Friday, August 31, 2012

Artist contributes talents to the Cause

The arts are essential in any effort to sway the public in a desired direction. Most artists are communistic, and that makes it especially welcome when artistic ability is put in the service of socio-political reality. Welcome one Jon McNaughton to the field:

His Obamanation painting shows fine esthetic sense, and is mostly quite astute in its theses about the alleged president, his sins and his crimes. Well, that's what I would call them even though many don't get any more vivid that calling them "mistakes". Mr. McNaughton appears to be among the millions mistaken about Mitt Romney being a victim of Obama's unfair treatment -- Mitt, Barack and all their ilk are really all in it together against us, and become instant friends once one of them "loses" and the other "wins" an election. Mitt is part of the problem -- a big part!

What makes this news is the fact that it has made news: it's feature at this moment at Making news gets the job done. Have you grabbed any headlines lately?

...I trust you are all familiar with the magnificent work of David Dees

..........who has taken the digital developments of the last 15 years and pressed them smashingly into the service of Truth in the most "politically incorrect" ways! If civilization survives the present sick,demented era, it will likely look back to him as the greatest crystallizer of reality in two dimensions. Meanwhile, I think he's a well-earned bane on Hillary, Barack and all the other tyrants of our time, and they know it.

Villains in high places are turning every fascinating new technical development to purposes of evil. These gentlemen are showing what art and technology were really created for. 


Thursday, August 30, 2012

For the straight story on things Republican, turn to ANTIWAR.COM is an extraordinary center of truth propagation. Many truth sites will give you vital, interesting news and opinion, but few have the consistently fatalistic view of things that it does. I am not a fatalist, but at times like this -- the wake of the GOP convention -- I reflexively turn to Antiwar because I know it will do what very few others will: name the heroes and give the real dirty laundry in the case. It will do this with real class, erudition, withering wit, and tons of links embedded in text proving what is being stated:
The Platform From Hell

Most freedom sites and people are just too nice about subjects like the Pauls and the GOP convention. Where is real passion against real evil today? To compare the behavior of GOP honchos to the mind-blowing evils of the communist USSR is not a joke and not an exaggeration. The outcome in Florida was another literally communist coup in the endless train of them during my lifetime and yours. WE ARE THE NEW USSR, complete with hopelessly stupid and embarrassing "war" in Afghanistan, but that's just FINE with the Republican and Democrat establishments plus the millions who ecstatically cheer them as they're finding ever new ways to shred the Constitution. 

I treasure Ron Paul and wince to hear him dissed, but must admit that auditing the Fed is a bit of a hobby-horse. Only abolition of the thing will bring any progress, but try explaining that to the ameriKan sheeple! And I think it must be admitted that Ron is simply too nice about things -- there was open fraud and even violence against his movement this time and last, so why wasn't that ever a speech topic?

Just  thinking out loud here, and saying the unsayable in my accustomed fashion.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Diversity icon seeks to diversify a diverse crisis about diversity; important announcement

Anybody got an idea why Israel and Zionism dominate the news headlines decade after decade? It's on the other side of the world. Its culture and politics couldn't be more totally opposite from America's. Supposedly it's God's chosen people, but it's the most anti-religious country on earth. Its politicians defenders are well known, but this religious foundation of Zionism is never mentioned by its politicians or defenders.
California lawmaker promises fix after Israel flap

Seriously, now: Why do we have to have Israel flaps or Israel anything in the United States of America? Anybody but me just plain sick of the monotony there? Where is diversity of news subject and viewpoint?

When can we have news networks that sound the alarm about everything going on here in the USA, in my town and yours?

Why Israel? Why that special relationship? Nobody can answer me that. It's not "anti-semitic", it's about shared culture and values.

...........Our announced speaker for next Tuesday has unavoidable had to cancel, but we hope to hear him another time soon.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Obama the master faker, cont.

It occurred to me the other day that the Pezident has a lot in common with Martin Lucifer King: his title and name are as dubious as his supposed accomplishments. Both are, I fear, mere holograms cast heavenward for the sheeple to gape and wonder at.

You know, like Messrs Romney and Ryan. /\/.\/\/.
Of Obama’s 19 Million Twitter Followers, 70% Are Fake.Of Obama’s 19 Million Twitter Followers, 70% Are Fake.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The great thing about rotten politicians is that every day there's a new way to exercise one's visceral need to sound off against evil. It would be great if it were the other way around -- the sport being trying to find something wrong or bad about good, honorable statesmen in power -- but for the duration, the Permanent Regime in Washington and its many imitators here and abroad is consistently pernicious long-term.

In raking the muck today I was reminded of the allegations of adultery on Mr. Pezident. Here's another page of his 'n' her rap sheets, freshly updated:
Title: Bombshell: The Real Reason Barack Obama And Michele Lost Their Law License.

..............Dennis Kucinich isa part-time human, and that makes him a rarity on almost fully Klingon Capitol Hill. What do you suppose this is al about -- more of his refreshing populism -- or a bald-faced rehash of Roosevelt's communist make-work programs? Surely the bottom ine is that we need less government, not less.
Kucinich Proposes Landmark Reform of Monetary Policy

..............Here's an invitation released to PN egroups today. Regrettably, its beautiful original formatting wouldn't transfer:

  We are pleased to bring you news of two special dates coming up SOON in the freedom lovers' calendar:

1. THIS SATURDAY, Sept. 1, 2012, the South Carolina Conservative Action Council will hold a demonstration calling for a return to sane, practical immigration policies for the US. It's at 1:00 PM at the Federal Building in the middle of downtown Greenville, SC. Bring picket signs and the stars and stripes. You who don't live within driving distance of Greenville, please tell your friends that do. Listen to WORD radio at 950 and 1330 on the AM radio dial (or http://www.newsradioword.comonline) for ads on this extravaganza -- two will be broadcast during the Rush Limbaugh show! Call in during the Russ and Lisa and Bob McLean programs and ask about the event.
    Here's the full text of the printed invitation, but please don't miss announcement #2 below it:  

~ Copy and distribute ~

YOU ARE INVITED to a Demonstration

Against Illegal Immigration

Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012 at 1:00 PM, rain or shine

Federal Bldg., Church and Washington Sts, Greenville, SC

We are the same people that held the largest pro-borders rally in modern history. It was in front of Senator Lindsey Graham’s office in Greenville in 2006 in protest of the McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill.

We are now organizing a sidewalk demonstration at the same busy intersection (the Greenville Federal Building) for Sept. 1 in opposition to Obama’s refusal to enforce the current immigration laws of the United States. He has instructed Federal immigration agents to violate the law by enforcing the DREAM Act, which failed to pass both houses of Congress. It is not the law.

Come and learn the simple but effective things you can do to help. Grab a pile of copies of The Real News for your family, friends and neighbors. Bring friends and family – they are all affected by these problems. This is our opportunity to gain some much-needed anti-Obama publicity only two days before the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte in order to show that Barack is only pursuing his narrow left-wing agenda. It's up to you to make this rally a success. It's the last chance you will have to publicly make a difference before the election.

Free OBAMA BIN LYIN' bumper stickers will be available for all comers. Bring hand-painted poster board signs.

Attendance is free! Print newspaper sub is $10
Membership is just $25 including print newspaper subscription
P.O. Box 2265, Gaffney, S.C. 29342
(864) 356-9966

2. NEXT TUESDAY, SEPT. 4 at 7:00 PM, popular 1990s guest speaker Kevin Innes will make a return appearance at the first-Tuesday PN meeting in Charlotte . As the NC representative for Liberty Dollar Kevin has shown great courage and valor in the fight for Constitutional money and freedom of commerce. Kevin has stuck with Liberty Dollar (I forget the organization's current name) as the fedgov has viciously persecuted it and its founder, Bernard vonNotHaus. He will tell us of this saga and the present status of the group.
    A vivid speaker, I'm pleased to number Kevin among fellow musicians.
    Everybody plan to be at both events or send 3 friends! Good fellowship and adventure -- and at the Charlotte meeting place, delicious Greek and American food served by sweet Tarheel ladies at.....

Showmar's -- I-85 exit 32
2540 Little Rock Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28214-2720

See you there! Questions? Ideas? Call me.

Nelson Waller, 864-356-9966


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little Ecuador wins chess match in two moves far, Thank God:
UK wants to resume talks with Ecuador over Assange

Oh my God -- WOW!
Latin America, Caribbean unite to support Ecuador over Assange

Mind you, this could all be a sideshow created out of whole cloth to distract us, give us fake heroes, and eclipse the real truth warriors of the age. This is in fact cogently asserted by a video in Youtube. But if they have to take this many steps backward to go one forward, I'm almost sorry for them!

Found it and much much more at If you go for 3 days without checking that address I'll give you what for.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Banks and governments kinda sorta embrace real money.....sorta

QWealth is among the many expat/offshore guru groups that I've read up on. And like so many, I have no way of knowing how substantial it or its ideas are. This appears to be a genuine news blip, one with infinite potential. Will it grow or will it sink without a trace?

You’ll notice that Q Bytes is finally back from summer holidays, refreshed and ready for the new season. We will shortly be offering you a major new free report on Second Passports, but more on that in an upcoming issue.

One fascinating thing that happened over the summer, which was kindly drawn to our attention by our friends at Global Gold in Switzerland.

In, the Federal Reserve and FDIC circulated a letter to banks that proposes to harmonize US regulatory capital rules with Basel III. BASEL III is an accord that tells a bank how much capital it must hold to safeguard its solvency and overall economic stability.

It´s a global standard on bank capital adequacy, stress testing, and market liquidity risk. Here´s the important bit:

At the top of the proposed changes is the new list of "zero-percent risk weighted items," which now includes "gold bullion" right after "cash."

That´s the part to take notice of. If the proposals are approved by regulators - and that seems likely since adoption of Basel III will be - then this is a momentous change for the gold market. Now banks will be allowed to hold bullion in their vaults and count it among their Tier 1 assets - in other words, the least risky assets.

That by itself would be bullish for the gold price, as banks that recognize gold´s unique characteristics seek to stockpile more of it.

So, somebody up there, some class of otherwise elite or effete financial gnomes are thinking alternatives to FRS-style funny money. The question of whether the people running things are sane comes back to mind . Where are the known bad ones planning to live once they destroy this country and leave it a smoking fourth-world hulk? Conversely, if they hate it that much, why are they living here?

The Bush family and other plutocrats have bought huge properties in Argentina and Uruguay. Does this mean they'll cease from world-wrecking once they thither flee from the ruins of ameriKa, Europe, Australia? They won't live like locals down there, they'll use their legendary wealth to insulate themselves from everything the least bit unpleasant while thousands of their cronies are gettting cabin fever in the underground cities that already exist for them alone. But do any of them care at all for their children and grandchildren? Do they really think they're invulnerable to the financial and social vicissitudes of the planet onto which their royal hides had the gross indignity to be born?

They (except Obummer) have to be capable of reading the writing on the wall. We must pray they do, and that the above monetary scoop will be the start of something big. 


Friday, August 24, 2012

Start learning Chinese

People send each email forwards, varying from well-documented news to total fluff and urban legends. Here's the latest model in my Inbox.....

Made in America....not China 

AUGUST 1st to Sept. 1st  (this is a little late coming around but worth the share) 

Did y'all see Diane Sawyer's special report? They removed ALL items from a typical, middle class family's home that were not made in the USA. 

There was hardly anything left besides the kitchen sink. Literally. During the special they showed truckloads of items - USA made - being brought in to replace everything and talked about how to find these items and the difference in price etc.. 

It was interesting that Diane said if every American spent just $64 more than normal on USA made items this year, it would create something like 200,000 new jobs! 




Are we Americans as dumb as we appear --- or --- is it that we just do not think? The Chinese, knowingly and intentionally, export inferior and even toxic products and dangerous toys and goods to be sold in American markets. 

70 % of Americans,.. believe that the trading privileges afforded to the Chinese should be suspended. 

Why do you need the government to suspend trading privileges? You Can..DO IT YOURSELF,AMERICA!! 

Simply look on the bottom of every product you buy, and if it says 'Made in China ' or ' PRC' ( and that now includes Hong Kong ), simply choose another product, or none at all. You will be amazed at how dependent you are on Chinese products , and you will be equally amazed at what you can do without. {ETC.] 

It has a spurious, casual look to it, but the writer's "buy American"sentiments are right on the mark! How about this horrible story, via


Talk is cheap, stark realism is in short supply: as ghastly and ominous as the news in that article are, the fact is that all immigration as we know it today is colonization. For many years now there have been arrogant, radical hispanic-supremacist broadcast stations in California. There are "no whites allowed" zones in UK cities. Been to the Berea section of Greenville, SC lately?

What I can't wait to see is what happens when the Chinese, Zionists, Hispanics, Africans and Muslims realize they've got stiff competition from each other for supremacy over this and other countries with historically  European or European-derived culture and law. I wonder how you say "I never thought about that" in Mandarin, Castilian, Yiddish, Urdu and Arabic?

Personalopinions of the author... /\/.\/\/.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Ron Paul momentum only grows

This in via email!  /\/.\/\/.


It looks like we have a rather respectable contingency going to Tampa.
Ohio will be represented there at all events and happenings.
I know many have already headed south so they could settle in before
the P.A.U.L. FESTIVAL kicks off tomorrow evening.
The RON PAUL Sun Dome Rally is sold out according to Daily Paul.
You are all going to have a great time. Especialy those going to the convention.
Wish I was going myself. But the chickens and goats keep telling me no.
Have a safe and pleasurable trip, and a safe and speedy return.
IF you still need a ride or a rider, you should post to your group list ASAP.

LIBERTY is blowing into Tampa.

In Liberty
Tumbleweed Steve

The R3volution Live

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Will the IRS parse our annual pocket change next?

They've done it again -- reached yet lower heights of casuistic silliness. The IRS considers frequent flyer miles taxable now!

Well, but, mind you, it's only some such miles. You know, the ones flown by people parting their hair on the right during months with an R in their name...... or as the lawyers and others pharisees have it,

.........Frequent flyer miles and cash back on credit cards have historically been treated as rebates on spending which are not taxed as income. That is likely the type of miles the IRS announcement was referring to. Citibank takes the position that the miles they are taxing are different, the miles were given as a reward/prize for opening a bank account, not as a rebate on spending, and therefore the miles are taxable. (The IRS said earlier this year taxpayers must pay income tax on prizes greater than $600.) However, one news agency refers to a statement by IRS representatives that the 2002 announcement focused on a specific area and does not address the issue Citibank faces. The IRS has not released an official statement on this issue. This may be the beginning of a debate whether these particular frequent flyer miles are taxable. United States Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio wrote a letter earlier this week that is receiving a lot of attention, urging Citibank to stop treating the miles as income.
Are Frequent Flyer Miles Taxable Income?

Admit it -- this is a crazy level of bean-counting. Like lawyers and Congresscritters don't have enough to do already withou getting into this crapola?

And remember, please, it's all a gigantic hoax. The income tax as we know it is a massive fraud. It has no basis in law and the endless strategems like the above that the goons come up with don't aid in the proper collection of taxes owed -- they help convince the sheeple the whole game has some kind of substance.

Goons are still goons no matter what jive they talk., Sheeple are still sheeple as long as they go on along with it forever. I remember feeling ot too -- the vague sense of wellbeing as you get your tax info together each April, calling the nice people on the helpline for advice on how to do it just right. Ohh, they were so NICE, so benign, so genteel.... were they really goons?

YES. The were GOONS, because they were merely the sweet icing on the mud cake. Psychological gamespersons in service of the most monstrous swindle of history -- the Pseudo-Federal Reserveless System.

In sending this item, the New Great One commented "interesting thought for the day…." To which I'll add "another case for the books..... of how banks are the enemy, as RBC always said."

Personal opinions of the author, namely  /\/.\/\/. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

More bright hope from the Ron Paul team

This daring message from I remember that phase of things on the Art Bell show. PRAYER WORKS if enough people will get behind it!

I'm proud as can be of my car's latest bumper sticker. On one end, a photo of Obama marked "Wall St." On the other, a pic of Ron Paul marked "Main St." That's all!


A Lesson  in Mass Consciousness and a Call to Action - How we will DOMINATE at the  convention.. 
Submitted by teknetzon Wed, 08/15/2012- 23:52 in 

   • Daily Paul Liberty Forum
   • DP Original

Greetings Fellow Freedom Lovers.... 
I would like to take this time to give everyone a  brief history of mass consciousness, and show how we can use it to win the  nomination for Dr. Paul. 
What your about to read may seem unreal, hokey, or  just down-right impossible, and will probably test your constructs of reality a  bit.. 
Many of you may already be somewhat familiar with  the concept of mass consciousness but for those who are not, let me  explain.. 
There have been several studies done showing that  when a group of people FOCUS on a specific goal, with intent and emotion, that  goal manifests itself into reality. 
In 1995 a group of monks were brought to Washington  D.C. and asked to focus on lowering the crime-rate.. They meditated on it 8  hours a day for a week. Over the next six months, the crime rate had dropped by  over 60%. 
Art Bell, a talk show host for Coast to Coast AM  also did some experiments a few years ago.. At the time, Florida was having one  of its worst droughts in decades, and wild-fires had been burning for several  weeks here in the everglades.. One evening on his radio show, he asked his  listeners to pray/focus/visualize rain in the region, and stopped talking on the air for about 2 minutes to allow people to do this. The result was, that not  only did it finally rain, it caused flooding in many parts of the state over the  next week and a half. There is documented proof of this (and many other cases) as well as audio you can look up on the net if you so choose. 
The elite have known about and been using this power  of the human mind against us for centuries, and have used it to mold the world  into their liking, driven only by their greed. They have tried keeping us  ignorant of this power because its the only thing that can bring them down. 
It is time WE take back control of this awesome  power and use it to WIN. 
Its not hard, its not difficult, you might feel a  little silly, but that's OK because its all happening in your head and no one  has to know.. :) All I ask is that you try. 
Remember, Right now our goal is to WIN the  nomination. A definitive, measurable, and immediate result. 
The ONLY way this will work, is if the thoughts we  are projecting are identical to the thoughts everyone else in the group is  projecting.. So to help, I have made a visual queue:
After viewing the photo, FOCUS and REPEAT the words  RON PAUL WINS NOMINATION over and over in your mind, as many times a day as you  can until the convention. When your visualizing this, put the same amount of  emotion and feeling into it as if it has already happened and you are  experiencing the thrill of a Ron Paul victory. Keep this image firmly in your  mind, and at the forefront of your daily thoughts. 
Go ahead and look at the picture again as many times  as you want if you need to between now and Tampa. Reinforcement of the visual  construct will help from time to time. 
If you can spread the word about this and get  everyone you know to participate,there is no possibility of failure; only  imminent victory. 
Every Ron Paul supporter owes it to Dr. Paul to at  least TRY this from now until the convention, as it cannot hurt anything and it  doesn't cost you any money. 
I can not begin to describe in words how powerful  this is, as having experienced it first hand on several occasions, I am a true  believer in the unlimited power and potential of the human mind. 
And after you take this little trip with me, you  will be too. 
Thank you so much for reading this all the way  through, and if anyone has any questions about how to do this, or the concepts,  and science behind it, please feel free to ask..... 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

South America to champion Assange whole-hog?

More from the extreme Zionist expat guru who often intersperses vital news and views amid his anti-Arab propaganda. It may be only a flash in the pan andgo nowhere, but remember where you heard it first.

Assange and Ecuador – Pres. Correa of Ecuador is getting a lot of support on giving asylum to Assange. The OAS is talking of holding a meeting on the matter. The idea is to let Assange get into a diplomatic plated car, go to the airport get on a plane and go to Ecuador. Argentina. Venezuela, Bolivia and some others are behind Ecuador.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

PCR risks everything for the truth, e.g. re Assange

One of the things that keeps life worth living is the top-ranking government officials who have switched sides in the great war of bureaucrats against citizens. You know of Pat Buchanan, who was senior advisor to Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan. You may be privileged to know of the great Texe Marrs, former Air Force officer who now exposes the "unmentionable" issues affecting us most. Then there's Paul Craig Roberts -- well, just check his resume here please!

By an odd coincidence, all three truth-heroes are Southerners, the latter two especially listenable in various great Youtube appearances etc. On Thursday Roberts' column took on the exciting latest chapter of the Julian Assange saga:
Ecuador President Rafael “We Are Not A Colony” Correa Stands Up To The Jackbooted British Gestapo

The piece answers many questions hanging in midair about Assange and ringingly condemns Downing Street as an increasingly lawless partner in Washington's global crime spree. It is especially good to see somebody highlighting Ecuador's moral courage in the Assange affair. As a student of different countries and their merits or lack of any) I've seen that country's name in print many times, always positively.

Truth seekers everywhere must rejoice that an otherwise obscure Latin American country is making headlines this way; how to explain it is a delicious challenge in an age when as far as the eye can see, every country seems to either fall to the Anglo-American power mafia's wrecking ball (Afghanistn, Iraq, Libya ad infinitum) or throw its own  citizens over to please UK/US (tax havens accepting mandates toward total transparency and treason).

Latin America seemed a hellhole of tyranny and chaos for most of my life, but now seems to be putting the "first world" to shame in most ways that count, insofar as those countries have room for any choice in the matter. Where trouble still exists, it's often because of the USA's insane drug policies or because others are aping other USA foibles and follies.

In expat terms, one of the few negatives normally cited about Ecuador is its relatively high (bad) rating for political corruption. In this one case, though, it trumps them all.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Che Guevara: fad and reality

One of the enduring ubiquitous pop culture images of our krazy-mixt-up age is a photo of Ernesto "Che" Guevara in revolutionary garb and dirty, unkempt hair. He's scowling visionarily over your left shoulder. What's it mean? Can his fearsome, dramatic appearance have any reality to it -- are appearances ever that reliable?

In a word -- yes. And here's a brilliant -- yet lamentably obscure -- page documenting the case:

The article makes an effective case that there was more to the wild one than meets the eye. Its author tries to leave things in midair -- "there's good and bad in everybody," in effect -- but for my money, the comments people have added close the book on the subject's having any integrity worth mentioning. Guevara was, simply, one of the worst people in existence -- and worked hand in hand with one of the truly greatest monsters, Fidel Castro. Both were bloodthirsty homicidal maniacs, as viciously brutal on children as adults.

That, you see, is the hallmark of the ideology motivating both fiends and many more like them: communism.  An ideology that killed off scary percentages of the human race within the lifetime of many now living, it's virtually forgotten. The establishment, the institutions in the "free world" are in a tough position, still being dewily empathetic with the communists; the unfree world is still in the grip of the stuff, often with rich countries paying the tab for their ongoing oppression.

Kids wear "Che" sweatshirts and put up posters of the infamous image just to annoy grownups and attempt to make some show of mental independence. A half-hispanic cousin of mine, who's getting old enough to know better, signs her emails with a quote from the monster typically framing bloody, demented revolutionism in terms of children and flowers. Nobody rebukes them -- nobody cares. And that is not a good sign.

Search for more on this or any other freedom subject. The above article came my way by one of the most enjoyable routes -- surfing out from here:

Alas, many of the outstanding sites listed there are defunct, but fortunately is going strong. As you see it led to and has a gutsy department entitled Pious Perverts!!

Communism. Make a note of it. It's vastly outdone Nazism in terror and genocide, but is mentioned about one-millionth as often for reasons that will have to remain unexpounded here.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

The deciding moment for the rest of our American lives

.....will be on Aug. 26: who gets the Republican nomination, the human being or the radioactive wind-up toy?
RNC confirms Ron Paul will be up for nomination

Pray that we pull through. There is not one other human on the horizon to pull us through if we botch this process like we have every time for the past 84 years.

We've muddled through each time. Other countries each president has raped haven't. Now the muddle is just mud, and that will be our fate of we don't seize this chance to turn things around now.

Rand Paul has sold out the few guts he had. Even if another serious conservative got anywhere near the nomination he likely wouldn't have Ron's personal popularity or charisma. Those are the grounds on which Admiral Stockdale lost as VP in 1992.

It's over if we don't get Ron. /\/.\/\/.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Drudgereport blooms with pungent headlines

Joe Biden has had the average Dummacrat deity's cushy life of abject worship by the socialist portion of the public and its wannabees. But suddenly, as by a move of the Holy Spirit, he's the national laughingstock. Drudgereport has a handful of links on it, including one featuring Sarah Palin in an "eat more chikin" mode: She makes a good cow:

Obama defends Biden on 'chains' comment...
REPORT: Obama has 22 days to drop Biden from ticket...
PALIN: Drop Joe, Pick Hillary...
Giuliani Wonders Whether Biden Has 'Mental Capacity' for Presidency...
Dems Stuck with 'Old Joe'...
VIDEO: Biden Refers to Ryan as 'Governor'...

Outtakes over the decades...

Bet you anything the twisted minds of the media are simply trying to stump for Romney with this sudden, uncharacteristic backpedaling on Biden. They hate conservatives; they love and promote the neocon pied pipers who lead them astray; and once elected, they flay them for their entire term. You see, neocons, while ultra-leftwing, retain one syllable of the word "conservative" in their name -- and in the puerile, hebephrenic brain waves leftwingers call thought, that means neocons are evil and despicable regardless of how much they help the communist agenda. Which is true, but not as leftists mean it.

Weirdness:   Saudi Arabia creating women-only cities...

Gosh, Jodie, are you going to renounce your "old media" career?  

Wow! VIDEO: Chinese broadcaster covers typhoon tied to rope...

Here you go, world:
Former Obama campaign co-chair to stump for Romney...


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Those Worldview Weekend people aren't so bad: please read to the end!

I think this piece
Romney Down by Nine as Conservatives Gripe 

Fehrnstrom, Saul, Kagan, Kristol? An odd trend some decades old, one that for some reason nobody comments on. Do you think Albanians are taking over?

Thinning out emails today I came on a whole raft of past messages from Worldview Weekend. Had unsubscribed but may re back up -- their material is mostly far more intelligent than most rightward entities'. Check this page too:
Catholic Mysticism Infused into Society

Nothing against Catholics, but if their religion is being prostituted by subversives, I think they need to know it as much as anybody. The same applies to Presbyterians, Lutherans, Church of God or anybody else that finds themselves in that position..... Now this article is brilliant, piercing, crucial, and major major major:
The Fabian Window, Rick Warren, Tony Blair, and The Religious Trojan Horse

I'm going to risk sounding hyperbolic and state that it's one of the  finest, most vitally important commentaries that's crossed my desk in the new millennium so far.

Personal opinions of the blogger.... Let me know what you think! /\/.\/\/.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Riches piled up in heaven

.....or at least in cyberspace, in rich, ripe denunciation of the VP choice. Man, this is living! You go first, Jane, whoever you are:
Paul Ryan Is No Ron Paul

Judy! Judy Morris! Where did you come from?
Paul Ryan's Voting Record Will Not Please Liberty Activists

Now, the master of piercing yet droll irony -- Justin Raimondo:
The Marketing of Paul Ryan: Romney's 'libertarian' running mate is anything but

Here's an especially jam-packed paragraph!--

A nation cannot be a mere idea for the simple reason that America, like all other countries, is a place; in our case, one with vast plains, fertile valleys, burning deserts, towering mountains, and two long coastlines fronting two oceans separating it from the ire and intrigues of foreign princes — a place which, at the time of the Founding, was a sparsely populated and incredibly rich wilderness relatively free of European exploitation. It wasn’t settled by ideas, but by people — real live actual human beings, some of whom were the bearers of certain concepts which had a catalyzing effect on the course of American history. What’s interesting is that Ryan fails to mention theprimary idea that motivated the American colonists, which was opposition to foreign domination and the legitimacy of the British monarch. Even Hamilton, who wanted to place a crown on George Washington’s head, embraced the essential spirit of the American Revolution, which if it can be called anything was certainly anti-imperialist. Indeed, it was the Founding Fathers who warned us not to go abroad “in search of monsters to destroy,” and explicitly opposed the export of our revolution in the French style. Apparently the neo-Hamiltonians have surpassed even the treason of their idol.

Such common sense politics shouldn't feel strange or outlandish on the system. Why does it?


Sunday, August 12, 2012

The RepubliCon Poison Dispenser swings into action

Oh, forgive me. What a rude thing to say! What I meant was something like the GOP has found a VP to match its ostensible Pezidential hopeful, and the neocon establishment is blowing a gasket singing his praises.

That's not quite bland enough, but it will have to do. What I'm trying to say is that the pseudo/neo-conservative machine that exists to kill off any hope of genuine conservatism taking hold in the fedgov is now in full swing exactly on schedule, putting forth the Big Lies that (1) Romney offers some kind of meaningful relief from the same old bipartisan political grind that's bored us to tears since the dawn of the Bush/Clinton age; (2) his running mate Ryan does too; (3) everybody can therefore go back to sleep now.

And that's my news today -- that right on schedule, the machine is going through the exact same mass hypnosis process it always does at this point, and to hear it tell it, the masses are lining up to cheer it at the top of their lungs. No change -- no progress -- no hope without Ron.

The evidence for my thesis is found, for instance, at -- a site that truly knows the meaning of conservatism but pumps the warmongering, Israelocentric establishment party line anyway. It so happens that when I arrived there just now, the rotating ad at the top as a Paul Ryan promo. Other headlines there tout the numbers of people that are supposedly coming out to hear Romney bleat -- 10,000 in both Wisconsin and High Point, NC! Either this is a despicable lie (predictable in view of Romney's miserable showings heretofore) or it 's correct and the masses of Republican sheeple, right on cue, have again agreed to settle for what the System wants them to want. God help us either way!

How many chirpings over Ryan's sterling excellence have you bumped into the past two days? Check Drudge every day but remember that it partly exists to keep America from embracing the conservatism that much of its own material embodies: is a leftist-looking site with news we can use, such as

Paul Ryan’s VP nod elicits cheers of joy across liberal America
Cheney on Ryan: ‘I can’t think of a better choice’ for VP
Axelrod: Ryan plan is a ‘prescription for economic catastrophe’

If the ghoulish demoniac Dick Cheney likes you, there's something seriously wrong with you. Seriously!

Pardon my cynicism. I know too much. /\/.\/\/.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sikh temple a clear conspiracy from on high; Amish flourishing

Like I said, as soon as news of the Aurora, Colorado mass murder came forth, any in-tune person immediately presumed fedgov/CIA conspiracy until proven otherwise. Here's a brilliant, clever presentation proving it:
Media coverage of Sikh Temple shooting locked-in to an 'official' storyline

Please don't miss a minute of it! It's note every society in which endemic government corruption can be exposed at all.

............Now for some good news. Contrary to what one might expect, the Amish are thriving:
Livin’ in an Amish Paradise

This is in fact great, wonderful news. The Amish (plus more conservative Mennonites et al), while apolitical, have a great deal to their credit: standing up for religious freedom and sticking to it despite persecution, living a truly all-natural life, cherishing family and wholesome tradition, and in general making fools of the materialistic, money-mad, hyper-politicized world around them.

Let's see, if they're breeding and leftists are having lots of abortions, where does that end up? Alas, it's uncertain, because leftists are also engineering the replacement of traditional American populations by aliens.

The title of the above article is a deliciously sarcastic retort to Weird Al Yankovic's maliciously sarcastic parody record of the same name. Al has talent but his tribe is famous for belittling, blistering and beleaguering the European-derived peoples, the implication being that people like Al are above reproach. Who'll parody the parodists?


Friday, August 10, 2012

What to believe about 3D printers?

Quite a lot, it would appear. /\/.\/\/.
Hobbyist builds working assault rifle using 3D printer
It hasn't blown to pieces yet

Thursday, August 9, 2012

IRS runs into trouble with EINs.... and "non-resident workers"

The other night I had a lively conversation about the never-ending invasion of ameriKa with a fellow PN person. Suddenly the person was in favor of open borders -- well, s/he didn't call it that, but that's what it amounts to. That's because to him or her, like so many folks, it's a huge abstraction.

The reality is all around us for an anybody who cares to look. The shocking realities of it are posted in brilliant, courageous sites like (PERSONAL OPINION OF THE AUTHOR) ANU.ORG and This one's just in via, and will bring a chuckle to anyone sick of hearing how the invaders "just want to come here to make a better life for their children.... and become good Americans.... and even pay taxes!" One point I always make is that lots of them know where to find the welfare office before they get here. They have a network of mutual help and info dedicated to exploiting the USA to the fullest.

All I want is the truth -- regardless of what rude/hateful/silly/illogical insults are hurled at it and its defenders. Remember, any government function called a program is almost certainly un-Constitutional.

Report finds widespread fraud in taxpayer ID program

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Boy hospitalized after gaming marathon

You who have TVs, did this appear on the box? 

Teenager Hospitalized After Playing Video Games For 4 Straight Days

It's not trivia -- it's a perfect microcosm of our bread-and-circuses existence today. 

In another headline, Obama warns "ROMNEY WILL TAKE US BACK TO THE 1950S". Now that is a damnable lie! 

Wish it weren't! 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blackwater is still on the loose

............and blackening ameriKa's reputation in every way possible, domestically and worldwide. Everybody in it is guity of crimes against humanity as far as I personally am concerned; the fedgov has finally given them a light slap on the wrist, but it makes for a news article revealing how much money gets splashed around for no good purpose in an area most ameriKans or dimly aware of at best -- modern war mercenaries: 

Company previously known as Blackwater agrees to $7.5 million fine in arms smuggling case

Monday, August 6, 2012

Multiple shooters, continued

There have been multiple cases where an atrocity occurs on ameriKan soil and the media go with the "lone gunman" shtick while the people report multiple well-coordinated perps. In Oklahoma City there were even multiple bomb blasts registered in seismic charts!

There's only one witness testifying to multiplicity in this video, but it's one of several out there maintaining that the Aurora shooter didn't act alone.
Witnesses: Multiple shooters at Sikh Temple

Just a reminder Tuesday night is the Charlotte PN meeting. Bring a carload!


Friday, August 3, 2012

More weirdness over the Falklands

Saw this headline
British ships banned from docking in Buenos Aires

.....and hoped against hope that finally some country somewhere was starting to give back to the hyper-globalists some of their own treatment. Britain is the USA's sidekick in running around the world, bullying countries it knows it can, banning foreigners from entering the UK if they're too politically incorrect, etc. As it is, this new ruling is only driven by Argentina's long-smoldering resentment over Britain's claim to ownership of islands that Latins refer to as las Malvinas.

But it takes guts to stand up to bullies. I don't want to see another "Falklands" war, but it's good to see somebody, anybody, saying no to the 21st-century British empire. In honor of this occasion, may we now have the video sending up the latter like it's never been done before:
Spitting Image - Queen - Here's Queen performing We Are The Champions


Thursday, August 2, 2012

IRS gobbles remaining value of Olympic gold; Iran more moral than US? Plus CONVENTION PROVOCATEURS

If you or yours ever embark on a trek to athletic greatness, rest assured the IRS is already sharpening its fangs in your behalf as we speak:
Go for the Gold! (Pay the IRS.)

...........The politicians and media have hit a new high on screeching about the evils of Iran the past day or two. That beautiful and dignified country and former "Hitler of the Month" honoree has turned into "Hitler of the Millennium" as the media-government complex attempts to stampede it into submission and us into a state of total confusion. Better minds than mine have pointed out that if there were any substance whatsoever to this alleged threat against us, some kind of horrible danger would have come to fruition. Thank God it hasn't, but wouldn't you agree something about it doesn't add up?

Fear-mongering works by throwing out constant abstractions, which has the effect of divorcing people from reality as it steals their attention off the specific and onto the generalized. Don't worry about conditions in your own country, comrades -- we'll fix all that for us once we rape-murder ten countries on the other side of the world where mortal danger lurks against you! And pay no attention to that man behind the curtain as he points out a few ways your supposed enemy puts your own society to shame:
Does Iran Have Higher Ethical Standards than Washington?

Abstractions will be our epitaph. Over the past couple of days I've had a couple of interesting encounters with fellow religious fanatics. I tried to point out to them the main problem in the world today, the major subject never mentioned in polite company. One was hopeless -- everything I gave him, he countered with what the Bible says is going to happen at some point in the future. He's so heavenly-minded he's no earthly good! Oh, but he has his church to back him up in defying scoffers like me.

The encounter other was just the opposite. The Book of Revelation was not this friend of mine's oyster -- every proposition I threw down to him, why, he had the perfect dodge for it from the Old Testament -- "I see here in I Chronicles that evil has always existed," etc. etc. When I pointed out that that it had nothing to do with the pressing matters I was talking about, his next escape hatch was "Well, there are only so many hours in the day -- I can't cover it all!"

The Bible is the Book of Life including those portions. But people use it to twist things beyond recognition, building glorious abstractions which become phenomenal distractions -- you know, from unpleasant reality. This explains much of ameriKa's insane foreign policy. And the hysteria they're trying to involve us in against Israel's enemies (real and imagined) is a colossal abstraction with no intrinsic basis in reality, from which politicians and presstitutes create a virtual reality that people aren't even aware of even as they wallow and swim in it year after year.

...............This just in!--
Undercover Cops Incite Violence at Republican and Democrat Conventions