Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Occupyists' brainwaves no longer flatline

They could in fact start getting really interesting -- if they ever reach the point of becoming "political atheists," to borrow the remarkable Gerald Celente's very apt buzzphrase.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eureka! Democrat almost outdoes Ron Paul on federal tyranny/genocide, etc. etc. etc.

Who is this Mike Gravel? Just in from

Former US Senator tells it like it is without any sugar coating.

The US has lost its way morally.

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This is unbelievable. A second Congressman is finally coming forth to speak the unvarnished truth about one major issue after another!

I can't believe what I'm hearing as this video plays for the first time on my computer. This grandfatherly statesman is moseying along blasting one shibboleth after another to bits. For a minute there I was faulting him for not tying it all in with the monster foreign tyrannies of recent history, but within seconds he did it -- threw in a stock Nazi Germany allusion. Should have been Stalin or Mao, but who could quibble!

As a benighted teenager during Vietnam I took what I thought was the right position -- that we had to support the glorious fedgov's efforts to stop the spread of communism by spending decade after decade killing that country's citizens and ruining its environment. People like Mike Gravel were on the opposite side of the fence, but oh boy, were they right! Many were in that camp because they hated America -- likely Jane Fonda, in my studied opinion -- but not Senator Mike Gravel.

Even if he's ultimately a leftwing Democrat, it appears this gentlemen fought to end the Vietnam "war" for every good reason, including but not limited to the toll such nightmares take on America itself. Look what needless chaos we were in back then! The left had been schooled in scorning the United States for some good and some bad reasons; the institutional right (GOP etc.) -- was hidebound with war jingoism in the wake of the glorious Allies' having made the world safe for the USSR in the 1940s. Decent people should have abandoned all labels and factionalism and joined forces to stop (or prevent) the the Vietnam disaster, throw the monsters out of office that perpetrated it, and keep this country Constitutional from then on.

Whatever else you do today for the Cause, and whatever you think of this video or this blog..... please, I BEG you, share the above Brasscheck link with your friends, family, co-workers etc. Today may seem another prettily passable day in a remarkably stable ameriKa (well, for many there's still affordable gas in the tank, food on the table, and regular paychecks coming in) but it is NOT going to last if decent people don't get busy addressing the indecent, unpleasant, icky subjects covered in the above Russia Today interview.

Please.... "just do it" .... and let me know you have.

Bravo, Mike Gravel! God bless you!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

More from our fearless leader: does knowing your rights (and their procedures) help get things done?

Her grace in assuming the Great One's mantle was ineffable. Her resourcefulness has expanded continuously since then. Her disgust at bureaucratic intransigence is healthy and natural.... but did you ever dare expect all this and much more from our new Executive Director 21 months ago, considering that she wasn't even political till her life's path haply crossed with this blogger's?

Kris just wrote me again:

Got my driver’s license taken care of. 2½ hours in Fountain Inn DMV. Manager there was very nice and helpful and was liaison to Columbia office that screwed up. YAY!

I guess they didn’t want another lawsuit. Things started turning around when I mentioned applying for an administrative hearing!

"An administrative hearing" -- I confess I'm not sure what that means, but doesn't it have an ossome ring to it? Maybe the DMV guy didn't know either, but the very sound of it clearly gave him pause, especially coming from such a petite, unassuming-looking blonde lady.

I've found it useful to throw scares, too. One employer didn't want to hire me as independent contractor, and it being a fairly small opportunity, I -- by now fed up with corporate kafkaism myself -- volunteered that I might have to sue him in that case. He smiled nervously and ushered me to the president's office, where they quickly found a way to do it.

In another situation I gave them my business number instead of a Social, and -- this being a church music opportunity -- they threw fits and fought me tooth and nail, but eventually decided since the deal had come this far they might as well give in for the moment. But rather than insisting on changing it later on as they'd threatened, the treasurer sent me a Christmas card and no mention of the conflict!

And why
shouldn't employers prefer contract over employee status, when it's truly applicable? So much less paperwork and expense!

The glow of Thanksgiving is still in the air. Have you thanked God lately or your Patriot Network leadership for keeping the organization going?

.......Appropriate to the season, this also arrived today -- one in a long string of similar treatises that cross one's desk over the years:

It's not a bad commentary despite at least one major flub -- the early reference to Romans 13. In the context of the times, it seems obvious to me that St. Paul was there writing about the young Christian commonwealth's
own leadership and polity, while giving the superficial impression of affirming the beastly "civil rulers" of the day and time. (Those creeps, God's ministers unto us for righteousness? OH SURE....) The apostle wasn't lying or playing games; his careful wording is how things work under a brutal dictatorship. You watch every syllable in order to remain at your post for another day or week.

Getting back to the Godfather Politics article, its writer's main point re Romans 13 is quite sound: "There are 30 million evangelical Christians in America, and millions do not participate in politics". Aside from voting, I would guess the number is more like 60 or 100 million, and that would be largely thanks to the poisonous influence of Scofield, Scofield's owners, his forerunners (Ribera, Lacunza et al) and his successors today. These multitudes of brain-addled Christians imagine themselves the faithful guardians of the American way, but they are for the most part politically USELESS, often on the grounds that we don't have to worry about any of this worldly stuff because the Rapture is due here any minute.

Oh, the struggles I've had over
this with churches and preachers. Did I mention that I got to speak in a little fundy church a few weeks ago? I of course preached to the folks that they'd better get active because the default position was to let the devil run everything. They didn't know what to say, and then at discussion time some dutifully rose to say that "Only Jeeesus could solve all this political stuff, and we just had to wait on him to do so." I somehow managed not to say "Yuuccchh to that!"

The Bible not political? Open it up, please, and let me know where you find that questions of rulership first arise. How about Genesis 3:11, just 67 verses into the Word, where humanity is already embroiled in a dispute with God over who
is God and lawgiver? Or maybe verse 6, where Eve has already accepted the concept of religious diversity and given in to the liberation theology of the first "higher criticism" pundit, the Serpent!

The rest of that chapter of Genesis is taken up with the all-wise Living God's explaining to his children how it's going to be, or else, and rightly so. What happens in the next chapter? Why, it's the story of God very kindly and patiently instructing Cain in the matter of right worship, and meting out due punishment for
his rebellion. Cain, too, insisted on learning the hard way who is really in charge of this world -- its creator, a principle still mirrored in today's law codes, e.g. the patent and copyright parts.

Genesis, chapter 5: Yea even amid a genealogical table, more politics. "Enoch walked with God" -- i.e. heeded his merciful and reasonable laws and enjoyed his friendship -- and God "took him", widely held to signify some extra-blessed kind of one-way trip to heaven ahead of schedule. Lamech, who earlier lamented having killed a man, is next heard rueing the wages of sin and seeking solace in the birth of son Noah (quite possibly the first symbolic forerunner of Christ).

OK, randomly flip to a later page and tell me what you see. I seriously with no rigging of it happen upon Genesis 47:1 -- Joseph and his brothers under Pharoah's thankfully mild rule! How could it get more political than this: Joe's brothers committed an unspeakable crime, God used it pivotally for the working out of his master plan for his people against all human odds; Joseph becomes the PRIME MINISTER of Egypt, running the whole then-huge country with Pharoah's beaming approval and forbearance. (Yes, Joseph was the
prime minister -- it's how Bible commentaries routinely describe his position.)

Because of these POLITICS entered into by one of the greatest national heroes in history, the seedline of the Christ was given safe haven in a time of bad regional famine. (Big time
ecoomics.) The supreme political ruler gave Jacob and his sons choice REAL ESTATE, another intensive legal matter. If Joseph had followed your local Pennycostal preacher's dictates and not gotten "mixed up in the dirty affairs of this world" because "it's all passing away", where would we be!

Again totally without contrivance, I flip further into the Bible.... andrandomly "get" Deuteronomy 31. Bullseye -- Moses "the lawgiver" is formally inducting his successor Joshua before the assembled tribes. Wow, this is the part that I love so much, "this song" (31:30) whereby Moses reads them the riot act, followed by a long prayer that they would do right and know God's blessing instead of his chastisement (chaps. 32-33). This is all historical, doctrinal and spiritual, sure -- but anybody who misses the fact that it's 100% "political" at the same time, I fear they're poorly equipped for the real world. POLITICAL in terms of what was going on -- the leadership of a nation in time of crisis. POLITICAL as an exact, direct paradigm of how countries and virtually any group is supposed to be run today -- yeah, you know,

OK, OK, you want New Testament? I get Luke 22:60 next: "And Peter said, Man, I know not what thou sayest." Not much to go on there, but what's this in v. 66? "...the elders of the chief priests and the scribes came together, and led [Jesus] into their council". A religious affair, you counter? No, a trial -- YET AGAIN a contest over who the real ruler is to be, God or man:

69 Hereafter shall the Son of man sit on the right hand of the power of God.
71 And they said, what need we any further witnesses?"

It's politics, and that always means law. And vice versa. By the way, PLEASE don't let your Sunday school teacher try to deny that the chief priests and scribes were
politicians. They had the power to throw people out of the synagogue, which amounted to internal exile from the local society and economy.

Come on, how many times has your Sunday School teacher told you that without telling you that?

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Are tax thieves really the Keystone Kops as rumored?

The PN Executive Director just sent me a meaningfully hilarious email:

I just finished examining my FOIA file for 2003. Interesting things: The Notice of Deficiency was prepared in my case, but never mailed out of IRS for some reason. The USPS tracking number was never sent through the USPS and the IRS list shows it was crossed out and marked “VOID”. (This was why I won my case.)

They accused me of making borderline Constitutional and frivolous arguments. (Go figure! Standard rhetoric!)

They say the last year I filed was 1999, which was false…we filed all the way up to 2002.

They have “interest income” for $25 for Wachovia bank…I didn’t open that account until last year, I think it was.

Most interesting was 6 pages stamped “page denied” so they couldn’t send me a copy of whatever it was... and the number one interesting thing: They had pages from the Constitution Party website showing me as treasurer. Now why would that be pertinent to my taxes??

Here it is again with my replies:

I just finished examining my FOIA file for 2003. Interesting things: The Notice of Deficiency was prepared in my case, but never mailed out of IRS for some reason. The USPS tracking number was never sent through the USPS and the IRS list shows it was crossed out and marked “VOID”. (This was why I won my case.)

********This is too delicious. I'm starting to believe RBC about what stumblebums they are!

They accused me of making borderline Constitutional and frivolous arguments. (Go figure! Standard rhetoric!)

They say the last year I filed was 1999, which was false…we filed all the way up to 2002.

********Sue 'em for insulting your taxpayer integrity!!!

They have “interest income” for $25 for Wachovia bank…I didn’t open that account until last year, I think it was.

They have “interest income” for $25 for Wachovia bank…I didn’t open that account until last year, I think it was.

Most interesting was 6 pages stamped “page denied” so they couldn’t send me a copy of whatever it was... and the number one interesting thing: They had pages from the Constitution Party website showing me as treasurer. Now why would that be pertinent to my taxes??

******* Because hives of COCKROACHES at SPLC and ADL have got everybody in govt convinced that the CP and its ilk are the true danger to human happiness worldwide.

........The old expression "lower than a snake's belly in a wagon wheel rut" is rich invective, partly because it sounds so charmingly antique somehow... maybe even Southern.

A preacher among the PN's friends calls especially notorious people "demons from hell" and I think that's delightfully pithy and succinct.

Such locutions come to mind when chronicling the bizarre and odious career of main 2012 republiCON Pezidential heart-throb #46, Newt Gingrich. My paleo-conservative blood boils at seeing a reptile like him rise in contrived popular acclaim, but there's respite in the existence of masterly denunciations of his cult:

Showdown at Neocon Central

Now, here's the best summary of the Pezidential junkheap not written by yours truly!

10 Certainties[P11842499]&rrid=395275114

And now the global elites and their corporate media propaganda machine are deciding again who will be elected — and the American voter, with nary a whimper, follows blindly along, accepting that a two-horse race between Mitt Romney and some neocon anti-Romney are the only choices we have.

The trouble has been in selecting the anti-Romney. So far, Michele Bachmann’s star fizzled like a New Year’s sparkler, Rick Perry fell off his horse after he insulted most Republicans over illegal immigration in one debate and stepped on his tongue in two others, Herman Cain’s stock has begun dropping faster than Sharon Bialek’s perky mood in the back of a limo — as much because of Cain’s incoherent answers to tough questions as over the dubious sexual harassment claims — and now Newt Gingrich is the rising neocon star.

The same Newt Gingrich who twice (at least) cheated on his wives (he’s had three) while they suffered from serious illnesses. The same globalist, Council on Foreign Relations member, pagan ritual Bohemian Grove attendee Newt Gingrich who sat on a couch with Nancy Pelosi in an advertisement hawking the threat of man-caused global warming, who has a penchant for cozying up with people like race huckster Al Sharpton when it’s politically expedient and then denouncing them later, who devised the original government-growing Contract with America, who endorsed RINO (later to turn Democrat) Dede Scozzafava over a Tea Party candidate, who called Congressman Paul Ryan’s deficit reduction plan right-wing social engineering, who said the Tea Party will be the “militant wing” of the GOP, and who we now know looted American taxpayers of between $1.6 million and $1.8 million as a “historian” for the Freddie Mac corporatist slush fund (although Gingrich remembers only about $300,000 of it). And this is the same Newt Gingrich who once called for a Federal mandate to purchase health insurance, endorsed “cap-and-trade” legislation, said he would have voted for TARP and promoted Bush’s prescription drug bill. He also continues to support ethanol subsidies and is pro-amnesty for illegals.

That Gingrich, with all his baggage and pompousness, can be an attractive candidate to people who call themselves conservatives, tells you all you need to know of the ignorance of the average voter......

Yes, it's grim and unpleasant, but far milder than what we're going to experience if we don't face facts now.... whoa, THIS JUST IN. The hideous Bachbeast is good for something after all! Never mind the fact that she as Pezident would be no less slavish to the communist anti-borders agenda than Reptile Gin-Grinch:

WHOOSH, here comes another powerful indictment of the Reptile -- if you can stand the smell! Are you ready for SLICK WILLY singing his praises?

Bill Clinton Praises Old Foe Newt Gingrich

"Charisma -- articulate -- blah -- blah." Same puke they applied to Obama -- every new political darling seems to be called these formerly complimentary things. Say goodbye as a few more perfectly good words go down the drain of PC co-optation.

Slick is now a political fossil and looks like one but still faithfully sticks out that beguiling ruby-red lower lip like the earnest little boy scout he never was the first time around. His hairdo, for which he probably pays about $150 in other people's money every 6 weeks, makes him look like a "human" toilet brush.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Choice "Black Friday" headlines

We are the greatest country in the world -- in every way. We are noble, exemplary, peace-loving, altruistic, just endlessly decent... the exalted Christian nation, the rumored Shining City on a Hill to which every other country right looks as an example in right living and sane politics.

Headlines illustrating this via


Woman pepper sprays other Black Friday shoppers 'to gain an upper hand'...

'Competitive shopping' turns into chaos...

'Girls Punching Each Other' Over Yoga Pants Sale at Victoria's Secret...

VIDEO: Mayhem over $2 waffle maker...

Two women injured in brawl...

Woman shot, robbed in SC after midnight shopping trip to WALMART...

NC police use pepper spray to break up melee...


Grandfather smashed to ground as he tried to protect grandson from crowd...

Police taser WALMART customer...



They don't hate us for our decadence. They hate us for our freedom.

They don't hate us for our decadence. They don't hate us for forcing atheist, materialist, sensualist consumerism on the rest of the world. They hate us for our freedom.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Occupyists challenge so-called president; so-called president smothers them with System smarm

Talk about a tempest in a teacup.... The Occupy Wall Street gang just showed the world once and for all how Mickey Mouse they really are. They should have known the so-called president could anesthetize them with a wave of his earnest little schoolboy paw!

Couple days ago a story came out entitled

First Russian Newscaster Gives Obama the Finger, Next President Gets Heckled at Home

Now, the so-called president is one of the most hated creatures on earth, but how did I know this story was going to be a mere shadow of what its headline promised? Because..... no matter how bad things get, people still totally lack the guts to publicly tell off corrupt public figures right to their faces.

Telling them what we really, really think in person is one of the most sorely lacking minerals in our (and their) diet. Doing so with crowds watching is ten times more so. But politicians and other celebrities have developed mass hypnotism so slily -- and have patterned the masses with such scientific precision -- that people simply crumble before their supposedly dazzling charm, charisma and bigness. At such moments the glare of celebrity deity instantly blinds us to the fact that we're merely getting a bigger sack of horse poo in the face than ever.

In the first place, the claim (per the above link) that a Russian newscaster flipped the so-called president a bird is pitiful. Thrilling as such a journalistic breakthrough would be, check the videos in the article and you'll see that the lady's fingers vaguely form a bird for maybe a second. She gives no indication that it's directed at the so-called president, and as one comment added says, it could as easily be aimed at someone off-camera in the studio.

The other video there reveals that "heckling" in question is a brief, symbolic hubbub created by Occupyists in the audience at a talk by the so-called president. For a split second you think they're actually going to make a difference -- maybe even give the so-called president the total disruption treatment that Marxist radicals give conservative speakers on college campuses -- but no, to these kids, a brief (less than a minute) showing of "angry young man" ire is plenty!

Instead of the so-called president being prevented from going any further with his lies and evasions, he simply hoodoos his challengers. Clucking faux-populist sympathy and understanding, this earth mother from hell, this kinder-gentler ameriKan mascot on angel dust, this STINKING GLIB POLITICIAN finally shows how true it can be that he's oh so slick and smooth: he clasps them to his ample bosom, embracing them and their hurt feelings about his administration's arresting thousands of them.

From the first outbreak, the so-called president smiles indulgently. He misses no beat, as if his handlers have found out this was going to happen, have groomed him on how to handle it, and slipped him an extra happy pill.

He feels the protesters' pain. He sweeps their rage up like a finely-tuned psy-ops vacuum cleaner. The rest of the crowd starts cheering him and booing those who are so boorish and racist as to cloud another sunny day in his blessed and glorious life. O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! the cheer goes up, almost reminiscent of Acts 19:28 -- "Great is Diana of Ephesus!" What do you want to bet the Occupists go and vote for the jerk all over again next November? With enemies like them, what need has he of friends?

The myth of this "heckling" continues -- today it's a CowboyBytes email proclaiming

Occupy Wall Street Turns On Obama

Get our hopes up, why don't you! Don't worry, it's just a retread of the above story mostly taken up with banal chewings of the bipartisan political cud.. First the neocon Newsmax site contrives to make establishment Republicans sound radically annoyed with the so-called president, even wondering if nonexistent or purely symbolic GOP rage against him fueled the Occupy movement!?!?!?!?!? Then it happily goes on to list the movement's most avid supporters: unions, Dummacrats, Pelosi.

Cute photo caption halfway down: "A protester hands the president a note in New Hampshire today. (AP)". Don't miss the guy's pudgy, cherubic smile! Hey, he's wearing suit and tie -- do you think it's really a note of support from the Donald Young Guild Of Presidential Paramours? Cf.:

........On to less purely emetic news. Just as support for Ron Paul appears to be smashing all skeptics' quibbles and is getting respect even from a few major liberal talking heads -- and even as Liberty Dollar founder Bernard von NotHaus faces a bleak future in prison for bringing back real money -- THIS:

2008 RON PAUL .999 Silver Liberty Dollar $20 NUMBERED HALLMARKED #458 of #1000

Closing bid.... $280!

............It's Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Things are bad, very bad, but they could be much worse. I'm thankful that as the new Rome burns I still have the freedom to chronicle it and name its perpetrators. And that people read my fulminations, hopefully sharing with others. And that I was present for a wonderful gathering of right-headed Christians last night, and will enjoy another one in a few hours -- right here in the right-wing hotbed of them all, upcountry South Carolina.

Who am I thankful to? Almighty God, the creator of all that is. The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob -- he who so loved the world that he sent his only into it to redeem lost, undeserving, even defiant humanity. The Christian God, the true and living God, our politically-incorrect, loving heavenly Father who will rightly brook no competition.

I wouldn't blame our gracious Lord for washing his hands of us (and I do mean us!) but see him still guiding and blessing his faithful remnant today, if only we'll follow, listen, and return proper thanks, loyalty and obedience. May we show him today in particular how truly grateful we are for his kindness and forbearance.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Painful ironies.... painful! About Chile, right versus left, political piety, and the world we left behind us

I don't hesitate to feature another BrasscheckTV link today, half because of its intended spin and half because of its unintended effect. Maybe there's "blowback" in journalism too -- not only warfare?

Ahh, the good intentions that went into this video's production and dissemination! How great it is for a good chunk of its duration! Wow, the amount of the time that one can wholeheartedly agree with these Brasscheck liberaloids.... despite the pie-in-the-face effect of their occasional bipolar episodes:

Psychopaths Rule The World

First there was truth, and everybody presumably loved it. Then the devil came along and gave us the gifts of greed and vanity, which became the parents of politics. Those of the alleged left became wholesale opposers of everything traditional and Constitutional in American life and began screaming for America to pursue entirely other, dumber, crazier, more "compassionate" goals.

Those of the supposed right had a knee-jerk reaction of defending government wholesale from these attacks out of the naive (well, lame-brained) belief that that was the essence of patriotism. The best part is that at this time, the right was for peace and it was the left that called for ameriKa to run around bludgeoning the world in the name of "democracy" -- a thing that the right's historical heroes had condemned and solemnly warned the nation USA about centuries earlier.

Right and left were no more synonymous with Republican and Democrat than today, you understand.

The scum that had risen to the top of politics found to their riotous delight that all they had to do was play the war card, and suddenly the right was as bellicose as the the left! The right might oppose a war down to the last minute as the masses were stampeded into another foreign aggression, but once the troops left for "over there" -- anywhere "over there" -- these "conservative" guardians and epitomes of patriotism bought the leftist media's wheeze that you have to "support our boys" and therefore support whatever "war" they're thrown into...... because if you didn't, by gum, you were unpatriotic.

This gave government carte blanche to run around the world stomping other countries to death for fun and profit, or as Wilson put it "making the world safe for democracy".

Eventually Richard Nixon was elected president, a leftist riding the wave of genuinely conservative anti-communist sentiment that still existed among the otherwise stupified sheeple. For his part of the System's window-dressing program, the shadow government had Nixon go after a villain then wrecking Chile -- its openly Marxist president, Salvador Allende. This he promptly did. To the great relief of the people, the so-called dictator Augusto Pinochet took over and started cracking commie heads together and bringing back freedom and order for those who hadn't taken part in the attempted destruction of that blessed land.

Republican presidents became more communist from there, to the point that they're almost indistinguishable from Democrat ones today. Communism blighted most of the Eurasian land mass and way too much of the Americas for seemingly forever and holocausted scores of millions of people worldwide, but is now forgotten and almost never mentioned. The greatest genocide of all time is never mentioned anymore, because the commies are now trying different tacks, e.g. culturally under the rubric of "political correctness".

Thus, behold the spectacle of a noticeable left-tilted organization, BrasscheckTV, sending a video out to their subscribers in which one of the greatest political successes of past half-century -- America's liberation of Chile -- is presented as one of the biggest crimes.

To please communists, the leftistic Nixon brought Chile an "extreme right wing" yet great government. The antiwar left that hated and excoriated him for it has become the warmongering bipartisan left of the Clinton years and beyond. The more honorable left still decries today's fully bipartisan warmonger ameriKa, but is still blind as a bat to some of the major issues it routinely handles.

That dapper Englishman questioning former Nixonista (and ex-CIA) Duane Clarridge re Chile in the above video -- what do you think are the chances he's ever put a former communist hatchet man on the stand? OH OH OH, Allende was democratically elected! Never mind his politics or real-world impact, he was democratically elected! OOOOOHHH, and he killed people! Gasp, surely anybody that kills people has to be evil, right? Well, maybe only if they're right of center. As for the democratic election process, it would be just lovely if leftists would let it take its course right now instead of blotting Ron Paul totally out of the picture. Ditto for fake rightists like Rush, Sean and Michael Savage (real name Weiner).

I'd forgotten it was commie edomitess Lesley Stahl who drew out of commie edomitess Madeleine Albright the statement that the "collateral" killings of thousands of innocents was "worth the price" to the Permanent Regime's globalist agenda -- also seen in the above footage. A stopped clock is right twice a day, right?

Kudos to Brasscheck in any case for condemning war and intervention. Big kudos to them! They just got me going about the one subject -- communism -- because nothing will ever work until the record and the public consciousness are set straight about it.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Announcing.... a shiny new buzzterm: "Internal bank run". Confusion over Occupy mvt yields supreme Homeland Security irony

Today's BrasscheckTV video and email are a first-class paradigm of the "Alice in Wonderland" nature of things in the ameriKan police state:

This video from the Infowars Nightly News covers the gamut of
current scandals.

First, MF Global, the financial services company, raided some of
it's customers accounts stealing hundreds of millions in an
internal bank run just prior to declaring bankruptcy.

Moving on from there, Aaron Dykes covers the fact that the crackdown
on the Occupy Wall Street movement was organized federally by the
Department of Homeland Security, an agency created to fight

- Brasscheck

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videos with friends and colleagues.

That's how we grow. Thanks.

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I don't know what an internal bank run is, but as this Infowars announcer (apparently named Aaron Dyke) seems to indicate, it may be nothing but a raiding of resources by bank personnel before depositors try to grab them. This is major since presumably all banks are living on the razor's edge as the dollar shrinks in value, the Fed's credibility goes down the drain, and the System is revealed more every day to be nothing but a high-tech gangster network.

The next topic in the video is of course the authorities' cleaning out of Wall Street's augean stables, i.e. putting the Occupiers on notice they've got to vacate and take their stuff with them. World-class ironies:

* Occupy is a liberaloid movement -- but since there's so little resistance to oppression nowadays and the Occupiers are right about a modicum of issues, we conservatives are in the position of having to offer them some moral support.

* At times even the most rightly anti-System forces such as Alex Jones and company sometimes end up firmly taking Occupy Wall Street's side -- even when the glaring silliness and actual criminality of the movement force the authorities to bust it.

* In this case, police are heard kindly (not tyrannically) ordering protesters to pack up and clear out. I don't know how Occupy could ask for more -- the officers even tell them where their stuff will be taken if they refuse to take responsibility for their own belongings! We patriots used to support the police against the dirty anarchist hippies calling them pigs, but times have Changed.

* Complication: the police in this case are under orders from the genuinely hateful and evil "Department of Homeland Security". In the decade since the miraculously instantaneous birth of that Stalinistic entity, this has to be the first time it's actually been used to to something "right", i.e. protect citizens from what has reportedly become a mass of filth and mayhem in numerous cities across the fruited plain.

* But alas for the DHS, that agency's very existence is un-Constitutional -- ergo everything it does is another crime. Police were merely and truly doing their job here but it is wrong, very wrong of them to have any connection with DHS whatsoever. I guess if the ameriKan KGB orders you to do something, you find some way to let somebody else take a heroic stand that time.

* The disinfection of the former Occupy camps will no doubt send tons of noxious chemicals into the storm sewers of New York City.

Mr. Dyke's next subject is an urgent one -- the fedgoons' hatching of a new plot to get ameriKans literally paranoid about which of their neighbors is a TERR'IST! Again one is reminded of Hedrick Smith's book The Russians. When he wrote it circa 1975 ameriKa was still imagined as the land of freedom and the USSR was most definitely still a hellish communist dictatorship. In it Smith described things inconceivable to Americans at the time: people constantly spied on each other for the state that had reduced them all to mere peons -- and any Soviet comrade that was given the least bit of authority would immediately and childishly go berserk lording it over others. With petty, reflexive devotion to the statist bureaucracy, he'd become no longer a fellow sufferer from oppression but a big little Somebody bent on making sure others knew it at all times!

It didn't matter to these denizens of the atheist wonderland that they were in fact destroying their own privacy, their own peace, their own real security with such actions. For Americans back then to read this first-hand account of what they'd heard about life under communism -- written by a New York Times reporter, no less! -- was stomach-turning and mind-numbing.

Now we're them, that's all.

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

Monday, November 21, 2011

Another journalist calls down the income tax judas goats

Michelle Fields Outs ‘Patriotic Millionaires’

Yeah, they're "patriotic", all right -- as long as the sheeple fall for their ruse of taking a high-profile (if bogus) stand for higher taxes. If they don't, the whole thing was a waste of time

I've never heard of Michelle Fields, but she does a pretty fair job of skewering the fatcats' hypocrisy here. She as reporter could go a lot farther in making them squirm -- most political journalism is highly partisan, don't let anybody tell you different.

Ms Fields is with a familiar-sounding news outlet whose Wikipedia article may give you pause about her own motivation... well, if you're as jaundiced as some of us:

The Daily Caller is a news website based in Washington, D.C., United States, with a focus on politics, original reporting and breaking news, founded by journalist and political pundit Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel, former adviser to former Vice President Dick Cheney. The Daily Caller launched on January 11, 2010.

Establishment "conservatism", you see, has nothing to do with freedom or justice. As epitomized by the Cheney-zombie, it's entirely all about Republicans controlling the "new" world order, cashing in on it, and carrying out the rest of the communist agenda -- strictly a matter of brand, not principles.

The above article's finish is a lot like what Dr. Clarkson used to preach:

If these millionaires were really smart, they would invest their money in existing and new business ventures that directly create jobs and turns the newly employed into tax payers and gets them off the government dole.

One of the naive young folk that used to help out at the soup kitchen was a Catholic seminarian. We asked what he was doing wasting his time in such a place. He replied that he just wanted to help the poor and underprivileged. The Great One rightly advised him to go out, make some money and invest it in some above-board manufacturer of articles the public needs.

I see no indication who wrote this article and would like to assume they hate socialism as much as you and I, but of course true Constitutionalists, lower-case libertarians and Bible economists would never positively use the phrase "create jobs" as he or she does. Heh, I'm known get carried away on that subject! If anybody out there can produce anything mandating such a thing in the Constitution of the USA or of the several states, etc., or the charters or law codes of lesser jurisdictions, you must be a miracle worker. It's totally foreign to good government, and for politicians to bleat it all the time is merely the sign of a SICK society full of "MAJORLY" dumbed down sheeple.

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The so-called president and its basic math skills

Obama Claims He's Visited 57 States

Statements by the so-called president:

1. It's visited every corner of the USA

2. It's been to all 57

3. That would leave one more -- implying a total of 58

4. OH -- it forgot Alaska and Hawaii! Make that 59 states..... or did it mean those two in addition to the 58?


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Extra! Extra! UN rules against the "offendedness" industry

As this article says, UN judgments aren't binding, but what an exciting development:

Dutch State Taken to UN Human Rights Commission over Wilders

What's significant is that three diversity poster-boy types wanted to gain an important symbolic ruling against politicians who speak up against "reverse" discrimination, but they have been left totally holding the bag by one of the main enforces of "diversity" worldwide -- the United Nations.

It may appear merely another obvious nut-job suit being thrown out, but where it is symbolically very potent is in the fight to save Europe from disappearing in a tidal wave of "immigration" from elsewhere. European governments have a disgraceful record of favoring the invasion (to call it by its proper name) and the invaders, and persecuting anybody who stands up for indigenous Europeans.

Geert Wilders, the intended victim in this case, is a brilliant and courageous Dutch statesman, noted for speaking out against the ongoing Islamic takeover of his homeland. Wikipedia's adverse summary of him:

a Dutch right-wing politician and leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid – PVV), the third-largest political party in the Netherlands.[1][2] He is the Parliamentary group leader of his party in the Dutch House of Representatives. In the formation in 2010 of the current Rutte cabinet, a minority cabinet of VVD and CDA, he actively participated in the negotiations, resulting in a "support agreement" (gedoogakkoord) between the PVV and these parties. Wilders is best known for his criticism of Islam, summing up his views by saying, "I don't hate Muslims, I hate Islam".

Leftists are desperate to re-define defense of European and European-populated countries as hotbeds of bigotry and hate, and to wreck the lives of anybody who rises up to refute their new "diversity" state religion. To its credit, Wikipedia -- which also exists to push this cult on the world -- reports other instances of Wilders' international persecution and how they blew up in their perpetrators' faces:

Wilders was banned from entering the United Kingdom between 12 February 2009 and 13 October 2009 by the Labour government, the Home Office saying his presence would be a "threat to one of the fundamental interests of society".[18] The ban was overturned after Wilders appealed[19] and he visited the UK in October 2009,[20] and again in March 2010 to show his film. In January 2009, the Amsterdam Court of Appeal ordered Wilders' prosecution for "incitement to hatred and discrimination".[21] Wilders was acquitted of these charges on 23 June 2011.

We should thank God that such victories are still possible in this world whose supposed leaders are truly bigoted and hateful against people who look like this blogger. It could very well be evidence of increasingly massive resistance against the ghoulish "diversity" fetish.

We who are still alive after the storm activities last Wednesday have extra reasons to feel thankful. I certainly am. As I drove up visit my mother that night, I passed Davidson, NC, and a short while later on route 29 heard that Davidson had been hit by a tornado. The next day, considerable tornado damage was reported in Blairs, Va. -- five miles from my mother's place!

.........The normally useless news feed at has this interesting news blip today:

Giant mound of tires in SC visible from space

Sometimes I wonder if SC has long been slated as a human and technological dumping ground. Did you ever ask yourself why it was chosen as the home of the Savannah River Site -- and for that matter, what the Savannah River Site does? Thank you, Wikipedia -- it's a "nuclear reservation" which "was built during the 1950s to refine nuclear materials for deployment in nuclear weapons." At 310 square miles it eats up almost one percent of SC's total area. Our friend Reb Sutherland worked there for many years and warns that scores of millions of gallons of atomic water are stored there, sitting a mere nine feet above an aquifer that serves three states.


Friday, November 18, 2011

At the often stomach-churning, some rays of hope

I've always said that all we had to do to win it fast is start doing everything to THEM that they do to US -- within the law. Many cases of it occur; the most delectable may very well be when freedom-seekers take the high-tech surveillance wizardry the Establishment exploits to the fullest against us, and turn it on our oppressors:

The video below showing a civilian operated drone chopper filming riots in Warsaw, Poland last Friday is a great example of the democratization of what was until very recently, military-grade tech. This is a straight up ISR drone that’s flying high above the streets of a major city taking camera footage that was once the exclusive domain of high-priced news choppers and government helos.

That article would also be the high point in the tedious course of this Occupy movement thing so far, which has been long on vague sentiment but short on focus. Where's the beef?........ Speaking of high tech, isn't it good to know that a whole continent somewhere is turning against Mr. Chertoff's cancer generators?

Controversial ‘naked’ body scanners, already in use at Manchester Airport, could be withdrawn after EU chiefs warned that they could pose a health risk due to the radiation they emit.

This item won't do anything for your respect for Germany, but what a nice spike on the chart of Britain's brain waves:

Germany has drawn up secret plans to prevent a British referendum on the overhaul of the European Union amid concerns it could derail the eurozone rescue package, leaked documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph disclose.

The Blacklisted News homepage is 19 print pages long, but the above are about the only signs of hope showing in it at present. Translation: the situation is very, very bad! Do your friends and family a favor, won't you? Figure out to some way to calmly get it across to them that there's a cannon pointed at their head and the ground is being yanked right out from under their feet.

They've got to know it.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Communism, again

Our title today has many uses. Just a few:

* You woke up again this morning, and likely again found yourself in a communist country.

* Outright, official communism dominated the earth for most of a century, and after its supposed fall with the destruction of the Berlin Wall, some people were surprised to find that the replacement leaders in many of those countries were..... communist!

* During that whole awful period -- from the publication of the communist manifesto to the fall of the Wall -- anyone scanning the world political scene from the east, where communism was strongest, to the far west (the USA) where people were supposedly freest, an honest assessment would have held that what one saw here as well was in fact..... communism!

* The word has been quietly dropped from the political vocabulary. But today in the real world, it is again being written up for the fraud it truly is! Hey, this Takimag writer is saying the same stuff I do including communism's real origins and missing modern context, but much funnier. Enjoy:

The Bloody Red Flag

Trending online news topics often cough up amusingly odd juxtapositions, such as when “Auschwitz” was #2 behind “LeAnn Rimes” and right ahead of “Holiday Bread Recipes” on Yahoo!’s home page. Although I didn’t get a screen capture, I swear to whatever God will listen to me that a few days ago, Kristallnacht was trending on Yahoo! amid a pack of similarly weighty topics such as Justin Bieber and Snooki.............

What the hell was Kristallnacht doing in the news?

(Please read the rest via above link!!)

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pithy Carolina Journal headlines

The editor of grade B+ NC print paper's editor gives his take on Occupation:
To recognize the Occupy movement for what it really is, we didn’t need to wait to watch the Carnival of Souls now playing across the country – the filth, the intimidation, the violence, the weapons, the drug overdoses, the killings, and the Penn State-like conspiracy of silence about sexual assaults. Based on the movement’s illiberal ideological assumptions and the foolishness of camping out in pubic parks as a strategy for political change, we knew that the protests would become increasingly desperate and shrill, revealing the true colors of their instigators.

Leftists push to annex North Carolina to New York City (was this article written up there?):

Jeremy Kennedy, the campaign manager for the anti-amendment coalition, which filed paperwork Nov. 7 with the state, said the organization is modeling its effort, in part, on President Barack Obama's successful grassroots operation in 2008 by developing a broad network of local advocates and volunteers in various communities. "It's a big operation, a big undertaking," said Kennedy, who led an unsuccessful effort in Maine to get marriage equality for same-sex couples.

In the same mailer (in case you missed it in our vibrant PN egroups), this headline:

Human trafficking ‘is real, it’s in North Carolina’

I heard a radio discussion on the subject today while driving through NC. They referred to "human trafficking" over and over, but you know what? That's only because they know this curse on us all is the result of leftwing agitation, propaganda and legislation -- and that ergo new, more elaborate buzz has to be sprayed to hide the shocking reality of it.

You see, there's only one word that covers the vice in question, and that word is "SLAVING". Slaving has returned to the supposed land of the free as a direct result of the leftwing takeover or media, politics, education and everything else. Leftists' religion bears the silly title of "diversity and tolerance", by which they're actually calling for promiscuity and passivity. Promiscuity meaning chaos as a matter of policy and law in order to destroy the social setup -- and passivity on the part of anybody who doesn't like it!

Please remember that. Don't let anybody around you say "human trafficking" or any other totally fraudulent thing cooked up in commie think tanks to keep the sheeple clueless and apathetic. You don't call Obama the president anymore -- why make the torture of women and children sound like some kind of business deal with the word "trafficking"?

Other cases or word fraud abound: let's bring back the totally lost terms "abortionist" and "VD". New generations need to feel the horror and demoralization we all did on learning that such things existed! If leftists really want "change" I don't think it's too much to ask that things be called by their truthful names regardless of what the copy editors at Time or Newsweek might think of it.

To end on a more upbeat note ("karmic overtures"!?!?):

Tree planting near Asheville part of hope for American chestnut
American Chestnut Foundation plants blight-resistant chestnut seedling at N.C. Arboretum

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mass mailer claims that 100 rich moonbeams want to pay more taxes

Is this an early April Fool joke? A trite little shill trick?

Can rich people really be that dumb?

Wait a minute -- this is from the capitol of Taxachusetts. It likely is real.


Share This:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 15, 2011
Maz Ali, 617-423-2148 x101,
Wealthy Taxpayers Say, 'Tax Us More,' in Open Letter to Super-Committee
Boston, MA – United for a Fair Economy (UFE) has published an open letter to Congress’ Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, or the “Super-Committee.” The letter was signed by more than 100 members and supporters of UFE’s Responsible Wealth project who are business owners, investors and wealthy individuals in the top 5 percent of the U.S. economy. The letter calls for the majority of deficit reduction to be achieved with higher taxes on the wealthy and corporations.
The twelve member Super-Committee has been tasked with negotiating a plan by November 23 that will reduce the federal deficit by $1.2 trillion, in addition to the nearly $1 trillion in cuts made in August.
All of the signers have incomes of more than $200,000 and are willing to pay income tax at a 39.6 percent rate, as outlined in President Obama's proposal to allow the expiration of Bush-era tax cuts for upper-income households. Among the signers are 15 people with incomes in excess of $1 million who support rates of at least 45 percent on themselves. The signers hail from 23 states, including 6 of the 11 states represented by members of the Super-Committee.
Recent polls show that the majority of Americans, including wealthy people, strongly support higher taxes on the wealthy and corporations.
The letter includes two additional key principles:
  • At least half of all spending cuts should be made by reducing unnecessary military expenditures.
  • None of the spending cuts should adversely impact beneficiaries of key social programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, education and other programs relied upon by low- and middle-income families.
If the Super-Committee fails to negotiate a deal by November 23, $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts – half from defense, half from domestic programs (Social Security and Medicare exempted) – will take effect in January 2013. United for a Fair Economy and the signers of this letter believe that no deal is better than a bad deal. Together, they urge Super-Committee members to reject any proposal that does not meet the above principles. Read the letter at
The following individuals are available for comment regarding this letter:
  • Arul Menezes, Research Manager and Software Architect, Microsoft Research, WA: “As an upper-income taxpayer whose wealth was entirely earned, rather than inherited, I feel my success was in great part due to the egalitarian and meritocratic society I encountered when I came to the U.S. That society has been all but destroyed by the current tax code. Today, much of my income is from capital gains and dividends. I find it grotesque that these should be taxed lower than income from work.”
  • Phillippe Villers, President of Grainpro Inc., Concord, MA: “I am willing to pay more taxes to save the American economy. As an investor, I make decisions based on the opportunity offered, not the tax rates for wealthy Americans. Cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security will not help to revive our struggling economy. I strongly oppose any compromise in the Super-Committee that does not include new revenues from those who can afford them, like myself, for half or more of this deficit reduction plan.”
  • Jim Wellehan, President of Lamey-Wellehan Shoes, Auburn, ME: “I find it terribly frustrating that other large national and international companies pay little to no taxes. To continue with an unfair tax code is to encourage cheating. We should tax incomes of all types at the same rates, be they from capital gains, rent, dividends, interest or work.”
  • Lee Farris, Federal Tax Policy Coordinator, United for a Fair Economy: “Much of the federal deficit is due to the 2001 Bush tax cuts – which largely went to the wealthy – and to two expensive and unpaid-for wars. The automatic cuts, while still very harsh and unfair to low- and middle-income families, would be better than a deal in the Super-Committee that does not meet the principles outlined in our letter."
United for a Fair Economy ( is a national organization working to close the growing income and wealth divides in the U.S. Responsible Wealth, a project of United for a Fair Economy, is a network of 700 business leaders, high-wealth and upper-income advocates of progressive tax policies and corporate accountability.
29 Winter Sreet, 2nd Floor | Boston, MA 02108 US

Monday, November 14, 2011

The great Webster Tarpley gives the final lowdown on the Occupy movement

We've been through months of hazily- and murkily-defined occupations in downtowns. We've been through umpteen theories, pro and con, as to what their main point is. I've tried to give them the benefit of the doubt on some counts. But ultimately, it's mush.... of a type, says Webster Tarpley, that is 100% planned and designed for a purpose: to shore up socialism and the age of Change.

As I write, his remarks are posted as a video front and center on this strange, intriguing homepage:

I clicked the first video whose link shows afterward and it's an equally trenchant interview between Tarpley and Alex Jones. The site came my way via this CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT summary of MASSIVE CORRUPTION AND DEGENERACY in the HIGHEST ECHELONS OF POWER as reported by MAJOR MEDIA:

Don't ask me what the "fux" part of the URL stands for -- maybe they're fans of the baroque composer and music theorist Johann Joseph Fux?....

.........This is a gas! You've seen much of it before, but doesn't it hit the spot every time?

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Passion or performance? Fedgov troll notices his employer's galloping Orwellianism

Supreme Court "justice" calls the Obama administration on bringing Orwell's "1984" to pass! What next -- will cows fly over the moon?

Justice Breyer warns of Orwellian government

Stephen Breyer was put on the Supreme Court for one reason only -- to stuff it yet fuller of Klingons and reinforce their dominance over every aspect of ameriKan life. Believe his epiphany if you want, but I don't for a minute.

While we're on the subject, here's one of those sites everybody without exception should get hold to at some point in time -- it may slap our worldview in the face sometime, but it is brilliant overall!

You know, the idea of calling judges "justices" has always struck me as, well, a crime. You can't walk around in that role every day without starting to imagine you are indeed not only a judge but an embodiment of just-ness! You'd go crazy with smugness as you realized that you and many around you were drunk with power and throwing it around "because we can".

Surely calling mere occupants of judicial benches "justice" is on the same plane with calling Obama "Mr. President". They don't refer to preachers as "religions" or "faiths", though they come very close by calling the more l'arned ones "divines", another of my pet peeves. Where do they get this? My cat, God rest his soul, was literally more divine than half of them!

When a judge is bad enough to be appointed to the Noxious Nine, one would think more people would see the disconnect* of it all and demand a redo of the whole shebang, but no -- it only magnifies the prestige of the the awe in which they're held!

.......Out of the mouths of babes, or rather the pens of ostensibly frivolous comic artists, MUCH truth doth proceed!

unless this lady actually likes Obama, she's got a lot to say (warning: some vulgarity):

More eloquent images and vivid words:

How The Media Controls Your Mind (Alan Watt)

We almost made it back onto the gold standard in 1982:

A brave black speaks:

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

*apologies to all who oppose commandeering verbs for noun use.

Friday, November 11, 2011

IRS tyranny forces amerikans to bid USA a miserable "good riddance" in Canada.... so they think

Socialism kills. "Liberalism" poisons everything. Here's some more powerful proof.

Americans in Canada driven to divorce from their country

It's easy to put crushing taxes under the "liberal" category, because it's "liberals" -- properly termed leftists -- that push for higher taxes, more "programs", powerful central governments and the like. I have a boyhood friend who's a flaming liberal. After 40 years of no politics, we finally had the big discussion a few years ago by email. He's a brilliant scientific mind and fun person but oh, his politics and economics -- he blithely, openly called for higher taxes, more "programs", and an ever more powerful ameriKan fedgov. But he denied being a socialist!

The above news story is tragicomic. (Much of life is, to today's paleo-conservative.) If ameriKans would be Americans again, and for instance abolish the hateful, demonic presence of the income tax and IRS here.... if they would quit voting ANYONE into office who had EVER voted for a tax increase, a giveaway program, a do-gooder foreign war, we could have our country back and nobody would feel they have to get out.

The tears and woe people are suffering on the way to becoming full Canadians are real, and it's very moving. But surely they know deep down there will be no hope for them there unless they are willing to take the bull by the horns socio-politically? Canada is going "new world order" big time, and their assets are really no safer there than here. Hope they don't ever try to express themselves on The Big Subject (you know, the one the boss doesn't even wnt me mentioning here) -- they may find their free speech exercise brings a fine or jail term.

How many of these folk are even aware of the real nature of citizenship? How many realize that the IRS which still ruins their day is not only a nuisance but un-Constitutional, i.e. unnecessary and evil?

The "comic" part is -- forgive me -- how they make sure to get right with the IRS before divorcing the USA, some paying all "missing" back taxes and a pile of fees and fines too. We could have helped them avoid all that and get a whole nother head on their shoulders, but they were likely preoccupied with more vivid and colorful things to attend to than taking a good look at the Constitution.

Another friend of mine from olden daze is a gal I knew in music school. When we ran into each other a decade out, I was a PN tax patriot, she a full System slave. She happened to mention having had a boyfriend who determined that she was way behind in what she owed the IRS and convinced her to send them a pre-emptive $5,000 giftie. A land of willing slaves, for whom government is in effect the biggest thing they answer to, is doomed.

What else should claim people's higher loyalty and fear, you ask? How about God -- or at least the inner voice that screams at every one of us that having your paycheck gouged by 20% or 40% each weak is dead wrong?

ameriKa is definitely going tohell in any case, and regardless of which of the "two" major parties is in charge at a given time or who gets elected president, everything gets worse. Great case in point on the radio just now via the Phyllis Schlafly report!

Yes, We're Broke, But Leave the Diversity Machine Alone

“The University of California at San Diego, for example, is creating a new full-time “vice chancellor for equity, diversity, and inclusion.” This position would augment UC San Diego’s already massive diversity apparatus, which includes the Chancellor’s Diversity Office, the associate vice chancellor for faculty equity, the assistant vice chancellor for diversity, the faculty equity advisors, the graduate diversity coordinators, the staff diversity liaison, the undergraduate student diversity liaison, the graduate student diversity liaison, the chief diversity officer, the director of development for diversity initiatives, the Office of Academic Diversity and Equal Opportunity, the Committee on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues, the Committee on the Status of Women, the Campus Council on Climate, Culture and Inclusion, the Diversity Council, and the directors of the Cross-Cultural Center, the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center, and the Women’s Center.”

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