Saturday, December 31, 2011

The welfare/warfare state in high relief

The U.S.-Pakistan relationship has reached "the nadir of absurdity," wrote, after a December report in The Atlantic revealed that Pakistan "secures" its tactical nuclear weapons by moving them around the country in ordinary unmarked vans ("without noticeable defenses"). It supposedly uses the "Econolines of Doom," "hidden" in plain sight on the country's highways, because it fears the U.S. (its "ally") would steal the bombs if it knew where they were. Dizzyingly, wrote Wired, the U.S. funds Pakistan yet regularly invades it, though desperately needing Pakistan's help in Afghanistan, even as Pakistani soldiers fight alongside Afghan insurgents against the U.S. [The Atlantic, December 2011;, 11-4-2011]


Thursday, December 29, 2011

IRS to focus on wage earners over criminals?

There's a new round of scares abroad about the IRS and its designs on our stuff. This happens every so often, usually when the "Service" has had a computer upgrade. So far it rarely amounts to much because of the Service's" extreme bureaucratism. It can upgrade this and reinvent that all it wants, but in the end it is a lumbering dinosaur whose left foot fortunately doesn't know what its right foot is doing a lot of the time. Courts will often take the side of an oppressed working person who has a well-prepared case against the "Service."

I just got an email from a pundit who offers financial and survival advice. He accurately warns that the fedgov is out of money and lusting after citizens' personal assets, and then lists areas in which the IRS is expected to get a lot tougher. One is of particular interest:

"Increased criminal prosecutions. In this regard, the IRS has stepped up criminal prosecution activity over the past two years. Just last year, the agency completed 4,325 investigations, beating its goal of 3,900. The majority of its time is spent on "legal source" income cases. Criminal Investigation is spending less time each year on illegal income cases, such as organized crime, etc."

How about that! Supposedly the government and exists to save us from evildoers. And wouldn't you if the IRS has any valid purpose in society, it would be catching actual criminals and gangsters? But the above paragraph sure sounds like they're more interested in criminalizing working people that catching malefactors and racketeers.

It's certainly good to know that the IRS considers taxpayers lower than the Mafia, isn't it?

............Even as ameriKa is revealing itself more every day as totally bankrupt and corrupt, it presumes to lecture other countries about their lifestyle, form of government, choice of leadership etc. Never mentioned is who gave US the right to dictate anything to other countries, much less on pain of devastation by "war". Journalists mostly range from corrupt fellow travelers to wimps -- but here's a report that dares (in the midst of making Iran sound like the loose cannon) to admit that the original problem is ameriKa's arrogance and belligerence:

The Strait of Hurmuz, oil shipments,

and regional conflict in the Middle East

Among many other things of interest, John Coleman discusses here the meaning of paranoia as a real political dynamic:

Dr. John Coleman - 21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300 - Wake Up America full

That psychological term has been used as a joke since the hippie era, but he shows the truth of the old saying "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not coming to get me." is an extremely useful site, and its definition for the term is, I think, even more telling on our oppressors:
a mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions and the projection of personal conflicts, which are ascribed to the supposed hostility of others, sometimes progressing to disturbances of consciousness and aggressive acts believed to be performed in self-defense or as a mission.
baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others.

NOW -- tell me that doesn't EXACTLY describe ameriKan foreign policy since at least Bush-41 and "operation desert shield"! The personal model is exactly what governs the behavior of nations, and n the personal model, I fear the USA is a criminally insane serial murderer!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Clarkson tradition of public-interest litigation lives on..... all over the place

Great organization whose president was just a guest on Judge Napolitano's "Freedom Watch" TV program!


Tune in to the show fast on FBN -- if you're up right now, 11:25 PM Wednesday. If not, catch this magnificent show tomorrow night or any night!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Even Democrats seeing the light from Texas!

"I like a lot of Ron Paul's things, but I just don't think he can get elected!"
Democrats are Leaving Party to Vote for Ron Paul

"I like a lot of Ron Paul's things, but I just don't think he can get elected!"


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry CHRISTmas to all of you!

Today is the day they choose to celebrate, in their stylized way, the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago. Greetings to you, my dear readers, in his holy and inestimable Name! Kris Anne and I have been busy with musical matters -- she was kind enough to play a flute solo at my church last evening, and she did beautifully as always.

My Christmas stocking is today's extra-ripe pile of news items. There was no thrill in my childhood like reaching down, down, further down into that bell-bedecked red and white stocking (made by an old [!] friend of my folks' when we three kids were born).... and quite frankly, now that I'm grown up, the biggest thrills go like this:

***An article I read in the current New American magazine at our Executive Director's place last night:Thomas R. Eddlem's Is Newt Gingrich the "Anti-Romney" or the "other Romney"? Oh, what Christmas joy that such a filthy politician as Newt can still be exposed with such thoroughgoing finesse! You've got to read it and share it with loved ones far and near. You won't even have to wrap it!

***email from a friend this AM -- tastes like a Ferrero Rocher chocolate:

"Newt's failure to get on the Missouri, Ohio and Virginia ballots and Problems in NH : causing his supporters to leave in droves.

Was checking out some blogs today from various sites across the political spectrum and I noticed one thing in common. Not getting on the Virginia ballot is causing Newt Flight. Most people are saying if he can't get on the ballot, how can he run the country? People are saying if it's between Romney and Paul, they will support Paul even if don't agree with him on foreign policy.

Newt has now failed to get on some New Hampshire county ballots and failed to get a complete list of delegates in that state. He failed Also to get on the Missouri and Ohio ballots and now Virginia.

His support is just a shell of Fox News and Talk Radio propaganda, he has no real support of the people.

It begins. Newt's inability to get on ballots shakes supporters

Of course, this is merely more of the sheeple endlessly chasing the chimera of who can get elected, normally on the grounds that the person can be elected, but if he can't get elected, he won't get elected, therefore somebody else should get elected if he can get elected, but only if he can get elected. It has absolutely nothing to do with merit, character or agenda, just herd instinct. But oh, YUM for purposes of genuine conservatism!

*** Tastes like chocolate mousse with a layer of lemon chiffon underneath and cherries on top:

Gingrich Campaign Slams Virginia Primary System After Failing to Qualify for Ballot
or as our correspondent in the PN-FRIENDS egroup puts it, " A Huge Hit for Newt: He cannot get enough votes in his home state and no Primary 'Write ins' are allowed!!!!"

Seriously, the way things go nowadays, It's magnificent news and a great Christmas celebration for this blogger to (finally) get up on the Big Day and see Newt going down in flames. I hope I'm not the only one turning to this blog who realizes the profound evil represented by Gingrich. He is not merely another so-so player, another overblown mediocrity angling for the "hearts and minds" of ameriKa.... in my studied personal opinion he is profoundly evil and subversive.

We're not in Kansas anymore; in an age when CONgress will use this holiday as cover for demolishing the remaining crumbs of the Bill of Rights, harsh realities have got to be faced or today's problems and crises will soon look like a golden age. We in the Patriot Network do not wish anyone ill, we merely want truth to prevail -- and at this point in history, it looks like it will be in spite of federal politicians, not any thanks to them.

The same issue of New American has a story on a subject dear to my heart: movies and the need to overcome the tide of Hollywoodian decadence. Ever heard about the church in Albany, GA that decided to do something about it some years ago and started producing family-friendly films themselves? Best news -- they're still at it. Can't find the URL, but here's the heading:

A Baptist church decided that if people gave more credence tio movies than to pastors, it would make movies. Four increasingly successful movies later, lives are changing. By Kelly Holt


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fatally funny: leftist entertainment stars turn on their communist god. Warning: some vulgarity

Roseanne Barr is a typical Hollywood liberal. An activist and votary of political correctness, she is nevertheless making some good noises against the One who was supposed to embody such stuff more than anyone who ever lived: so-called President Obama. Other entertainment deities are seeing the light too -- but the stupidity and crassness with which they achieve satori may indicate it's only the next bandwagon.

Rosanne's noises are sometimes in tune, sometimes cacophonous. Thank God, she (seemingly alone in her crowd) blasts him over the NDAA -- and even politician plutocracy!

Roseanne Barr Says Impeach Obama? Yes, Really

Google BARR OBAMA for more. Oprah Winfrey is in her sights too!

Most of the rebelling stars are probably only miffed that Obama not communist enough, alas:
No happy ending: the end of Obama's Hollywood romance
Clooney, Hanks, Spielberg – the stars feted him in 2008. Now the President finds his friends out of the picture

The latest development should be rated X, but they don't rate news articles yet:
Matt Damon rips President Obama in Elle magazine

You'll see more, yet more, by googling phrases (with quote marks) such as "turn on obama", "turning on obama", abandon obama" etc. The first permutation alone bags

Occupy protesters
liberal stalwarts


/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A dialectic fable from hell

Yonder comes a big little headline whose meaning I hope many will perceive.

Immigration Rally to Drop the Word ‘“Illegal”

We are enmeshed in a war of words, concepts, and meanings. We never wanted it, but it's what the politicians we've hired and the mandarins we've chosen to educate us have decreed for our matrix.

To the enemy it's a war of lies, distortions and mind-messing -- yes, by them against us. This has to be understood or we are simply unarmed.

You may have heard me muse on leftists' berserk drive to warp the English language and rob key words and terms of their meanings in order to scramble the brains of English speakers. My main thesis re "immigration" is that it's actually an invasion, and the word "illegal" has been epoxy-glued to the word "immigrants" by people bent on nailing advocates of border sanity as "racist" -- or others anxious about deflecting this smear.

Any country, left to itself unmolested, naturally and understandably wants to limit newcomers to people who look, think and sound like they do. It's THEIR country, so who has the right to tell them any different?

Leftist scream that that's "RACIST", but it was the sense of the entire human race before this brain-scrambling process began in the late 19th century as so-called liberals started getting their grubby little mitts into everything. But since so-called liberals are running everything now and diversitizing you and me is the obsession that drives them, people walk on eggshells to keep from getting called "racist" -- and gluing the world "illegal" to the word "immigrants" has become one of their most desperate runs for cover.

"Naw," this purports to imply, "I'm not thinking about the newcomers' RACE -- just their legality, that's all."

But tough luck for them, this isn't really about diversity or tolerance at all -- rather about dividing and conquering the societies for which leftists nurse a profound hatred. The push for diversity is nothing but a snare, a weapon, a McGuffin....

Our overlords are great gamesters. That's how they do it. But playing along with them, is useless -- they just change the rules! Thus, just as "Afro-American" is a mandatory buzzterm in one decade but unthinkable in another, it has for some time been an ironclad requirement that the word "immigration" be accompanied at all times by the word "illegal" for purposes of ethnic sensitivity. Now the truly sensitive thing is going to be to explode that construct!

One comment added to the above page says it all -- crushingly:

Brush up on your “1984.” Freedom and liberty were wiped off the face of the Earth, because Big Brother and his Newspeak eliminated those concepts from the vocabulary, and therefore, from the minds of human beings.

What we have here is an Orwellian attempt to enact permanent amnesty not through legislation or even any physical actions, much less and removal of border fortifications. They just want us in true Newspeak fashion to eliminate the concept from our minds.

I don’t know why these Raza types are asking the mainstream media to do that, when most MSM outlets already have banished “illegal.” In fact, fewer and fewer are using “undocumented,” because they know that we know what that means. The angle now is that they don’t tell us the immigration status of, e.g. a criminal suspect or convict with a Spanish name.

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Capitalism vs. free enterprise once more

We've been discussing the crucial difference between the above two subjects in the Charlotte PN club. I was just checking out the day's finds at and found this rare gem on the subject:

You can normally count on Alex Jones and company to wholesale some the most urgently needed and suppressed truths, and on ANU in any form to collect the absolute best material in print and online. And isn't that just like Time/Slime magazine to imply via a cover picture that protesters are dangerous misfits!

This next story in the ANU lineup looks excellent too, but not quite so good as one can lead you too off-camera:
The Little-Known, Inside Story About How Newt Became the Man He Is
Max Blumenthal recounts Gingrich's strange, tumultuous rise, fall, and sudden redemption--before perhaps the next fall.

Warning -- it's a bit racy.

Sorry, no formatting today -- doesn't show when I blog from headquarters!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Surprise, surprise: "Tax Increases Kill Jobs"

The great thing about The Great One was that he would make statements about law and government that seemed too good to be true, but always proved out. One was that excessive taxes are not merely a drag but fatal to any society. Case in point:

I can go this author one better: tax increases actually kill people! Young families today, often having no grounding in reality or history (much less the divine law code) will find they "can't afford to have another child" and abort it instead of looking for some saner, healthier solution. I learned this personally via American Family Association demonstrators in my early activist period in Zoo Jersey. Seems to me that the annual cost of raising a child (or two) would be about equivalent to what these luckless, clueless couples pay the IRS.

The above article rightly goes into the matter of taxes as part of the price on every gallon of gas you buy. Wouldn't it be nice if they could be stripped off, and at least that one case of chiseling by the System nullified? I don't know what you'd do instead to fund the DOT, but it's dead sure that those taxes would be a lot lower if government spending were cut down to a sane, Constitutional level. In fact, there's no telling how cheap life could be in that instance. As it is, even in the midst of the greatest fiscal ruin seen in this country since the 1930s, the politicians do absolutely nothing to cut spending; they look for ever more ways to inflate budgets!

If they do talk budget cuts, in reference to something like Social Security or Medicare for sheer scare value. There are thousands or millions of purely stupid, inane, and corrupt budget items that could easily be sacrificed, but no, politicians safeguard all that by only yammering about SS etc. -- another case of false dichotomy, i.e. making things look like there are only two possible courses of action in a situation. Liars -- shysters -- con artists!

Here's another such construct, one everybody's at least dimly aware of:

Ron Paul Explains: Isolationism vs Non-Interventionism

NEUTRALITY is the true gold standard in international affairs. It's exactly parallel to any individual life: you try to get along with everybody, you don't start fights, you certainly don't run around beating and killing your neighbors screaming that they're planning to attack you. That is exactly what ameriKa has been doing since Bush-41 got elected Pezident and almost immediately began screeching that ameriKan youth needed to start dying to solve problems between Iraq and Kuwait. An individual acting like this would soon be in jail; as a nation we are accordingly in hell.

Switzerland is the prime case of neutrality -- that country has gotten through how many wars by simply refusing to take sides, a policy that's worked like a charm. Sweden is another great instance. Wikipedia:

The last war in which Sweden was directly involved was in 1814, when Sweden by military means forced Norway into a personal union. Since then, Sweden has been at peace, adopting a non-aligned foreign policy in peacetime and neutrality in wartime.[13]

Since neutrality is such a golden, salubrious concept, it's no surprise that it's never mentioned in ameriKa anymore. Have you noticed? The only two choices you ever hear about, e.g. in the presidential contests that take up half our lives now, is endlessly bludgeoning countries where Al-Qaeda is suspected of hiding, or "ISOLATIONISM". If you don't want perpetual war, you're an "ISOLATIONST," woo woo. Surely it's come to your attention that the second anybody (such as Ron Paul) calls for an end to ameriKa's clinically insane WARMONGERING, the cry of "ISOLATIONIST!" goes up, heading off NEUTRALITY at the pass, leaving it in the shadows.

Nobody wants to live in isolation. Isolation is something imposed on mental cases, prisoners or naughty children. And it would indeed be folly to expect ameriKa or any country to cut itself off from the rest of the world, the obviously implied meaning of the "isolationist" smear. So it's clearly a lie, a red herring thrown into the discussion to keep it from arriving where it really needs to go. Yet I've never heard "isolationist" defined -- you know, sort of like "racist." That could be very embarrassing for the ones hurling such imprecations.

Why, you may ask, would anybody want to sabotage public discussion of life-and-death issues that way? It should be obvious that that is the express business of certain factions in our society, but I'm not allowed to name them here.

The real solution, neutrality, is staring everybody in the face, but note how even Dr. Paul forgets to throw in that N-word! Solutions are far more benign, simple and basic than the present controllers of dialectics want anybody to realize. Certainly news-reading stars are prominent among them. Why they're the ones seen grilling candidates in so-called debates is a great mystery -- like Obummer, their only talent is reading words off a teleprompter. With extremely rare exceptions, there are no brains, character or common sense there. If they had any they'd be working real jobs.

It's urgently needed that some of you post comments on pages from etc. Half of them are so stupid you wonder if their posters know how to tie there shoes. Thank God, most that I sampled at the above link are pro-Paul.

Now this is interesting --

Venezuelan singer/actress Maria Alonso confronts Sean Penn on Communism

The lady has a lot to learn (she equates Chavez and Ahmadinejad!?!?!?!) but it's a rare case of somebody doing what everybody should -- exposing evildoers in public.

...............Via Brasscheck, here's another stunning glimpse of the monopolistic System that is working every day to consolidate control of everything into few hands that will bring Change to the world in the form globalist dictatorship:

The biggest company you've never heard of...

I had never heard of this outfit -- had you?

It would be fun to blame everything on the System for its known treachery.....

Keystone XL oil pipelineand the tyranny of Big Oil

......but surely we and our thirst for ever more gasoline and plastic consumer products are to blame for the never-ending oil crisis?

This headline is rich with ironies:

Sopa Victory for Tech Community as US House Committee Adjourns

#1, it is entertainment deities who have schooled generations of youth in moral relativity and meism. How can they complain about the results? #2, the stiffing of those industries with the above-linked turn of events happens to inadvertently bring a great sense of relief to freedom lovers everywhere: internet freedom is safe for at least another short period. #3, entertainment stars are all communists. They no more give a hoot about net freedom than they do about the unwed pregnancies their musical and theatrical teachings engender..... and it's anybody's guess how they'd appreciate losing their net freedom along with ours if such a treacherously mislabeled bill ever goes through.

Odd that this plot is spelled like a proper name, Sopa, instead of an acronym, SOPA. That's how they do it in Italy.

.............Further proof that war does nobody any good, and is the open doorway for domestic tyranny:

World War II and the Beginning of ObamaCare

I maintain that much or most of the time when you hear WW2 mentioned it's in relation to some horrible change in ameriKan life: women joining the military, women getting jobs in much larger numbers, the birth of the income tax, the increase of federal power and rapacity in its aftermath, the monstrous fraud and injustice of Nuremburg. You can't spell "federal" without the letters "F-D-R", huh!

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

Friday, December 16, 2011

RepubliCON/neoCON hypocrisy and treason: let the festival continue!

Yesterday in this space we brought you a panoply (or tableau, or vista) of how bad pseudo-conservative fakers can really be, especially those in media and politics..... but I repeat myself.

Due to popular demand, or more precisely the continued unmasking of RepubliCON artists already this morning, I say let the gala continue!

Here's the latest arrival -- from

Gingrich a Key Player in ObamaCare Restructuring, along with GOP

Tracing “ObamaCare” back to the Clinton era when Republicans, led by Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, “turned around and implemented on their own some of the very worst features of the Clinton plan.” In a candid op ed:

Newt Gingrich and other Republicans promise to repeal ObamaCare, but doctors remember what they did in 1996. Just after they “defeated” ClintonCare, they changed its name and enacted the very worst parts of it.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) started out as a short act to improve “COBRA” coverage that allows workers to extend employer-sponsored insurance for a time after changing jobs. But about 300 pages mysteriously appeared, grafted onto this supposedly insignificant bill.

Republicans evidently don’t read the bills either. They appeared to be shocked when I called this addendum to their attention, and its remarkable similarity to parts of the Clinton plan. In fact, parts were practically a verbatim “cut and paste.”

One portion amounts to the criminalization of medicine with huge penalties — fines and even long prison terms — for minor coding errors that used to be considered billing disputes. Hundreds of millions of dollars were shoveled into federal enforcement programs, which often seem to be entrapment programs. There’s a giant new cottage “compliance” industry adding to the costs and hassles of Medicare......

Wouldn't you agree that the criminalization of everything healthy and desirable is going on as we speak, by these bipartisan demoniacs? And that this would make them the biggest criminals of all?

Just asking.

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

PS -- next blood, just in!

Romney wins endorsement of South Carolina governor

Isn't it exciting? The NATIONAL LIBERAL MEDIA are even kvelling about what a great, enlightened governor we have.....because she's supporting The Rommunist as president! Are you proud of our state?

This just in too. Thank God for the occasional head of state who's willing to say the unsayable about ameriKan political deities:

Putin: McCain Is Nuts

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fake and part-time conservatives on parade..... like forever

It's been a rich if dyspeptic 36 hours -- as if God were trying to write a message in the sky that we'd better learn the real political right from its knockoff, or we're through.

Yesterday I just happened to hear what the two reigning neocon radio pundits really think of the only presidential candidate worth mentioning -- Ron Paul.

Rush Limbaugh went first. As I turned the stereo on he was in the middle of some feverish bloviation (isn't he always?), amidst which he breezed "Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate I really can't support. He's got some good ideas but agh, his tinfoil-hat foreign policy ideas!" -- meaning, one assumes, that Dr. Paul is the only candidate who isn't hell-bent on bombing Iran back to the stone age to please Israel.

By the way, Rush planted a tree in Israel once, in memory of his father. Does that tell you anything?

Next it was Sean Vannity on the car radio. "We just can't go with Ron Paul," he ranted. "He's got some good ideas, but I just can't hack his newsletter rhetoric". Yeah, Sean -- those few politically incorrect jibes some little pinko ferreted out of an old Ron Paul newsletter are the most important thing in the world. We can't have a president who has ever offended the diversity thought police -- can we now, Mr. CONservative? Even if the remarks in question were written in the middle of one of the most sterling political careers of the past century -- Ron Paul's -- and even if the candidates now competing with him are certified racists to the marrow of their bones.

Ann Coulter is the blonde siren among rightoid commentators -- the kind that liberals love to jeer at as "Nazis" for their supposed right-wing extremism. But those jerks must be thrilled with her today: did you know that this emaciated diva, who does such good work for the truth when she's not fragging it, is supporting New England communist Mitt Romney for prez?

Isn't that lovely? A picture only Charles Addams could draw! And by an odd (?) coincidence (?), she too spent part of yesterday spitting at the only true statesman bidding for the Oval Office this year:

Coulter Bashes Newt: ‘Tied With Ron Paul As the Least Conservative Candidate’

Go ahead, readers -- you tell me what could possibly be more insane than equating Newt with Ron to any extent whatsoever!

In the issue of The Times Examiner that has just arrived, Pat Buchanan takes on the latest Republican Party diversity mascot -- Marco Rubio. Rubio is the kind of guy that the "respectable conservatives" seize upon with perfervid relief in relation to their paranoia about getting called racist. The fact that Rubio is a big-government fascist isn't a problem -- hey, isn't that the job description for any "mainstream" GOP demigod today?

Buchanan, though, nails Rubio on his warmongering and internationalism, doing us the favor of exposing yet another RINO (Republican in name only) in action:

Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul

Clearly as a proxy for forces in politics much older than himself, Rubio pushed Congress for Georgia to be admitted to NATO so the USA could enjoy the responsibility of defending Georgia in the likely event that it and Russia are ever shooting at each other again. Do neocons ever think about anything else than bombs and killing?

Rand Paul's great work in opposing Rubio's scheme gives fresh hope that Rand may fully fill Ron's shoes in Congress someday. Rand was the only U.S. Senator who voted against it. Does that have a familiar ring to it?

I beg of you, read and redeploy Buchanan's above column. It is HOT stuff -- gets better as it works logically and irreproachably to its erudite yet ringing,
stinging finale!

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

PS -- soon after writing this I was driving to Columbia and my radio happened upon some kind of unusually frank and freewheeling call-in talk program. Callers were aghast that the "unlimited detention of civilians" law would pass through CONgress like greased lightning as it did today. They were not at all happy and not mincing words. Half the things your heart most yearns to hear caller nerds say was coming out in the open. (You know what the other half are. You know.)

The host was in a tough spot -- after all, his job is to keep things from getting too
real. Eventually somebody said the next logical thing -- they felt it was over for freedom here and the only thing to do is to move to some saner country.

The host was undone. "Tell us you're not serious about that?" He replied. "Yes I am," said the caller. "This country isn't viable any longer. Nobody's safe -- they can jail anybody they want for any reason they want."

The host was chewing his teeth by when the caller hung up. "I can't believe that guy," he muttered. This show is all about the things that matter, but really, leave the country and go somewhere else!? We don't need any tinfoil hat stuff like that! We need to be talking about solutions, like some way to finally get this country back on the right track."

I could have respected him up to that part -- not for those last dunderheaded remarks, but for apparently giving the airwaves an unusually FREE forum each weekday. But what do you think he said next?

You guessed it! "The presidential candidates," he whined, "are a big problem. To tell ya the truth I can't go with any of them at all. None of them are talking with any
real urgency about things really bothering the American people -- ''

Yeah -- sure. Get out there and do your part to enhance the coverup, to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for year another quadrennium, why don't you?

Listen, folks -- this is your blogger speaking: just vote for Ron Paul -- he is your LAST chance of ANY future for ameriKa. But don't only listen to me on that subject. Don't go with what Rush or Baba Wawa or anybody else says ipso facto; just check the actual voting records of these candidates and their claims and compare such with their history -- and with the realities you know first-hand.

The other Republican Pezidential pretendents are nothing but George W. Bush retreads. They're making the exact same promises he did, and I can promise you you'll have the exact same stuff with them as with him. It happens every election anymore, wouldn't you say?

How many more feckless and clueless amerikan youth do you want to sacrifice for the cause of..... why was it they said they're bombing Libya et al?

How many Vietnams are enough?

If you do support Washington's aggressions, please send me the names of the young close relatives of yours that you're willing to encourage to serve. Or are you planning to enlist yourself?

"Tinfoil hat" is obviously the new faddist cliché. Get ready to hear it ubiquitously and for your friends to start parroting it.

Give us Ron Paul -- or no president at all! /\/

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tax Court a breeze this year: all our people won

A couple of days ago I promised you good news from Patriot Network headquarters, and here it is: a
positive account of tax court in relation to the PN and its customers. I didn't know it was going to be so delightfully outspoken. Our Executive Director was apolitical when I met her, but on entering the real world via the PN et al, Kris Anne quickly developed a bracing sense of governmental right versus wrong.... and an awe-inspiring contempt for tyranny and BS in high places!

Dr. Clarkson would be so proud to see it, because he too knew the meaning of living large in the truth. (Kris Anne's husband shares this anointed worldview. Actually my friends are required to!) Both RBC and Kris have been screamingly funny, witty people, keeping bureaucrats' antics in oxymoronic context at all times. An extra blessing from above is that this year's tax court judge turned out to be human, albeit still in the service of the 666-beast and in session amidst the busiest time of year for most Americans.

When you've got people asking for more court, not less, you know this is one different kind of freedom organization!

I can't get the link within the text to open in any browser, but I have a new computer problem every 15 minutes whether I need one or not.

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

Report from Tax Court

By Kris Anne

Our tax court date for this term was much less eventful than last year. (see our write up on PN website here)

We arrived for our December date with no traffic delays at all. It was smooth sailing through the SC midlands into the capital city.

The weather was much warmer this time around, without a flake of snow in the air.

Six of us were in court and we didn't lose a single case!

As we came through the security checkpoint at the Strom Thurmond Building, I had absolutely no problems. Kathy Patriot, on the other hand, had to remove her shoes. She was a bit perturbed at the ordeal as it reminded her of the TSA confiscating her coconut oil upon our return trip from CA earlier in the year. Yup! Shoes and coconut oil! What else would be considered "lethal weapons"?

As John Patriot came through security, he had to open his brief case and remove everything from his pockets. Eyeglasses, pens, note pads...Yup! More lethal weapons! John asked what floor tax court was being held on to test the guards knowledge. The guard intentionally misdirected John to the sixth floor, even though we knew what room to be in. I double checked the directory in the lobby which told us “room 200”; the guard told John “the sixth floor” and our client's paperwork told us “room 250”. Well, that's the IRS for you. Perfectly clear directions, just like their 6 inch thick tax code.

I took charge, having been there several times over the last 7 years and of course, I was right on the money and waltzed right into the courtroom and right to the front row of seating. I'm no backseat pew sitter in church and I'm not a backseat pew sitter in the courtroom!

The seats were amazingly full with well dressed young adults. I chatted them up to learn that they were newly graduated law school students from Charleston. Fresh young minds filled with government hate speech and no knowledge of the Constitution.

I then surveyed the IRS attorneys listed on the trial calendar. Some of them were from years past and a few who were brand new. I looked around the room for my favorite IRS lawyer, Johnny Craig Young. But he was not to be found. Oh my! What disappointment! My day was ruined! I had wanted to invite him to lunch. How will I ever deal with the devastation of not being able to see him make a fool of himself in front of all those young impressionable college graduates.

As each case was called, many taxpayers were not present and the judge inquired of the attempted communications between the IRS and the taxpayers. The Judge seemed to want to give each individual one more chance, which was not required of him at all. The Patriot Network always recommends showing up for court if you are scheduled or if you are unsure of your situation.

While taking a short recess, the Judge gave the law students a brief tour of his chambers and the second floor of the court house. Patriot Mickey ran into them on the stairwell as they were having their class picture taken with the Judge. What a floor show of pure nonsense!

During this neocon display, one more lady did appear who was to have her case heard.

When she disappeared to the ladies room I met with her in the hallway to see if I could be of assistance. She had no paperwork with her to substantiate any deductions. The IRS attorney was meeting with the volunteer from the Low Income Taxpayer's Clinic and filling him in on the case. She seemed quite content with that. When she appeared next in front of the Judge, the IRS attorney informed the court that the volunteer from the LITC chose not to accept the case because of its advanced stage and complexity. Well, what can I say...that's a lawyer for you.

The Judge gave them a few more hours to work out a set of stipulations of agreed upon facts and to come to an agreement. She was already conceding taxes and fees in front of him. At the dismissal I wished her well and she said to me that she thought the IRS lawyers had been very nice, even though she didn't understand anything and she believed everything would work out. The poor dear had no clue what these bloodsuckers can be capable of!

The five patriots and I adjourned for lunch at a nearby café without the company of our favorite IRS attorney. It was disappointing, but somehow we managed to get through the day without seeing him. It was decided by majority vote that there was no sense going back to court to watch this one woman sign away her life and any future payments or profits, so we all headed out of town.

Mark Patriot had been to court before in Atlanta and noted that things seem to go about the same, but the Judge in Atlanta was not as precise and particular in explaining things as Judge Gustafson.

Mickey Patriot noted that many things which I teach at the Tax Court Seminar made much more sense now that he had seen a trial session.

Mike Patriot eagerly inquired on how he can get to go to court again and John Patriot was very experienced, having been to court three times previously.

Join us next year for our next installment of Tax Court experiences in the winter session of 2012.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NULLIFICATION, the movie! ISLANDS OF POWER IN AN OCEAN OF RIGHTS, the way it was meant to be

You know a link is on solid ideological grounds when it's got Rachel MadCow hissing at an icon of Southern greatness like John C. Calhoun:

This link is unexpected. Nullification is when states finally exercise their rightful powers to, well, nullify federal tyranny, but it has been all but forgotten for most of the American experience.

In a sense, nullification was to be the American way of life: informed, enlightened citizens JUST SAYING NO to politicians and getting quick compliance from them every time. The fedgov was created for only a small handful of purposes such facilitating interstate commerce. Anytime it got the least bit too big for its britches, the states were to jump up and immediately bring the fedgov back to its senses. Everybody knew that central governments are prone to mischief as the sparks fly upward, and this was going to be the first country where things completely differently -- power from the ground up, the world upside down!

Nullification has in fact been practiced through America's saga, but only a fraction of the action there should have been. The day the fedgov considered its first outlay for kindly charitable purposes -- allegedly a very small one (search "not yours to give") -- the states should have jumped up and put a stop to it. Certainly the day CONgress first debated starting a dead-wood federal department

......there should have been an immediate outcry from the people, ordering their Sens and Reps to shoot it down or face white-hot rage when they came home. But no, people have had stars in their eyes for central governments since the dawn of time, and in the USA they've mostly bowed down and worshiped their fedgoons -- especially, of course, if the latter are crying wolf about some war emergency half a world away.

But war has been, in fact, the point at which nullification shone brightest: at the time of the then-greatest federal power grab ever, the 1860s yankee rape of Dixie, the Southern states rediscovered nullification with a passion, almost persuading the yankees to quash Presi-deity Lincoln's plans for nation wrecking. (The "New York draft riots" were in fact a second revolt against Lincolns usurpations across the cold northlands!)

From my 1996 review of Springs of the Virginias:

As the nineteenth century progressed "People from all over the South began flocking to the spa for both health and social reasons. The resort was especially popular with South Carolinians, and they even had a row of cottages appropriately named `Nullification Row.'"*

Note that film under discussion (link at top) begins with somebody aptly straightening out basic terminology: -- wrongful, usurping federal legislation is not LAW, she points out, it's merely "un-Constitutional ACTIONS" urgently in need of cancellation by states. People are human, state governments are half-human, fedgovs are inhuman. Everybody knows that under normal healthy conditions.

.............Speaking of socialism, didja hear about this?

Sesame Street Muppet Pitches Government Dependence: Free Food at School

This was also in the pile yesterday

Are the Muppets communists?

.........but doesn't give any strong answer to the question,while admitting that

........Jim Henson was pretty much a secular postmodernist through and through. This is significantly reflected throughout the Muppets films. Science and religion are mysteriously absent. At best, their sense of morality is man-centered, this leading to humanistic tendencies, but even the morality is inconsistent and without a foundation. The Muppets in general are left attempting to bring order to non-stop calamities that come out of thin air. It is the driving force of chaos that propels their unexpected humorous fiascos. Their postmodern world reflects the childlike mindset that things just happen without causation in a world where anything and everything may happen.

........and isn't that "without causation" factor the way it is with leftism generally -- at least with the problems leftism causes, directly or otherwise? "Oh well," the lefties sigh, "stuff just happened, and now our only choice is...... government handouts, new laws dynamiting old standards, police power that favors our agenda, etc." As for the Muppets, it's no surprised their stuff's atheist -- aren't most things that Notional Pubhouse Rowdyo creates?

This from my Jew in Jew Jersey (hi, Linda!):

Verizon 'Emergency' Text Alert Causes Panic In New Jersey

Did this item make the nightly news? Is it more like War of the Worlds -- or maybe 1956's Fail Safe?

It's a sunny, mild day for December. If you're having too good a time, check this show out -- it will bring you down a notch:

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

*Speaking of Virginias, note that the film appears measurably South-friendly and diversitarianity-immune.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Media deity Al Sharpton "Has Not Been Paying His Fair Share of Taxes"

Tsk -- what kind of workers' paradise will we ever have if our main "gimme" icons don't do their socialist part!

How many of you are aware of this comical creature's beginnings -- his tawdry first "fifteen minutes of fame"? I lived in greater Zoo York at the time. Among the horrible racial headlines that hit the stands just when I got political was the lurid allegation that in the humorously-named town of Wappingers Falls, NY, some "white power" thugs beat up Tawana Brawley, a hilariously-named black girl, and carved a no-no word into her flesh. The uproariously-named "Reverend" Al Sharpton became her defender and would-be avenger..... but what do you know, the whole thing turned out to be a lie: Tawana and her friends had staged the entire thing.

Causing the kind of massive uproar and manhunt that she did is a major crime -- but she, being who she was, has never paid any penalty for it. She's dropped completely from view -- no speaking tours, no TV cameos, no book, no mauling the Star-Spangled Banner at the World Series. No "black power" showboating -- while Al, on the other hand, has ridden his initial wave of fatuity to fame and glory.

Yea even when he ran for Pezident in 2008 and pranced upon the Peace Center stage with the other Dummacrat dwarves in the laughably-misnamed candidates' "debate", the media were still giving him the spotlight and microphone. It was as if this scandalous imp was not merely human, but the human of the universe.

.........Also in today's news -- oddly symmetrical televised figures on cyber-attacks in the first minute of this show:

12% come here from Russia and about 7.5% each from four other countries, is that so? They later show Webster Tarpley Griffin commenting, and this complicated story is another case where you can likely take whatever he says to the bank.

..........I'm not psychic and have no inside track. And I can't swear to this page's veracity, but I feel I can absolutely promise you that this thing about Iran capturing a US drone is strictly more strategic theatrics:

Coming soon: positive reports from PN headquarters.

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just fifty-five seconds show Shill O'Reilly's true despicable colors

Bill "Shill" O'Reilly is world-famous for many things -- none of them, without exception, any good.

He's one of the biggest mouths on TV all right. There's just one problem -- flapping your gums longer, harder or louder than anybody else has never been classed as a virtue or asset, much less hitting people with them, which Shill does every working day on live TV.

He is clearly and indisputably a literal shill for the zoo world order. A supposed icon of conservatism, I can't think of one issue on which he actually, meaningfully agrees with the rather right-of-center founding fathers. They loved peace and urged us to pursue it -- he loves war and seems to consider it the essence of rightism. They knew the meaning of neutrality in world affairs -- Shill jeers that this is "isolationism", as if celibacy and rape were the only two options in international relations.

The Founders were gentlemen -- and ladies. Shill is one of the rudest and indeed most vicious, feral fakers who ever sat behind a public microphone. They wanted decency and order; if you'll add Shill's program up and reduce to the lowest denominator, you'll see that it's a mandate for world bedlam and genocide.

The video you're about to watch is short but eloquent beyond any description. I maintain that the bestial conduct neocons like Shill, Sean, Laura Ingraham et al show on the air actually denotes deeply violent spirits within them -- not, as they and their quintillions of passionate devotees would assert, merely a "take charge" manner.

Behold -- the real Bill O'Reilly meets his public on the sidewalks of Zoo York!!%29/16952/0/38/38/Y/M.html

Please note:

He's cold, loveless, and distant.

He refuses to say ONE WORD in response to a very simple, pertinent political question.

His response is to assault the questioner.

The citizen journalists tracking him are the true defenders of the First Amendment; Shill shows his contempt for it by not only committing assault but attempting to have his man-in-the-street instant interviewer cited by police.

That can mean only either one of two things: either Shill lied to the officer that the young man had committed some offense, or he expected the officer to cater to Big Bad Bill, the TV star over the little gnat of an ordinary citizen.

Shill O'Reilly is scum, and all the other neocon warmonger bullies with him.

I said scum. Did you hear me? SCUM.

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

Friday, December 9, 2011

One conservativistic pundit sees and says the truth about Blagojevich

Democrats are a serious plague on the universe. Chicago Democrats are near-fatal to everything decent.* But for once, it's time to stand up for one of them, or least against his treatment.

Rod Blagojevich is a former state rep, US Rep and Illinois governor. Presumably he's a scumbucket since he was endorsed for governor by the current Oval Office squatter, Barry Obama. But the hypocrisy in Blago's treatment by the System is shocking. He is simply reaping the reward of the kind of politics he has sown, but to see him deep fried while certified scum like Barney Frank go out on a cloud of glory (as the writer below points out) is too much of a bad thing!

Don’t Send Blagojevich to Prison!

Doesn't it seem that whenever something like this happens, it's a less-evil person being scapegoated by the real vermin? That word has been applied to the case since its birth. 294,000 search results here

.....the first of which is titled Blagojevich, Scapegoat For Most Politicians : Kevin Trudeau Show.

I pride myself on being one of the extremely few serious pundits of either left or right willing to call things and people exactly what they are. If my frankness offends anyone, I suspect they merely don't know how bad things really are yet..... and I'll bet them anything I'm merely saying out loud what they really think deep down.

Have you ever heard scientific pundits say that most people have no concept how really precarious their whole existence is in the grand scheme of things, including the natural violence of the universe and the Earth's geology? In my studied opinion, it's ten times more so in politics. There's a cannon pointed at your head and mine, and the "two major parties" are struggling inches from the fuse as to who gets to light it.

They both consider us -- the regular citizens of traditional worldview -- terr'ists waiting to happen, and vie for the historical legacy of blowing us away.

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

*In "my" other forum is a thread in their dishonor entitled "CHICAGO, nemesis and antithesis of Dixie" -- with 38 replies.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

High-class Christmas music -- balm for the soul during "interesting times"

Time for a break from the strictly socio-political. The Lord Jesus Christ came to (among many other things) fix it so politics would not be such a massive dead weight on everything.... and so that we could, as a result, spend less time dealing with corruption in high places and more time praising God, e.g. through the arts he has graciously allowed us to develop for this purpose.

I've just spent a few minutes tweaking the next edition of my Organ People email zine and thought you folks might enjoy a couple of the pickings:

St. Olaf Choir and Orchestra - Climb To The Top Of The Highest Mountain

Morten Lauridsen - O magnum mysterium - Polyphony

The first one aired earlier this evening on WMUU 94.5 FM, the thinly disguised Bob Jones University radio station. You really all should avail yourselves of this rare treasure among "beautiful music" outposts. It may be the only one in the country that also features the unique, gutsy preaching of the late Brother Lester Roloff. But the music occupies most of its programming, and right now it's mostly Advent/Christmas material.... including many a small masterpiece in a wide variety of genres.

The second has made a huge splash in the choral field. Its mildly modern harmonies are merely a slight pushing of the envelope past standard 19th-century textures, and this is truly a sublime performance. Trust Wikipedia to supply a translation of the old plainchant text:

Many of you are musicians. We all have our favorite genres, but I suspect all of you can anjoy both of the above pieces -- one a folk song, one a classical composition.

I'm getting all choked up just handling this stuff -- I, one of the most jaundiced foes of Christmas mania. I wish all of you a warm, meaningful Nativity season. You who are in the "most politically-incorrect" category might like to contact me about two Christmas parties taking place this week expressly for our kind of people.

You who don't live within 100 miles of Greenville can enjoy the station streamed live via:

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GOP candidates blasted by (or at least in) Der Spiegel; even Israel feels starts to feel queasy over them

Out of all the millions of public figures and media outlets who absolutely should decry the emperor's new clothes, i.e. the insufferable banality and criminality of most of what goes on in "mainstream" public affairs, finally somebody takes a sledge hammer to a subject long overdue: the horribly vulgar spectacle of the race for the Republican nomination for Pezident!,1518,800850,00.html

The Republicans' Farcical Candidates

A Club of Liars, Demagogues and Ignoramuses

A Commentary by Marc Pitzke

I have no idea who the writer is, or whether this is classed as an official feature or got posted as a subscriber's musings. But it is simply amazing that it happens anywhere near Der Spiegel, one of the top-circulation German news magazines going back ages and ages.

As you may gather from blatant hints in the text, Der Spiegel is politically correct to the hilt. In great contrast to most of its material, Such plain speaking is like Schweppes tonic water -- curiously refreshing!

...........In same day's gleanings, a yet more exciting page dated 11/28 from Haaretz, the Israeli(e) paper that exists to scream Zionist supremacism at the world:

Republicans and Israel: Too much love can kill you

Its curiously named scribbler, Chemi Shalev, says there was a "flurry of anti-Israeli tweets following last week’s CNN debate" of the RepubliCONs. For him to mention it, it must have been more like a firestorm.

Comrade Shalev is in a tough spot. His country is a massive, world-girdling network of crime gangs, and the world is finally beginning to wake up to the fact. ameriKa has served as Israel's junkyard dog for one-fourth of the time since the Declaration of Independence. ameriKans are getting sick of it, partly by having given so much but only gained wave after wave of dead or ruined youth.

ameriKan conservatives see their country going down to a cold, watery grave like the Titanic, but their illustrious Republican candidates' top priority is always to pamper, glorify, protect, enrich and "bless" another country full of people who happen to hate everything we hold sacred.

The article contains a beautiful summary of the monstrous things Newt, Herman, Rick et al said in the debate along these lines. Please read it! Some folks don't want to hear a negative word about Israel, ever, but thanks to Washington's serial proxy wars in its behalf, Israel happens to be the biggest little subject in world politics today.

We are not actually in the Afghanistan War or the Iraq War. It's truly, literally World War III. It was such while the "Coalition of the Killing" was still going, but it still is since those countries have bailed out because ameriKa is going through the countries that worry Israel and bombing the daylights out of them.

Almost as if to "amen" me on this, Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" radio show was about guess what today?* "WHY PEOPLE SHOULD VISIT ISRAEL". In other words it was a free promo for tourism to the bandit ministate!

Mind you, Bennett is rated one of the great thinkers and icons
by Christian soccer moms. Oh, doncha know, he was DRUG CZAR under that epitome of right-wing fanaticism, George H.W. Bush! How many times has he been a guest on Docky James Dobson's radio show?

Even if you love Israel and believe the BABDIST interpretation of Genesis 12:3, you must admit that on a program supposedly dedicated to the conservative Christian worldview and agenda there are thousands more urgent topics than tours to the ex-Holy Land! Hey, there are Muslim gangs right here in Anderson, South Carolina -- there's a hot moral, political, theological issue for you that affects
most ameriKans right where they live. I don't remember Bennett ever coming here to do a remote on the problem, or even having a guest on the show to call for the outlawing of gangs. (Nobody but me seems to call for that.)

I prefer to call Bill "Shill", and he certainly earned the title today with flying colors. When's he going to air a tally of the Israelis, yes, Israelis, peopling the US government?

Oh -- Shill's guest today was another neocon pundit much beloved by little fundies who subscribe to World magazine, Dennis Prager. He called himself a son of Abraham and a son of George Washington. Cute!

...........I cadged the Haaretz item via IHR.ORG, homepage of
the incomparable Institute for Historical Review. The next item under it was no less pithy:

Gingrich's Version of American Exceptionalism Could Insult Our Allies
Jill Lawrence -- The Atlantic

... Conservatives nevertheless are on a tear to save American exceptionalism, or at least their view of it, from the likes of Obama. And Gingrich has been in the forefront. In June he published a book called "A Nation Like No Other: Why American Exceptionalism Matters." He and his wife, Callista, produced and co-star in a 2011 documentary called "A City Upon a Hill: The Spirit of American Exceptionalism." A trailer for the film describes exceptionalism as the idea that America is "more open, more vigorous, more optimistic than other nations." ... Gingrich's assertion that America is No. 1 in caring about those we send to war was just one of countless eyebrow-raising statements he's made in his decades-long political career.

What gives me the sinking feeling that the GrinGrinch's books are nothing but calls for ameriKa to be allowed by whatever rules it wants at a given instant?

Pardon my sarcasm.

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

*Thursday morning

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Among alternative news gems: " Herman Cain Supporters Flocking to Ron Paul"


Obama spent $200 Million to elect Islamist candidates

Man Found Dead at ‘Occupy’ Camp

Runaway Teens Found At Occupy Newark

Occupy L.A.: 30 tons of debris left behind at City Hall tent city

Deadly sister gangs are popping up all over New York

Democrats to celebrate the birth of Christ at abortion clinic


Herman Cain Supporters Flocking to Ron Paul

An online community created in support of Herman Cain for president has now shifted its allegiance to Congressman Ron Paul, notes Revolution PAC. The administrator of, a website with more than 18,000 registered members, publicly endorsed Rep. Paul Saturday following news that Cain dropped from the Republican primary race.

Ron Paul - Not Romney - Leads Anti-Gingrich Offensive

With Newt Gingrich now surging in the polls, the first Republican presidential candidate to attack him in a paid TV ad isn’t Mitt Romney. Or Rick Perry. Or Michele Bachmann. Instead, it’s Ron Paul. The Texas congressman has emerged, arguably, as Gingrich’s most vocal critic -- at least for now -- cutting a web video from last week that was scathingly critical of the former Speaker into a 60-second TV spot for air in Iowa.

Anxious Greeks Emptying Their Bank Accounts

Many Greeks are draining their savings accounts because they are out of work, face rising taxes or are afraid the country will be forced to leave the euro zone. By withdrawing money, they are forcing banks to scale back their lending -- and are inadvertently making the "recession" even worse.,1518,802051,00.html

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Justice delayed AND denied again for the Grabers

Via media of all kinds you learn of innumerable innocent people getting run over by the tank treads of the lawless fedgov on some technicality, or merely bureaucratic whim. Increasingly, these crimes are perpetrated against your own friends and associates. As many of you are aware, this has been the case with some stalwarts (one might almost say pillars) of the Atlanta PN club -- Howard and Nova-Lee Graber. I've got to get the full exact story from them ASAP, but here's what I understand of it:

The Grabers didn't go for any pie-in-the-sky do-gooder socialist mortgage, but they (if I recall correctly) fell behind in their mortgage payments. Somehow and with no rhyme or reason about it, the responsible and law-abiding couple suddenly found themselves victims of a violent, berserk eviction from their home.

Brutes in uniform repeatedly tasered Nova-Lee on the ground floor. Howard, who at the time had severe physical problems, was upstairs in a wheelchair, unable to come down and confront them. They couple soon out on the street, then living in a motel room on the largesse of friends.

What the goons didn't count on was Howard's steel-trap mind and his dedication to the black letter of the law. He has been litigating against the atrocity since, and as so often happens, the System's response has not been apology, much less restitution -- courts have simply kicked the legal can further down the calendar with each new filing by the Grabers.

The media -- enthusiastic prostitutes to the System generally -- have behaved viciously as well. Poor Howard finally started to heal. (I believe his problem was a broken back.) He heard about a TV contest in which contestants would dance in celebration of having overcome major health problems that had immobilized them. Howard entered and won, a testament to his tenacity and determination -- but the media only sniffed fresh blood.

Rather than celebrate with him as they love to do with members of their list of accredited victim groups (Wilmot Robertson's brilliant name for them) the presstitutes chose to attack: "Fake!" they yelled. "This guy is guilty of medical fraud -- he claims to be seriously injured, but look, he's won a TV DANCE CONTEST!" I don't wish them ill, I just hope they get to enjoy being in the position they so gaily jam others into someday.

Howard has been updating us on his filings and legal responses and responses to the System's ongoing recalcitrance. He let us know the big day was to have been today, Monday, at 9 AM -- but here's the report as Kris Anne processed it:

Just got a call from Kathy Patriot. Court was scheduled at 9 AM and they sat there for nearly 3 hours before finding out Graber attny was assigned to another case by a different Judge in a different county at the same time as Grabers were to appear today. So they get a continuance. Someone said it would most likely be rescheduled later this week.

The courtroom # had been changed last week and somewhere along the line, the Judge has been changed too.

No doubt judicial favors (sneaky lawyer tricks) were called in so as to delay the proceedings so that Grabers would lose their supporters.

The state now has 31 cops to testify against the Grabers. This is an increase from earlier in the week.

I don’t know the adjective to use to describe this corruption! THIRTY ONE CORRUPT POLICE OFFICERS IN GWINNETT COUNTY, GA!!! They are willing to lie under oath and to violate their oath of office!

Not to mention the sneaky lawyer tricks. This case is nothing like I’ve ever seen. They didn’t even railroad The Great One this much…at least not in his last SC Supreme Court case. Possibly they did before I came on board when he was sent away. You would know more details on that.

I can answer that -- they did. Take the case centered around the Charlotte PN group circa 1993: the judge who would normally have heard it was known to be much friendlier to truth than others (he had a record of ruling in our favor) so the fedgoons called a pitiable yet poisonous relic out of retirement for this express purpose: his dishonor, district judge robert potter.

potter was literally deaf and inaudible. Robert, never one given to mere insults, pronounced him senile and one of the greatest fans federal absolutism ever had. One of potter's first pre-trial acts (before the jury could hear it, natch) was to growl at all concerned that the Constitution was not to be mentioned. Several times during the trial he had half a conniption fit when he thought someone had invoked it!

I haven't spent much time in Atlanta, Kris Anne -- and I'm a great defender of honorable police -- but I can promise you there are more than any 31 cops down there ready to sell their soul this way.

Please keep up with further developments on the Graber saga via PN email groups, everybody. See if there's some way you can help them.

..............."Please put in blog," the boss directed re the above story, archly adding "w/any additional spin you have." SPIN is a big, major subject, with or without irony. Rest assured it is an exact science which our overlords further perfect and mess over with each passing year.

SPIN: Democracy at work - a documentary by Brian Springer (1995)

I've always mandated careful and judicious choice of words, my main thesis being that to use the devil's terms and jargon is to give him the whole game without a fight.

Just think what words such as diversity, tolerance, and progressive meant half a century ago and contrast with the ruins made of them since. Now they respectively signify ethnic chaos, passivity before the leftist agenda, and leftwing. This is the age of abortion, but did you ever wonder where the word abortionist went? Why doesn't it have pride of place in the "progressive" lexicon? Come on, it's a woman's right to choose.... to kill!

Please remember the fun, classy word that covers this field of study -- dialectics -- as you go about mastering it day by day.

A British thinker worked a similar beat quite daringly in his column today -- first 10 or 12 paragraphs here:

Thoughts on Emma West:
How to Argue with the Ruling Class
by Sean Gabb

............In other news, more income tax games from el non-presidente

.............and the Eyebrow Queen dangles dreams of a breakthrough against the 'Grich before our slavering eyes:

"One of these days we’ll have a conversation about Newt Gingrich,” Pelosi told Talking Points Memo. “When the time is right. … I know a lot about him. I served on the investigative committee that investigated him, four of us locked in a room in an undisclosed location for a year. A thousand pages of his stuff.”

Oh, we're sure, Nancy! What joy, knowing that when all else fails in getting the only un-socialist in the presidential race (Ron Paul) a fighting chance, Socialist Party A hates Socialist Party B so much that it will purport to assail its deities on our behalf.

Other forces are emerging to give Newt the political heave-ho as well. Sometimes the sun pops out on a grey winter's day.

/\/.\/\/. (864) 356-9966

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Donald Trump joins the Ron Can't Win Chorale; Dr. Paul outclasses him; talking heads getting the idea?

Woohaaa, this is a pleasant alternative to the usual TV yammer!

Ron Paul Refusing To Attend Debate Hosted By Donald Trump

Here I was working up to a lecture about the "media darling" subspecies, when this trio of show hosties did the quite unexpected: they admitted that Ron's numbers are looking better and better. One of them even called this phenomenon "fun"!

Let's dream, and dream big! Imagine.... visualize.... and reify in your mind's eye the great man from Texas getting elected. The ecstasy of the patriots, the anguish of socialists worldwide! The inauguration, the lopping off of dead-wood federal departments, the shock and awe that our genteel, smiling friend would bring on those who've been begging for it hardest!

Lefties are so dramatic, they're often heard at this point in the Pezidential quadrennium saying of the Republican choice (or a GOP contender, as the case may be) "If HE gets elected, I'M LEAVING THE COUNTRY." They've laid this rant on "W" and other genuine Republican monstrosities, but so far it doesn't seem to be heard this time around -- either the entertainment deities refuse to believe a President Paul would be possible, or maybe they would rightly view him as a totally, absolutely different kind of Republican. They would be right!

As for Donald Trump, he doesn't have a conservative bone in his body. If he weren't ready made for Insiderhood he would never have been allowed anywhere near such prosperity as he enjoys. He used the F-word when teasing the sheeple with the possibility of his running for office -- if you ask me, that says everything one needs to know about what he's made of socio-politically.

I didn't burble gurgle over the idea of him running. It didn't fire my imagination. Thank God we didn't go there!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Poor Hispanics -- from pillar to post!

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen: Pivotal Hispanic Vote Deserting Obama

I just knew that within 3 lines of the start of the meat of this article, the politician would be chirruping the word "family" -- and there it is.

If anybody's telling the truth in this story, it is unexpected good news. For Hispanics to desert el non-presidente would be a crushing blow to his ego (if it's not made of super-tough carbon fiber) and a big embarrassment to the Dummacrat Party. After all, they are the party of Diversity with a capital D, a big happy melting pot, big tent (or shall we say a "full-figured" tent), Kumbaya.

I suppose Ms Ros-Lehtinen thinks she means it when she says the GOP is the natural party for Hispanics, but it's hard to imagine anything further from reality. So far all nonwhite groups go heavily for Democrats because it's Socialist Party A and they believe the mass-media lie that it loves them. It does, but only as a strategy for fracturing America and bringing chaos everywhere, race-mongering being one of the quickest routes to it.

I wish I could be there to see the Latinos' beaming faces reflecting the broad grins of the Republican power mafia as they welcome the diverse ones into the GOP big tent. But I also yearn to read their expressions when they realize they've been had all over again -- used by prostiticians whose first thought is to guard against accusations of racism and whose second is how to play with stats and pigmentations to best rig the next election in their favor and come out smelling like a tamale.

The "two" major parties are ever in search of new races to opt, but the Democrats are the real natural-born used-race salesmen.

IF the Hispanics seek refuge in the GOP, they will be going from fealty to Obama, who is stupid as a "pillar" in a post office, to backing some neocon faker who is deaf as a "post" to the concerns of normal, healthy genuinely conservative Americans. Such a deal!

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