Thursday, August 28, 2014

Respected people starting to acknowledge Obama is criminally insane

Bombs Away Over Syria! Washington Has Gone Stark Raving Mad

If you disagree, please explain: why is it that of all the crucial, life-or-death "issues" confronting Washington today, their first priority is to keep finding excuses to bomb the women and children of the Mideast?

Come on for real now. WHAT is motivating these people, really? It can't even be anything that meets the eye. It has to be some influence or agenda they're not telling us.

It has to.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The rally and more

Sorry I've been away -- the weekend was quite an involvement, and I've been busy since assessing its impact including news and net coverage. What I've found so far is at .

Just one of the many intense news headlines that's sailed in today: why people in New York could have seen what looked like planes hitting the towers on 9/11, even though, per Dr. Judy Wood, the event was actually accomplished with super-high-tech energy movement (apparently that's the main operative buzzword):

Retired Expert Pilot John Lear - No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11

Dr. Wood was fired from her teaching job at Clemson -- if I recall correctly, for broadcasting this very truth. It happened in the chronological wake of 9/11. She has spoken about the big subject at the Anderson County (SC) library and at least one PN meeting.

With the tech they've got today, don't but anything past them, I mean anything. As you're enjoying the mind-blowing special effects they've got in movies, please remember that what they can do in a movie they can and will do to the public for cynical political gain, with the technology for it growing as fast as that for your favorite digital games or wireless communication. They're actually reading minds electronically now!

The staging of a global "wow" phenomenon in the sky, e.g. the return of Deity as promised in some far Eastern scriptures of the 15th century BC or whatever, has been dramatized a number of times in TV and movie history. They one that comes to my mind first, partly because it's almost as old (1963) as I am, is

As I went to check it in Youtube just now, a perfect example of what I'm talking about showed first -- an ad for Dasani Drops Flavor Enhancer in which slices of colorful fruit are shown bouncing on piano keys, causing them to play a jazzy piece -- the keys turn into the type of fruit that hit them yet retain their shape.

Well, you've probably seen it yourself fifty times, plus yet more dazzling stuff -- hundreds of hours worth, just in TV ads alone. But did you ever stop and count the implications? If this is what business is doing using graphical genius on a free market basis like anybody could with the right training and programs, what must government be doing with it for pure evil?

It seems only the last segment of The Architects of Fear is readily available, but it's a meaningful one indeed -- readily transcending the "space alien" they government characters crudely concocted out of a human being and the producers so laughably depicted with 1960s technology:

Outer Limits The Architects of Fear Part Six

Dasani Drops is itself emblematic of the upside-down nature of life today. The strawberries, lemons and kiwis flying through the air in the ad are the essence of naturalness. But the product only compounds the idiocy and colossal wastefulness presented by commercially bottled water in the first place, except for those who live in one of the many areas of this country whose water supply human technology has brilliantly ruined.

Pardon my jaundice.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

RIP George Hansen.... and the Unknown Sailor

Well, this must be the end of an era. One of the earliest, highest-profile tax resisters has gone to his reward. Hope it's a good one -- during his time in the gulag, his persecution gave him real health problems including dental. The Great One used to sell his pioneering book.
Remembering George Hansen

But it's not today's only major loss. From another forum I write in:

Terry Halbardier, who - as a 23-year-old seaman in 1967 - thwarted Israeli attempts to sink the USS Liberty, died on Aug. 11 in Visalia, California. It took the U.S. government 42 years after the attack to recognize Halbardier’s heroism by awarding him the Silver Star, a delay explained by Washington’s determination to downplay Israeli responsibility for the 34 Americans killed and the 174 wounded. On June 8, 1967, during the Six-Day War, the Israeli military attacked the USS Liberty, an American spy ship which had been monitoring Israeli transmissions about the conflict. Intercepted Israeli communications indicated that the goal was to sink the Liberty and leave no survivors. Warplanes and torpedo boats had already killed 34 and wounded 174, when Halbardier slid over the Liberty’s napalm-glazed deck to jury-rig an antenna and get an SOS off to the Sixth Fleet. The Israelis intercepted the SOS and broke off the attack immediately. In effect, Halbardier prevented the massacre of all 294 onboard. Still, the infamy of the attack on the Liberty was twofold.

There are those willing to face the full ramifications of the terrorism embodied in both these martyrs' ordeals, and there are the vast majority of people who are not. I pity the latter, because they are unarmed.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Saluting the tyranny-defying micronations

Micronations are extremely small countries started by people sick of being pushed around by statist governments. Some micronations are theoretical only, or don't claim any physical territory, but some are deadly serious. Some are frivolous like the Cockatiel Empire:

I enjoy occasionally checking up on what may be the most famous one, the Principality of Sealand six miles off the coast of Suffolk, England. It was founded by its Prince the late Paddy Roy Bates, a onetime Major in the British army. Check it out online including zestful but not frivolous shows in Youtube. Strictly as a measure of its seriousness of purpose and long-term commitment, consider:

Roy Bates’ government had several confrontation[s] with the British including once when Roy's son Michael Bates fired at a British navy vessel that ventured too close to Sealand’s territory, leading to his arrest. But since the incident occurred outside British territorial waters, no charges could be pursued.

Reports of suicides on the tower were frequent, as the dull, cold rough North Sea coast drove some to madness [While the structure was still British government property].

Having a lust for freedom and independence is one thing, risking everything to defend your sovereignty is something few on earth would do -- like sentencing yourself to total isolation in a gaunt facility less than 1/10 the size of a football field. Yet the Sealanders have always had a sense of fun and irony about their mission.

Perhaps the most phenomenal micronation is the Principality of Hutt River.

Well -- "Australia is home to almost half of the world's micronations"! Wikipedia doesn't think the Principality is recognized by Australia, but the Principality makes a case to the contrary which makes perfect sense to me. Americans are dimly aware of the depredations of socialist dictatorship on agriculture, not to mention the abuse of forfeiture and eminent domain -- Constitutionalists and freedom lovers far more so.

An inquiry of mine and Hutt River's frosty response:

Sent: Saturday, 16 August 2014 4:20 AM
Subject: misc inquiry

Greetings. I salute you for your bold spirit of liberty and creativity. I'm planning to purchase a piece of Sealand and perhaps become nobility there. Do you make any such offers?

Many thanks -- /\/.\/\/., M.Mus.

Dear Sir

Thank you for your email.

The Principality of Hutt River came to be as a result of legal battles between the land holders, the Commonwealth of Australia, the State of Western Australia and the British Crown. The battle was over a wrongful wheat quota, a quota that if not fought against, or if the fight were lost, would have resulted in not only the loss of future income but in our case the resumption of the land by the Government without recompense, as they were threatening, something that obviously had to be fought against.

The result of the legal battle as it developed was the secession of the land as the only choice in the end, something which the laws at the time allowed for, given the circumstance. This was all achieved in the courts, using the applicable laws at the time; it was not something sought after or aimed at but simply the resultant progression of a legal battle.

It is fact that the secession of this land was achieved using the law and that the PHR continues self-rule after more than 43 years with no involvement of the Australian State or Federal governments apart from small annoyances every now and then.

Being recognised in law is also the reason why all resident subjects of the PHR are declared non-resident in Australia by the ATO with no taxes payable (to Australia)  and no social services are paid from Australia to the PHR, nor any Medicare etc etc.

All resident subjects of the PHR were removed from the Australian Electoral Rolls by the Australian authorities after the secession was declared and social security cheques received in the weeks following secession were claimed back by the Australian Commonwealth and were returned to them. All taxes are now paid to the PHR Government by resident subjects at the PHR applicable rates and the welfare of the PHR subjects resident in the PHR is the responsibility of the government of the PHR.

Declaring independence is not something that can be done simply because someone thinks it a good idea or because of some squabble or simple disagreement, neither of which applied in the case of the Principality of Hutt River.
It is simply not possible to wake one day and decide that you do not agree with the laws of the land where you live and therefore form your own nation, if it were we would all be living in a state of anarchy.

With regards the many that contact us seeking advice or assistance I'm afraid it is the strict policy of Prince Leonard and the Government of this nation not to involve itself in matters that concern others, just as we do not like outsiders interfering in our concerns. No-one here is qualified to offer legal advice nor able to become involved in advising on matters such as secession etc. We therefore do not offer discussions or advice to the many who think that they can do the same or who would like to separate themselves from something they do not agree with.

The Honours and Awards of the PHR are not offered for sale nor available to be purchased.

If a so called 'honour/award' may be purchased from anywhere then print your own, it's cheaper and just as worthless.

I trust this answers your question.


Principality of Hutt River 
Via Western Australia 6535

Don't miss this micronation right here in the Untied [sic] States: "While the protest that sparked the creation of the Conch Republic (and others which have occurred since then) have been described by some as "tongue-in-cheek", they were motivated by frustrations over genuine concerns. The original protest event was motivated by a U.S. Border Patrol roadblock and checkpoint which greatly inconvenienced residents and was detrimental to tourism in the area."


Saturday, August 16, 2014

The sheeple and their priorities: Robin Williams, demigod

Among videos highlighted at the Youtube homepage, note which ones have racked up millions of views at astounding rates:

Jimmy Pays Tribute to Robin Williams

Conan Remembers Robin Williams, The Best Talk Show Guest In The World

The Best Robin Williams Moments | Mashable

  • by Mashable 
  • 4 days ago

The first one has racked up roughly 4,209,460 per day That means

175,394 per hour
48 per second
1,536,452,900 at an annual rate

The last calculation of over one-and-one-half billion is just for fun, but may not be beyond the realm of possibility. Perhaps it's a point of pride that 4,209,460 people didn't attend the fine PN meeting last night in Greenville. (You were missed.) No, we only had a restaurant meeting room half-full, but our very select and discerning crowd of activists were there to talk about what really matters -- including Robin Williams, but not from a "Jimmy" or "Conan" perspective.

No, in my portion of the presentations I passed on the theory, semi-original with me, that Williams and friends staged his extremely strange exit as a cover for getting him off the fame treadmill. A far-fetched theory or a more likely reality, what with the cultural tokens of his death that occurred almost simultaneously with it?

I hated Robin Williams as I hate all who use culture to destroy the soul and morality of the sheeple. Don't call me evil. These same media who love to smear patriots as nasty extremists tell Americans exactly who and what to hate in every day's news -- Muslims and Germans, for instance.

I was discrete enough, however, not to mention to the group that I consider Williams an ugly, talentless, narcissistic imp. This was obvious as soon as I accidentally caught a few minutes of the vastly overrated Mork and Mindy show in 1978. And now we're stuck with his work (if you can call it that) for the rest of time -- indeed the worship and adoration thrown at him will multiply as people deal with the fact that they'll never (SOB!!!) see their darling "perform" live again!

Say, media moguls have often said that a particular "star" would be worth more to them dead than alive in terms of CD, DVD and other product sales. Cui bono? If (!) a star could fake his death, wouldn't he cash in bigger than ever before too?

Provided of course that his management and moguls were tacitly in on the scam -- minor detail in an age where the media literally are a matrix in which people live, move and have their being, and they'll swallow virtually any lie a president or news reader puts forth. I'd love to know how many people still think Hong Kong is in Brazil -- apparently at least one network bimbette and Chyron artist do:

Oh, boy, this is featured at the above site today:
Bozell & Graham Column: Overdoing the Death of Robin Williams 
Was it newsworthy, so much so that news networks would break into their regular afternoon programming to broadcast live the first official law enforcement press conference surrounding Williams' death?

"Law enforcement press conference"???????

Pardon my jaundice.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Torture is just fine with these signatories to laws against it
War Crimes: Is Obama Looking for a Bailout?

We hanged Nazis for supposedly torturing people. It's different with us, though, because whatever we do becomes right as soon as we do it (just as whatever a gliberal says becomes true the instant she says it, regardless of obvious facts and logic).

We hanged Nazis for "just following orders" as any soldier or sailor in any army anywhere is commanded to do and powerless to resist. Yet our troops are committing war crimes so monstrous that they come home from battle with ruined souls.

We've invaded and tortured whole countries on the excuse that our own demons are hiding there -- clearly not only illegal, but psychopathic, paranoid and Orwellian.

Washington's excuse for its post-9/11 crimes against humanity is "Gee we were caught off guard. We didn't know who was out there planning to what to us. You must understand, we were thrown into an extremely difficult situation and had to DO something!" In other words, THEY FAILED at doing the most BASIC jobs they're elected and appointed to do for us. They're magnificent at spying on and criminalizing us, blithering idiots at monitoring putatively real terrorists even as they're putatively running around the country plotting to blow up gigantic buildings and going to school to learn how to fly planes but not (ha, ha) land them.

If what they tell us is true, they don't in fact know a thing about defending us from anybody. Yet their response to to every crisis is to multiply the bureaucracy to incomprehensible new levels, rewarding themselves with vastly expensive new agencies and gleaming state-if-the-art facilities, despite their obvious artlessness. How many ameriKans ever even look askance at the existence of the laughably-misnamed Department of Homeland Security? Probably about the same number who give any thought to the ridiculous requirement that all new construction include the digging out of a mosquito pit on the pretext of stopping erosion.

We hated the Soviets for 69 years because of their free and capricious invasion of other countries (notably Afghanistan) and recreational brutalization of civilian populations. But when we do it it's fine because of a notion sickeningly dubbed "American exceptionalism".

This means we get to do whatever we want, simply because we can. For post-lawful ameriKa, might makes right, and the hell with you if you don't like it. We're "exceptional" meaning all countries have to obey the basic rules of human life "except" us.

We are despicable for doing it. I'm despicable for even existing in a country where the citizenry lets it pass year after year, day after day, blithely going about its business reassuring itself that politics can conveniently be left in the hands of politicians. You don't need to take your alarm clock apart to make sure it's doing it's job right, and for most people, that's the attitude to their party's iconic politicians as well.

We are monsters. Every single one of us that's not doing what Alex Jones is doing shares part of the blame for this situation -- and even they in their daily lives are making ample use of the raw materials we in effect steal from countries far less powerful than ourselves via war or industry.

It's inevitable if you live in a wealthy country. It's the American way of life!

I'm still seeing shameless pseudo-patriotic "Power of Pride" bumper stickers on vehicles 13 years into the "war" on Afghanistan. Pride goeth before a fall..... THIS JUST IN from another of Washington's celebrated "war" fronts:
No charges, no nothing For Passenger Lists: Amtrak employee took $854,460 in bribes from DEA for providing customer lists


"Mission accomplished"..... IS President Bush available for comment, please?
The Irony Of “Mission Accomplished”: The US Is Now Bombing Its Own Guns In Iraq

Wasn't it in the Korean "action" that soldiers first noticed the bombs being lobbed at them bore American markings?


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Extra! Extra! Socialist "programs" merely make things worse
Study: 'Cash for Clunkers' an even bigger lemon than thought

It's said this one was merely aimed at getting people into cars with more modern surveillance built in. Cars have joined the ranks of other things in our lives that spy on us and can reportedly even be guided by a third party to a desired destination. They can also be shut down en masse if the fedgov should ever decide to put us under full martial law. Onstar is a wonderful thing for keeping your grandmother safe, but for you it would mean a third party having a record of everywhere you go, and when. So does your cell phone, but why give them more and more layers of data on yourself?

Thinking people saw Cash for Clunkers as socialist embarrassment #3,489,037 as soon as it was first mentioned. They're spying on everything we do now, including the words I'm typing and you're reading. I've been due for a two-year replacement Smartphone since April, but don't plan on opting it each new generation of them has even more spyware built in.

This just in too -- brilliant translation of Obamian doublespeak:
The United States Is In Fact An Orwellian Tyranny-Obama Statements At The National Defense University 


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Never mind the scandal. Never mind destruction of evidence. IRS continues rampage
The IRS’s God Complex 
The tax agency signs a secret pact with atheists, promising it will investigate 99 churches

This article astutely points out the obvious: the IRS can go after all the conservatives it wants, but it's only convicting itself all the more of selective prosecution/persecution. It isn't bothered in the least by the flagrant double standard, the blatant hypocrisy, the open communism of its crimes. It's going to go on doing what it does as if the recent scandals had never occurred.

That is of course because Congress, Republicans included, has done basically nothing to stop it. Regrettably, neither have the Christian pew-warmers for the most part. Is it mere coincidence that 501c3 preachers tell the faithless faithful over and over, in word and implication, that they're under no obligation to concern themselves with messy worldly political matters?

Or that (ha, ha, GUFFAW!) IRS agents are "God's ministers unto us for righteousness."

"The IRS's God complex" -- would that be the IRS thinking it's God, or hating and defying the true and living God?


The real Gulf War Syndrome: presidential fetishes

This "Bomb bomb Iraq" business was ultimately precipitated by Reagan, a pezident first elected 33 years ago. He bombed Libya in 1986, killing one of Gaddafi's children, this beginning the endless cycle of American communist attacks on the Mideast 28 years ago -- one-tenth of the way back to the middle colonial era and one-eighth of the time period since the Constitution was adopted.

Thus the "bomb bomb Iraq" era takes up a notable chunk of America's history as a sovereign nation. For what? Is this really what we want to be defined by for the rest of time?
Obama Is Fourth Straight President To Bomb Iraq: Is It Working Yet?

I thought Doug Bandow was with Rolling Stone magazine and had come over to the truth side, but he's actually a Cato Institute guy of colorful history:

He can't be stupid since he calls ISIL by its proper name, not the childish solecism Isis that dominates the cliché- and meme-driven mass media.

How many more presidents will be Iraq genocidists? Senator John the Son of Cain promised us 100 years of the "war on terror". Do we get credit for time served under Bush-41 and Clinton?
Behold, the biggest contribution to the civilized world by the US military-industrial complex and their administration puppets:
Operation Desert Shield
Operation Desert Storm
Operation Provide Comfort I and II
Operation Southern Watch
Operation Desert Strike
Operation Northern Watch
Operation Desert Fox
Operation Southern Focus
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation New Dawn
Operation [Provide Humanitarian Aid]

In concocting out title for today I wasn't forgetting for a minute that our pezidents are nothing but clever dispensers of candy concocted by hidden entities for the sheep to clamp down on.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

The terror thing hacked

I've just watched a great video -- 25 Things You Never Knew About Chocolate. Incredibly, it divulged that white chocolate isn't actually chocolate! No wonder I've never been able to stand the stuff. To think of them calling it chocolate all these years -- how could they? The chocolate industry, the stores and advertisers, all of them. Glad we got that mystery cleared up (why something called chocolate tastes more like soap).

Terror is a very popular word today -- it has to be in the top 10 of favorites. Which do you suppose we hear more mentions of, terror or chocolate? I think it's at least as important to have the whole truth here too.

There's a "war on terror" going on. Am I the only one who thinks that's a ridiculous name for it, considering (#1) we're the real terrorists and above all (#2) terror is an emotion, not a political tactic?

A war on terror would be a push to stop people, somebody or other, from feeling terrified. The present conflict isn't calming or reassuring me, it terrifies me to think that my country and my supposed White House and Congress are capable of such endless, gratuitous killing under pretenses that were never anything but transparent.

Bush the Younger couldn't even pronounce "nuclear", so I'd like to know what he was doing anywhere near the doomsday switch. I've never heard David Cameron, Angela Merkel or other head of state try to say this Latino-English word but I can promise you they'd have no trouble getting it right. Oh -- hear you go:

David Cameron is also a colossal fraud and gangster, but at least Britons don't have to hear him mangle basic English the ameriKan way.

In there's a story that confused me:
Terror-filled flight as plane’s engine fails over Atlantic

Terror.... plane flight.... failure over the Atlantic.... but I don't see any mention of terrorists?

Were there terrorists involved, as the headline implies? Help me out here. OH -- the writer is agreeing with me, terror is the feeling that came over the passengers on knowing the plane was having technical difficulties. But does that positively mean there weren't any Arabs with box cutters, a bomb, a crazy person smoking in the rest room of anything?

Just trying to get the picture.


Chuck Baldwin's research on the uselessness of pastors

Uh, did I just say the uselessness of pastors? Must have been that in my rush to share this item I couldn't think of a more diplomatic, less sweeping term for it. The clergy are so great at helping people through emotional crises, I've experienced it....... but the nagging question remains wouldn't there be a great deal fewer of those problems if pastors and pew-warmers were together grabbing hold of the "political" issues and dealing with them as is so urgently needed? You can't have healthy individuals in a depraved, murderous, satanic society. You can't have a just, orderly society in which life is affordable if there's no vigorous, uncompromised spiritual leadership.

My God, did I put the noble churchgoing faithful down wholesale as "pew-warmers"? What's come over me? Oh, but look how socially improper Pastor Baldwin waxes on the subject:
New Research: Pastors Deliberately Keeping Flock In The Dark

Some call it politics, I call it political moral issues. If it's wrong for you to run around shooting your neighborhood up because you don't like your neighbors' way of life or simply want their stuff, it's wrong for Washington to run around greater Israel shooting up its neighbors on a pretense of chasing down our own demons or bringing those countries liberation. The mere fact that the politicians have the full blessing of the media and in turn the nation's TV watchers doesn't make it right or less ghastly, merely more prestigious (c.f. the "honor" and "respect" that are central to Mafia culture).

Politics is merely the moral issues concerning us all collectively. That's all it is. If you disagree, please indicate where the dividing line is between it and religion, would you? (After revisiting yesterday's posting here on theocracy, agreed?)

The traditional enemies of truth have bought off or strongarmed every institution in ameriKa. In religion, they've taken over the seminaries and set up tax benefits to make churches corporations and buy off the preachers. On moving to Dixie I eagerly visited churches and scouted for any sign of "political" boldness. Disappointed over and over, I sometimes asked them why no mention -- their answers were blessedly smug but none too clear.

Maybe my first mistake was traveling with my Bible and notebooks in a briefcase. Spoke to one good radio preacher before he was about to do a service and he was clearly sweating bullets all through it.

Another case really took the cake. One of the few moral issues they've ever gotten exercised about was the gambling schemes that have plagued South Carolina. The state is Constitutionally barred from having a lottery, but that matters not to our politicians and other opportunists.

The 1990s fight against video poker here was very valid. Since gambling and drinking are the only two sins whose existence churches have acknowledged for most of the past century, they all got involved, held big public meetings and carried on in full regalia. Well, one pulpiteer actually wrote in a guest editorial in the Greenville News that since it was a political issue, he had a hands-off policy on it!

In other words, he was a supposed heir to Martin Luther, the great fearless Baptists by whose blood the Bill of Rights was painfully birthed, or some other tradition, had a policy of the government-media complex getting first dibs on everything. If that colossus took up a subject it was off-limits to him. Hopefully by now it's crossed his mind that that's a statement of who his god really is, his highest authority.

Our age is ironic if nothing else, isn't it.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Efforts to make other countries clones of ourselves

whether by plastic surgery or forcing them into a given mold are a total disaster. Support our troops -- ISIS and all that!
Washington Opened The Gates Of Hell In Iraq: Now Come The Furies

Golly gee, who could have foreseen it? Well, even the most hidebound socialist do-gooder warmonger could if they'd only listened to us peaceniks. Now, even some of most rock-ribbed interventionists are saying it's a total disaster and attempting it was the heights of folly. They're not apologizing for having worked around the clock for a decade to get the assaults going and then prettify them in the ear of the public, but you can't have everything.

The warmakers really have no excuse. Forget what we had to say to them in 2001 (as in with Somalia debacle and many others) -- one look at history would have shown them it was idiotic at best. Giving common sense ten seconds of its day in court would have done it, but sense ain't so common as it (I think) once was.

The worst part is they're still only listening to each other. They refuse to listen to those that used to be in that category -- Pat Buchanan or Paul Craig Roberts, for instance, and now Mr. Stockman, former Director of the federal Office of Management and Budget. But you and I can, and we can spread this crucial truth far and wide. Won't you share this posting with a few friends -- for the Cause? Thanks to all who will!

For the truth -- /\/.\/\/.

PS Did you know our problems stem from THEOCRACY in officially, virulently atheist ameriKa?

"...There is no escaping theocracy. A government’s laws reflect its morality, and the source of that morality (or, more often than not, immorality) is its god. It is never a question of theocracy or no theocracy, but whose theocracy. The American people, by way of their elected officials, are the source of the Constitutional Republic’s laws. Therefore, the Constitutional Republic’s god is WE THE PEOPLE.
"People recoil at the idea of a theocracy’s morality being forced upon them, but because all governments are theocracies, someone’s morality is always being enforced. This is an inevitability of government. The question is which god, theocracy, laws, and morality will we choose to live under?..."

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Freest country in the world? Juries not always the brightest

Sadly ironic that this story should pop up (in the immortal just when various states are decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana.

A Davenport, Iowa, jury convicted terminal-cancer patient Benton Mackenzie, 48, in July on four marijuana-growing felonies, even though his purpose was to harvest cannabis oil to treat his bloody lesions and the grapefruit-sized tumor on his buttocks. The judge had barred Mackenzie and his lawyer from even mentioning the illness in court -- because of a 2005 Iowa precedent (even though the Iowa legislature has subsequently allowed medical marijuana to treat seizures). Mackenzie's wife, his 73-year-old parents, his son and a friend were also charged with assisting Mackenzie's "operation" (though Mackenzie was almost surely the only "customer"). Mackenzie, who testified and was, of course, sworn to tell "the whole truth," said he was "flabbergasted" to learn that "the whole truth" excludes anything about his illness. [Des Moines Register, 7-10-2014; Quad City Times, 5-30-2014]

Law, government and courts are supposed to promote just and save people from bureaucratic torture -- not sentence them to it. It's depressing enough that the precedent mentioned was invoked, presumably by a lawyer or prosecutor, but ten times more so to realize that most people in a draft pool have no clue as to their real powers, most notably nullification.

Pray to God every day that you never fall victim to a corrupt or faulty "justice" system.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Your tax dollars at work

Always benefiting The Other, never yourself, your family, your future. Everything for Them, nothing for us.
IRS Abolishes Mandatory Expiration Dates For Illegal Immigrants’ Taxpayer Status 

Many headlines are ambiguous -- this one, like so many, leads to a nasty rather than happy surprise.

For those who've ever had a soft spot in their heart for the poor downtrodden unloved newcomers, the time is now to come to terms with the fact that it's a matter of replacement demographics. The powers that be hate Americans so much (yes, even though we elect and salary them) that they're deliberately, systematically, unswervingly driving us out of our own place and nation by stuffing the country full of the least desirable, least assimilable aliens they can find worldwide.

They're not helping people come here for a better life but to totally dispossess, supplant and uproot YOU! Whatever the System does, it claims to do the opposite -- you know, like destroying one foreign country after another under color of bringing it "democracy", normally in the form of a new government personally chosen by the mobsters in Washington and forced on those countries at gunpoint.

Actually, these policies make no sense at all. They don't even benefit our overlords -- they simply hate us enough to wipe us out by whatever means necessary, even if it ruins everything for themselves. It's a matter of deeply enshrined religious chapter and verse in specific ways I can't detail here.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Liberals think that if they say something it instantly becomes true

Retroactively by centuries, if need be.
Founding Fathers Rip Obama’s Muslim ‘Fabric’

This has to be his most colossal idiocy since he told America's creators, entrepreneurs, and self-made successes "you didn't build that".

"You didn't build that" -- four of the most mind-blowingly stupid and insulting things ever dished at the sheeple.

True to their ovine nature, they just took it!


A shocking, genuine hate crime you won't hear about in Indianopolis or San Diego

Or maybe in South Carolina.
NC rocked by racial hate crime murder of 2011 Teacher of the Year

Get a load of the killer's picture. He's smiling with warm self-satisfaction, knowing that he has acted as the masters of media and socialist government have programmed and prodded him to since the day he was born. From the look of his dreadlocks, his mother spent a lot more time steeping him in hoodlum culture than in basic morality.

If you think this must be a fairly unique case of news horror and news suppression, be assured that it's merely one headline in one day's lineup at the Council of Conservative Citizens site. Others buzzing about there just now:

NC rocked by racial hate crime murder of 2011 Teacher of the Year
Police: 12 year old black kid killed random white Jacksonville man for the fun of it
Obama Terror! Federal goons seize forty collectible cars for possible non-EPA compliance
Left-wing states are losing the most income
Video of Tinley Park terrorist attack by left-wing gang

There's more every day there -- don't miss a morsel. Tell everybody you know where to turn for the news the "mainstream" media are censoring. What's really happening out there is ghastly and soul-numbing. It's a sin to keep it all to yourself!


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Obamacare in a very few, painfully true words

Here are the 10,535 pages of Obama Care condensed to 4 sentences

As humorous as this sounds ... every last word of it is TRUE !!

Here are the 10,535 pages of the actual Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ( i.e. .... OBAMACARE ) condensed / boiled down to 4 sentences.

1.  In order to insure the uninsured, we must first uninsure the insured
2.  Next, we must require that the newly uninsured are to b e re-insured
3.  To re-insure the newly uninsured, they must be required to pay EXTRA charges to be re-insured
4.  The EXTRA CHARGES are required so that the original insured, who became uninsured and then became re-insured can pay enough extra so that the
           original uninsured can be insured which will be free of charge to them.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is called a "redistribution of wealth" .... more commonly known by the real name which is SOCIALISM.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Thousands of fedgov office workers paid to surf porn

Or as they put it, there's not enough work to do at their bureaucracies.
Porn-surfing feds blame boredom, lack of work for misbehavior

The solution should be obvious -- fire them, possibly by the millions. The irony will perhaps be lost on some folks -- this happens at the very time that Obamacare is forcing innumerable businesses to cut workers hours by a day or so (the "eight hours" cited in the text.

Speaking of naivety, get this -- gratuitous filthy language warning:
Yes! I Think Obama Is A Horrible President Because I'm A Racist! You Got Me Mr Attorney General

Apparently it's a popular youtube channel -- it was the source of today's BrasscheckTV video featuring Julian Assange in person. But how can an otherwise intelligent person throw around the absolutes he does -- "NOBODY" in his right mind thought W's election was legit (the fraud of Obama's not mentioned ???), and "THE ENTIRE WORLD" was ecstatic when Obummer ascended to power?

Has he actually forgotten the way Obummer was hated from the word go because he was so clearly a happy creation and delighted plaything of the establishment? Not criticizing this Michael dude since he is speaking the truth now so vehemently, albeit still naive as anything and full of toilet lingo that adds nothing to his presentation and drags everything into the same sewer the Obummercrats do.

They are political pornography, he is verbal sewage. And yes, Mr. Michael Sir, lots of us consider Clinton a sickening wretch from hell and would have even without his bimbo embarrassments.