Thursday, April 30, 2015

IRS claims to be reforming

Help me out here. Should we believe it?
IG: IRS takes significant steps to stop tea party targeting

I like this part, despite having mostly no use for the highly-touted Mr. Sekulovitch:

"To suggest that the unlawful IRS targeting scheme has somehow been resolved is not accurate," said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel at ACLJ.

Despite the report, Sekulow said, "The IRS still remains institutionally incapable of self-correction. No one has been held accountable. And the unconstitutional targeting continues, with one of our clients still waiting — after more than five years — for a determination on their application."

There are too many little wiggle words in the piece for comfort. "IRS takes significant steps to stop tea party targeting" -- it's not a statement actual progress is being made. "The IRS has improved training for agents, the report said, although the inspector general recommended even more training." They need training in treating people fairly and equally, do they? A reset to where they were before the scandal isn't enough?

Of course there's no mention of the thing that would give it some real meaning -- restitution to the organizations whose rights the so-called Service has trampled, much less the shackles Lois Lerner and Bozo Obongo so richly deserve.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Don't be shocked, but....

the head of one of our most-respected civil rights organizations has most regrettably had a lapse of pharmacological integrity.
Media Blackout: NAACP President Charged With Selling Cocaine

I thought you should be the first to no. But don't let it ever, ever, ever, cloud your opinion of this noble civil rights golem for one second!


Rip-roaring news from the Palmetto State

South Carolina is a "right to work" state, meaning workers cannot be forced to join a union as a condition of working. At the same time, employers can fire at will.

The right to work is one of the basics of a sound economy. And it's one always embattled by the usual round of suspects -- utopian agitators, labor unions and their fat cat friends in politics, almost all of them Dummacrats. (The party of the working man, don'tcha know.) The pro-union side's behavior has often been violent and tyrannical. Checking this movie and not having seen it for 40 years, I'm pleasantly shocked it's on the right side of the issue:

It's a gripping drama -- I recommend it despite the mundane choice of Brando as lead.

Oh -- the news. Did you hear this already? I didn't until checking "NNT":
Union cancels Boeing vote, claiming gun-toting workers told it to take off

And I like its version of the headline much better: Workers chased labor leaders off their porches at gunpoint:

See, people used to really stand up in an all-or-nothing way for what they thought was right. (Once in a while.) They simply don't anymore -- not the conservative mainstream for the most part. For Sandlappers (people from SC) to brandish guns on this like they probably used to on revenooers, if it really happened, makes them sound more like men and women again all of a sudden.

How much do baby boomers know about these things? Hard to imagine them having any sales resistance at all to a supposed benefit being offered.

By an odd coincidence, a putative fellow patriot called me today just to ask why I thought SC was so stupid and low down and held back. He'd crossed the border somewhere into NC which he considers vastly superior.

I told him the state has a refreshing lack of pretense and a patriotic mecca like none other -- the upcountry. Wait till he hears this!


Friday, April 24, 2015

Mass immigration is fatal to America -- and Americans

You know, like the rest of liberalism.
Grieving Father to Obama – “Illegal Immigration is Not a Victimless Crime”

Immigration as we know it today vastly increase crime and death everywhere it goes. It's a deadly serious business. Policemen in England didn't even carry guns until something like 5 or 20 years ago. Now they do, and as in post-Beatles ameriKa, there are areas in British cities where bobbies fear to go because they are unofficial no-whites zones. 

Minorities in any society normally harden in their resentment and hate of the majority -- well, under the kind of "leadership" ameriKa's got! Speaking of minorities, unusual to see a man with a surname ending in "berg" standing up for border control -- above story -- but extra-welcome.) America was born pluralistic but to add more ethnic factions the way we do is only to invite tons and tons more trouble. 

Strife closed in the sod.... strife closed in the sod. 


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

GlaxoSmithKline's unwanted tax statistic

More important input on the vaccine issue here
Brain-Damaged Victims of Swine Flu Vaccine Win $63 Million Lawsuit Against GlaxoSmithKline

.....and, what do you know,

According to The Global Research Project, the GlaxoSmithKline rap sheet states:

“In recent years, GlaxoSmithKline has become known as the company that pays massive amounts to resolve wide-ranging charges brought by U.S. regulators and prosecutors.

These included a $750 million payment relating to the sale of adulterated products from a facility in Puerto Rico and a record $3 billion in connection with charges relating to illegal marketing, suppression of adverse safety research results and overcharging government customers. The company also set a record for the largest tax avoidance settlement with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.”

.........If GlaxoSmithKline wasn’t afforded legal and financial government protection status, they would have went under years ago. However, this corporate zombie still damages populations with little oversight and deep pockets to pay for any legal or ethical challenges that get in the way.

Clearly, Big Pharma includes companies -- probably lots of them -- considered "too big to jail."



Monday, April 20, 2015

Witnessing the birth of a great new PRINT newspaper

A number of times I've referenced the incredible Freedom's Phoenix site here, many more times in our good news reports at PN meetings. The site's a little bit yankee but among the very best of news aggregators for our patriot and resistance purposes. When I say among the best, it's one of only about eight that I make sure to fully keep up with, and you may know that I'm a connoisseur in this department -- only culling the most intensely truthful and relevant material regardless what anybody thinks of it!

"FP" has come up with a lot of shocking headlines -- some good, some bad. This one's completely unexpected: even as we're losing the Idaho Observer, Middle American News et al to the Bush-o-Bama depression and the rise of digits, Freedom's Phoenix has started an eponymous periodical -- on paper:
Freedom's Phoenix Newsprint Newspaper - Online Version Ready For Download!

Let's hope it's a smash success, right? Somebody subscribe please and give me a verdict.


Sunday, April 19, 2015

The only sermon you'll need today

And one you'll never hear preached in a steeple church.
Jesus Died in a Police State 
By John W. Whitehead

Whitehead was an early compatriot of the Great One's. Almost seems that most of the best people of our time have been!


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sheeple hit all-time high in April Fool credulity

This is what I'd call one more reason why the government doesn't need your money:
$1,477,901,000,000+:Tax-Day Tax Record
( - The federal government has set an all-time record for the amount of inflation-adjusted tax revenue brought into the federal Treasury from the beginning of the fiscal year through the April 15 tax-filing deadline.
As of the close of business on April 14, the Treasury had brought in a record $1,477,901,000,000 since fiscal 2015 started on Oct. 1, 2014, according the Daily Treasury Statement released this afternoon.....

We had a discussion of vaccines tonight. The point was aptly made that contrary to what lots of people would have us believe, there's room for vaccine resisters -- people (e.g. schoolchildren of Christian patriot parents) who pose no danger to those who've taken the jab. I think this is a similar situation. If the sheeple at large want to put their primary trust in government and give it top priority in spending their hard-earned money, even ahead of feeding and housing their families properly, there's no stopping them. But since they pay Babylon-on-the-Potomac vastly (ridiculously) more than it needs to fulill its few Constitutional duties, Babylon is well-covered for the next year and shouldn't complain that it needs to gouge your pay too.

If you choose to exercise your right to keep your paycheck as the Founding Fathers intended, or if it violates your conscience to support the most horrendous welfare/warfare state in known history, I believe the moral traditions of the ages are on your side, not Washington's.

April 15 is just another day for me. Oh, what a feeling, Toyota!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Our situation -- is it dire peril or comic fluff?

It would certainly be hard to tell if  you only had our most renowned TV pundits to go by.

Extreme vulgarity warning -- alas, this is one of your few opportunities to see Edward Snowden interviewed:
Snowden Shows John Oliver How The NSA Can See Your “D*** P***”

This English(?)  jerk pulls everything down to the most crass possible level and drags Snowden with him. It's too bad, because Bozo-clown Oliver starts off underscoring the seriousness of the surveillance state quite trenchantly. Shows how uncomfortable "TV personalities" are with adult behavior.

The studio audience's endlessly tittering, guffawing laughter shows where most ameriKans seem to stand re my opening question, above. Hope they manage to keep giggling on forever, because it will theoretically mean the boom has never finally fallen on us all. I've got a wall chart ready to tally who stops laughing when.

Any of you who laff along with them, you might have actually have been born in New Jersey but not know it.

I share this material mainly to show what fluff we're made of anymore -- a deadly serious matter.


"Left-wing hate" -- a phrase strangely rare

Much is noised forth about "hate" these days. Ostensibly rational countries are trying to pass laws to ban this emotion. Many special-interest and not-so-special-interest factions are claiming to be pitiful, downtrodden victims of "hate", but by a strange coincidence, it's all from a paranoid left-wing or "liberal" standpoint. Who will stand up for the people hated by the politically correct, the growing numbers whose lives re being destroyed by it?

Cretinicity warning: you're about to read an account of some of the stupidest, most sheerly laughable behavior you've ever heard of by the rich, famous and entrenched. Don't take this the wrong way, but it concerns a certain religious/ethnic group famous for throwing money at every problem.
What Columbia Missed In Its Review of Rolling Stone

This time they're trying to cover their assets by prompting an outlay of words words words -- liberally insane Rolling Stone running to liberally insane Columbia University for commentary on how the former could have done such a stupid, moronic and thoroughly evil thing as trumpeted this lurid rape accusation.

The trouble is, if Rolling Stone were to admit to itself that it's living in a bubble of unreality and concentrated decadence, it might actually have some pangs of conscience -- and that could be bad for business.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Obama channels Nixon

Well, he's channeling lots of people in this respect, but Nixon's the only one who's been crucified for the acts in question.
Norquist book: IRS assault on Tea Party saved Obama's presidency

This is naked aggression against political enemies, but instead of being top priority at the Department Injustice, it's just an obscure line of type at etc.


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Terror scourge casting call

These are crazy times, but there's no need to get alarmed when hints come forth that they're literally staging crises for our entertainment and intimidation.

National Guard put ad on Craigslist for people to pose as victims

"Crisis actors", they're called in realistic English.


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Which side in the Indiana affair is fighting for freedom?

Talk about a no-brainer.
If You're Not Free to Discriminate, You're Not Free -Peter Schiff

Peter is the son of Irwin Schiff, great crusader for tax truth and respected colleague associate of our late founder. Isn't it great he's carrying the fight for truth forward? This just in too:
Bullies and Bigots of Big Gay on the Attack in Indiana

"Big Gay" -- how astute, sort of like big government, big business, Big Pharma etc. READ THIS ARTICLE -- I don't care how busy you are, it';s the greatest summary of the new pink "fascism" yet!


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Heads ameriKa wins, tails Iran loses

Now if this doesn't sound like the double-dealing US government at work!
U.S. Defense Secretary: We Might Bomb Iran Even If a Peace Agreement Is Signed

"The U.S. will reserve the right to use military force to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon even if a deal is reached [on] Iran's nuclear program, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Tuesday." Would somebody explain what the hell good it does for anybody to "negotiate" with the US government? Anybody already marked as evil, that is. Washington's friends don't have to negotiate, they're just showered with every wonderful thing -- well, Israel anyway, probably the last friend "we" have got.

Originally the Dept. of Defense was called the Department of War. Somehow people came to realize it signaled they were living in a warfare state, and thought to themselves that that was not the pleasantest thought. 'The tendency to consolidate and rename these departments to highlight their purpose as providing "defence"', quoth Wikipedia, 'arose after World War II. In India, for example, "the name of the War Department was found objectionable in the sense that the concept had an aggressive aspect which was inconsistent with Indian traditions".'

The then-new coat of paint -- "defense" -- obviously didn't change a thing, because Washington has gone on bashing the brains out of places it considers "rogue" ever since. I think the above headline is a clear signal that it still considers itself God's specially appointed thug-in-chief over the Blue Planet.

Does that make you sick? If not, you may be a member of the Strangelovelican Party.


Lies, lies, lies, is that all we ever get from "liberals"?

Ann Coulter is one of those people there are two of. She's wonderfully sane and properly contemptuous of political correctness until she suddenly starts embracing it. Of the many writing for the right, she's among the few that know the crucial value of RIDICULE and doesn't mind using it.

Here's the good Ann at her best.... she almost sounds like another Phyllis Schlafly!
Hands Up, Don’t Discriminate Against Gays!

But can she be right about Fukushima? I suppose it's conceivable when we doom-sayers sometimes overdo it. Even if she's on thin ice there, the above piece is absolutely smashing in its perspicacious irony..

Believe it or not, Roe v. Wade could be added to her list of gliberal fake-outs. Ms. Roe, real name Norma McCorvey, went straight 10 or 20 years ago and started declaring to the world what a grossly contrived fraud that whole affair was. Well, as Ann says, all of gliberalism is a colossal fraud, every cause célèbre it's whipped up a big fat lie, not least the entire racial pathology everybody's voluntarily forced to live by today. THIS JUST IN.....

"After an intense public relations campaign by his family, the hospital reversed its decision and placed Stokes on top of the transplant list." For the real ugly, perverted story there, see the treatment at -- but be warned, it's a site your mother and your fourth-grade schoolteacher wouldn't approve of.