a whole new.....
The Crime of the Century  
I Only Regret That I Have But One Life to Give for My Country: Yours

Now, from a completely different angle, another story that also writes doom on the wall of the ameriKan organ of vainglory and well-being:
A viral video showing the beating of a 13-year-old white boy by three African-American youths in Florida has left hundreds of thousands of viewers horrified, but critics say the case doesn't seem to be attracting much sympathy from self-styled civil rights activists.
   In the chilling video, three 15-year-old boys repeatedly beat and kick a victim police said was left with a broken arm and two black eyes. 
   Although Florida came under fire in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting and George Zimmerman's acquittal by activists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson - who called it an "apartheid state" - neither has spoken publicly about the bus incident. But one reason the case has not become as racially charged as other attacks may be that many news outlets have either not shown the first few seconds, before the victim goes down behind a seat, and others blur out his face to the point his race is no longer apparent.

All of you are I would think open to the subject and view of the first story above. You who run from the second, you'd better face it now while the facing's good.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Illegal but blatant farming of pot in California: portrait of a nation gone mad

We don't need anti-pot laws -- they're 100% superfluous. They give the drug a mystique it probably doesn't deserve. This causes people to want to try it in greater numbers. The profit motive clashes with law enforcement on an epic scale for many decades. The federal meltdown into socialism means no border enforcement, so illegals brazenly come here to turn natural areas into pot plantations using the crudest and most reckless techniques. The mental illness called political correctness dictates that this be tolerated so that (1) Hispanics and invaders won't be offended, (2) the "nation of immigrants" lie be upheld, (3) the top politicians themselves will be assured a steady flow of their chosen drugs at handsome profits to themselves,
(4) real Americans will further be ground under/mocked/robbed of their land, and (5) Latin America will -- however circuitously -- be guaranteed future ownership of the Golden State yet more firmly.

We don't need pot laws -- they ruin everything, even the environment. And the environmentalist groups say nothing. Speaking of the Golden State, since Washington doesn't allow normal healthy economics anymore, the underground pot business is a mainstay of California's economy.
Pot farms in California: Too dangerous to intervene?


Monday, August 5, 2013

Out own cities as future Detroits, cont.: Activist lady writes pithy letter

You are now going to meet a lovely, vivacious activist lady like few others on earth. She ran for Congress in 2010 as Republican for the fourth South Carolina district. This just in -- on subjects we've been chewing over on this page, you and I:

August 5, 2013
Re: Time Sensitive Information – Spartanburg plans to sign the contract as early as this Wednesday to have the Swim Center demolished.
 Dear Board Members of District 7 School System:
  Thank you for serving our community as a Board Member of District 7 in the lovely city where I live and have made my home these last 14 years. In my experience, and it’s actually considerable as I have had occasion to visit many Spartanburg county schools, this district has the most dynamic, creative, and interesting teachers and administrators – also the most welcoming. Not every city is a place where families want to locate – in fact, Spartanburg is a declining jewel – it’s population is not growing. More and more we hear that the city needs to attract more of the “creative class” or, in other words, more single adults and childless couples.
  This month’s Manhattan Journal contains an article about this trend; it calls it “the childless city”:  Yes, school taxes are expensive, but children are our future and cities with children help to keep us focused on that future. Adam Smith is known for economics, but he was also a moral philosopher. He advocated keeping children at home and not sending them to boarding schools because children in the home (and the neighborhood) help adults to behave better! Childless cities are probably the last thing we ought to be advocating, because Spartanburg is the perfect size to be something a large city cannot be, that is, a real community. Children are the number one asset when it comes to creating real communities. They have certainly contributed to the ambiance here in Converse Heights!
  Another reason to choose city living is the associational, cultural and recreational opportunities that are available to all, regardless of income.  As we were considering a job offer for my husband from a local college, the Dean mentioned that there was a nice and affordable place to swim.  We are both swimmers, the college did not have a pool and the costs of moving to Spartanburg were high, trading two tenured jobs for one untenured. The Swim Center helped weigh the odds in favor of moving. We swam happily at the Swim Center for years and now swim at the YMCA, where I am on the Master’s swim team. The Y is very nice, but much more expensive.
  In planning for a child-friendly city, one must keep an eye on costs. Tearing down and burying the Roger-Milliken inspired 50 meter pool at the YMCA was not financially prudent and not in the interest of low-cost recreation. At least since the 90’s our men’s and women’s “Y” teams have been champions and excellent facilities helped make that happen. The fact that the Y is private does not obscure the damage to the community when a major asset like the old pool is lost.
  Businesses seeking to relocate consider future taxes and present amenities. They look at schools. We have better schools than Greenville, but in many other areas they are ahead of us. What sort of government do we have? The County and the City appears to be following the Detroit model and not the Greenville model. But I do not want to set the District against the city or the county. There is too much North Side v. South Side, County vs. City kinds of things already in the air. I am particularly struck by City Administrator Ed Memmott’s  insistence that the Swim Center has to close in order for the City to support development on the North Side and that Swim Center costs threaten vital city  functions. Tearing down the Swim Center is too like Detroit’s recent effort to save money by bulldozing housing in the city. Are we really so bad off that we need to bulldoze the Swim Center? (
  The Swim Center is a solid, concrete building, and with maintenance, can continue to serve the community for many years to come. In fact, the latest lease (attached) has provisions for automatic renewals until August 2039. And now it needs to be blown up and buried? You might enjoy watching this video about a swim center that was built in 1922 and used for 56 years in Bloomington, Indiana.!  The story of “the Nat” is quite interesting, especially the role “the Nat” played in the civil rights history of Bloomington, which, like Spartanburg, is a college town. I have been told that the Swim Center must be destroyed in the interests of civil rights. Apparently some of our civic leaders are worried that there will someday be a new pool on the North side and whites will choose to swim there while blacks will choose to swim at the Swim Center. Is this not a strange sort of paternalistic political correctness? How do they know who is going to swim where, if the pools are public? And what does it really matter as long as people are free to choose? And must our children do without swimming lessons and opportunities to enjoy a pool while we wait for a glorious new pool on the other side of town?
  I realize that you know all about the Swim Center, but the figures in the “go upstate” article above are surprisingly large and so far as I know, unverified by any outside, objective source. I spoke with my neighbor John Perry about this problem. As Vice-president for Government Relations at USC-UPSTATE, he has access to the annual maintenance costs of their indoor, 8 lane pool. It costs USCUPSTATE $30,000, but this does not include staff.
  Most of the Swim Center’s budget is for staff. A great deal can be done to improve revenue and decrease the cost of staff. There are rarely huge crowds at the Swim Center, but 5 lifeguards on deck is not rare.
  Drawing on my experience as Assistant Aquatics Director at The University of Alabama, and the figures I’ve seen from the City, I feel confident that the cost of running the pool could easily be reduced by 33% without increasing the present staffing. As mentioned, the staffing is excessive and cutting back here would help costs. On the revenue side, there is inadequate oversight of sign-ins. This process should be computerized and every patron tracked. Swimming for free is common under the present regime.
  My plea to the District is this: please take back the pool, make it open to the public on a more limited basis until costs stabilize and begin teaching all the second graders to swim like they do at the Drew Wellness Center in Columbia. The benefits for students and their families, if the Spartanburg Swim Center is run properly, are endless!  For example, we could:
  1. Establish Middle School Swim Teams;
  2. Organize supervised swimming classes for Elementary School Students;
  3. Provide American Red Cross certified Lifesaving and Water Safety classes for students and staff;
  4. Offer swimming courses specifically for the parents of our children;
  5. Host revenue generating events – swim meets can make up to $17,000;
  6. Take the lead in developing the proposed Spartanburg Aquatics program.
  And more -
The request is simple “keep this valuable asset in use”. The City has abandoned the pool twice in 33 years!
With a revised management plan, and a second evaluation of the facilities, there may be a reversal of the current decision.
  The politicians want a new pool that they can take credit for, preferably in their own districts and believe that once the Swim Center is razed to the ground, they can "save" the money spent toward a pool to be built in five years in a more "desirable" location and they hope, like the Swim Center, with Federal Funds (per a city councilman speaking at the NAACP meeting on the question of closing the pool.) The impact on thousands of children cannot be measured, nor older citizens, nor poorer citizens.
  If you could put someone in charge of the Swim Center who was not worried about whether participants were coming from the city or the county, but instead were looked at as participants who are helping to pay the bills, then the Swim Center could be a hub for the county and not a financial drain.
  Too often, important decisions like this are made, in every community, without community consciousness. The Upstate’s history is not user friendly when measured by a rubric of what may is best for all the children. Instead, we more often get top-down decisions that are best for those charged with making the decisions. The city says people are not interested in keeping the Swim Center because they have not brought “resources” to the table. But the people vote with their feet and those feet brought them to this city. One of the reasons for locating here is the Swim Center. 4,000 of them signed petitions to keep the Swim Center open. These people pay taxes for that purpose.  Currently the city is conducting referenda throughout our communities to determine if we want speed bumps. They could have held a referendum on the Swim Center. They did not because they know it would lose.
  One thing is certain, the Upstate is home to smart, proud African-Americans, European Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, Asian Americans et. al,. Swimming is something that brings us all together.
  Thank you for your leadership - so glad you are doing what you are doing and may God bless you mightily for your contributions to our children.

Christina Jeffrey, Ph.D.801 Palmetto St.
Spartanburg, SC 29302
H/O: (864) 948-1297
Cell:   (864) 431-6022

What sets her apart is not only her feminine gusto but her political acuity. You hear of many people as they've come on the scene that they're harrrrd right, meaning, you hope, finally going to show some grit against even Republican folderol. Too often they're paper tigers merely posing as very politically incorrect while inwardly angling for some position in the socialist Republican establishment. Not Christina -- this gal is even racially incorrect, and that's the last taboo before liberals throw you in the trash altogether! Search candidate christina jeffrey for wild stuff like....

Bigotry is not the problem. The communist duplicity of "anti-racist" demagoguery is -- and that, not minority members, are what people like Christina and I are trying to bust up.

I keep trying to sum up the diversity cult in passing at PN meetings. Unfortunately, the cult and its insane dogma from hell are expressly designed to blog quick summation -- if people finally see who's trying to destroy them, how far it's come, and the depraved anti-philosophy that drives it, it could be very bad for the leftist establishment's business.

I've tried to do it again here and failed. If you're already disgusted by what the self-appointed thought police in media, politics and religion are doing to inculcate and enforce diversity-mania, you probably already have the picture.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Roots of Sharpton -- rotten from the first

Anybody but me remember how the cheap imitation of Barry White known as the "Reverend" Al Sharpton grabbed his original 15 minutes of fame? I do -- 'twas his championing of another obvious racial scam artist, bogus hate crime victim Tawana Brawley. It was plastered over ever news surface in greater Zew York for weeks. The whole thing was a criminal swindle, and so is he:
Pay-up time for Brawley: '87 rape-hoaxer finally shells out for slander

Actually, Sharpton's very first break as a superstar nobody was the Howard Beach travesty of 1986... but I despair of waking up people to the existence of that pivotal moment in race history, or its importance. Liberaldom's twisted, lying version of it:

Both cases had the same shyster lawyers and same PC pope presiding. Look to these affairs for a nutshell summary of what's happened to ameriKa -- and where it's going.

Wish the news were more pleasant. If you want to feel good, read the radical-left Readers Digest. If you want a straight hit of bedrock reality, meet me here 5 to 7 nights a week.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Tax capo personally opposed to being fleeced and oppressed himself

"Acting IRS chief Danny Werfel" -- isn't that an Irish name?
IRS chief says he’d rather not switch to ObamaCare plan

Anybody out there happen to know the origin of the Werfel surname? I love names and languages, but this one's a mystery to me. I think it's Irish -- there's such a preponderance of Irish names in the running of things today I'm sure it can't be entirely healthy.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

A good sign: SC prostiticians beginning to curse their critics

Yes, when bad people say bad things about good people, it's a double negative -- and that's good!
S.C.'s New Hitmen

The Policy Council's Ashley Landess is one of the best people in SC today. Her kind, not B. Hussein Obummer or Eel E. Weasel. should be getting Nobel prizes.

.... A buzzphrase is needed for when you have a thesis and try to get it across to people with only foggy results, and then eventually Somebody Big says it too.
Natural National Defense

I've labored for 25 years to help people see that America was blessed from its founding to be an ocean away from both Europe and Asia, therefore properly uninvolved in the old world's affairs or subject to its cancers. One of the worst days in all of human history was that in which America started mistaking itself for God and appointing itself the lord over all creation. It was disastrous of us to go after Spain in 1898, monstrously stupid to jump into WW1, and it's been hell to pay ever since in one totally needless conflict after another.

Big ideas..... the cancer of history. /\/.\/\/.