Monday, December 30, 2013

Charleston Voice serves up wild money news from Colorado

Charleston Voice is one of the tippy-top news sites for our purposes, yet one of the least known. It is edited by an acquaintance of the Great One's. Get to know it -- add it to your list of daily or weekly "must" sites. Enjoy its unusual visual/graphic flair. Don't miss the link currently showing entitled Marxist Origin of the Republican Party. Dig the South-friendly heading showing on every page!
Colorado County Commissioner Refuses Legal Tender Coinage for Tax Assessments!

There are many good and honorable public servants, but so often city and county officials are corrupt across the land. Lots are crooks; they certainly don't mind making people wait and grossly inconveniencing them, even totally disrupting their lives, on a Kafkaesque basis. Here they've started a new bureaucracy that's raising citizens' ire, but don't brook the slightest inconvenience themselves. Is Boulder County run by statist pigs bent on pushing us toward a cashless society?

Are the pot-metal tokens passing for coins today as hateful to bureaucrats as real money, i.e. silver and gold? Is everything in our lives to be changed for something more airy, theoretical, digital?


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christian (?) America helps exterminate Mideastern faithful

Well, can anybody give me a more polite thumbnail description of it than that?
Under “Democracy,” Iraqi Christians Face Potential Extinction

Isn't America just so wonderful? Everywhere we go, flowers of democracy bloom. Never mind that the Founders called democracy the worst form of government, and the U.S. government was still echoing that as recently as 1928:

But getting back to the first link above, is it not remarkable how "American" those Iraqi Catholics look? How close to caucasian, how un-Mediterranean. Not judging people's appearances here, just pointing out that the gap between who we are and the lives lived by our supposed enemies may not be so great after all. Truth, please -- doesn't at least one of them look a lot like somebody you know?

Leftists spent the 1960s and '70s telling us what a small world is, how we're all one, and how we simply need to give peace a chance.....but lots of them grew up to wear suits, enter politics, and advocate vicious, genocidal wars that just happen to be semitically correct.


Brasscheck on "Income Tax Reality"

Solemn thoughts many won't want to hear
"The slave master is now Big Brother"

 ......and as you hear the gentleman in the video list crimes that the Randy Weavers and the Branch Davidians never committed, please remember that those offenses are the very stock in trade of the people running things.

This is a powerful commentary on freedom despite a momentary tipping of the hat to the silly notion called evolution. Interestingly, he later says "God gave Adam and Eve freedom;" there are no evolutionists is foxholes!


Friday, December 27, 2013

Another basic foundation of our civilization crumbles.... here

Debtors' prison. A quaintly antique-sounding phrase, some relic of old England -- right?

Nego. A civic horror that's sprouting up in this "land of the free" right now. They're simply dynamiting the Constitution!
Local courts reviving 'debtors' prison' for overdue fines, fees

Those scare quotes are a fraud too. If it's not debtors' prison, what is it?


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Edward Snowden speaks! His Christmas message

..... means you're going to hear him say a few words for himself, something rarely granted anybody the U.S. government outlaws. ***CNN blonde bimbette warning***
VIDEO: Edward Snowden Christmas Message: End Mass Surveillance

I'm sorry for the talking heads you've just been subjected to -- one actually admits she doesn't know what to think of this young, unwillingly exiled hero. In true establishment style, they allow him mere seconds of microphone time, then spend much more mowing down what he's just said with thin-air pseudo-commentary.

But let's be fair, to CNN goes the credit (what an ironic age we live in) for at least letting Snowden speak for himself, however fleetingly. Maybe sometime around 2040 they'll give him a full two-hour interview at this rate!

Merry Christmas -- keep the spirit of it going, please. Defy convention -- don't throw your tree out till it becomes a fire hazard, OK?


Monday, December 23, 2013

The many lawful remedies for tax tyranny

In an age when government mainly seeks to take everything we've got and get rid of us, great creativity is called for in getting around its bloodsucking. Sometimes these ways are startlingly simple. Here's a great case!
Buy a carrot, watch a movie

"No news is good news." Spain is a wonderful country that has, to its credit, produced almost no headlines for most of my lifetime.... well, until the banksters handed us the global meltdown in progress since 2008 or earlier. The above story is beautiful in that it gives people something healthy as part solution to crushing taxation, and shows how to have a great time "making lemonade out of lemons". Let's all try to live more positively, and to remember that solutions are almost always happily well within reach -- somewhere.

Let's hope, too, that the Spanish authorities didn't declare him a terrorist and send a drone to put a stop to this caballero's old-fashioned free enterprise. 

Creativity -- that's the word. With simplicity not far behind.


Knowledge of COINTELPRO essential to freedom

"THIS NEEDS TO BE POSTED PERIODICALLY" -- indeed! Remember please that in this "freest country in the world", it's good and innocent men like our founder Dr. Clarkson that the fedgov surveils, investigates, defames, imprisons and in general attempts to disrupt any way it possible can.

The Patriot Network wasn't yet born during the COINTELPRO era, but the same type of government goons tried to break us along virtually identical lines just a few years ago, under a heading of "Dismantlement."

Somebody's tax dollars at work -- not mine! /\/.\/\/.
COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bitcoin takes a hit; Litecoin may take its place

Been saving up extra-rare articles on it -- raw links and notes here, latest at the top.

/\/. A Beginner's Guide To Bitcoin And Bitcoin Services
=The University of Nicosia (UNic), one of the major English language universities in the Mediterranean, will become the world’s first to accept bitcoins for tuition. The university will also begin a new Master of Science course in Digital Currency.
During the month of November 2013, the aggregate value of Litecoin experienced massive growth which included a 100% leap within 24 hours=

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

They think of everything for our comfort and well-being

Here's what I love about Obummer -- he's so "America first", never dashing around like other presidents to see how much of ameriKa's substance he can throw at other countries.
Obama Allows Great Lakes Water To Be Sold To China As Half The U.S. Faces Extreme Water Crisis 

But seriously, folks -- why don't the fedniks just move China here at this rate? Somalia, Nigeria, and Mexico too. They love those countries so much they'd do anything for them on our dime. We'd all be one big happy family, it's a small world after all, and maybe the world would finally get the message that "we're not racist." 

That's why we do a whole lot of what we do, to show them that. Pezident Bush "Junior" said the worst day of his reign was when Kanye West called him "a racist". I feel his pain!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mandela the Ripper
Fake Mandela signer ‘helped burn men to death’

You know Mandela did the same. Winnie baby too.  /\/.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Full circle


A city in crime hell becomes a Big Brother inferno

Camden, NJ is well known as one of the most godforsaken places in the supposedly civilized world -- Detroit East if you will. For whatever reason, there have been more efforts to keep it from becoming a literal, total wasteland than other ruined cities and communities. And as the article you're about to read shows, since the police force in Camden was almost totally phased out the remedies are not not exactly in the line of better policing but of leveraging the surveillance state forward. When policing improves in such situations, that's wonderful, but probably of only strategic interest to the planners.

Ever wonder why politicians do things like pay the least responsible citizens to outbreed the most productive? Simple -- the more welfare, the more trouble. Yes, they want trouble and lots of it in order to have something to save us from! When the trouble reaches the level of total breakdown in a community with most people being recent crime victims, that's when Big Brother gets to come in and take over -- a clear case of Hegelian dialectics (thesis -- antithesis -- synthesis).

Big Brother loves reviving distressed properties, so he makes lots of them happen. He's doing it to this entire country at once (except for the reviving part) and if we don't stop current trends, every one of us is going to live in a Camden or Detroit. Either you'll live in crime-saturated anarchy or a Camden-like aftermath, where surveillance cameras "can spot a stash in a discarded pack of Newports from blocks away" and "Police have a giant 30-foot mobile crane called SkyPatrol they can park in a neighborhood and essentially throw a net over six square blocks."

Great for making the streets safe again -- maybe -- but it has the curious side effect of enabling Orwell's 1984 to come truer than ever before.
Apocalypse, New Jersey: A Dispatch From America’s Most Desperate Town

Since this article originates with Rolling Stone mag, it's socialistic and "racially correct" to the hilt. What I don't follow is how its staff can object to urban ruin when its exactly what the "artists" they promote model and glorify at a milliom bucks a concert. "Punk", "gangsta" and "rap" are ghetto buzzwords, and each represents a different musical religion promoted by the media and embraced by multiple generations of youth.

In our time the naughtiness embodied by the Rolling Stones has gradually, steadily morphed into the very real criminal rottenness of top music groups and become the anti-cultural mainstream.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Doctor takes down shingle -- sign of the times

And you can bet if he's doing so, many others are too.
Doctor Posts Newspaper Notice: Closing Due to Obamacare

The latest news also includes that Obamacare is going to bring the closing of local fire departments around the country. How bad can it get?


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Recent catches, finds and gems

Xtranormal is an ingenious form of minimalist video creativity. Some people are making great use of it!
Honest Obama

........You could take this as a lark or novelty, but by the end it's making some powerful, even poignant statements!
Queen Elizabeth II - is NOT the rightful heir to the throne of England

........This was inevitable, but so quickly? Must show how anxious the System is about the rebirth of its greatest fear -- competition. Rest assured anything put up by the monster banksters won't offer one iota of privacy or real integrity. Times change so fast!
JPMorgan files patent for Bitcoin-style payment system

........Now, here's a true military hero -- the kind who, like the PN's greatly lamented founder, came home from war to dedicate himself to exposing the warmongering System! Oh, no, mister -- don't get this pretty TV star fired:
"US Congress Is Nothing But A Den Of Traitors! Most Sycophantic Disgusting Traitors You Can Imagine"

........On March 30, several hours before addressing the nation on TV about Libya, President Obama received a prestigious open-records award presented by five freedom-of-information advocate organizations for running a commendably "transparent," accessible administration. However, news about this award came about only because the presenters leaked it to the press. As noted by The Washington Post the next day, there was no White House notice to the press; the presentation was not on the president's calendar; no photos or transcript were available; and the award was not mentioned on the White House website. [DC Post, 3-31-2011]   

........The PN's home state is in the news again -- and again!
Pickens Co. sheriff refuses to fly flag at half-staff for Mandela
South Carolina voting on bill to end Obamacare in state

........Haven't heard this yet, but I promise you it's worth it!
AFP PODCAST: The Real Mandela
Mandela Sings, ‘Kill Whites’

I apologize so much to all the well-meaning corn-soy-vatives who love to imagine that they can just go blithely along with racial correctness for another day/month/year and not rock the boat about such massively major subjects as Mandela worship and everything will be passably OK. It won't -- it isn't!

I've just watched an absolutely awful installment of the normally spectacular Corbett Report via youtube in which the young host tries to stand up for the truth about Mandela, while a profoundly stupid guest (a sanctimonious Canadian like Peter Jennings if I'm any judge) not only praises the convicted terrorist but compares the "evil" apartheid government to (surprise surprise!) the evil white racists of the segregation South.

I've got news for them and anybody here who believes a word of it: this is the most wildly lied-about subject on earth. Basic facts:

1. Apartheid is nothing but the Afrikaner word for apartness, literally "aparthood" -- you know, like segregation, something the U.S.A. was widely practicing the whole time it was preaching/screeching at S.A. and indeed leading the mob that lynched that hapless and formerly great country.

2. Segregation still pervades the entire USA in everything but name -- indeed it does so anywhere on earth where there are multiple races together, including all African countries. Segregation was never a Southern specialty -- the South was only pilloried over it because the Albanians running the mass media knew gentle Southern folk would be an easy candidate for crucifixion, which they were.

3. The entire racial crisis of the 1940s to present has been systematically cooked up by demagogues and culture destroyers here, in South Africa, and everywhere else that "diversity" is promoted -- a bastard contrivance that didn't even exist before about 1980.

Here, CATCH:
US government considered Nelson Mandela a terrorist until 2008


A turning point for the Prison Planet we live on!
Italian Riot Police Remove Helmets, Join Anti-EU Protesters

Monday, December 9, 2013

Obamacare site suddenly in fine shape!

They've changed the web address, but don't let that fool you. Go here and sign up today!

.....For those that haven't heard, e.g. at our terrific first-Saturday meeting in (just this once) Greenville......
3 officials resign from Greenville County Republican Party

This is the choice communism gives us. They take over -- you get to stay where you were and put up with it, or you can make their day by leaving so they can have the whole entity you've struggled to build or redeem! A protest walkoff doesn't faze the kleptocrats.

.....Speaking of Washington, yet another new record has been broken by the current regime:
New low for Congress: Just 6 percent approve, finally lower than car salespeople

I had the rare pleasure of hearing Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America speak in person on Saturday also, and he routinely referred to Obummer as "Zero" because that was the jerk's campaign logo the first time around, and a whole lot of nothing good is what we get from the White House anymore. Will Barry's popularity fall to his IQ?.....


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Obummer the consummate narcissist

Don't be fooled by the tone of this piece. it's biting -- and good!
President leads the cheers for himself


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Individual Taxpayer Identification Number" -- what a noble-sounding phrase

But what an ugly reality it signifies in such a messed-up ex-nation like ours!
Report finds widespread fraud in taxpayer ID program

Remember, now -- the government needs your "fair share!" Everybody give half your blood this April 15 or they won't be able to keep up the roads and bridges.

Oh, great, the Tappan Zee Bridge is faulty too? My family used to cross it several times a year growing up, and it was always a thrill to not only cross the seemingly endless engineering wonder but to see a castle on a hilltop on the eastern side come slowly into view, and of course to know we were going to be with beloved relatives (all Virginians) for another Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Hearing that the TZB is a hazard is like seeing Katie Couric announce that the Statue of Liberty has fallen over. (That wouldn't be such a loss in some ways, but let's keep it between the lines here.) Just think, there's a bridge right near you that could kill you one fine day, but isn't it good to know that not only are "immigrants" getting away with murder in epochal tax evasions, but that we've spent 13 years making sure Afghanistan has safe roads?

Pardon my jaundice.... /\/.\/\/.

An emissary from Cato warns Obama via Congress

Or you might say warns Congress about Obama:
Expert Testifies to Congress that Obama’s ‘Ignoring Laws’ Could Lead to Overthrow of Government

Well, they only respect "suits" with very buttoned-up personalities. They won't listen to anybody who raises their voice, dresses casually or otherwise acts un-suitlike. Will Congresscritters listen to this Mr. Cannon?

I hope so, even though he seems to have something dead wrong: it's the Declaration of Independence that asserts the people's right to "alter or abolish" an evil government. Cannon attributes it to stinkin' Lincoln, which couldn't be further from the truth. It was Lincoln who worked 24/7 to abolish the Constitution and the stirring guarantees of the Declaration, and he succeeded to a staggering degree.

Lots of otherwise great conservative doers are saddle with this Lincoln cult. It's inevitable when the education field has been so communist for so long. Yes, Lincoln was a communist in everything but name, and he came dangerously close there too!*

We must applaud Mr. Cannon's courage in speaking truths to power that power doesn't want to hear. Apparently he made it out of the capitol building without being clapped in irons as a "terrorist" wacko.


*Many doers are incapable of making a case for any modern moral crusade without comparing it to "how we overcame segregation and racism in the South," etc., always in the South. Ever notice? That's for one reason, and one only: the Yankees not only write the history books but own the information industry today. Lots of them know the Union was a slave economy too, but keep mum.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Another universally believed notion shot to hell

How many can you count in all?
Black Friday is a Hoax and a Rip-Off

Just imagine -- all that pushing, shoving, trampling, even shooting in pursuit of bargains and specials that don't actually exist. That's riotous enough, but to know these hordes of absolute fools are actually paying higher prices than normal? Collectors of ironies are in their glory, hopefully including every one of you, my fellow curmudgeons.