Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wizard of Id - check it out!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Will Arizona immigration bill thrive in SC?

This is exciting. Whether the plan described ever comes to pass or not, it's exciting to see a "bedroom community" in the PN's home state considering doing what the fedgov refuses to. Local action has the power to overcome any amount or type of federal corruption if only people will stand up and do it in sufficient numbers!
The Patriot Network is not as an organization opposed to immigration, and this story does not represent an official PN statement of any kind -- but we do of course uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. -- NW

Friday, Jul. 30, 2010

Immigration skirmish brews in quiet SC town

- Associated Press Writer

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. — In a quiet Southern bedroom community of gardens and parks across the country from Arizona, another skirmish in the battle over illegal immigration is brewing.

Summerville Councilman Walter Bailey, worried there is a void in immigration laws, has proposed an ordinance that goes farther than state law, which was sharpened two years ago to allow police to identify illegal immigrants for deportation.

The proposal would prevent illegal immigrants from living in the town of 45,000, which calls itself "Flower Town in the Pines," and in most cases prevent them from working here.

Bailey, a former state prosecutor, says it was prompted in part by the Obama administration's challenge of the new Arizona law that was to have taken effect this week.

"It was outrageous that when, by default, the state of Arizona has to go in there and do the job the federal government ought to be doing - instead of showing appreciation and support in Arizona, the federal government sues," Bailey said...........

Monday, July 12, 2010

From the darkside: new law is nightmare for the IRS

You've heard of the myriad new ways that we' the people (and the small businesses) are going to have to stop what we're doing and report petty (and very private) details of or business life to the faceless tax goons. Horrors -- woe is us -- how will we get out of it alive? WHAT NEXT?
The devil must have a great sense of humor, because this time the whammy is on the tax rats too! Found this only by probing the deeper site ideas in my main general news forum -- you know what that is perhaps.
I like their "mopping up" metaphor. It reminds me of the time a few years ago when it was our distinct pleasure to report that the main IRS in the District of Criminals had been half wrecked by flooding. What, they don't like bureaucrats they've never met piling on new red tape obligations that have no connection to reality and only serve to bog life down, ever further down down down? OUR HEARS BLEED FOR THEM.
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IRS starts mopping up Congress's tax-reporting mess

By Neil deMause, contributing writer