Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sinister website further enshrines FATCA threats

"The last thing a government does before it self-destructs is rob the people." Michael Rivero frequently declares this on his magnificent internet radio show* I relay the following story to show how hatefully the government is treating its subjects, but also what passes for journalism these days: 

Washington has already destroyed financial privacy here and in Europe in the name of fighting TERR'ISM, don'tcha know. Europe is know to be understandably furious about it. Who is Babylon-on-the-Potomac to be dictating anything to them, much less throttling those countries' banking lives? So you'd think a Europe-based website would be on the side of the people on this, coaching people on how to resist the tyranny before the IRS comes for the fillings in our teeth.

This news doesn't affect any of us but various compatriots are attempting to escape the New Soviet America and this stuff's wreaking havoc with their lives. They don't even have that much money but the NWO isn't leaving the tiniest pebbles unturned anymore. 

Found this story -- like so many great and crucial ones -- at Will you be joining us there as an active (anonymous) member there soon? 


*As I write, I'm hearing this episode -- please give it a try!

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