Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Exposing IRS duplicity and hypocrisy with IRS attorneys!

The implied question in the title below is amusing and no doubt strategic. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT TO US, heh heh!

Why the IRS Goes After the “Minnows” and Ignores the “Whales”
........Almost every large firm or corporation has a person inside the IRS. It’s a revolving door, with the top two or three management layers all from big accounting and law firms, and this is why they won’t work big billion-dollar cases criminally. Private bar attorneys are, in effect, controlling the IRS. It’s a type of corruption – that’s the word used by one IRS agent I’m in touch with whose case was shut down by higher ups without cause......


Monday, December 15, 2014

The Watts anniversary and how times have changed

....for the extremely, drastically worse:

Remembering The Watts Riots : Newsreel from 1965

Now: In revenge for the killing of one black thug, blacks get to run wild with impunity destroying downtown Ferguson and other yankee cauldrons of racial mayhem and strife. Nobody stops them -- indeed when some war veterans get on top of stores to guard them for hapless owners, the police run them off. Filthy race hustlers and poverty pumps like Al Sharpton work these situations for all their corrupt, rotten worth, and the System continues to treat them as prophets and sages, not demagogues and inciters.

Then: 14,000 troops are called in to restore what order is possible. 3,000 arrests are made; police have to reopen abandoned jails to hold them. Martin Luther King (not his real name) vows such a catastrophe isn't going to happen again if he can help it.

In other words, today's racial demagogues and exploiters even make Martin Luther King look good (not his real name) -- and that's really saying something, since MLK was merely the Al Sharpton of his day. But you see how much more mayhem and destruction the ameriKan sheeple are up for now!

All of this, every bit of it, is the deliberate plan and project of powerful manipulators not mentioned here or in today's BrasscheckTV video. Misery and hate between races, outbreaks of war and killing, spin by Al and Jesse and Megyn and Anderson, misery and chaos the eternal aftermath, much more on the way because of society's passivity.

There's no good news. The way things are going with police themselves growing more and more lawless, I don't feel we can positively assume that Officer Darren Wilson was in the right in Ferguson. I would like to -- it would make everything so nice, neat and foursquare. But life isn't like that anymore, if it ever was.



Saturday, December 13, 2014

Candidate targets ALL federal taxes

It's so reasonable -- so obvious. Why is it almost never said or thought?

Libertarian Senate candidate Amanda Swafford: Get rid of all federal taxes

Yes, she means all, both business and individual! Anybody who was around for the bastard birth of the "war on terror" knows (whether they know it or not) that the fedgov has no money shortage -- when it decided to go to "war" with the entire non-Jewish Mideast at once, it instantly had all the funds it could possibly need, times ten.

Wait a minute -- they planned all that for years in advance.

Wait a minute -- they do create billions and billions of dollars out of pure digits all the time. And lose track of them!


Friday, December 12, 2014

Is "privatizing" a four-letter word?

Brasscheck is venturing into another odd gray area with today's emailed video.

BrasscheckTV Report

The US Postal System is one of the biggest employers in America.

It's also one of the only means of communication that is mandated to be private.

So why are the powers that be doing everything they can to destroy it?



Tears for this racist, universally disliked fedgov monopoly -- what's going on here? Oh, that's right -- Brasscheck is run by ethnic liberals and they have these Strangelovian moments where they suddenly start exclaiming the virtues of some "liberal" or socialist utopian business. The weird thing about this trailer is that it doesn't state outright what has caused the change in PO life or how the producers feel USPS is in danger. Is the real message "save the mailmen"? (Excuse me, the "postal workers" and "letter carriers".)

It's natural (if indeed lamentable) for a big faceless politically-correct bureaucracy to get nasty and tyrannical when economic reality comes knocking at the door -- in this case, one assumes, it's digital technology making paper and stamps obsolete. (A factor not mentioned at all in the trailer??) And it's natural for people to cling to job security and wax nostalgic about years spent with the entity. But buried among the reasons they finally give for the USPS' downfall is one I suspect is the real key -- privatization.

Highly unsettling is the implication by some interviewees and indeed the film's title that for a postal worker to snap and start shooting their employers is, by their reckoning, justifiable. Hard to imagine such talk occurring if the subject were a true private-sector business, large or small.

It's all rather elliptical and appears devoid of any consideration of the legality of federal monopoly. OK, one of them exclaims "It's in the Constitution" but not, I suspect, because the person is a committed student of citizen law. Call me a radical, but I consider it an abomination when government horns in on anything that could be handled by the private sector, and otherwise would be.

God knows, I hate injustice and bullying, and appreciate the people who make sure mail gets through no matter what. But I'll respect them a lot more when their collective wish and plan is to take this vaunted aspect of "the American way of life" private.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Obamacare sticks closer than a sibling

It was originally a Newt Gingrich scheme. No surprise that it hit the big time under the Dummacrat label as Hillarycare and fruition as Obamacare -- with the Permanent Regime, party labels are a formality (or a big joke).

What amazes is that pitches by the people bidding to save us from it. I looked in vain for any mention of the usual MacGuffin in this email:

Ready to help Doctors fight Obamacare?Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber just can’t stop lying about Obamacare. 

And now he’s refusing to tell us about the millions of dollars we know he made from states and the federal government. 

What else are he and the Obama Administration hiding? 

As an author of the Obamacare law, Gruber already admitted that he and the Obama White House knew that their health care scheme would never get passed unless they lied to the American people. 

So that’s exactly what they did. 

They lied about being able to keep your doctor, your health care plan … even your local pharmacist. And now millions of Americans are suffering. 

Gruber said their deception worked because of “the stupidity of the American voter.” But in his testimony before Congress, he’s changed his story. 

We can’t let him and the Obama White House get away with it! 

We are a national organization of concerned doctors who are seeing the damage that Obamacare is doing up close and every day. 

That’s why Our Patients First PAC is taking the lead and demanding an end to the lies and an end to the Obamacare cover-up. 

We are spending our own money to air this hard-hitting television ad in both Iowa and New Hampshire to make sure that this issue stays right in front of the politicians in Washington and the 2016 Presidential contenders. 

Etc. etc. etc. with an embedded video.  Then finally, the last sentence: "Together with our doctors across the country, your support will help us replace Obamacare!"

What's wrong with this picture? What does it take for people to start calling to ABOLISH the damnable business? Anybody who does less operates on the same level as the leader Republican presidential sickener, Mitt Romney, or that of the Criminal-in-Chief itself, Obummer.  

This "replace it" business is pure, uncut BS on a par with the push to replace or rearrange the "income tax," i.e. tax shifts instead of (for instance) Ron Paul's "REPLACE IT WITH NOTHING" mandate.  

The word "radical" isn't so "radical" as it may appear. These definitions are pretty Orwellized, but note that the first one is quite moderate and sensible


...... and the etymology begins 

from Late Latin radicalis "of or having roots," from Latin radix (genitive radicis"root" (see radish ).Meaning "going to the origin, essential" is from 1650s. Radical sign in mathematics is from 1680s. 

If you're not radical, maybe you're not rooted? If a solution to a problem isn't radical, is it a solution? 


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Will torture revelations change anything?

God only knows why the fedgov is finally showing any capacity for self-reflection at all -- thank God it is. (Merely because Obama falsely feels he's going to be up against stiff GOP opposition since the election?)

The question is whether anything is actually going to change in the Permanent Regime since these absolutely horrible, despicable revelations have come forth.

Obama administration still operates under Bush torture memos


Monday, December 8, 2014

New alternatives to Facebook

Via a Patriot Network egroup, news of sites where censirship of news and opinion is reportedly unknown.

Truth seekers rushing to Diaspora and Unseen.is to escape censorship of corporate-run social media

I was just explaining to somebody the other day why I have (or want) nothing to do with FB other than a basic membership to get into various websites to post comments etc. It's always amazing how many people still don't get it. How about this satire!

Facebook CIA Project: The Onion News Network


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Obummer's latest execution is a myth, but a toxic one

And by execution in this case I mean executive order, a phrase almost never heard before Slick Willy (or was it Boy George Bush).

National Archives official confirms shocker – no such filing exists 

We live by a great many myths. Maybe the real question is how many major big deals in our lives have any substance! The problem is of course that people live and die, kill and rob, rule and dictate according to the superficial perception of things, so look for a great deal of yowling by congresscritters to the effect of how we're going to handle this latest great big news headline orgy, the putatitve amnesty. Citizens, too, will gabble endlessly about the pros and cons, workarounds and requirements.

There will not be a great awakening as to the fraud on this thing. This one headline will sink beneath the waves at the relatively minor WolrdNetDaily site, maybe be reposted at a few hundred of thousand of other sites, and discreetly forgotten by all concerned.

We really prefer drama and epic strife. It makes us feel important.

Someday maybe we'll grow up.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Hot new buzzterm follows trend of mega-corporations escaping ameriKa

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Obama’s Failed Approach to Corporate Inversions

"Corporate inversions" -- what a dignified label for companies racing to move their headquarters offshore because life has become too expensive here! It's so close to being pure Latin I'd love to know what legal egghead hatched it.

So, do we support these countries as daring rebels? Or condemn them for doing what individuals increasingly can't under the statist regime the corporations and their lawyers have built? Why does my cynical soul tend toward the latter.

I guess I'm just unpatriotic for wanting companies to stand and fight, for instance maybe by sending their (in)famous lobbyists to Washington to tell their politicians "OK, we've gone too far. Even the tax breaks you've unfairly given us through the years aren't enough to allow us to stay in the US. It's time to slash taxes on corporations and individuals and turn this back into a free, fiscally normal country and we're not accepting anything less"!

ameriKa has "a combined state and local corporate tax rate of 40%—the highest in the industrialized world." Exactly How many nasty global superlatives do we want Washington to rack up for this land of the fee and home of the slave?


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A stroke of brilliance on another dark corner of mendacty

Everything's backwards. What we want is what's right and good. What our overlords dictate on us is filthy and lawless. Ergo language gets turned around and lots of things are meaning their opposite. "Good" news is actually bad and vice versa! See Isaiah 5:20 to be reassured how long this has been going on.

This just in from the Libertarian Party itself via the PN-Friends egroup (thanks, Truskeyfarm) and who can disagree with it?--
Libertarian Party: Stop deceiving Americans with the term 'government shutdown'
It’s a government slowdown, not a shutdown.
If you read this Libertarian news release, yet continue to use the term “government shutdown” in news reports, then you’re willfully deceiving the American people.
News media commonly warns that a “government shutdown” will result if there’s a breakdown in funding negotiations between Democratic and Republican politicians. But there is no pending “government shutdown.”
Nor has there ever been anything close to a “government shutdown” in modern American history.
A government slowdown merely reduces spending to the level of taxes collected. In other words, it balances the budget. And that’s bad -- why?
The term “government shutdown” is designed to scare people into thinking there can be no police protection, military defense, road repairs, or other essential services unless Americans cough up more money to fund the ludicrously over-funded federal government.
This is a manipulation and a lie.
Let’s review what happened during the 16-day government slowdown of October 2013:
  • Not a single emergency service was suspended.
  • Politicians gave full back pay to 100% of government employees who they had furloughed immediately after the slowdown ended. It amounted to a free vacation for government employees (who already get, on average, far more generous personal, sick and vacation time than private sector employees).
  • Despite claims that the U.S. economy would lose $24 billion, it suffered no loss, only a shift in where money was spent.
  • When the slowdown ended, Democratic and Republican politicians raised federal spending and government debt – again.
“Call it what it is: a government slowdown,” said Nicholas J. Sarwark, Libertarian National Committee Chair. “And tell Americans the truth: We need much more than a slowdown. We need to dramatically and permanently roll back the federal government to an appropriate size.”
“The federal government should be limited to protecting American lives, liberty, and property,” he said. “We must start by removing government barriers that prohibit or impair free market alternatives to health care, education, finance, communications, housing, manufacturing, agriculture and virtually every market where it improperly intervenes. This will allow Americans to enjoy high-quality, competitively-priced goods and services.”
“Such a small, lean, accountable federal government with a strong military defensewould cost no more than a few hundred billion dollars – about ten percent of current spending levels,” said Sarwark. “This would stop mass surveillance, inflation, destructive foreign wars, the failed Drug Prohibition, laws that disarm innocent Americans and other infringements on our rights.”
Government downsizing would put an end to mounds of wasteful red tape and bureaucracy, allowing American businesses to thrive in a competitive world marketplace,” he continued. “Transferring wealth out of the government sector and into the private sector would create roughly twice as many productive jobs as the number of government jobs lost – a win for both government employees and the millions of Americans looking for jobs or better pay.”
What Americans should really fear is the likelihood that, despite the hullabaloo we hear over a phony ‘shutdown,’ the government will stay big and continue to grow,” said Sarwark. “The Libertarian Party exists to correct this. We are the only political party in America dedicated to making government small, enabling prosperity and advancing freedom.”

What the world needs now is love sweet love and the U.S. government doing a TINY FRACTION of what it does in terms of budgeting, taxing and spending on anything.

A tiny fraction is all it's allowed to by the Constitution!

In other news, Washington is continuing to insult and deride the crap out of us, and are obviously having an uproarious time doing so knowing the people will take it on the chin forever as long as the TV still comes on and there's beer in the fridge. Headlines at FreeRepublic: "Holder Goes Full-Scale Hamas: Cops Are Occupying Force in Neighborhoods of Color"; "Sebelius: 'A lot of Americans have no idea what insurance is about'"; "Sebelius: Americans don’t like Obamacare because their “financial literacy is low”" etc.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Treasury took in a record $341,591,000,000 -- in taxes, we assume

But wasn't enough. No amount will ever suffice.

Ponzi: Treasury Issues $1T in New Debt in 8 Weeks—To Pay Old Debt

The Great One used to say the more a government taxes wages, the more it goes into debt. I wondered why any such direct relation should exist, but I must say I think it's that corruption breeds corruption -- and there's never been a better example of it than this.

Right below that item at the incredible nuttynewstoday.com:

Poor Kids in Baltimore Have It Worse Than Those in Nigeria