Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Finally, a decent article exposing the "color revolutions" lie

Surely you feel it too? Every time the media go misty-eyed with sentiment or appreciation about something, it's concentrated "new world order" evil in reality. Our overlords live in a deranged, deluded yet hyper-destructive fantasy realm where they get to use ameriKa's fantastic wealth and technology to rape/murder other countries at will. We live the real world where the smog of propaganda is absolutely gagging 24/7/365 -- but thank God, there are times when these major trends actually get charted and exposed as they ought:

The History and Science of Color Revolutions, Part 4

Color is of course a big way the System loves to bamboozle the public. They killed the bill of rights from 1950 to 2000 on a pretext of promoting the "rainbow" of rapturous human "diversity" and have got people continuing to write songs and weave flower garlands over it. Everybody loves pretty colors, right? Sort of like when they promote the wonders of multi-ethnic cuisine to reassure us that a nation without borders is still a nation.

In short, they treat us like children -- and this works beautifully for them, because truthfully, there are very few actual mature adults in this country. 

Pardon my fatalism....


Sunday, April 27, 2014

A killing irony

Even Under American Occupation, Iraqis Have More Gun Rights Than Americans!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Latest tax scandal: cigarettes

Authorities at every level of government tax us grossly more than they need to. Why are they surprised when blowback occurs?

High Cigarette Taxes Turning Smokers Into Smugglers

And where but New York would we see this phenomenon centered! Let me guess: they're going to commission STUDIES on what to do about this problem.... but will they face the extremely basic fact that when the market gets rigged, the black market kicks in just like clockwork?

We have no choice. I'm not a smoker, but for once I almost feel solidarity with those who are.



PS... seen this?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What IS terror, if not power abuse generally?

It seems more overuse a trigger-word gets, the more of its meaning gets gutted. Social security has destroyed financial privacy and with it a great deal of the security people used to enjoy. "Homeland security" is such a fine-sounding phrase that I have to catch myself from grooving on it momentarily every time I hear or read it. After all, it's nothing but governmentese for "Here's a gigantic new bureaucracy with a lying name to cover fraudulent goals in the wake of our own in-house 9/11 atrocity, and above all, to give constituents such feelings of fright as to never enjoy another moment of repose."

Similarly, the words terror and terrorism have been totally Orwellized in our time. Terror is an emotion; you can't logically have a war on it any more than you can profess to be stamping out hate (which the power mafia also claim). Before Boy George Bush's 9/11 field day, terrorism actually had a meaning that most people could recognize if not identify with: government, crime gangs or any other entity attempting to force an agenda by committing (or ratifying) acts that strike enough fear into the public's heart's that they'll comply with it. My handy thumbnail definition is, I think, perfectly in keeping with sane pre-9/11 dictionaries: making an example of a few individuals or groups in order to frighten the masses into submission.

There have been many terrorist phenomena in our own time and place. For a century or more, labor unions have sporadically used terrorism to get what they want, whether it be against the corporations they oppose or the workers that opt not to join union efforts. The chaotic, ruinous 1960s were marked by such diverse terrorists as the Weather Underground, the Symbionese Liberation Army and Black Panthers. More recently you'll remember the Unabomer/Unibomber and Earth Liberation Front -- yes, I'm highlighting known leftwing cases since you hear almost nothing about them in the (ha, ha) "mainstream" media.

But above all, I personally find that our own governments operate by terror now. Even in local towns and cities, people who speak up against corruption face consequences -- higher property taxes, bureaucratic screwups. Needless to say, the fedgov uses the IRS as a literal KGB, striking absolute terror into most people's hearts and roughing up a president or other bigwig's critics with harassment audits or other bureaucratic rot. The number of patriotic leaders the Establishment has murdered outright is staggering -- lots of them before drones and Ayrabs began hitting headlines.

There's terrorism in workplaces -- need any explanation on that one? Anyway, I just came across this page -- merely a gag item in a "fun" site, sort of like the very un-funny but very major news items carried as entertainment in "weird news" features:

Oxford Dictionary, The Definition of Terrorism - WTF fun facts

Do check in at the above site from time to time. Some of you will laugh at material like the smashing, crushing 11 words above -- some of you will gain political fodder and briefing in it. Count me among the latter crowd, and please keep nuttynewstoday.com and newsoftheweird.com handy.

One more request -- get THIS too, in toto:

Study from Princeton & Northwestern declares US to be an Oligarchy based on 1,779 policies

Two professors, one from Princeton and one from Northwestern University, looked at 1,779 public policies enacted by the US government between 1981 to 2002.

They say the empirical data shows that the interests of the elites and special interests outweighs the interests of the majority. Their data shows that public policy lines up with the policies advocated by interest groups and elites, even when those policies were opposed by a majority of the population.

The study is slated to be published in the fall 2014 edition of Perspectives on Politics.

Oh wow, here's the report itself:


.....Oh, no -- my new addiction!

what percent of the money is cash? -  WTF fun facts


Monday, April 21, 2014

Hateful federal law to boomerang on itself?

Former Govt Official Jatras: Tax Act May Force Partial US Debt Default

Bizarrely, the measure in question is the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), which was put in to destroy Americans' hope of escaping the time bomb of America's self-destructing economy by stashing their assets abroad:

FATCA is scheduled to begin July 1. "[It] supposedly is aimed at American tax cheats with money stashed abroad," Jatras writes in an opinion piece for Forbes.
"But instead of singling out suspected tax evaders, FATCA . . . requires all non-U.S. financial institutions . . . in every country in the world to report data on all specified U.S. accounts to the IRS."
But how can the U.S. government enforce that requirement?
"Simple: the threat of economic sanctions," Jatras argues. "Non-U.S. institutions deemed 'recalcitrant' would be subjected to 30 percent 'withholding' from U.S.-sourced payments, effectively shutting them out of America's financial market."
Payments to be withheld include "any payment of interest, dividends, [etc.] . . . if such payment is from sources within the United States," FATCA states.
"No exception is provided for interest payments on U.S. government securities," Jatras warns. And that means default.
"In the end, no one really knows how this will work, which is part of the problem. Foreign purchases of U.S. Treasury securities and the reliability of interest payments are essential to America's financial stability. Even a slight market change in U.S. borrowing costs could have a disastrous impact on the deficit and our economy."
If the United States ever did default on its debt, the outcome could be as bad as Lehman Brothers' failure in 2008, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

So, why don't they just add that exception to the law? Or ignore the part they don't like, like they always do nowadays.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Not all pop stars are decadent: Charlie Daniels' Resurrection Day message

Somehow it just doesn't seem possible.

The Season

If Charlie's not a drug addicted whoremonger and culture destroyer, why do the others feel they have to be?

If they're all wraiths from hell, does that mean Charlie should be?

I'm trying to be logical here.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Great, brief Sheriff Mack interview .... and what a song!

What a song.

Sheriff Richard Mack Calls out Glenn Beck over his handling of Bundy Ranch


Friday, April 18, 2014

A question that could get you in real trouble -- don't think about it for more than five seconds

What’s the Matter with John Kerry? 
Special Report: As a young warrior and senator, John Kerry stood up to politicians who spread propaganda that misled the public and got people killed. Now, as a 70-year-old Secretary of State, he has become what he once challenged, reports Robert Parry.

Haha, what's the matter with John Kerry. What's the matter with John Kerry! I'll bet even his psychiatrist, if any, couldn't tell us. Let's see.... is he such a Frankenstein because he took acting lessons from the famously wooden Algore? Is he corrupt because as soon as the System spotted him as a worthless but serviceable blob of protoplasm, they started him on the path to political stardom?

You tell us! Could this article be telling us that he's a political brand freak -- party crimes are only crimes if done by Republicans?

Or is he wracked with guilt, knowing how filthy rich he is, while million of the poor are not only starving around the world but being miserably killed and dispossessed to feed ameriKa's soulless, materialistic life, as emblemized by limousine liberals like him.


Great satire -- more devastating than a year's worth of establishment "news"

FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States - The Onion

What a shame that politicians take themselves so seriously -- otherwise they'd be able to see the great sense and logic of the above, bring the military home and declare peace.

Self-importance is a grave error. My fourth-grade teacher wrote on my report card that young Nelson "takes himself too seriously". You must understand that my folks took me to Williamsburg and Jamestown and my Virginian grandparents filled my head with all kinds of excitement about what it represented, not least since the Revolution was basically a family project of our'n. To me, school in New Jersey was unbearably banal.

The politicians, however, have no such excuse. They think they're God and their fondest wish is to steal his throne. And I'm convinced that it's because of just such brain waves that tyranny gallops on year after year -- the "elite' are incapable of getting themselves into perspective as little mortal beings that put on one sock at a time, not royalty and not a priesthood.

Speaking of which, you absolutely must hear Larkin Rose's interview on the Tom Woods show. It covers this ground outstandlingly! Rose is so dynamic, so passionate, so down to earth, so real, that I think you won't mind his ostensible radicalism!


This just in --

Scalia to Student: If Taxes Get Too High ‘Perhaps You Should Revolt’

If taxes get too high.....?!?!??!?!!!!?!?


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A beautiful, fresh, short summary of taxes -- income and variants

It occurs a minute or two before the 1:22:30 point here:

Top Economists Explains the Source of Our Economic Struggles

This is a harrowing account of our belligerent, wasteful, fraudulent society's impact on ourselves and (more crucially) others around the world. Prepare to have your heart broken right where it needs it -- and watch (or hear) the whole thing. Please!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Greenvegas wants to raise taxes again!

Letter in a PN egroup -- /\/.

Again, please vote NO on the 1 percent sales tax increase. Take the money out of the $400,000,000+ in net proceeds that exceed the county's liabilities shown in the 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report instead! 


Dear Chairman Taylor,

 There is absolutely NO reason to squeeze Greenville county residents for more money for $60,000,000 in road repairs

when the county has the level of available resources it does mentioned in the notes on page 11 and page 20 of the pdf.

Thanks for your thoughtful, reasonable consideration in advance and for making the responsible and not greedy decision to

handle the road repairs using  state money set aside for the purpose or other existing money 

other than by gouging the taxpayers for more.  In fact not only should there be no new taxes, but rather a tax DECREASE

should be being considered.


E. Harding

Monday, April 14, 2014

Is the IRS "liberal"? Sure looks that way -- decade after decade

It's biggest fans and most willing subjects have, in my experience, been "liberals".

IRS Officials Illegally Campaigned for Obama While Working

Wow, look at the related stories linked below this one -- and their sources!

Watchdog: IRS Workers Urged Taxpayers to Reelect Obama, Disparaged GOP (by Josh Hicks, Washington Post)
Pro-Obama Chant Lands IRS Customer Service Employee in Hot Water (by Charles Clark, Government Executive)
George W. Bush Staff Illegally Used Taxpayer Funds for Political Purposes (by Noel Brinkerhoff and David Wallechinsky, AllGov)
Bush Cabinet Secretaries Illegally Campaigned at Taxpayer Expense, Report Finds (by Devin Dwyer, ABC News)
GSA Chief Violated Hatch Act, Special Counsel's Report Alleges (by Robert O'Harrow Jr. and Scott Higham, Washington Post)
Investigation of Political Activities by White House and Federal Agency Officials during the 2006 Midterm Elections (U.S. Office of Special Counsel) (pdf)

David Wallechinsky is the son of famous un-conservative author and screenwriter Irving Wallace. They used to co-write with David's sister Amy some un-conservative books I used to enjoy pre-revelation such as the People's Almanac. Turns out David is the founder and editor-in-chief of AllGov.com, the site I've linked the above article from. Wikipedia calls him a populist; the site is a rich vein -- keep track of it.


Two little words back in circulation

I'm getting very emotional about this business in Nevada -- because it our side really wins long-term, it's a revival of the real, classic America that we mostly don't even dare believe actually happened way back when.

Nevada range fight revives 'Sagebrush Rebellion'

The writer of this piece shares my concern. Subheading: "The federal Bureau of Land Management returned a Nevada rancher’s cattle, avoiding a potentially dangerous confrontation. But the legal fight over grazing fees continues."

The Sagebrush Rebellion was a wave of similar resistance out west 20 years ago. It was totally hot at the time, but then went the way of all rebellions in this country -- it fizzled as working, ranching people came to realize there was no strong support from among the sheeple.

I think the people are madder now, God bless 'em -- but only time will tell. If we are now serious, the peaceful resolution of the present situation could, who knows, well, maybe serve as the pattern for all further incidents.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Less-known "film noir" starts with interesting artifact

Noir is a genre of movies that are... well.... classically grim, sordid, suspenseful. And on that account there are no better plot subjects than Hollywood itself -- the heartless, soulless people who bring us bouncy, beautiful movies that touch our hearts and fill our souls.

With a title like this, I somehow expected something more touching than sordid -- but it is about movie makers after all and the normal people who get tangled up in their lives
In a Lonely Place 1950 Alfred Hitchcock (Humphrey Bogart) part 1

It is most definitely not Hitchcock. The ending packs a powerful message undoubtedly lost on most viewers. I don't really recommend seeing it, but just before 2:30 in this segment, the Bogart character (a screenwriter) introduces a crony as a "big director" -- made all his money before the income tax." Make a permanent note of it, and share it with friends who don't believe your assertion that the "income tax" is a fairly recent development.

.......Strange and not so strange economic items from newsoftheweird.com --

London's Daily Mail reported in March that Spain might have as many as 2,900 recently abandoned "villages" (swaths of land with clusters of houses) deserted by owners forced into cities to find work during the current recession -- and that speculators were buying entire villages at single-house prices and turning them into vacation retreats.
A formal association of sex workers in Barcelona has introduced a four-hour "introduction to prostitution" class for women transitioning from other occupations due to layoffs. Course topics include tax-return help (prostitution is not illegal in Spain) and marketing, as

A trauma victim arriving at a hospital emergency room but requiring specialized intensive care would usually be transferred promptly to a qualified "trauma center," whose success rate with such patients is believed to be 25 percent better than that of ordinary hospitals. However, a recent study from Stanford University researchers found that, among 636 hospitals observed, there was a greater reluctance to make the transfer -- if the patient was fully insured. (That is, the authors suggest, there is a tendency for hospitals to hang onto insured patients, even though their outcomes might be worse, but not to similarly hang onto the uninsured -- who are more likely to be properly transferred.) [NPR, 2-19-2014]

Farming continues to be a noble but grueling existence for rural residents of China, who work for the equivalent of only about $1,300 a year, but in one village (Jianshe, in southwest Sichuan province), farmers have established a co-operative capitalist model, and in January officials delivered residents their annual dividend in cold cash -- the equivalent of about $2.1 million to split among 438 households. Authorities unloaded banknotes in stacks that constituted a 7-foot-high wall of money, requiring villagers to pull 24-hour shifts to guard it. [BBC News, 1-15-2014]


Like everything govt does, Bundy war is really all about oil

"Does anyone really believe this is still about a tortoise?"

BLM fracking racket exposed! Armed siege and cattle theft from Bundy ranch really about fracking leases

Admittedly, the real answer to the fracking problem is for people (including me) to use less gas, fewer individual plastic grocery bags etc. -- and for the fedgov to start buying other countries' oil instead of killing their women and children and our troops.

Since we're so profligate as consumers, finding enough oil to keep us happy becomes a serious problem. I wouldn't want to be in the position of having to account for an ever-growing supply, especially as China and the BRICS countries take up our entire throwaway society shtick.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

War fever, nothing but war fever: it wasn't always this way


It came later than most people might think, and it's more deadly than they know.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Those brilliant Japanese.... how could they be so dumb

.........as to try a consumption tax and a sales tax increase?

The Japanese Sales Tax Hike Verdict Is In: It's A Disaster As Sales Plunge 25%

Both follies are well familiar to us here in SC -- they've been tried, tinkered with, and endured by numerous states and jurisdictions. In my humble opinion, any call by politicians to raise taxes are an admission that they're total failures at the specific job they're hired to do -- keep us free and solvent in real terms, and make us ever more so.

Similarly, my personal view is that any government that claims it has to launch an offensive war (including the "war on terror" is telling us that the real, peaceable and orderly American way of life has died under their tenure, another massive admission of guilt and incompetence (or corruption) by these pols. Considering ameriKa supports its military to the tune of twelve figures but still couldn't save us from a handful of jets being hijacked by Ayrab terr'ists.... Well, they're really telling us that their element should be in some other line of work and all the money we've put into "defense" all these years has been a waste.

Let's be honest! Politicians aren't deific beings that waft omnisciently hither from the sky full of grace and truth. They're only human -- and some of them are actually dishonest, even corrupt.


The full truth of ameriKa's lifelong war addiction (warning: BAD news)

....from the beginning -- starting with the guys in wigs, in brilliant, crushing comic book form. Warning: not for the faint-hearted.

Addicted to War

I like good comics! I have three or four triple Garfield paperbacks, partly because of creator Jim Davis' unique, indefinable brilliance in illuminating not only feline but human nature through the main character. And I've come across a few great expositions of political truth done via comics, notably Politics is a Dirty Word, by the unbeatable combination of Dick Hafer and Dale Crowley. Comics are a tremendous way to get major truths across to people in an era where they simply don't want to read books or pamphlets anymore.

The above booklet is from a left-populist viewpoint and only mentions the key factor of Israel once, but don't let that deter you from going the distance with it. If you hate the "new world order" this is your chance to latch onto the most devastating indictment of it under one cover in history. It's crammed with actual quotes from the perpetrators and clever visuals, including bleak photographs of the civilian victims of our aggressions.

Please note that from over a century ago one of the main motivations for all this killing was that American manufacturers had reached the limit in selling their consumer goods domestically, and in concert with the politicians' drive to make ameriKa a monstrous bully the whole world would fear, went in search of other populations to addict to Coca-Cola, Kleenex, electric fans et al.

The facts and quotes (and some great caricatures) ranged in the above resource may convince you that ameriKa has been evil, rapacious, genocidal from the start. If so, you're perhaps a sadder but wiser citizen for it. When I think how casually I've taken all this myself it pleasantly ruins my life all over again. I believed the "liberal" media's praise for Bush-41 and voted for him. I was political 25 years ago, but would drive past Fort Detrick while visiting friends among the dairy farms in that part of Maryland and not entertain a thought that it was up to anything sinister, much less shockingly evil.

So much for Mr. Reagan's "shining city on a hill" -- the only shine was from the casings of bullets and soldiers' spit-shined shoes. We're not the new Jerusalem -- we're the new Mongols, and have coincidentally lasted about as long as Genghis Khan and Timur's reign of terror over Eurasia. 

We're bad, and that's not good. But to me, the very refreshing and cleansing part is knowing all the more clearly what's wrong with us, and that somebody somewhere would take the trouble to chart it so creatively and forcefully yet sensitively.

Please share this link with somebody today.


Monday, April 7, 2014

What makes Al Sharpton run?

He hit the public arena with a bang at the time of race controversies the System deliberately churned up in greater Zoo York. Both subjects turned out to be frauds, as has the extremely offensive blow-dried Reverend. A quarter-century has passed since all that, and to ameriKa's shame, the treacherous subjects have been forgotten.... while Al baby has gone on to massive bogus stardom.  

But who knew he was a mob snitch, etc.? What else does he have up his sweaty sleeve?

Al Sharpton's Secret Work As FBI Informant

Isn't it comforting to know that he practically lives at the White House? Surely you feel more secure and happy knowing that unindicted criminals walk the same floors as Adams, Jefferson and Madison.

In my studied opinion, that's exactly what Obie and his friends are -- criminals. Nothing's going to change until we start calling things what they are.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Washington is openly Stalinist

Pity this brave gentleman for believing that ameriKa is a free country.

The CEO who said "No" to the NSA : "It's illegal, it's unconstitutional"

It's hard to think of a single political persuasion that should not be revolted by this news. All Americans claim to want and enjoy freedom, so even Dummacrats should find it a matter of grave concern when an honest paragon of free enterprise is persecuted, given a show trial and jailed for exercising his lawful option not to participate in NSA volunteer work.

It's Stalinist -- it's Leninist -- it's socialist -- it's communist. It's tyrannical, dictatorial, predatory, vicious, and extremely scary -- just like Washington and a whole lot of other jurisdictions in this country these days.

It is also classically terrorist. Terrorism is where you abuse a few to frighten the many into submission and compliance.

Don't you think?


Thursday, April 3, 2014

A first in citizen protest?

Hillary's Upcoming California Appearance Disrupted By Protestors

So often protest means absolutely nothing to its targets. The smugness of the extreme rich and famous, their state of conviction as to their own perfection is invulnerable to the opinions of the rube citizens they supposedly work for. Just earlier today a link came through showing citizens hollering at Algore as he exits an event where he's just been worshiped anew, gets in the back seat of his opulent "ride", and is driven off. He even waves smugly at his critics.

Thus it's startling news when the queen of self-satisfaction, Hellary Clinton, shows some iota of concern or aversion to greeting the sheeple on this basis. For her to cancel an appearance.... well, it must indicate that either she's as worn out has rumored (maybe even sick as alleged) or that she's honestly feeling the heat of public disgust with her and is bothered by it.

For her to prove sensate, well, that would be a miracle. I believe in miracles, but am ever in need of more evidence.